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Sorry the double room is at 15000Sh not 20000sh

Sunrise Hotel -1.58816, 31.14437

this place is closed and not ment for the public

Haybat Sultan Qashtiyaree Forest 36.10045, 44.65816
Des routes & nous

As we couldn't go further due to wetland to deep. We find this place no very fare from the track.

Very nice clearing with shades spots. You can be seen by animals all around that they can know that you are here. 😉

Two elephants came at night to go at the water that is not fare away. They passed very close from the car so be aware.

Lot of birds.
We saw some monkeys in the trees.
There is also cows, donkeys and horses.
We saw two locals by foot quite far but they did not came.
Very amazing Spot to stay some days.
Very quiet.

Low Orange signal.
Plenty of wood.

Amazing Spot in the bush -18.82121, 22.26767

good spot with parking place. Great view at the canyon

Ravenduz canyon 36.61769, 44.52937

Expensive at $270 ND per person but extremely convenient for an early morning or late in the day visit to Fish River Canyon. Really well designed and clean ablutions with hot water showers, laundry and kitchen sinks. We camped at the end of the road and were visited by a mountain zebra at night. MTN intermittent but decent wifi at the restaurant.

Canyon Roadhouse Campground -27.52314, 17.81586

polideportivo municipal, el cuidador nos permitió pasar la noche y menciono que se suelen quedar viajeros cuando vienen. Hay duchas frías, baño, parrilla, electricidad, agua potable, mesas y bancos. Perfecto para ciclistas

polideportivo San Jaime -30.34703, -58.30284

This border crossing is closed for internationals. Only pedestrians allowed

Border crossing only pedestrians, no internationals 40.19824, 69.29825

Posto de combustível na beira da estrada, local amplo e seguro, tem água mais não tem energia, local seguro e amplo pra estacionar, ficamos 2 dias aqui, vejam as fotos,

Posto do Contorno -21.76106, -41.34729

Posto tranquilo e silencioso pra pernoite. Estacionamos em frente aos banheiros .

Posto Itauna I -19.74674, -42.13380

a place for camping and rest in beautiful beach specially for bike riders and campers

secret playing samad&sanaz 41.13497, 30.10212

Good water, several locals got water while we were there.

water fountain 41.47783, 46.09491

Here they stamp your passport.
No issues, I already got my visa from the Abidjan embassy.
It supossed to be possible to get the visa at this border, but more expensive

Passport stamp place 10.20369, -4.98633

Small site beside boat launch located just after you cross covered bridge.

Plumweseep covered bridge 45.74163, -65.44719
Phillip Stevens

Bush camp with beach and firewood.

4x4 access easy in dry, but river to cross in wet.

Clean and beautiful. Take everything out to keep it so.

Mulberry Bend -34.56229, 142.42543

We are standing in the middle of a construction site of a hotel. Extreme noise! Now I know, why the chef wanted the money by arrival. Nobody would pay for this site, when leaving this place. There is no paper or towel in the toilets. WiFi only around the restaurant. Yesterday we had a good meal there. But the drinks were warm, because they do not have a regrigerator.

sunset camping 39.77915, 20.00599

Agreed with all previous comments. Great option for a couple of nights in Montevideo. Breakfast is quite good for Uruguay. The price they quoted me for 2 nights was more than what I had seen on Once I told them, they gave me the booking price.

London Palace Hotel -34.90745, -56.19343

Lugar top , bom para pernoitar apesar de muitos caminhões e silencioso, banheiro limpo, funcionário muito receptivo nos orientou um lugar legal pra estacionar

Posto Trevao -18.87775, -49.05551

I think a few comments/photos have this mixed up with the actual campground across the lake. This is just the boat launch, no sites.

Stayed one night without issue. Beautiful sunset. People cleared out just after dark. Only one car came through during the night.

There were a lot of dogs in the distance in the woods barking. Around midnight at least one came to investigate, my dog barked and they hung back in the treeline barking softly for a bit. not sure if they're domestic or stray but I would keep pups on a leash.

Great spot for an overnight! Only a few trains but still slept great.

Boat Landing at Eufaula Lake 35.27515, -95.57542

By far my favorite stop! Only one other camper where I stayed (New Cottonwood) right by the water. Room to hang a hammock and read. Beautiful walk to the beach.

Wear shoes, I prefer barefoot but the spurs were many!

I didn't use any services. A mockingbird came and sang obnoxiously overhead all night, earplugs were a savior. Sooo many wonderful bird songs in the morning. Will definitely pay $10 anytime to come back.

Ute Lake State Park 35.27516, -95.57544

350 for 2 people and 1 night. Quite pricey for what you get, as the bathroom was really not clean and needed some serious attention. Its rustic. We also are not very fans of campsites covered with cow droppings... Its a "farm camping" but there is a limit. Take you cows somewhere else man, your property is huge... Otherwise, we had a great time, alone nearby the river. Fantastic views over the valley. Ok for one night.

Fleckvieh Guestfarm -34.00818, 20.75436

The access off of M7 is now gated closed.

N7 between Springbok & NAM Border -29.31332, 17.76158

Just as described. Right by the freeway...

Dog Park 51.03749, -114.01067

Invermere has signs directing RVs and vehicles to this lot for parking. No time restrictions posted. The only amenity is large garbage containers on the lot. Italian restaurant across the street.

Gravel RV and Vehicle lot 50.50503, -116.02961

Nice place to pass the night, with wonderful view. The road is not so busy at night so you can sleep well. The only disadvantage, there are a lot of garbage around

lake view -16.21811, -68.83196

Good spot for a rainy night. 4 bars Verizon LTE and hard packed cinder surface that didn’t get too muddy despite rain most of the night. Traffic noise is audible but not too bad.

Rabbit Spring 42.07481, -114.67705

Peaceful spot. Perpendicular parking spots along fence. A couple of vans and RVs and me in my CRV. Stealth mode-slept then departed to stroll the waterfront - Perkins Park springtime blooms. Left no trace.

Golf Course / Cemetery Sandwich 36.63283, -121.93235

Stayed 1 night. We got the last spot. It's been raining and the actual spot is muddy. We elected to stay on the gravel area to not get stuck. If you are a fisherman this is a great spot for you. Otherwise it's just a good spot to sleep, or need some alone time with nothing to do. Vault toilet on site, each site has firepit and table.

Pipeline Campground 42.74141, -112.89990

This is the office of Agunsa Iquique. Esmeralda 340 piso 11 , oficina 1110 , iquique.
Contact : Alvaro Miranda Email: [email protected]
Tel : +56 997214004
We shipped from Iquique to Mazatlan, but other west coast destinations are possible. They speak some english , are VERY helpful and can provide details of Aduana Agent to help with port proceeding and paperwork , which were really quite easy.

Agunsa -20.21136, -70.15138

Stopped to make breakfast & take a walk.

Porta potties at west end of gravel parking lot.

Not much shade & appears to be an ax tube spot for hikers & bikers.

Ashokan Rail Trail - Woodstock Dike Trailhead 41.99411, -74.09587

Peaceful, quiet, nobody else here on a Tuesday night. Clean porta potty is serviced every week. Verizon speed 5.65 down/3.47 up. I would stay here again.

Cross Ford Park (Access 272) 42.47815, -93.18943

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