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Campground next to the Elkhorn River. Looks like they are going to be adding electric in the near future. Solid camping near Omaha, but just be aware of the ‘locals’. $10.00 a night, has to be cash.

Elkhorn Crossing 41.36242, -96.30112

Leaving Namibia. Very quick. Luckily it wasn’t very busy today. Max 15 min. then our passports were stamped

Trans Kalahari borderpost -22.28089, 19.99895

Great place to stay and work online Very hot shower. Victor is a great host. Cost 5 USD per person per night. We will stay here again.

Killa Wasi Campspot -2.20802, -78.85312

Toilettes propres & possibilité de remplir son bidon d’eau.

Clean toilets & you can filled your water tank

Water and Toilets 48.14377, -69.71878

Local calmo, grande e seguro, com energia e água (paga)

Estacionamento da orla de Aracaju -10.98540, -37.04551

Local amplo e seguro, com água e policiamento.

Recife - Parque Dona Lindu -8.14196, -34.90474

Super good Hotel Amaranti next to the taller mecanico.
We needed to fix our campervan and this hotel was really a good spot for us as it was right next to the taller, so we could check easily the progress of our campervan.
As well they have a small secure parking but only for small car or motorbike.
If not there is a parking right next to the hotel but it’s indépendant from the hotel for bigger car super secure with camera and guard.
The people who run the place are soooo lovely.
The place is secure.
Private rooms with own bathroom and hot shower.
Room 1 matrimonial bed: 40.000 pesos
Room 2 matrimonial bed: 60.000 pesos
24h checkin
Highly recommend !

HOTEL AMARANTI 2.44515, -76.63342

Very unfriendly, did not communicate at all. Very strange. Messy workshop. We left after 45 minutes.

Taller Gumer -22.92737, -68.19441

A good spot for an overnight, as described. Open desert and very hot. Land is relatively flat so even at a distance you still get glimpses of the highway. Excellent TMobile 5G service.

Hidden Valley 36.63097, -114.59437

**pack out your toilet paper**

second stop here. one mile south of the hwy 1 road closure. no road noise overnight, but the cars that come through starting at ~6 am seen extremely loud in contrast.

still lots of toilet paper around. please, please pack it out.

CA1 Turn off near Ragged Point 35.77583, -121.32699

The bypass road is open and can be driven with any vehicle. It is a winding gravel road. We where charged 2 USD toll when we drove through the small town. We are not sure if it's legit as we did not get a factura when we asked.

E35 Landslide- Alausi -2.17788, -78.82018

First town I've really felt unsafe in Colombia. Large groups of refugees and displaced people who heading to the Darien gap. Be wary on roads in and out, try not to stop for a night like I did!

Turbo 3.44858, -76.53743

nice basic hostel.
9€ for 4 bedroom dormitory.
motorcycle friendly

Vertigo Hostel 41.33202, 19.80957

beautiful spot on the lake, so peaceful, lots of birds around. easy access, 3min on gravel, no 4x4 needed. pit toilet very clean. Idaho, you surprised us.

Little Camas Reservoir 43.33148, -115.38871

what is Idaho known for? potatoes and beautiful scenery, like this place. so peaceful, clean and calm. easy access, no 4x4 needed. pit toilet clean. 5 stars.

Little Camas Reservoir 43.33148, -115.38871

Only open Wednesday till Sunday. All other info still correct

Ingapirca Ruins Parking -2.54056, -78.87284

Stayed 4 nights and we filled up our watertank at the spigot by the shower, water looks clean, see photo.

Rutherford Beach 29.75926, -93.12435

une fois l'entrée pour le glen canyon payée(30$us et ils n'acceptent pas l'american pass), vous pouvez vous rendre à la dump station gratuitement. il y a de l'eau potable aussi.

Wahweap Campground 36.99750, -111.49705

beaucoup d'espace. 14$us la nuit après avoir payé l'entrée pour le glen canyon(30us, valide pour 7 jours consécutifs). beaucoup de monde mi-mai, donc l'été, ça doit être complètement rempli. pas beaucoup d'eau dans le lac donc l'accès à l'eau est très loin. si vous n'avez pas de 4x4, je ne vous conseille pas de vous aventurez plus loin que le premier espace de sable rocheux.

Lone Rock Beach 37.01973, -111.53918

dump station fonctionne bien. par contre, lorsque nous y sommes allés, aucune eau ne fonctionnait. c'était indiqué qu'elle était fermée pour l'hiver. je ne connais pas la date de réouverture. par contre, à 15min de là, il y a le wahweap campground où il y avait de l'eau potable pour remplir le vr.

Lone Rock Road 37.01657, -111.55329

Currently campground is closed. Prescribed burn in area

Seeley Lake Campground (Forest Service) 47.20257, -113.52998

Also had a good night here. Perfect temperature in the night and for bathing at the river too. Nice bird watching place. Peaceful and quiet.

Wild camp near the river -18.85719, -65.14536

17 pesos les 20 litres avec du personnel sympathique et serviable

centro de lkenado 20.60309, -105.23181

É um pedagio com apoio ao usuário, porém está todo destruído e queimado por conta dos recentes paros

Small Informal Parking Lot -14.55963, -73.45979
Ze Wandering Frogs

Nuno and team were able to take my Defender quickly for a rear axle oil leak repair. Very responsive on WhatsApp (+351 926 005 555), He was able to order and receive the rights parts needed for the next day. Very meticulous work and keen on showing and explaining everything, not to mention tips for Portugal over landing ! I highly recommended his shop.

Area 4x4 - Workshop and Supplies 38.60104, -9.07969

showers with : towel, hot water and soap.
also possible to use the bathroom.
5k pp

Hostel Lake View 6.23278, -75.15619
Seth Wing

Very nice place! The grounds are fantastic, all landscaping is superb. The restaurant is a blast to the past but very proper and fancy feeling. Staff are over the top with service. Wi-Fi is free but sporadically goes out (maxes out around 3mbps, more often closer to 500kbps to 2mbps).

There are two campsites both are good, but the one closer to the lake has a better view.

USD$15 to camp
A dinner main course alone was around $8. Very reasonable.

They accept USD and can process international credit cards in USD (mine was a visa).

5/5 would recommend.

Clevers Lakeview Resort -20.25132, 31.00217

Quiet spot on a bend of the creek right at the old decommissioned Alaska Highway bridge. Small, but super easy access, at this water level the creek is really mellow with a little beach to hang out on. Watched a family of 5 beavers on the ponds around until the mozzies got to me. Almost no cell service.

Adsett Creek 58.10448, -122.71983

Plaza muy linda y tranquila, cuenta con baños públicos muy limpios ( cierran durante la noche), hay canillas con agua. no sé si es potable. Los días jueves hay feria de artesanos y productores de la zona. Nosotros pasamos la noche en nuestro motor home sin inconvenientes.

Plaza Mercedes -29.18487, -58.07308

Rooms available. Very neat and secure. Even if you don’t sleep in the hotel, you may come and eat at the restaurant on the premises BUT YOU WAIT ABOUT aN HOUR FOR YOUR FOOD ORDER.

Cresta Hotel -24.59213, 24.72630

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