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I wasn't able to find this place.

Cabella's 40.10007, -83.08802

Bathroon dirty. Works up to 10pm. If you to fuel, the park at night is free

Shell Tempero Gaucho -12.58669, -38.52835

the correct location is on the other spot. Fire pit and table. Easy access with small rv

Fire pit wild camping 37.74647, -110.91303

nice wide place. 7pm, empty in middlel of May 2023.
Flat,paved, and pit stop mostly clean.
The highway is further here then from the truck section.
Will see how the night goes !

Kininvie Rest Stop 50.39853, -111.48984
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

This WAS a wonderful example of ancient peoples art or messages. There WAS possibly a stone structure on top that aligned with one across the meadow. But as with so many things- modern humans messed it up. The native art is scratched over by Felix y Gladys and others. The stones have been toppled and damaged. People are eatupido (see sign)
The stairs are in great shape and this place has a magical feel to it. We climbed all over the rocks with our dogs. We saw 8 condors flying nearby. We spent a beautiful and peaceful night here. (Be cautious of the swamp- see warning pin) No services. No reliable cell signal. Any size rig. Decent and passable road. Bring all your supplies. There are two dirt roads to access this place.

La Casa de la Piedra Pintada -32.85576, -65.99710

no toilet, nice picnic table under shaded area, trash can, round about gravel area with grass around, Verizon cell service, and can hear gunshots in distance

Outcropping in the lava field 43.55389, -112.44216

The road is close due construction repair

Stanilaus Boondock 37.81066, -119.88395
Adam Gott

A small amount of road noise, excellent Verizon signal, about a dozen other campers/vans here. Tamarack center is now open 7 days a week. the travel plaza at the bottom of the hill is presently closed (rebuilding?). There are small restrooms at the gas station but they are small and busy in the morning.

RV parking of Tamarack 37.80088, -81.21610

Plenty of sites along this road, all fairly close to the road and there are no trees so very little privacy. Road in is accessible by any vehicle, gravel washboard. Views are amazing.

BLM Camping 37.18099, -113.23417

Super indico, local com espaço, mesmo sendo rústico. Verificar disponibilidade com a guarda, dias de festas fica lotado. Muitas cachoeiras e trilhas maravilhosas, e a trilha do Peito do Pombo. Muito bom!

Park next to post office and river -22.32702, -42.18415

Un lugar muy cerca del centro donde pasan frecuentemente las patrullas y siempre hay personas pues hay un hospital a un lado , baños ,también hay un parque pequeño y comida a todas horas donde puede comprar.

a very close place to the center where the patrols pass frequently and there are always people because next to it there is a hospital, bathrooms, there is also a small park and food at all hours where you can buy

Street parking 16.73341, -92.63659

Spent one night, surprisingly crowded and cramped. Bathroom is small but clean. Some spots have electricity. Watch out for wet clay, some sites were flooded. Gorgeous views from any spot.

Cedar Pass Campground 43.74309, -101.95146
nicolas b

Stationnement interdit

Parking Municipal Verdun 45.45683, -73.56281

as noted, this place should be marked as a dump station.

Flying J 32.54525, -117.10342

This place is permanently closed.

The Cove 33.64867, -116.31147

Paid $50 for a campsite. Very nice park trails look great for running. Pricey for a site but safe and good amenities. 1-2 bars of t mobile at various spots.

Sly Park camping 38.72659, -120.54818

Great camp spot! Road is in good condition, pit toilet is very clean. One other camper. No cell service with Verizon.

BLM Lowrey Bridge Access 47.51289, -112.00835

This place is permanently closed.

24 Hour Fitness 32.84180, -116.97890

Signs saying no overnight parking, and Walmart store manger says they no longer allow overnight parking

Walmart Prescott 34.55276, -112.40807

Over night parking along road infront of motel. Do not park in the yellow marked sidewalk sections. Lots of signage clearly stating where you can and can not mark. Long strip with no signs, two other campers here too currently at 10:30 pm. Busier street but seems like a good place to get some sleep. Sound of the ocean as you are right along the beach basically. Not a bad pull over spot.

Vietnam Mémorial Walk 44.63555, -124.06316

On board BajaFerrie in cabin waiting to get underway at 11 pm 👍

Ferry to Baja, TMC and Baja ferries 25.59199, -109.05673

Parking lot of the Temple.

Toilets with running water (and soap). Handicapped toilet with washlet. Electricity sockets. Water point between the toilets and entry gate. Free internet. Entry into temple site now free.

In the parking lot, there is a flat grassy areas suitable for tent. There is a large gazibo in case of rain. There are benches in a shade area.

In the lower parking there is a complex if restaurants and souvenir shops.

We tented here, without hassle. One local overnighted in his van. Many cars remained overnight in the parking lot - probably from temple stay. It was a little noisy from the frequent vehicle passage in the night going who knows where?

Song-Gwang-Sa Temple Buddhist Cultural Museum 35.00382, 127.26673

Came here but could not enter. Because there was a gate with low height. My van was 3.1m

Angkor Tourist Police 13.38639, 103.86430

Big rest area with toilet facilities. we didnt spend the nighr here. After sleeping at a beautiful spot at the sea a bit further in the road, we came here in the morning to freshen up and use the toilet.

Big parking lot with toilets 10.95083, 99.48394

Good option if you need safe parking, especially for motos. Relaxed hostel in nature but still just 30mins to downtown by train. Restaurant attached.

INOUT Hostel 41.42214, 2.09843

Good option if you need safe parking, especially for motos. Relaxed hostel in nature but still just 30mins to downtown by train. Restaurant attached.

INOUT Hostel 41.42214, 2.09843

To reach this place a low bridge with a height restriction of 3.30 meter needs to be passed.

Steinvik Castle Parking 63.54147, 10.81273

Need to updated info - No longer have Wifi.

Green Fountain Farm Resort -33.55619, 26.96587

Upper scale Uzbek hotel. Restaurant inside. They wanted 250,000 som for a room. I said no way so they showed me the 100,000 som room. Not ideal but four beds with a “less fancy” bathroom. I think it’s in the workers quarters but I had the room to myself. Fine for one night on the bicycle between Nukus and Khiva

Hotel XOK 42.09664, 60.08565

nice place

park the van next to the river.
the river lays a litlle below.
you have to 'climb' up and down to reach it.

(5 meters)

quit and buitifull vieuw.

Korgepervelokkekoht 57.62139, 26.25669

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