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Just after the torrent there is a nice flat place. We stayed one night outside the private property. Beautiful and quite place.

Just après le gué avant d’entrer dans la propriété privée un emplacement plat au bord d’une petite cascade. Nous y avons passé une merveilleuse nuit sans problème après d’un bon feu de camp.

Mbocaruzu gué -26.04694, -56.81542

Water hose in front of maverick gas station. Good water pressure and long hose. Parking right in front of it.

Maverick 38.76413, -112.08430

I living in my car and traveling. I need a shower and place to park

East Boulder Community Center 40.37897, -105.51616

NO VERIZON SERVICE HERE. But absolutely beautiful, good river for swimming for me and the doggos. Felt safe minus the couple in the pickup truck with the aggressive pups who were camped out for it looked like a long while before we arrived. Stayed one night, would have stayed 2 if there was service

right by the river 39.38270, -123.10211

Several flat campsites (some with fire pits) in the beautiful pine forest near the Hilso Trailhead. Drive thru the parking and continue on the dirt road over 2 cattle guards .Pick your spot and enjoy the stay. There is an outhouse at the parking. The cell signal fades in and out. No 4x4 required. The road is in a good condition.

Hiso Trailhead 35.41363, -108.54456
Las Viñas - Centro Artesanal Argentino

Typical argentine products shop, souvenirs and winery. Founded in 1950. A must visit for tourists!
*Ask for a special discount for Overlander members*

Las Viñas - Centro Artesanal Argentino -32.88543, -68.84330
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Free entrance. No dogs. Any size rig. Cave with display of artifacts from this region. Water, ferns, guide. Claim it to be oldest in Argentina. No rock art. Possibly a kiosk and restaurant. Possible parking in front. Nothing else here.

Gruta de Intihuasi -32.83565, -65.96166
Team Bodyduck

A very interesting place, where in the museum you can see objects found during the excavation of the ruins and two films (also in English) about the Chalchihuites people who live here. Entry costs 70 p/p. We could stay overnight in the quiet parking lot.

Alta Vista (Chalchihuites) Zona Arqueologica 23.47712, -103.94422

Very nice place to sleep. Best place actually in lima. Very peaceful, safe, grass. Old people and young people running in the morning. We slept so good.

Quite/Safe plaza great for pets -12.13477, -77.01466

we asked the guy in charge and he said that we can fill up the tank. water looked ok

Arizona Welcome Center 35.34362, -109.06336

The lot is open for day use but is posted no parking 10-6. There are several permanent campers along the road but every spot not taken by a camp has concrete blocks, and they’re adding more as I write this. Cool spot to hang out for a little but no longer good for overnight.

Lot of place industrial area 37.79031, -122.30157

Great little spot on the river to take pictures and stop for a bite to eat.

Scenic Round About 45.50882, -122.67356

as advertised! great free spot to spend a few days. bumpy road but our converted ambulance made it just fine.

Forest Road 237 35.05311, -111.72749
Chambre avec vue

Walmart on Riverside. Asking at the Walmart customer service: the parking lot isn’t Walmart property so we stay overnight at our own risks.

Walmart parking lot 45.38488, -75.68015

Nice spot, more hidden than the other places nearby we checked. There is a narow road that leads even further away, but we didn't check it as we arrived in the dark.

Off Road 68 -26.02424, -65.83841

Posto bem tranquilo, água disponível no posto e local seguro para pernoitar com estacionamento amplo

Shell Três Marias -18.23282, -45.21732

No overnight signs and no other RVs around. I decided not to chance it and rolled down to the Cracker Barrel.

Walmart Parking Lot 34.78920, -84.99964

Quiet little spot for an overnight. 15 min outside of Cedar City.

Bumblebee BLM 37.59699, -113.23735

As described, still a great quiet place to stop…!

Beasely River Rest Area -22.94899, 116.97777

Trailhead parking lot. 1 bar Bell LTE. Could fit a big rig but not a lot of space. Quiet. Buggy. Good for a nights sleep. No “no overnight camping” signs.

Carrick Tract Trails 43.97411, -81.08046

Very overgrown. If you have dogs absolutely not, tics everywhere. No access to water anymore as the path is filled in with TALL weeds. Also dirty. Also Verizon is 2 bars. But ew.

Unicorn Beach 39.55187, -123.42574

Yes, bumpy dirt roads from about here to Sao Jose dos Ausentes. Once you make it to Sao Jose dos Ausentes, it’s paved, but if you continue on the RS-020 towards Joaquim, it’s gravel again. This time, much better maintained. The worst of it is the stretch around this marker. Google Maps time ETA was correct for us. I wouldn’t recommend these roads, but if you deicide to take them, make the most of it! Plan for a long day through the rural countryside. It is beautiful.

Bad gravel road under construction causes delay -28.95428, -50.05471

Nice large pull through right off the main road We didn’t stay but I don’t think you would here too much traffic noise

Pull thru 43.80326, -121.53482

Really friendly checkpoint. They just wanted to know where to go, and how we like Colombia :-)

Military Checkpoint 1.65052, -76.25241

very nice place, good for many vr, with pick nik table near water.

Portage off Route 105 45.96118, -66.87533

Local tranquilo tem um restaurante que pode fornecer energia, água tem uma torneira logo mais a frente da cobertura, no restaurante é possível pedir para chamar o pessoal da secretaria do turismo, pois aqui eles acolhem o caravanismo, se você for autônomo de energia fica sem nem ter que chamar ninguém, tem banheiro 24 horas, pega bem 4g vivo e Tim, talvez outras, mas eu não sei, cidade tranquila é muito boa pra quem gosta de pescar, aos finais de semana dá um pouco de movimento, e o comércio é bom, e a natureza é linda isso sem contar as incontáveis araras que cruzam o céu.
Quiet location has a restaurant that can provide energy, water has a tap just ahead of the roof, in the restaurant you can ask to call the staff of the tourism office, because here they welcome caravans, if you are self-employed you will have no energy not even having to call anyone, there's a 24-hour bathroom, it catches 4g alive and Tim, maybe others, but I don't know, a quiet town is very good for those who like fishing, on the weekends there's a bit of movement, and commerce it's good, and nature is beautiful, not to mention the countless macaws that cross the sky.

Prainha Prefeitura -20.64960, -51.50906

Nice flat camping spots near the north end of 30 mile road after turning north off of rt 50.
Travel on well packed wide gravel roads to this remote spot. Fairly big rigs should be able to easily get in here. There was still snow on some of the peaks surrounding the area in mid May. Could get windy but there are some sheltered spots closer er to trees. Beautiful wide open scenery.

Butte mtns at the end of 30 mile road. 39.56965, -115.20501

We stayed here for two nights. safe place . music at night. has faucet and chemical toilet. the beach is very beautiful

Ficamos aqui por duas noites. lugar seguro . musica a noite. tem torneira e banheiro quimico. a praia é muito bonita

Praia de arembepe -12.77127, -38.17765

Overnight parking is allowed at the cenote. We paid 150 Peso for camping and 30 Peso/Person entrance. Access is fine for big and tall rigs as well - some low hanging branches but nothing serious. Spent a nice and quiet night here and enjoyed the cenote without any people in the morning. No cellphone coverage.

Parking Lot at Cenote Chucumaltic 16.12348, -92.17048

They now have wifi and offer a range of burgers (2500-3500) sandwitches (500-2000 arg) and burgers (2300-3000) too. But still a bakery with variety of postres.

La Ideal -39.95011, -71.07155

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