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As described. Keep an eye on your pets. Smell of dead animals in the air when I was here.

Spaces before the Bridge 41.41056, -110.17879

local tranquilo..em frente a polícia, dormimos 4 noites aqui... tem água e banheiros

Behind Police Building -14.54985, -55.87254

Free dump site at the back + free potable water just right next to it. Watch ou the hose is cracked so it sprinkled all over…free shower ahah. I told the lady at the info center.

Yorkton tourist information centre 51.19951, -102.44998

Free potable water right next to the dump station behind the info centre

Yorkton info centre 51.19950, -102.44997

Lots of space for big rigs here, easy access off hwy 1, 10 min west of la paz, 3 mins from RV camp maranatha.

Alberto and his son Jonathan of Llantera González are very helpful & professional.
Repaired my trailer tire valve quickly & very affordable at 80 peso.
I also asked them for help with finishing installing my backup camera system for my camper. I couldn't get the wiring through the trailer frame and together we got it done and they didn't charge me, only said pay it forward. Thank you angels!

I found the shop online and afterwards Maranatha told me they recommend this family run shop.)
Highly recommend!

Llantera González (tire repair) 24.10036, -110.37997

Small lot on north side of street opposite the seniors center, signed as 24-hour parking, quiter than the casino lot and very close to a park.

24-hour parking 39.24811, -114.88729

We were able to make it here with our 20ft travel trailer. There is a spot right before the end of the road where we were able to turn around and then back into the spot by the water. Definitely only room for one. It was EXTREMELY dirty and littered with trash and toilet paper…super disgusting. Cleaned up as much as we could. Filled an entire garbage bag. Please respect these areas and don’t litter! This is a really nice spot now that we’ve cleaned up most of the trash. Still garbage in areas we couldn’t reach, but it’s definitely nicer now that we have cleaned up the most visible garbage.

lakeside camp 62.55512, -116.43064

This custom are not working! We didn’t find the place to cancel TIP and we had to enter in US and go back to other place.

Browsville-Veterans, Brownsville, Texas, USA to Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico 25.88418, -97.47643

Nice spot with some fire pits. Access is not too bad. Doable with a 2wd. Would not go there with a big RV.

Track to Mud Lake 50.81781, -120.45299

Here you can buy sim card and add data with guys in the shop.
5000MNT for sim card
and differents offers after.
We've bought 100GB for a month for 70 000 MNT less than 20€

Sim Card 48.98423, 89.95807

Might have been shut off for the winter due to freezing but filled up today and was working fine. Strong flow.

Shell Gas Station 40.43864, -109.56626

easy stay. clean and felt safe. everything nearby

Walmart 36.90357, -111.48571

Underground safe car park for vehicles up to 3m high. Video monitoring and guards on bicycles. Inspection of your van when you let it at office situated on level -1 row G. (open H24). 8000 col./24h. Not the cheapest but safe and sheltered. And shopping mall just over with taxi station to go to airport (2000 col.)

City Mall Car Park 10.00161, -84.21138

Great place to spend the night. Very beautiful views over the valleys and its pillars. We were completely alone in the middle of nowhere. Track can be muddy after rain.

In the valley with brilliant views 43.44477, 54.07801

A family home, where we want to provide overlanders a familiar environment. Looking to be a place here they feel confortable to stay, take a hot chocolate, a confortable bed and hot water.

As said, its a family house where you will find Wifi, breakfast, garaje and confortable social area to talk, hang around and ask for recomendations. Also its near to public transport stations and grocery stores

This idea comes from the love of a young man for Overlanding culture, trying to support them, make friends and learn more about their experiences. High english level to have a good chat.

Also we try to be present as a affordable option for overlanders, the night will cost you 75.000 cop night/person. Including breakfast. Máx ocupation: 2 people.

Contact info:
+57 3164516481
[email protected]

(will post photos ASAP)

La Casa de Gabo 4.74284, 74.09070

Tips for visiting:
In May 2023 the road was doable in a 2WD sedan. The road is mostly compact sand and gravel with a few sections with soft top sand, washed out towards the end. If wet I'd only attempt with 4WD.
Please park your car on or off the road. Do not drive towards the springs as the ground can be extremely soft and even if you don't get stuck you might damage the pipes that feed the tubs.
Please don't use soap, detergent, etc. as wild donkeys use the water sources.
If you want to light a fire please do it away from the tubs as during the day an old fire ring with half burned logs and a few used napkins thrown in doesn't look very pleasant.
Apart from packing your trash out, please consider litter picking to keep the place welcoming. I've filled an entire pram with at least 3 dozen cans.
Most importantly: enjoy!!!! :-)

Bartine Hot Springs 39.55807, -116.36112

Water available with a long hose. Dumpster available. Some covered picnic tables.

City Water 38.88512, -112.41039

Small free campground. Clean bathrooms. Water not on yet. One other camper. Good place to stop for a night.

Box Canyon Dam Campground 48.78144, -117.41973

Charged 10000 CRC for fan room. with a/c, 13000. seems neat and tidy enough. looks a bit like a love hotel with a private garage for each room, and room access via the garage.

Cabinas Buenos Aires 10.20117, -83.78184

Excellent French restaurant. It feels good to find the flavors of our home after so much time traveling. We recommend the incredible quenelles! The wines are not French but very correct. Fully affordable prices.

Chez Rémy 5.63002, -73.52355

We meant to go to Frenchmen Coulee campground, but we saw a lot boondocking spots with fire pit and great views, even including a running water fall! There’s already a camper and we are the 2nd around area. It’s very peaceful and not far from I90. There are already mosquitoes and other bugs. The wind started to pick up after dark, it got so strong that our 17K lb camper was shaken constantly. We eventually left though we saw at least three campers stayed.

The Feathers 47.03095, -119.95519

Official support center for travelers in the Municipality of Lecheria. Very safe place, facing the sea and the building offered internet, bathrooms and water. All the staff are very receptive and treat you in the best possible way. We feel completely comfortable here. Nearby there are several restaurants and fast food.

Centro oficial de atención al viajero en el Municipio de Lechería. Lugar muy seguro, frente al mar y el edificio ofrece internet, baños y agua. Todo el personal es muy receptivo y te trata de la mejor manera posible. Nos sentimos completamente cómodos aquí. Cerca hay varios restaurantes y comida rápida.

Centro oficial de apoio aos viajantes no Município de Lecheria. Lugar muito seguro, frente ao mar e o prédio ofereci internet, banheiros e água. Todo o pessoal é muito receptivo e te tratam da melhor forma possível. Nos sentimos completamente confortáveis aqui. Próximo tem vários restaurantes e comidas rápidas.

Playa Cangrejo - Centro de Protecion Civil Urbaneja 10.20456, -64.70209

Excellent winery and the only 'city winery' in Mendoza. It's run by a group of young winemakers. The tour and tastings were the best we had in all Mendoza and around. They don't have a vineyard, but buy the grapes from different bodegas. We became good friends with Lucas (one of the winemakers) who also travels by van.

Check their google reviews and it's best to make a reservation or call ahead, although they also accept walk ins (lunch/dinner). We went here for a tour, tasting and dinner and paid $13.000 pesos which is currently ~$26 usd.

Casa Tano - Vino por el Arte -32.93903, -68.84733

I walked the path going to this location. Warning! Soft ground after rain. Deep ruts. High clearance with a locker 2WD or 4WD recommended.

North East Lyman 41.41056, -110.17877

Is it pretty? No. Is it functional? Yes. Is it safe? Yes. Is there a toilet? Yes (07.00 - 23.00hrs).

Just another YPF, but this one has a big (free) parking lot. It's close to the VW garage, which we needed, and also close (~15 minute walk) to a really nice winery, which we needed, and close to a big park, which our dog needed. So, function over fashion, it won't make it to your Instagram channel.

Anyway, YPF people really friendly and I think big rig proof too if you're not extremely wide.

YPF with large parking -32.93049, -68.85041

Infelizmente não são amigáveis e permitem motorhome, ou tem que dormir dentro do paso que é tranquilo ou andar mais 30 kilometros até um posto top, pessoas simpáticas, ducha gratuita e lugar confiável e seguro.

Primax -3.52669, -79.99517

Friendly staff and nice campground! There is a good shower and a water toilet.

Had a quiet night - just some howler monkeys came around and were somewhere next to our car.

We enjoyed the Palapa - no need to worry about Moskitos!

Parque Nacional El Rosario 16.52284, -90.16245

besides the fact that it is a gas station, it also is an RV park. only electricity hookup. not Very nice but practical as the other RV park is still closed...

1202 motor inn 62.38698, -140.87333

Free potable water just outside the visitors centre. Not the best tasting water but it was cold and free. Have been drinking it for 2 days and feel fine. You do need to be in the park to access it.

Water at Arches Visitor Center 38.61656, -109.62055

Closed. Updating coordinates to correct location.

Border Patrol checkpoint 33.14858, -114.87171

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