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Fantastic provincial park.
We spent two nites camped along the lake as the ice on lake was receding.
Fantastic scenery, lake is cold

MacDonald Provincial Campground 59.01984, -125.77349

Fine for one night but either local or van lifer trashed the place with lot of garbage.
Great cell phone coverage

No view but ... 51.06351, -121.57405

Lugar tranquilo pra passar a noite ao lado de um rio com uma cachoeira. Sem infraestrutura de camping. Restaurante ao lado que pode dar um apoio

Largo da Carioca -15.92774, -50.13873

Quaint little country town, got there 4:30pm stayed till 8:30am.. no issues.. not too noisy but is close to main road.. portaloos available in ok condition.. flat surfaces

Pescadero public parking 37.25146, -122.38345

Super rough road in using Usal Rd, more suited for 4x4 trucks which is what we saw mainly down there. We made it with an e250, but have some new scratches and pushed it pretty hard getting out there. Not recommended unless you’re okay with beating up your rig some. There’s a mud pit halfway through that is intimidating looking but doable. Then once at the bottom it’s very muddy in the campsites and the beach sand is very loose and not driveable without 4wd. But that being said, it’s a special place once you get down there and so green and covered with wildflowers now. We found a nice spot in the trees next to the stream, sounds of ocean waves crashing and lots of birds. Saw 3 different park rangers drive through there while we were there which was surprising. Send it!

Usal Beach Dispersed Camping 39.83130, -123.84628

Nice little lake with a few spots. There were a couple others staying overnight in rvs/vans. Some people came to fish but other than that pretty quiet and really a nice spot. I had decent att service

Packer Lake 41.89659, -104.05326

Official campground called Madison. Reservations and walk ins. Offers free dumping and water, as well as trash disposal (incl. recycling). I haven't asked if it's open to non customers, but technically you can just drive inside, turn left after the small house selling ice and dump/refill potable water.

Madison Campground 44.64457, -110.86531

Called them when we arrived in San Francisco and they said the camping is closed due to the construction. Not sure when it will re open

Zitlali Camping 20.89629, -105.40879

Seems to be closed for the season as of May 17 2023. Gate was locked and no one inside camping

Flamingo Trailer Park 21.02718, -105.26548

I stopped here and it seemed like a great spot. I went to register with security as other comments mentioned and they said "sorry, only RVs, no vans or cars" and then told me I'd have to leave. I'm not sure if this is a new thing or if all these other comments were RVs but just giving fair warning of my experience.

Bear River Casino 40.62846, -124.20612

one of the closer confirmed BLM sites near Great Basin NP— we were the only ones camped there. saw an amazing double rainbow from this spot. despite the water tower being a sore eye, the rest of the scenery is lovely.

Great Basin NP 38.99500, -114.13459
Lizzy Dyson

There is a large grassy area for tents next to a restaurant and water park. The road isn't too noisy at night but the mosque is very loud. The showers and toilets are great. There is an indoor place to wash up and also a washing machine/drier. The campsite is almost opposite the entrance to the travertines, and both mornings we were woken up by hot air balloons taking off over them. We were originally quoted 430 lira per night for 2 people in a tent but when I said we wanted to stay for 2 nights he offered 400 lira. So it's worth asking.

Willy's State Camping 37.91874, 29.12169

Beautiful campsite. Quiet and secluded w/ fire pit. No cell service, no amenities. Views of Garchen Buddhist Institute Stupas and Temples.
About 8 miles down unpaved, rocky road. (Perkinsville) Go past the Garchen Buddhist Institute sign and then take your first turn off Perkinsville, follow the red dirt path to the end. There is a fire pit between two juniper trees, and prayer flags hanging. Some trash was left in another spot close by and we took out what we could carry with us.
This is sacred land, a special place. If you’re into Tibetan Buddhism and driving through, this is the place to stop. Enjoy!

E Perkinsville Rd / Garchen Buddhist Institute 34.78917, -112.28729

1200 pesos per person
Children under 3 are free
One pool that is hot and clean. Not busy, friendly lifeguard and tables and chairs with shade. You can stay the whole day. Clean toilets and lots of clean hot showers. A little kiosk with snacks.
I would recommend it!
Didn’t stink like Chlor. The parking across the street has shade, where were able to leave our dog outside on a leash since it was visible from here
Dogs not allowed (although there are about 4 dogs living here ;D)

Villa Termal de Reyes -24.17115, -65.48712

Nice view of mountains and forest. Space for 2 big rigs off the scenic route to/from yala - termas Reyes. Even if you don’t stay the night. Take the road! Beautiful! (Unless it’s raining)
Passable for all types of vehicles

Off the scenic road -24.15118, -65.47339

Posto 24h, muitas vagas para estacionar, restaurante Full com ótimo wifi e vários pontos de tomadas! Bons banheiros e bem limpos! Água quente grátis! Um pouco de barulho no ponto que ficamos. Sem ducha... somente para motorista de caminhão... fomos ao Posto Shell e dormimos no YPF.

YPF Neuquén Petro Oeste SRL -38.91115, -68.14599

CLOSED - This place unfortunately doesn't allow for overnight parking anymore.
We tried sleeping there yesterday and were the only vehicle there. We got woken up by a cop in the middle of the night that told us to leave.

We ended up sleeping in a Walmart parking lot in Marianna which was fine.

Yancey Bridge Boat Launch 30.79276, -85.22265

We didn’t end up staying, but it looked pretty cool, just not for us. Prices were $13.50 for dorm bed, and $45 for private room. Not great for bikers because there’s a 20 minute steep hiking trail from the road to get to the hostel. You need to make a reservation ahead:

Lots of backpackers around and a beautiful view. They sold snacks and drinks at the checkin desk, and there was a sign up sheet to get dinner for $5. WIFI was really slow.

Lost and Found 8.67459, -82.21963

We’re pretty happy with this place! Still $27 for private room and bath. Great view, and the owner is very helpful and friendly. The kitchen is very clean with lots of pots and dishes for use. There’s a cute coffee shop nearby as well as several restaurants and a small grocery store. Shower is very cold but with good pressure. The WIFI is decent.

Roots Hostel 8.66218, -82.21295

Sitio tranquilo para pernoctar, atrás de estación policía parqueadero público

Parque -6.78349, -79.83700
Cubby Van Life

Very quiet, no hi-jinx going on. Really nice and free. One other couple with us tonight. 3 designated spots, away from each other. There would be 4 but a dilapidated, abandoned trailer is occupying the 4th. I love the Missouri conservation areas!

Roberts Bluff 38.92216, -92.98076

The campsite is relatively basic.
Hot shower. Fast WiFi. Water and extricate at the sites.
I arrived with a bicycle and paid 1000 pesos for the night.
The road is noisy until quite late.
It's been stated that it is hard to find but it is exactly where the map shows it.
You just have to slow down and look for the sign which is about 40 metres back from the road.
Very friendly owner.

Camping San Isidro -27.43466, -55.93368

Little restaurant close to the golf and easy accès from the highway . Classic menu . Happy people.

White goose 52.21765, -111.90934

Amazing wildcamp with impressiv sunset and night sky. Nicki, the manager of the total four sheep farms in the area wellcomed us warmly at his „camp spot“. It seemd to be a quite frequented ouverlander sleeping place. He even asked us, if we need something from the town and sugested to jump over the fence to enjoy the sunset on the dune. We had a perfectly quite and safe night there.

Kalahari Dunes, D503 -25.55803, 19.59136

Great space, there is a little steep road down to the river, so watch out RV or low clearance. Many fire pits.

Similkameen River 49.14711, -120.60311
Tractomula Boricua

The only easy entrance and exit I found for tall vehicles is on the south side down a little side street..

Porto Velho Shoping Center Parking Areal -8.74828, -63.87480
Tractomula Boricua

After checking all the options in town we came here and booked a passenger balsa with the company through an agent named Tiago. Like everything else, prices have gone WAY up since the pandemic. We paid 4500 reales in total. We have a big pickup camper. We basically went for the first class stateroom with a private balcony, on suite bathroom/shower and A/C. We also have all meals included. You can save maybe 1000 reales by not including a cabin or meals. The other balsas were full of cargo trucks, had no amenities, and much slower. 5-8 days instead of only 3 for passenger one. The cargo barges also weren’t much cheaper. They allowed us to sleep on the pier with our vehicle the first night. Then they loaded us the next day and we spent 3 nights sleeping in our cabin on the vessel. So we saved a lot of money on hotels. I would say it’s almost impossible to get on a barge at the last minute unless you’re very lucky. Plan on staying in Porto Velho for at least a few days waiting for deck space if you have have a larger vehicle. We will update after we get to Manaus.

So I took a few days to process the trip before writing this review. It took 3 days almost exactly like they promised, so that was good because any longer would have been unbearable. So let’s start with the food. It was really horrible and almost inedible and they really had no set meal times. They promised us a BBQ steak lunch on Sunday. It was good meat but not nearly enough available and we left hungry still. So bring your own food and avoid getting sick. The cabin we had was with A/C that worked great. Once out on the river the breeze is refreshing so it’s not bad sleeping in your vehicle if that’s what you plan on doing. About sleeping, we didn’t do much of that. This is a working boat and as such they made many stops along the way to drop/pickup passengers and freight. Every square inch of the vessel was loaded to capacity and then some. We were so overloaded that they swamped their little dingy tied to the stern and it sank. Then we started taking waves over the bow and the bottom deck got flooded and they were forced to slow down. Some of the stops were in the middle of the night and were very noisy. There was a bar/discoteca on the roof with VERY loud music from about 10am to 10pm. Lots of bright lights so no star gazing after sunset. I don’t think the passengers in hammocks slept at all. There was tons of onion bags on board so between that and the people who didn’t shower for days, it got pretty stinky. And the showers used muddy river water so don’t plan on feeling squeaky clean, but it’s better than nothing. The scenery was nice, but there were lots of farms, houses, gold mining house boats, etc. So not really a jungle experience. Between that and the price to travel up here, you really have to ask yourself if it’s worth it. I definitely wouldn’t do it in rainy season. We are now looking at ferries to Belem..

Agency Porto Cai n' Agua -8.77016, -63.91046

As previously described. Spectacularly well kept gardens and paved pitches with power and braai stands. Extremely friendly host and fabulous dogs (Bones & Butch).

N$180 pppn for camping. Well worth a return visit.

Namwi Island Campsite -17.49292, 24.34467

stayed 2 nights alone.When I approached the drive in I was concerned about the mud but no problem getting in and out from/to the Forest road.1-2 bars of Verizon
not very reliable but a cell signal booster will get 4-5 bars.

Scenic overlook 37.35146, -107.45819

Very nice place by the river! Beautiful view. A lot of place for vans and tents. Would recommend! Go down the road between the church and community centre.

River Becancour 46.32477, -71.81782

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