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looped dirt road off the BLM main road. plenty big for different size rigs. there are quite a few moderate rocks sticking out of the road, so if you're in a lower clearance vehicle, make sure you go slow so you don't get caught up on one. stay here in a minivan. easily leveled side to side, but it was a little harder to get level front to back because I put out my leveling ramps and they just sunk in the sand. The sand isn't deep enough to get stuck in, but the ground is just very soft. wound up running up on a few rocks from a nearby fire pit to level. passed a few ATVs on my way out, but no traffic has gone by since. only one half of a mile from the trailhead. You can stay at the trailhead as well because there are no signs saying no camping, but I figured this was a little more private and didn't know if it was going to be busy in the morning with vehicles kicking up a lot of dust. super dusty out here and pretty windy the evening I was here. I liked the previous listed spot two and a half miles back better, but I wanted to see what else was available. The other spot had a better view but was farther from the trailhead and I didn't feel like driving back on washboard roads to get back to it. I would probably stay at the other spot next time, but this one is fine as well. there are nice clean pit toilets at the trailhead down the road and I had one bar of 4G Verizon. able to send texts and look up things online, not enough to stream videos or send pictures.

1/2 Mile from Crack in the Ground Trailhead. 43.32484, -120.67660

Nice private campsites. $18 per night in cash,
Half of the campground is first in first service and the other half is reservable. If not reserved you can also occupy these sites, 90 sites in total.
Water has a boil notice.
Pit toilets, rubbish, fire rings and table.
No lake view from campsites, but can access in day area

Paul Lake Provincial Park Campground 50.74964, -120.11605

Beautiful scenic spot. Very quiet, only a few cars passed by while we were there and the 101 could barely be heard.

Hwy 271 creek/road pullout 39.99434, -123.78972

LOTS of overnighters here, spent the night unbothered.

Cracker Barrel 43.63616, -70.33839

Three or four flat spaces near to a dirt road. One of them has a stone fire ring. Great views.

There are a couple smaller spots on the way that look to have been used infrequently as camp sites.

A standard 2WD SUV should get you there safely. Some parts of the road are heavily rutted so a low clearance vehicle might scrape or get stuck.

Two bars of AT&T LTE.

Calico Draw Easement 40.38367, -108.52130

Very warm welcome, super spacious, absolutely fantastic view over Guadalajara and nice, clean bathrooms. Highly recommended!

Chapala RV Trailer Park 20.36798, -103.18057

Lots of land, lots of space and no signs

Abandoned Mill 55.13276, -127.77163

We stayed one night 2p and motorhome and paid ARS 2,000.
Toilets and very good (Hot) showers, that are clean and fresh. Looks recently tiled. Electricity and BBQ at spots. Swimming pool in summer. Large camp site. Well maintained. Recommend this place.

Camping Las Toscas -33.63970, -65.56639

Nice campground, a few pull through spots with many back-ins. None of the spots really have a lake view, so just park where you're comfortable. Free firewood all over camp, definitely bring an axe or hatchet. Most wood is pretty wet, so look around camp for smaller pieces if necessary and plan to spend a little time chopping and lighting. Bugs were pretty light - but beware the birds. If they hone in on your spot they work together and they're smart! They tried to steal a frying pan from us. The boardwalk along the lake is flooding, so there's not much of a trail anymore and it's muddy. There is a brand new paved trail from the entrance of the campground to Haines Junction, though, if you have a bike or are up for a bit of a walk.

Pine Lake, Yukon Parks Campground 60.80014, -137.48799

Pay and free parking spots. Quiet, not crowded. Beautiful stars at night. Pleasant slot casino with a few card tables.

Kewadin Casino - St Ignace 45.92705, -84.73434
Ashley Helmi

Really nice area and clean. Grocery store is on the corner of the road and has water fill-up (paid). The garbage man came around 6 am, but had no issues.

N Wetherly Drive 34.07569, -118.38884

not an official campground but a wonderfull finca with lovely people. Marcella and Juan are very hospitality. they give us a tour around their finca with coffee, cacao, banana and citrus. the finca is nearby the landsliding of january and the road is vanish, a new one is under construction and give some delay on the 25.
You camp on a flat grassy area near the house: villa Maria. highly recommended.

Finca Villa Maria 2.24570, -76.78167

National forest campground with something like 10 sites. We’re here “off season” at the end of May and no fee information is up, so it seems to be free as of now. Should be $10 otherwise. Nobody here at all right now, a nice peaceful spot with Picknick tables and fire pits.

Aspen NF Campground 40.51697, -106.03387

Great spot! Safe, quiet, right on the lake. Water and bins available. Other IOverlanders were here also.

Lakeside -32.20633, -64.42255

Lugar muy tranquilo. Dormimos muy bien y seguros. Había otras Motorhome a cerca! Recomendable

parking in the park -27.77823, -64.24938

Nice terrain. Easy access after the road repairs. I noticed that there were many washouts before but all clear now. A sedan reached also this point for a hike. So accessable campground. cell reception is 4/5 bars T-Mobile with fast 4G connection.
Quiet place, but found quite some litter which I cleaned.
few trees that are a good distance for a hammock.
There is place, comfortable, for 2-3(4) cars/vans.

FR552 camping spot 35.37385, -111.59884

I used (49.2331897, -90.9645227) instead.
The original coordonnates seem wrong.

English River 49.23316, -90.96481

great spot to spent the night. surprisingly quiet and close to the city center. Orizaba is worth a visit, it's a nice Pueblo Magico

Dead end near rio 18.85702, -97.11372

nice and quiet . lot of place .people were friendly

Peirce Island 43.07489, -70.74718

We got here and paid local price (3.21bob), the only thing we've done was covering our number plates with dust so you couldn't read is foreign. No question asked whatsover

San Cristobal Gas -21.15715, -67.16839

This is the taller of a KTM dealer and he is opening a Kawasaki dealership. I was looking for spark plugs for a Kawasaki 650 and he had it. He seems to know what he is doing. Maybe it is the best place for big motorcycles in Huancayo.

KTM Dealer -12.06385, -75.21685

Nice place direkt over the sea between big rocks. You have a good look over the sea. Good for 4-5 Camper. The last 200m are a little bit hard.

End of the road 49.51782, -1.87832

There are 3 new campsites just by the reception.
Not very big, so no possible for our 9tn truck.
No problem to stay in the parking place just a few meters of those.
New ablutions with toilets and showers, not working at the moment, the ranger said will open very soon.
It seems mostly everything is ready!
As it is not officially open they didn’t charge anything to us.
Don’t know prices.
Good option when enter/exit the park…
There are many new houses from the workers…

South gate SKELETON COAST PARK -21.17327, 13.66977

I confirm ! Maaany wild camping options here, choose the track you want, find the spot you like.
It was a bit wind for us but not too cold !
Nobody else seen or heard, so peaceful and a crazy amount of stars.
The sand is hard so no risks !

Aba Huab Riverbed -20.48619, 14.31708

No water at the time of this comment. Many kids selling souvenirs chasing your car !

free spot to cool down in creak -19.14147, 13.81515

All the same as the below comment.
Price is still the same.
We were along during half a day there.

Ongongo waterfall -19.14015, 13.81972

a place for camping and rest in the road and near the beach ⛱️ especially for bike riders and campers

Kerpe Gebes camping 41.14383, 30.18813

TZ to UG :
Many trucks but easy for cars.
They have a scanner so we passed the car through it. They are looking for weapons (including pepper spray), because they didn’t care about our dog (not even checked his paper) just asked to take him out for the scan. We even had a drone in the car nothing in the scan…

Friendly police, we had e-visa printed out in the previous town (I pin it), so fast and easy.

If you have a CPD, no need to pay anything for the car

Mutukula Uganda border -0.99989, 31.41721

The more you drive further, the less trash you find and the more peaceful it gets. We stayed for two nights with no problems. We didn’t go swimming as the water was very brown but locals did. One morning a Shepard came by and had a coffee with us. Unfortunately he took our fishing rod in the end and never returned.

At the lakeshore 39.78297, 64.79366

If you go in low season the camping is free. There are a lot of amenities such as electricity, run water, showers, toilets, grillers and tables. You can stay very close to the Uruguay River. It is a very nice and quiet place. Don´t forget to buy the grosery before you came because it is a bit expensive.

IG @freestyle_familiaenviaje

Camping El Paraiso -33.16025, -58.35723

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