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small little lot tucked into an alley. there's a bar nearby that stays loud until around 1am but other than that, it was a peaceful night. pretty convenient place to park for events at Nissan - it is a decent walk but it is a straight shot (no directions needed) and cheaper than event parking (about half the price)

Parking Lot 36.17565, -86.75609

Passamos 1 noite, lugar super tranquilo, mais residencial. O guarda do centro de convenções disse que se for de dia e pedir para o pessoal da organização, eles autorizam a dormir dentro do estacionamento. Autorizaram a pegar água de balde e tb a usar o banheiro do local.

Centro de convenções (coordenada certa) -14.27584, -38.98902

Very quiet, beautiful, dead end road. right by the trail. lots of mosquitoes though but it's the season!

Stationnement Municipal Orford 45.38616, -72.19758

we kept our car here for 3 night while we did the Ausangate trek. we asked Dani from Ausangate Trekker to keep an eye on our car. (see photos/Business card). He also organise tours and has a restaurant, hostel, thermal bath and campground He speaks German, English and Spanish. we can recommend him.

Trail to Seven Lakes (Siete Lagunas) -13.71835, -71.24279

Just one other camper there in their RV, other than that nobody. Met some locals in the evening at the beach, all seemed pretty cool and not dangerous at all ;)
Felt super safe.

Bombay Beach 33.34810, -115.73286

Showers 250 pesos pp! Great bathrooms with fire operated water and kind owner! Only campsite we found open in low season.

Playa Mansa Camping -31.74140, -65.01043

Awesome spot. Super chill. highly recommend.

Daniel Boone Conservation Area 38.76702, -91.39207

I stayed here last night (Fri) with no problems. Not sure why this spot is marked "closed" on the app. Arrived~10 pm and there were a couple other vehicles parked there. I saw a cop patrolling the area (hospital, staff parking lot). Nice and quiet all night. Left at 6 am this morning. Would recommend.

S. 5th street 47.25800, -122.45424

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Lake Villarrica -39.27911, -71.97928

We slept here after 2 days in Etosha, real convenient to exit late from the park.
Don’t go to the exact location but find yourself a roadside when you want along the road leading to the point.
Real quiet, no cars passed by between 18:30 to 09:30.
This is nothing fancy, you will be sleeping between the dirt track and a fence !

Roadside -19.67375, 15.66892

We could exit from this gate with no issue before the closing time.
We said we had no meat in the fridge, it was enough for them.
They checked our proof of payment for the day spent in the park.

Anderson Gate -19.33112, 15.94012

I did not stay because the trail is marked as closed. I wanted to camp with my tent but it is quite dangerous as it is described as a hazard area. A dead tree might decide to fall on your tent. I would mark this place as closed!
Also the landscape is super depressing. A burned down forest.

Parking of the Wright Creek Trailhead 43.32041, -122.81263

Really nice quiet place by the Fremont River. 10 miles east from visitor’s center.

Riverside. Fremont River 38.28547, -111.11786

Stayed here for one night because we visited the nationalpark. Very big grassy campground, good facilities and many outdoor seating. We payed 5000 colones pp/pn and that was totally fine. Would recommend!

Aurora Camping 10.70295, -84.97286

Still free, hot showers ! Everything was clean

free showers going north -27.34395, -70.69210

We arrived around 16:00 on Baldecitos and it lookes like there is no one around. Happily a guy on a motorbike arrived and we asked if there's accomondation. It actually was the owner and all the Hospedaje in Baldecitos ar his. We paid $6000 for one night. The rooms were nice and there was hot water avaliable. No Wifi but you can walk 200m to the green building which is a small Restaurant, there you have Public Wifi. For one night it's good to stay here.

Hospedaje Benjamín -30.21902, -67.69250

Très large rest aréa. Beaucoup de place. Pas dérangé.

Valley wells resting area 35.43382, -115.69946

Got here Friday night, only a few other RVs. Some racers around / no mufflers, but died down after midnight. Stayed until noon next day. Picked up groceries, was a good stop!

Walmart 37.48199, -105.90540

Nice place, for car also without 4 wheel, tent posible, no water, direct on Sea bring your own Staff, quiet, some motorbike

Neapoli 36.47877, 23.06857

Uma delicia esse lugar, 20 soles por pessoa, piscina e estrutura de praia top! Energia e água disponíveis :)

Hotel Blue Point -3.52671, -79.99517

Great flat place to sleep for the night. There’s on. Room for maybe one big rig or a few cars. I spent the night in my SUV alone with no issues. There’s no tree coverage, so prepare to be blasted by the sun first thing in the morning!

Hinkley Decommissioned Oil Well 34.96337, -117.32685

Here is a public place where you can wash your clothes by yourown. Local people use this place. Free.

Lavadero Municipal 13.50882, -88.49005

Just as advertised, perfect for overnight. No highway traffic after early evening.

Clearing just off the hwy 37.99414, -111.41780

Along forest road 9562, between Black Canyon Lake and Hidden Tank.
A flat pull-off big enough for tent & SUV. Good solar exposure, and tall pines (some ready to topple).
Lots of privacy & quiet, at least during the week - that could change on the weekend. There's is occasional OHV traffic at lower elevation, but not bad. Nice views to east and southwest to northwest.

Black Canyon | Hidden Tank area 34.32237, -110.69847

close to capital reef. soft sand to sites closer to river. zero verizon

BLM site 38.25401, -111.09912

Got here and went shopping. Parking lot was busy, homeless at the corner. We stayed and watched security in golf carts and black trucks drive around the property. They didn’t come over to us and we sat for a few hours eating, putting away groceries and purging goods in the Red Cross drop bins. When it got around 8:30pm, we decided to drive around and find one to ask where a good spot to park was. The security guy asked if we were staying the night and we replied, “if we are allowed we would love to,” he replied to park in a few of the back spots near the lawn and garden so they could keep a watch over us all night. It was the sweetest thing to know they were kind enough to let us stay and willing to keep an eye out for us all night. There are signs that say no parking overnight but this was my experience. My advise is go ask, no harm in asking. We are in an XL high top sprinter van. Couldn’t find water inside to fill up my jugs, but they do sell the 5 gallon jugs prefilled. A little noisy but nothing as bad as downtown San Diego street parking.

Walmart - San Diego 32.74265, -117.05232

gravel road with a few places to park and set up a tent. Not sure an RV would fit very easily. Also a beautiful overlook a few feet away.

Falling Rock Road 44.05454, -103.36458

Stayed here last night. It had just rained a bit from a thunderstorm passing through and the ground was soft, but I didn’t get stuck. Very quiet night. Some cars pass by on the main road through the area. I went to the staging area first and there was a truck and RV there and I didn’t quite feel comfortable camping within view of strangers/ that looked like they were there long term. I don’t mean to judge, but also you can never be too careful on the road. So I took the road in further and found another spot. No issues.

Cline Butte & Buckhorn BLM 44.29828, -121.33299
Charles Williams

Parking: Pulled up around 11:30pm, and space was available. ~20 other vehicles around.

Noise: Being it’s off the highway, it’s noisy. Around 1am, the cars passing by were infrequent enough to fall asleep.

Internet: AT&T - Full 5 bars (5G+) 285 down / 25 up

The Gravel Pull Out 36.15590, -115.36228

Large parking area next to CB. Stayed here overnight no problems

Cracker Barrel 33.57896, -84.34337

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