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Very good place to spend the night. Calm and safe. Since there are no trucks so it’s very quiet during the night and in the evening. The space for motorhomes is on the left side near the exit of the restaurant. Showers/wc are free and are in front of the entrance of the restaurant. Very clean with cool water.

Posto/Parada Onibus- Oásis - Campos -20.85225, -42.67189
Les Frabys

Nous sommes arrivés l’après-midi et l’endroit était très calme. L’eau du lac a l’air plus haute que d’habitude d’ailleurs les tables de picnic sont dans l’eau mais il y a un emplacement pour se stationner juste 50 mètres avant.
Pour ce qui est de la nuit, elle a été horrible, les chiens n’ont pas arrêté d’aboyer et le coq de chanter. C’est dingue.
Si non, en journée, l’endroit est super sympa et les gens très souriants et accueillants.
Les Frabys

Public Picnic Spot 16.99363, -89.69405
Rambling Sid

Parked around the back in the RV/bus designated spaces. When checking rig before departure next morning found someone had attempted to steal my generator off my hitch carrier. Thankfully I invested in a good chain and lock.

Cracker Barrel 35.19265, -84.88289

buena estación para pasar la noche. baños limpios.
good station to spend the night. clean toilets

Gas Station (YPF) -47.02253, -67.25254

Great spot at Beach Access #1. True the parking lot is just behind a low dune however water is only about 200 feet from parking lot. Washroom and shower complex under construction (looks likes project came to a halt sometime ago, rough-ins in and taps but nothing else). 2 other campers here also tonight.

Beach Access #1 24.04013, -109.97962

Free gravel spot with full hookups. A few cars playing loud music in and out early in the evening, otherwise quiet. There were 2 other RVs there. The amenities state no bathrooms, but there are actually bathrooms in a little building near the community pool next door. They were open all night.

Herford City RV Park 34.83446, -102.39825

Biggg camspite for 2400 per night. Clean showers and toilets but at the showers there are no doors. So super weird.. for the rest not to bad.

Toma Vieja Camping -31.70413, -60.48290

access for cars is blocked. with bicycle you can enter. windprotection is ok, but not perfect.
nice place, doesn't seem to be used much anymore. no trash!

By the river -43.66774, -71.40190

Safe and quiet spot for one night. Take care of the chickens ;)

Parkplatz am Kulturzentrum der Mapuche -39.35861, -71.58548
Radio Baobab

Filomena and Saturnino are just the best hosts! They have great stories to tell about the early days here. Ask if they can cook, delicious salmon or lamb. Super clean facilities. Nice views of Lago negro and a distant glacier.

Cerro Color Camping -46.92410, -72.79367

We came here because the reviews said it was quiet and not a lot of people.
That was far from the truth. It was a nice campsite with a table and fire pit. There's also a rope swing to jump in the water. Great view.
That's where the pros end. A few minutes after we set up camp, people started target practicing with ARs. It was so loud. We don't mind people shooting but it went on for 4 hours and they kept doing it after it got dark. We couldn't sleep. There was also a large dog barking the entire time and some kind of concert going on. It would've been a fantastic spot, but it was the loudest place we've ever camped at.
Looking closer at Google maps we realized too late that we were in a small triangle of the NF and there were houses all around. If we ever come back we will be staying at a campsite farther into the NF.

Bouton Lake Campspot 31.02678, -94.31646

This place is runned by a family, only locals come here to eat. you have lots of variety of food in sauce or at the dry at barbecue (pollo, pork, tacos, empanadas, potatoes....)
we paid 100 cordobas for 2 person with a juice. they serv the food with rice, frijoles, and salad.

Cheap & good Comedor (barbecue) 13.09698, -86.00067
Sam S

Didn't stay, signs say overnight not allowed and towing enforced

Walmart Syracuse 41.09119, -112.06692
Sam S

I was unsure about this place, but decided to stay because the Walmart nearby does not allow overnight parking.

There are a few parking lots that are around the museum and I parked on the back side. Blissfully quiet all night

Syracuse Museum/Park Area 41.08839, -112.06262

Huge parking lot. Planet fitness in the same lot. Seems safe. Right by the freeway. Dennys was kind enough to let me use their restroom.

Denny’s Restaurant 33.87610, -118.14193

Calle 10 muy tranquila y segura,al frente de microempresas de Colombia.

En la calle 7.01613, -76.30847

The check-in was $400pesos for dry camping. Wifi was so slow it was not usable for me. The showers were cold and full of mosquitoes. There was a place for washing dishes. we were parked right on the beach by a Palapa with a picnic table which was nice.

We stayed on a Saturday so the restaurant was full. we did not eat there however we heard it was great food. The evening started badly however with numerous 4wheelers riding up and down the beach, at times making circles around behind the campers, stirring up dust. This lasted an hour or two. they finally packed it up and went home, we thought.

At midnight the house behind the campground had a full band play as loud as they possibly could. This lasted until 3am. This was our last evening in Mexico and definitely our worst camping experience. I realize it was Saturday night and this probably won’t happen every night but I sure wish we boondocked instead of staying at this campground. We would not recommend this campground.

Campo Turistico No. 1 31.03897, -114.82499

Very quiet Cracker Barrel, we were the only ones there. There was a motorhome and trailer at the home depot just up the road. We had wifi from our parking spot.

Cracker Barrel 30.67160, -88.22412

This lot is permanently closed. They closed it off with a berm. The attendant at the pilot confirmed closure.

Pilot Dirt Lot 29.97493, -90.29944

Great place to stay the night. There is a machine to pay your $30 to stay the night. The local police do come and check so be sure to display the ticket in your windshield. Nice little town to visit.

Battery Park 29.72298, -84.98134

$5 showers as others have said. Very clean area but the location in this app is wrong. Just search it on Google and that will take your right to the front door.

the McCall Club 44.91909, -116.08771

Au bout d'un petit chemin en face du restaurant, nous nous sommes stationnés dans l'herbe afin d'être environ au niveau. Cocotiers tout autour, magnifique plage. On nous a conseillé de faire attention à la baignade, les courants sont dangereux.

At the end of a small path in front of the restaurant, we parked in the grass in order to be approximately level. Coconut trees all around, beautiful beach. We were advised to be careful when swimming, the currents are dangerous.

En face du restaurant Mar y Sol 9.49037, -84.32386

been here twice now. and so far is the perfect location for me, I can fit my 21ft travel trailer. quiet at night, down east from this spot some parts of land are private so "No trespassing" signs can be seen but as far as the spots to camp is national forest land. free camping. low branches so watch your head lol. theres only 1 house across the camping spots lights are on at night but haven't seen the owner yet. in the west entrance of this road there's a emergency phone, it's at a walking distance in case of emergency. No cellular service.

Dispersed Camping 40.16530, -105.45740

Very friendly family and a relaxing spot amongst the pine forest.
Traffic at night was surprisingly busy.
Would recommend.
we were in a tent with Motorcycles and it was perfect

El Eden 21.09835, -99.65903
Danes on the Road

This Cracker Barrel does not have RV parking spots, as many of them do. We went in to ask for permission to stay the night in our Cruise America C25 RV, and they told us that it was okay to stay, as long as we parked on the left side of the building (if you look at the entrance to the restaurant).

With the restaurant being very busy both in the evening and morning, it is not friendly for big rigs. You got to be able to fit into a parking spot, otherwise you'll be blocking too many spots. The parking spots aren't really level either.

Super kind folks, though, and if you fit into one of the parking spots, you can park right next to the side of the restaurant, and thus use their WiFi while parked there.

The highway wasn't too noisy, but the trains were blaring their horns all throughout the night.

Cracker Barrel 36.08291, -86.76225

FREE. Emergency accommodation, run by St Vincent de Paul. Primarily for indigent travellers. 4 beds in one dormitory, kitchen and bathroom.

Contact VdP thrift shop at 575-546-7763,
400 S.12th Str. which is opposite the shelter.
Donations accepted.

FREE. Casa Agape 32.26404, -107.77429

Great food, ambiance and service! They were very friendly when we said we were vegetarian and made us a delicious spaghetti with eggs, green peas, tomatoes etc. Definitely recommend for anyone in town!
Also owners speak English which was great for me as my french is not so good :)

Chez Yed 6.74073, -3.49461

Clean campsite with friendly staff. Beautiful location, slightly elevated, directly on the sea with an impressive sandy beach and sometimes huge waves. Long walks on the beach. 24 hour security, illuminated at night. We didn't use the sanitary facilities. Discount for seniors (ZAR 210 for 2 people per space). Very suitable for BigRig. Good starting point for Bird Island (1.5 km) and the open-air restaurant Muisbosskerm (4.5 km).

Lamberts Bay Caravan Park -32.08672, 18.31294

Trata-se de um Estacionamento e Lava a Jato que recebem apenas Van, Kombi, Microônibus ( Volare ) e autos pequenos. Fica ao lado do Corpo de Bombeiros do Recreio. Aceita Pet desde que permaneçam presos, pois na parte traseira do estacionamento existem animais silvestres. Disponibilizam Energia e Água. Ligar para consultar disponibilidade.

Estacionamento e Lava Jato Recreio Posto 10 -23.02332, -43.45831

Museum Open Weekdays 8-3. Find these stairs for a nicer approach than the road

Museo Excarcel Sin Puertas 26.89167, -111.98154

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