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I planned to stay a couple of nights but it was so nice I stayed for 2 weeks. The owner is very friendly and has lots of knowledge about the area and took me on a hike to see some local ruins up the mountain. It was difficult to leave... Santa Maria is a friendly place and Camping El Sol is a nice tranquil base.

Camping El Sol -26.67650, -66.04614

We paid 10$ just to set up wherever with our tent. No fire rings, which was a big shame. Bathrooms are absolutely gross, but for the price at least you have running water. In the ladies’ the toilets do not have doors which close. That was all fine until at night (around 11 pm) a repetitive, electrical noise started. It sounded as if someone was drilling behind our heads. We moved to the car cause we couldn’t sleep. Generally, a poor experience but cheap.

Burns Campsite 29.57317, -91.53764

Ficamos de 18 a 21/04/2023. Trata-se de área com restrição para receber RVs. O estacionamento não é permitido, apenas tolerado. Passível de multa. Tivemos que pedir autorização a Prefeitura que recomendou não abrir toldo; colocar cadeiras, tapetes ou roupas do lado de fora; jogar lixo no chão. Não pagamos nada. Foi-nos dada uma autorização escrita.
Tem ponto de água e luz. No último dia, fomos abordados por fiscal da empresa de energia que disse não ser permitido usar os pontos de luz.
Não possui internet.
A cidade é pequena e linda. O local é privilegiado, próximo a bares, restaurantes e comércio.
Dois dias eh suficiente.
As associações de campistas deveriam fazer um trabalho institucional junto a prefeitura, visando obter permissão de, ao menos, duas (2) vagas autorizadas.


Public Parking -26.24305, -48.64001

Still a nice place to camp, for only 500$. Arrived late so didn't use showers. Toilets clean and with soap.

Parador las Abritas -25.68813, -65.69771

There is a single sign for no RVs and trucks but, there's probably half dozen RVs and just as many semis parked in the back part of the lot. Safe area with a little road noise and solid cell service.

Walmart 34.04645, -84.69630

Nice spot but lots of mosquitoes this time of the year!
Make sure you have mosquito screens or similar.
The road is very quiet. There’s only traffic from and to Atlin. Almost no traffic at night.

Little Atlin Lake on the shore 60.24274, -133.91432

absolutely beautiful creek in wooded campsite. down a paved road for ATVs.

Clear Creek 45.14172, -121.59600

There are no gas stations in this area.. But you can buy diesel and gasoline at this little shop! We bought around 30L for 1.800 pesos per liter. A bit more expensive, but great option if you’re heading to the national park.

Artesanías Chungará -18.19672, -69.55965

Still in good working order. Also a garbage dumpster and a green space nearby to walk dogs.

Stewart Community Centre 45.33122, -76.28934

Simple pull off in the forrest. Wild campfire ring present. I occasionally see other rigs camping here.

Peggy's Hill Parking Area 39.81717, -77.46250

pasamos 3 noches acá.. llegamos en la noche y un poco oscuro pero al final resultó ser el lugar más tranquilo que encontramos.

we spent 3 nights here.. we arrived at night and a bit dark but in the end it turned out to be the quietest place we found.

Parking Trochia -42.90458, -71.31890

Very hard to find a level spot - using levelers will help! Peaceful, quiet night.. just us and the cows. Great space if you have a dog! Bathrooms are not bad. Great cheap spot that is better than sleeping on the streets near town. The town can get very loud at night, especially on weekends. The rock formations are just okay. We featured this campsite and las piedrotas on our YouTube -

Piedrotas 19.97741, -103.78036

Lugar muito tranquilo e seguro para passar a noite, fora que a cidade é muito acolhedora.

Street Parking -23.74779, -65.49751

Nice sheltered campsite at the NE end of Middle Park, in Beef Basin. This is also the TH for the short hike to 10 Ruins, and there are another set of ruins just above the campsite. There is another bigger spot to camp just to the south at at an old drill hole. This campsite is hidden behind some high rocks so does not get sun until later in the morning. Note that anything beyond the road and camping area is wilderness.

Middle Park/10 Ruins 38.00636, -109.86206

Very clean. Lots of washers and dryers. I did a small load for $5 total.

Laundromat 43.11391, -75.20545

flat camp are off the pass enough room for 2 rigs. beautiful views.

pass camp 38.66385, -119.59051

great spot. amazing views. great place to view the stars.

Alien Loop 37.40156, -115.44232

free dump, rinse (not threaded), and separate potable water spigot 20 feet away. may be difficult for super long wheel base RV (40'?) or super long (35'+) trailer. BE ADVISED the entrance is a STEEP 1/2 mile.

Dump station 38.76048, -78.29807

We only spent one night here, on our way from Chimborazo towards Baños. Safe but a bit noisy at night. Bathrooms open 24 hours, but dirty.

Passamos somente uma noite aqui, no nosso caminho do Chimborazo sentido Baños. Seguro, porém um pouco barulhento durante a noite. Banheiros abertos 24h, porém sujos.

Primax gas station, all new -1.65075, -78.73059

Stopped here for 1 night, slept without having any issues; stayed from about 11pm to 7:30 am

Rest stop East bound 40.80270, -73.31767

Nice little campground set in rows of pine trees. The rows of trees make it a bit difficult to park any bigger vehicles with a trailer. Spots are on sandy ground. Quiet, peaceful. Showers are clean but water is lukewarm. $39 full electric and water.

Dell Pines campground 43.55007, -89.79514

Alone on the side of a vineyard. Pls take away your trash! Wo collected several plastic things from people in the past!!

Vineyard Panoramic view 49.09768, 4.13348

Campground in a small village farm. Inexpensive, 10 EURO for a tent. Van accepted. Electricity, water, shower. Arrival at any time.

La Fabrie 44.20634, 2.43798

Mostly quiet location. Around 9 some kids were doing burnouts. Other than that no issues. Two other vans stayed as well. Lots of good food in the area a walk away.

Paducah Parking Lot 37.08968, -88.59591

I've had no trouble sleeping here. If not, other beaches in the area should be able to accommodate you.

Beach Parking 24.08089, 51.78552

We slept Here 3 night. Very quiet and cold. Near By thé center and Los estoraques. Nearby a playground. Cool for The kid. Good restaurant Just there

La Playa de Belén - Football Court 8.21566, -73.23720

Cool little spot. Quiet, peaceful. Would stay again.

South I 80, Shoemaker Island 40.77330, -98.49357

Awesome spot for couple nights . Not too much people in middle week. Lots of room to walk the dogs.

Just before Portage Lake 60.78600, -148.85656

stayed the night, another trailer was there, too. very calm, no traffic noise. strange car was there with lights on All night though.

Whytok Park 44.50754, -77.47931

A parking lot at the end of a residential country road. Trailhead is gated but open to hikers and dogs. Have seen some cars go down as well. Stayed here a few nights without a problem

Mt. myrick trail parking lot 43.23057, -73.11698

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