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Entry is still MX$30 per person, no receipt given. No pets allowed. Nice location but not ideal for hot days/summer. The water is very hot! Took us on foot about 50 minutes from the campground.

Hot river/springs 20.68315, -103.57794
Richard Hollingworth and Diane Rogers

This is an established county run site with 10 electric hook up sites. Each pad has electric with Showers, Toilet and Laundry facilities on site.

Ballyronan Marina 54.71037, -6.53048

As described before. Camping was 100 per person per night, because of the cold weather we decided to take a chalet, which was 300 per person per night. We had a chalet with separate bedroom, our own bathroom and a gas stove in the 'living room'.
Sadly the owner himself wasn't present, so we didn't do any of the activities.
we received a very warm welcome from Telangs niece who was running the place.

Moorosi Chalets -30.23218, 27.89236

Very windy roads to get to, but a beautiful, large campground! Easy check in, boat ramp, and a trail just down the hill. Bathrooms were nice, with flushing toilets and running water, and the sites were very clean. My only complaint was a wild amount of mosquitoes (I stayed one night and left with 14 bites…) but that doesn’t have anything to do with the sites themselves, just the season. Highly recommend for a nice getaway!!

Peninsula Island Campground 38.75521, -121.11391

Campground near lake is good, near dam is less of a view, just see the slope of the reservoir wall not a view of the water which is not obvious on the map. We were there in May 23 and there were thousands of moths. First time in Colorado and not sure if this is normal. In a van they get in every crack possible, by the hundreds. Spraying vinegar and lavender oil or peppermint oil works to clear them. Quarter slot machine for showers which are hot. Laundry room. $27 p/n for camping, plus $10 p/d day pass. Good fishing by the dam.

Hasty Campground at John Martin Reservoir 38.07343, -102.93510

This hotel has large rooms with A/C, hot water, decent water pressure and weak wifi. This hotel and the Hotel Casino Plaza may be owned by the same people - the prices are identical and they share the same secure parking location.
There was daily room service during our stay. Two double beds for 880 pesos per night. A room with a king bed would have been the same price, but the room was a little smaller. Some rooms have a small balcony.
A/C works, but you can only turn it on or off - there is not adjustment for temp or fan speed.

Hotel Santiago 21.80758, -105.20870

We drove a bit further as the road was too sandy, and ended up staying two days because it was so quite and peaceful.

Desert Overlook 40.70419, 62.44261

Nice and safe place to stay. It was a little bit dirty and noisy because of the bridge nearby. But it has electricity in a light stick. Petfriedly.

IG @freestyle_familiaenviaje

Guayra Hotel & Spa -33.00798, -58.50046

You stand directly on the water, with a wonderful view of Mursi. Super nice operators. Beer garden and restaurant. Very tasty meals. Simply great here.

Uli, Lake Mursin 39.71165, 20.08472

It would be a nice spot, but it’s very dirty and a bit dodgy. Toilets were closed. We didn’t felt completely safe, so we left.

Santo Tome municipal camping on river -28.54454, -56.02916

Very nice sporting area. We asked if we could stay for a night in our van, but it isn’t allowed as it’s private.

Social Club -28.55857, -56.02263

Unfortunately the building and showers were closed today possibly because of the long weekend so we didn’t get to have a shower so maybe check and call if they are opens first. But there is many trails for cycling and outdoor activities around! Worth the detour either way!

Forêt récréative de Val d'Or 48.09963, -77.74857

Still here. Quiet. Very little road noise.

The Black Canyon trail with Saguaros 34.15106, -112.15332

Last 1.5 miles are rough. A little bit rocky. We saw low clearance cars at the trail head. Big pullout 30 meters near road and 200 meters before trail head.

Golden Cathedral pullouts 37.59477, -111.22037

Basic normal Walmart big lot room for all the others to spread out. Not a bad store either.

walmart 41.22698, -95.84574
Jerry Sweeten

$24 for the night. Quiet, clean restrooms and easy access to the beach. Wonderful stop here.

Tillicum Beach Campground 44.36457, -124.09200

We spent 1 night here and had no issues. The real spot was occupied so we drove a little further and we stayed on the pullout on the right.

Boulder Mail-Trail Trailhead 37.88449, -111.45786

Fantastic dump station. Very clean and free. Much appreciated

Golden Gate gas station 39.06198, -108.51595

We arrived late, decided to stay for the night. We parked on the right side of the pool. Lots of people until 10pm but no one paid attention to us. After 10pm we had the pool for ourselves. Midnight hot shower ! But we didn’t go inside the pool as it was smelling really bad.. we just used the source which is in a constant flow. From 6am people came to wash their clothes. Not a long and quiet night but it was great to have a hot shower during the cold night.

Hot spring -11.06892, 14.32955

Nice and big waterfall ! We can stop to have lunch with a view or bath in the river when there is not too much water (go on the bottom right side of the restaurant). The view from the road when you go west after that is pretty amazing for a long distance :)

Waterfall do Binga -10.98693, 14.09325

If you need to change Colones to Dollars, the only place that seemed to do this was the supermarket in town (its obvious when you're there). they change cash at the checkout. there was also a lady at the bus station who would do cambio, but she didn't have dollars so would only contemplate changing dollars to colones...

Siaxola/Guabito bordercrossing, Immigration and Customs office Costa Rica. 9.50120, -82.61443

Nice camping, first real one in Peru. Lot of electricity outlets, new and nice bathroom however no one cleaned them during our stay(4nights!) and no toilet paper or soap, hot shower but low pressure. Paid 40s/2p/n. You can use washing machine for 30s - seems a bit expensive.

Camping Guadelupe Jaime Veliz Caraz -9.05465, -77.79484

bon endroit pour faire laver son véhicule et personnel très sympa ! 15 soles / lavé en 10 minutes

buen lugar para hacer lavar su vehículo y los hombres son muy amables. 15 soles / 10 minutos

Lavadero Gustavo -3.59895, -80.48934

As of 5.21.23 price is $70 per night for water and electric site, most expensive state park we’ve visited to date.

Myrtle Beach State Park 33.65385, -78.92812

One of the top places we have stayed in 14 countries so far. Friendly host. Super clean and Tranquilo. Lots of 220V outlets. Clean water. Hot showers. Short walk to town. ENTRANCE INFO: Driving south from Caraz take the first road just past the new hospital that is being built (turns into their driveway). We took the second road and it was a bit tight to turn in and get by one tree. Adding lots of pictures.

Camping Guadelupe Jaime Veliz Caraz -9.05473, -77.79491

Adding photos of the property including the horse stables

Camping Guadelupe Jaime Veliz Caraz -9.05472, -77.79490

Awesome spot! Toilets were clean, based on reviews we thought it was going to be busy but there was only one other person and the place is huge. Can find some shady spots among the rocks.

Sawtooth Canyon BLM Campground 34.66833, -116.98302

Huge camping area, lots of pine trees for shade but also sun and clear sky if you wish. Some sap from the trees.

Popular place with the locals with almost constant traffic throughout the day and even in the early hours of the night. Quiet during the night.

In May, it was warm during the day but very pleasant at night.

During the week the toilets and showers are closed but you can ask at the entry gate to open them. But there is trash and a water spigot where you can connect your own hose. Water is near the showers in a separate enclosed part.

Almost constant police presence and there is a person at the entry gate throughout the night.

Overall, safe, no issues and totally worth the money.

Parque La Primavera Campamento El Pedernal 20.71062, -103.57092

there is a sign that says no overnight parking. stayed anyways, no one bothered me. quite a few other cars doing the same

Walmart super center 47.06113, -122.77214

Very nice Place to chill for a few days! Always nice people around, clean toilets with paper and soap and good food as well! Definitely worth a visit!

Zebrabar 15.86495, -16.51210

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