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2.5 km from Hwy 144 on a forest road. Road is relatively good. Site is right by an unnamed lake, built fire pit. Lots of moose tracks around

Tatachikapika River tributary 48.19462, -81.32559

Rest area or secondary road with plenty of room for car and small Van. No sign of restriction, quiet. One school bus stop and an off leash area so few cars come and go, other than that, great spot!

Greenbank 48.11342, -122.58316
Seth Wing

International visitors pay usd$50

Obviously pretty epic place. I’m cheap but was happy I payed the entrance fee. Once inside there is a few km of walking trails with views of the falls from different angles .

Victoria Falls Entrance Gate -17.92497, 25.84713

We had a great time at Eventos Verde. Over a period of 3 weeks we stayed about 15 nights.

The camping area is nice and grassy, but they will not let you park in the places with shade.

Toilet/shower situation is pretty bad. One toilet (shower is in the toilet) for all the campers, that's just not enough...

Another bad thing: the gate is locked. If you are lucky you get one of the two keys. Otherwise you are locked out...

We came when the price was still 100/night, when we left after 3 weeks Isaac wanted 150. He really is a nice guy but the prices are way overpriced... it's pricey Antigua, probably the best place if you are not self contained...

a lot of things that annoyed us, but we would stay again

Verde Eventos 14.56111, -90.73998

Good place to spend the night. However, noisy with trains, trucks, radio at the nearest car dealer.

Walmart Supercenter 43.06534, -76.07853

Quiet and flat camping spot right next to the river. If super close to the river, you might be seen by residents living upstream.
There are a few fireplaces nearby.
Good for cyclists, difficult to reach by car.

Camping spot by the river 61.76708, -150.06245

Super easy space to pull into, it’s on the left side just before the area that’s been cleared of trees starts (also not too far from the stop sign you see when you turn onto the road). My friend and I pulled in here with multiple cards and was able to be hidden from the road and sleep quietly. The clearing also gives access to a lot of fire wood if you need to grab any for now or later.

Primitive Road pull-off 46.07513, -86.45833

Beautiful free campground right on the water. Many spots to choose from, each with picnic table & fire ring. vault toilets were clean & stocked. Not too busy, but the boat ramp hadn't yet opened for season. If coming from the south, you will be on a dirt road for 12 or so miles, but it is in very good condition.
I did overhear some campers talking about how this will become a paid campground next year so do your research!
No TMobile service.

Williams Fork Resevoir 40.01968, -106.20097

Excelente local! com todo infraestrutura (energia, água etc). receptividade nota 10.

Aquinocamping -20.20528, -44.00008

Nice Camping in Arbois. 15 min walk to the city center

Camping au coeur des vignes 46.90421, 5.78467

nice open spot with no one around. big enough for a few small rigs. has a stone fire ring. beautiful views of mountains around and the most amazing views of the stars at night. 2 bars of Verizon

Middle of nowhere 39.39308, -115.31998

Exactly as described, no locks or mechanism for payment. Went into gas bar to buy some thing, but they were out of stock, shop owner didn’t seem to care. Water at sani dump didn’t work. Did not try potable water.

Free sanidump at the mobil by real Canadian superstore 50.28463, -119.27275

Parking lot next to boat launch. Dirt and grass. Beautiful view. Nice and quiet. Few locals came and chatted with us. Friendly and happy that we were camping there.

Boat Launch Parking 46.18729, -63.23295

good location to sleep in, beside a baseball field and a parc.

Paul J. English Park 44.37198, -78.38680
Snow & Curt

Our passenger window on our sprinter van got smashed during the night. We arrived here at 8am the next morning and it was repaired by 10:30am the same day. Excellent and quick service. Cost was $70 US Dollars. Be there a few minutes before they open, it is first come - first serve and the line was growing fast.

WINDOW REPAIR (Vidrios Bizama) -36.82304, -73.06099

I asked first. They don't advertise and don't want long term campers but for a night if quiet and clean they allow. Behind the store and Takotas Restaurant. Quiet. Safe. Portapotty available. 2 bars Verizon. I pulled in at 8pm. I'll get coffee and leave by 8am. Keep it clean.

Behind Takotas 44.17284, -122.22073

I followed directions and found this sight. It was already in use evidently so I decided not to enscounce on their space. I would definately camp here. 2 bars Verizon.

Smokey Mountain Overlook 44.17378, -122.10774

We made Rooidrum / Joubert Pass from South to North with our LandRoverDefender with an AzalaïCabin which is 2m wide. No problems at all.
Need for 4x4, low gear and high clearance. Track was in very good condition. Don't know if it is always like this.

Jouberts / Rooidrom Pass -17.89536, 12.55269

Stayed for 6 nights. Even asked the police if it was okay to stay there. There were occasionally people sleeping in their vehicles. No other travelers like ourselves though. Mostly peaceful accept for occasional music and chatter from the Loft Bar on the main road above. Public restrooms open til 10pm. Occasional 4am street cleaning. Farmers market in the parking lot on Saturdays. Lovely small town!

Cane River River Walk/ Cane River Queen 31.76067, -93.08585

Just after the stop behind the IGA when you arrive from the left of the grocery

Behind IGA 46.59356, -71.20494

endroit calme avec quelques VR. aucun interdit d'y passer la nuit. aucune toilette proche.

Front Road Waterfront Parking Lot 44.21698, -76.59559

Nice little side trail with enough space for a few SUVs near a river crossing off 108.

Forest Area with River 44.58287, -72.78637

grand stationnement en roche adjacente a des terrains de soccer et piste cyclable. Toilette disponible mais mal entretenue. Nous étions 3 vr pour la nuit aucun problème

Nepean Creek East 45.34532, -75.71541

Schön gelegener, absolut ruhiger Platz mit einfacher Ausstattung. Herzlicher Empfang durch die Besitzer.
Leckeres Essen im kleinen Restaurant.

Nachtrag: Camping leider dauerhaft geschlossen. Metin versucht anderswo einen neuen Platz zu eröffnen

Mola Organic Camp 40.22269, 26.52872

Regular Walmart, no overnight signs are posted, but management doesn’t care if people stay here. Saw 5-6 other rigs, vans and campers. They mentioned to park towards the back, other than that, feels like a safe neighborhood, well-lit, clean, and quiet.

Walmart 32.08508, -110.77572

Clearly posted "No Overnight Parking". Use at your own risk I guess.

Cabela's 48.08341, -122.18769

Pet friendly and large campsites by the river. Lots of shade, to consider when wanting to get sun on the solar panels. Camp site is sandy, not paved. Women’s bathroom was clean but men’s was not. Pool and cafe was closed. Spotted a few alligators in the river, by the canoe launch inside camp area. Canoes, kayaks and bikes available for rent. You can bring your own and launch it for free if you have a paid camp site, otherwise there is a fee. Cell reception for Verizon is 1-3 bars out of 4, lowest in the campground, best at the park parking lots.

Hillsborough River State Park 28.14534, -82.23879

très bel endroit calme et vue sur rivieres

Parc Dorimène-Desjardins 46.01877, -73.13210

5 sites with a path down to a small opening to the lake. The middle site is quite large with a few trails leading to a creek with a little water fall. Tables at each spot with 1 out house. Overall, pretty decent campsite.

Camp 5 Rec Site 50.08093, -125.59240

Decent price for diesel, clean restrooms, water was very easy to access on the side of the building. Would definitely patronize this place again. KOA down the road wanted to charge $20 for 20 gallon fresh water tank fill-up.

Water a Shell gas station 39.25518, -114.86917

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