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Great find! We also pay 136 som for our Mercedes T1 van. Insurance is actually valid for one year. It covers up to 17.000 som damage to the car of the other person and up to 33.000 som in medical bills.

First National Insurance 38.57719, 68.78948

good option for cartagena. 56k COP for an AC room with shared bathroom and kitchen.
Secure parking included which can fit up to a medium sized van ( sprinter size). Bigger rigs would be harder as the neighbours also park their cars here. They dont have a " camping" options which is ok because the rooms are fair price.

the whatsapp number mentioned here before is still active. I communicated with Juliana mostly through whatsapp. Best to send here a message before u arrive

Casa de los Almendros 10.41369, -75.53571

Fresh water and dumping station. Free to use

Stord Dumping Station 59.76227, 5.44805

Doesn’t seem active anymore. Closed, no more signs outside, just a small paper on a window with a phone number.

Shop USSR Souvenir 38.57012, 68.79148

Very nice, large Campsites with private Ablution ans hot showers. We paid for one night 2pers, one car N$ 880.

Khaudum Camp -18.50507, 20.75507

Been there to get insurance for a moto but they said they don’t do it unless one has a residence here.

But here’s another option: I then got in touch with Gisela from Speiser Seguros and they do MERCOSUR for a min of 6 months, liability only, for currently ARS 9,500 (about USD 25 at blue rate, for a moto.
Her email is [email protected]

Rivadavia Seguros -34.62050, -58.37990
sonny jadun

These is a car wash and oil change shop were you can use the Banos for 5Q. Nice and clean. they ate close to the Turisto police Park too.

Casa Perez Banos 14.55562, -90.73807

Big Landrover garage, lots of spare parts. The owner, Papa Diop, drives 4x4 (and motor) in West Africa as well and is very happy to meet other overlanders. You better call before, they are very busy. +221 772830070.

They have a department in Saly as well and they sometimes even do car rescue on location.

Garage Landrover 14.74217, -17.43411

Endroit spectaculaire, le cimetière d’un côté et la plaine où stationner de l’autre. Port de pêche de l’autre côté du cimetière. Attention avec les chiens, falaise mortelle pour eux.

Crabbes 48.21638, -58.86663

The last 500m are not adapted for cars, only bikes

Sunset view -2.54702, 30.85814

We came here at 5pm and open the pop top as I got dark but it didn’t take an hour until someone called the police on us and we got send away….
Looks like locals don’t approve overnight parking.

skulpiesbaai -34.38861, 21.42658

No vendió gasolina. Ni a precio internacional ni negociandola

Gas station Varela -16.53078, -68.37638

Dump station and non drinking water. Free

Station de vidange Municipalité de Saint Paul 45.98321, -73.44856

In this place, we fixed an electrical problem of the engine. Julio is the owner, and the telephone is +595985881141.
En este lugar reparamos un problema eléctrico del motor. Julio es el dueño, y su telefono es +595985881141

Auto eléctrica -26.49807, -55.27809

Water spigot in the park - right in front of the church. We asked locals and they said it was potable.

Water in the park 8.64644, -82.94523

Very good campsite . Excellent pool and very clean site.

Orbitur Camping Évora 38.55761, -7.92621

Free, with electric hook ups, camping in the parking lot. I would love to recommend this place, but it is on a busy road and the parking spots for RVs are right along the road. I ended up moving to the back of the parking lot and had a quiet night with lighter road noise. Check in with security and let them know you’re here.

Shoshone Rose casino hotel 42.88957, -108.79191

Highly reccommend this tour ! Jose is such a passionated person with lots of stories to tell. He speaks good english too !

We arrived earlier to enjoy the pool and camp here after the tour.

Destiladora Puntual 20.87045, -103.82738

Nice place, near the lake. Lot of spots for any rig size. Decent AT&T signal. 1 hour from Salt Lake City. Very quiet at night.

Minors Canyon lakeside free 40.20208, -111.88664

An excellent mechanic who speaks Spanish, German and English. multi-brand service for all vehicles. call Carlos +56997482424. oil change, spare parts, engines and everything you need

Servicio Automotriz R&C -41.40105, -73.46010

Friendly and quick. We paid 12.95 $ by credit card for 20lbs tank

panagas (Fill US Bottles) 8.42483, -82.36527

Awesome little spot. It’s on private property but there are several little individual spots for small campers. Nice view and a peaceful quiet night. About as good as you can get for a “wild” camp around these parts. Of course no services.

Pondside Camping 51.28204, 3.27038

It’s a parking lot. Lots to do and see in the area.

Old Fort Erie Look Out 42.89262, -78.92555
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui 2 dias para fazer o passeio do Delta do Parnaíba. Vou passar as informações real o que aconteceu comigo, chegamos aqui na segunda feira o passeio que tinha era somente de lancha o valor 350,00 o casal, porém existe um passeio que é d barco grande o valor é 80,00 (incluso o lanche de frutas, almoço e caranguejada) por pessoa, porem neste período que vim fora de temporada. Já no perde temporada este passeio do barco grande tem todos os dias. Obs. Tem uma taxa de 10,00 pra todos os passeio por pessoas

Para deixar o motorhome ficamos no posto e bar do Jaime (Marina Martes portela) foi cobrado 20,00 para o pernoite, com água banheiro e energia.

Antes de vir, confirme os horários e dias dos passeios com o Frank do Antares (86 99406-0941)

Sinal da Clarob pega 3G e Vivo pega bem 4G, não tivemos problemas. Eu uso um amplificador de sinal com chip de celular, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

Motorhome Parking near Delta Parnaíba -2.83128, -41.82849

Still $12 for a clean and hot shower! Super nice staff there too!

Cenex 45.63275, -108.92326
Daniel Lignon

Still here.
Grosse station de propane où on peut faire le plein pour les RV.

Pendleton Propane 36.36576, -105.59923

Didnt have gasolina this time. Only diesel...

Gasolinera Tiwanaku -16.57037, -68.67118

Gas station that also has a store with basic supplies (snacks, camping equipment, drinks etc.)

The General Store 48.08493, -123.71028

This place is now open for the season. Dump and water working.

Greenwood Mall 44.96869, -64.92339

Muito bom o local...seguro e limpo...a noite é tranquilo...o posto é policiado...e esta proximo da entrada d Campo Grande MS

Porto Katia Locatelli -20.61807, -54.57366

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