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Flor Guitart

Hellesylt Camping. Beautiful spot near the fjord, very calm. Nearby as the ferry to Geiranger. Free check out time, showers by coins (10nok/4min). Price 220 without electrycity or 275 with electricity per caravan.Plus 50nok per person.

CAMPING HELLESYLT 62.08352, 6.87371

long line of available parallel parking next to a park, near a neighborhood. suggest some level of stealth here and anywhere in laguna. road was quiet by 11pm but cars zipping past after 7am. portapotties at the pinewood park baseball diamonds were open at 7am.

parallel parking near park 33.59304, -117.72106

A flat spot in a replanted eucalyptus block. Has great views and good Claro signal. Half hidden from a quiet road. Currently a bit muddy but for me it was worth the views.

Pereira 4.71611, -75.62580

Another lovely night in this car park £3 donation

Easby Abbey and Church Car Park 54.39715, -1.71596

no potable water, but sani dump available

Blairmore 49.61195, -114.45783

Very clean dump station at the end of the road on the cul de sac. Keyhole cul de sac for easy maneuvering, spigot to rinse dump pipes, excellent!

Hopedale Avenue Water Station 47.59088, -59.18453

Very cool spot. Essentially can park right near the beach. Definitely a great spot to chill at for the day

McGulpin point 45.78165, -84.75501

La Casa Bonita is a lovely beach shack : cottage in the Akanda area of Libreville. It’s part of a National Park area.

Sleeps up to 6 people. 2 bedrooms. One sleeps two and the other 4
Lounge, kitchen and outside deck.

Right on the beach between two houses.

Self catering but has all you need in terms of utensils.

It’s a beach shack… it’s falling apart here and there, def needs some work but it’s charming and peaceful and you get to sleep to the sounds of the waves and thunderstorms.

Aircon and shower with warm water - make sure the guy buys electricity for the meter and that both water tanks are turned on!

The caretaker lives across the road and is always happy to help and the owner speaks English- we were in Touch with him via telephone.

Call Joseph to book - +241 66971011

We paid cfa 50000 per night for two people (so cfa 100000) in total. We stayed mid week - prices are more on the weekend.

Most restaurants around there are closed in the week so best to cook for yourself but there was a lovely beach restaurant that was open

You can take a nice long walk on the beach and there is also a forest walk close by with different lengths (can be found on google and IOverlander)

La Casa Bonita beach shack 0.37457, 9.70512

10/10 would recommend. $4 showers, free wi-fi, nice staff. Pagosa Springs rocks!

Pagosa Springs Community Center 37.34431, -106.92723

Great, new rest area with many vending options. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile all had great signals and quick Internet. It's on the eastbound side with access lanes for westbound

Shandon Rest Stop Eastbound 35.67577, -120.34611

Superbe spot sur un parking près de la route, commodités à côté. toilette, poubelle. Vue sur l'étang avec des marches à faire. Grand parc de jeux pour les enfants. Tables pour pique-niquer, les week-ends peut être à éviter car bruits musique avec sono, sinon tranquille.
Ps: très bon restaurant italien pas très loin

parking near road 45.92244, -64.64449

douches chaudes et gratuites à la station service

Free showers at Axion station -29.14571, -62.64745

station récente et propre avec douches chaudes

station axion propre -29.14571, -62.64745

In our opinion not worth the detour in this season as there is almost no water on the waterfall. And to sleep it’s very very hot, no wind and humide.
No phone signal

salto las palmas 8.42523, -82.36541

Free water with a hose as well as an air pump. Pumps like a house faucet so you'll be here awhile if you have a large tank.

Red Rino Express water 39.43207, -123.80561

Stopped here for water but saw someone get their propane filled. 3.69 a gallon.

Red Rino Express propane 39.43209, -123.80564

Very nice cafe with sandwiches, cakes, coffee variatons. Order the small amount, it's already big! :D
Free & fast wifi, toilet, nice staff.

Dulces Momentos Coffee House -14.85110, -74.95569

Beautiful camp spot right on the river with sand to lounge in. Came for 1 night and loved it so much we ended up staying 3. Keep this place clean!!

Kolob Terrace Rd spots on the river 37.23185, -113.15463

Big gas station. Quiet place to sleep. Clean bathrooms. Restaurant.
Estación de servicio grande. Lugar tranquilo para pasar la noche. Baños limpios. Restaurant.

Agriesa service station -25.88120, -55.12209

Amazing ranch in the middle of the nature ! A lot of different private camping spots along the creek or close to pounds. They all have fire pit.

Blue Ridge Ranch 36.15223, -81.44493

Reliable and trustworthy Mercedes/RAM/Fiat/Mitsubishi-Trucks dealer. Very nice and competent mechanics, who also spoke good english. We went there with our Fiat Ducato and they solved our problem right away.

Ovando Norte -17.68979, -63.15964

Perfect view over the lake from this spot. Really
beautiful. We went here with an old sprinter sized 2WD van, but it was a bit challenging. The upper part of the road has some off camber turns and the lower part is a slope with loose rocks. Not terrible, but turning after you passed the helipad is not possible untill you’re all the way down. So depending on the weather conditions it might be good to check the track first. Easy peasy with 4WD I guess.

Great place at Iskander-Kul 39.06288, 68.38037

Very nice campground about 8 km of of the Trans Canada Highway in Maple Creek. $25 for unserviced site. The manager delivered us a fire pit. Wonderful free shower. Picnic table. Large site. There is a train nearby that makes some noise but we slept well here. Take highway 21 north off of Hwy 1.

Willowbend 49.91082, -109.48883

If you drive up the meadow opposite to the first helipad, you will find a second (abandoned) helipad. It’s partially overgrown and marked closed with rocks, so maybe a better place for camping then the one marked here. Also: here are not visible from the track. Be aware that there are bears in the area, we saw tracks and a big shit.

Viewpoint / Helipad 39.06466, 68.37061

Still nasty air in 2023, but lights almost everywhere and decent road. Only a bit wet in some places.

Anzob tunnel 39.06141, 68.71243
Complejo San Rafael

Duplex para 6 pax, Baño, cocina con horno, aire acondicionado, 2 hab. 1 mat y otra con 4 camas simples, terraza, parrillas, piscina, parque, quincho. Aceptamos mascotas.

Complejo San Rafael -25.60533, -54.59081

Enjoyed the thali (selection of curries with rice, roti, desert and pickled veg). We are from the U.K. and dishes are different than what we are used to. Chicken tikka is very tomatoey for example. Nonetheless it was delicious and if you are vegetarian you’ll be spoilt for choice. Setting isn’t very nice. It’s cold as the doors are all open with live TV showing inside so better for a quick bite. We ate here twice and would recommend!

Garnish (Indian Restaurant) -22.68272, 14.52743

Stopped here for Fish & Chips and fish soup. It wasn’t the best but very good and excellent value for money. Only thing was the way the waiters ask for a tip … couldn’t have been any
More forceful and put us off coming back!

The Fish Deli -22.68271, 14.52743

Ok for overlanders in a car but they don’t really carry lightweight stuff for bikers or cyclists so wasn’t really suitable for us. Their hammock for example was heavier than our tent 😬

Bushwackers Campworld -22.68271, 14.52743

This location is a downtown retail district- with a pedestrian mall. We could not find the shop.

Mecanica Mechozo -3.99757, -79.20267

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