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Regular Walmart, no overnight signs are posted, but management doesn’t care if people stay here. Saw 5-6 other rigs, vans and campers. They mentioned to park towards the back, other than that, feels like a safe neighborhood, well-lit, clean, and quiet.

Walmart 32.08508, -110.77572

Clearly posted "No Overnight Parking". Use at your own risk I guess.

Cabela's 48.08341, -122.18769

Pet friendly and large campsites by the river. Lots of shade, to consider when wanting to get sun on the solar panels. Camp site is sandy, not paved. Women’s bathroom was clean but men’s was not. Pool and cafe was closed. Spotted a few alligators in the river, by the canoe launch inside camp area. Canoes, kayaks and bikes available for rent. You can bring your own and launch it for free if you have a paid camp site, otherwise there is a fee. Cell reception for Verizon is 1-3 bars out of 4, lowest in the campground, best at the park parking lots.

Hillsborough River State Park 28.14534, -82.23879

très bel endroit calme et vue sur rivieres

Parc Dorimène-Desjardins 46.01877, -73.13210

5 sites with a path down to a small opening to the lake. The middle site is quite large with a few trails leading to a creek with a little water fall. Tables at each spot with 1 out house. Overall, pretty decent campsite.

Camp 5 Rec Site 50.08093, -125.59240

Decent price for diesel, clean restrooms, water was very easy to access on the side of the building. Would definitely patronize this place again. KOA down the road wanted to charge $20 for 20 gallon fresh water tank fill-up.

Water a Shell gas station 39.25518, -114.86917

We love this place! We once camp (with tent) on Lago Caro at the end of the road, but now we have 4 wheels and this spot is gorgeous. Protected from wind and frost. We heard 5 vehicles in 24 hours

By the river -45.84125, -72.39105

Great rest area for a night. 8 hour stay and flush toilets! We stayed here twice on our trip and had a great sleep both times.

Ryan Rest Area 49.13926, -116.02807

very quiet place, near the beach. dont have services

Gamboa -27.95388, -48.62554

Don't overlook this nice little park!
no showers or restroom facilities, but does have full hook-ups.
currently only 10 spaces, but the owner judt bought the adjoining lot and has plans to add 10 more.
Nice little town, Goldfield. apparently, it was once the largest city in Nevada.
At the time of this writing, you will not find gas or groceries in Goldfield.

Goldfield RV Park 37.70705, -117.24169

Excellent restaurant de bodega gastronomique. Nous avons pris le menu 5 plats avec l’accompagnement des vins premium, très bien. Tout compris avec cafés 20mil pesos/personne

Restaurante Terraza bodega Norton -33.08804, -68.88698

Excellent restaurant pour la viande avec une belle carte de vins, tout à des prix moindres que au centre de Mendoza. Nous avons pris l’oyo de bife pour 2 personnes (600g) très bien, 6mil pesos.

Restaurant Don Mario -32.89843, -68.82011

Easy spot to get to, city cars can get here but will have a few spots where you'll have to wiggle around holes or runoff. The east side cattle guard is currently the worst part of it, it's getting badly eroded. Earlier you get here the better because there's regular traffic after 5pm looking for spots.

Wow! site off Nip'n Tuck Road (#633) 44.23548, -114.95178

Birch Lake campground - lakeside but not on the lakeshore, wooded sites, highway traffic noise evident, CAD 30.50,

Innisfree Campground 53.36326, -111.52508

Great spot that you can pull into. Has a nice cliff section view. Road in had a big water hole, but several bypass trails.

Soda Springs cliffside view spot 34.67391, -111.72868

Not the best tasting water, but definitely free cold potable water. BYOH, bring your own hose.

City Hall 34.90515, -110.16132

This place is permanently closed.

Range Rd 264 53.56081, -113.78531

There are new no overnight parking signs (NO parking entre 23h00-6h00), the halte routiere 4 minutes west of here is great!

Deschambeau 46.64777, -71.92720

3:00 in the morning and the folks clean the bathrooms 2 feet from the tents! If this was free I would say what can you do but at $75 a night no way!! Not worth it!!!

Liberty Harbour Marina & RV Park 40.71266, -74.04355
Walter Milla

This location has changed to Camillas Camp.
Este local mudou para Camillas Camp.

Dieses lokal ist jetzt bei Camillas Camp

Hangar03 -25.56838, -51.49428

Plenty of parking - felt safe. Some train/highway noise but that just lugged me to sleep. Starbucks a mile away if you’re inclined. 7-8 mi to Saguaro NP West entrance.

Cracker Barrel 32.35936, -111.09254

We came here around 10pm both bathrooms are locked 🔒. But there is water to fill up our tank. it's really quiet at night and we feel safe because of the other trucks that are parked and lights on the posts.

Pioneer Park 26.32148, -80.09639

Paramos um pouco mais à frente da Praça, no meio fio e foi super tranquilo. No começo da noite um grupo de dança começou a ensaiar e ficou barulho (aproveitamos pra assistir), mas ali pelas 23h eles saíram e foi super de boa. Descobrimos tomadas por aqui tb. De manhã tava a mais pura paz.

Praça do Descobrimento -16.45133, -39.06276

Small pull in off the side of the road, fairly quiet and nobody bothered me. Seems like its used for hunting though, so it might be busy during that season.

No T-Mobile reception.

Carrigan access 38.62354, -89.29058

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 25.93811, -97.49642

Planet Fitness 25.93811, -97.49642

Awesome campground. Cleanest restroom I have ever seen at a public place.

Pine Meadows Campground (primitive area) 43.72511, -123.05953

perfect place to spend a night. service stations 500 meters with water. bins, picnic tables, games for children etc... 2 hours from the border.

Nice spot next to river and cliff 5.70338, 100.99726

Beautiful park not many Buffalo hanging out this morning

Painted Canyon Visitor Center 46.96786, -103.41349

perfect place to spend a night. service stations 500 meters with water. bins, picnic tables, games for children etc... 2 hours from the border.

Nice spot next to river and cliff 5.70335, 100.99726

This place is permanently closed.

Forest Service Road 49.68116, -123.95558

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