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venu ici lundi matin à 8h30. j'ai attendu bien 20 mins pour que quelqu'un vienne récupérer la bouteille (embout américain). les gars sont sympas. 20$ pour 11 kilos.

Eni Gas -0.28785, -78.35247

Nice 15min walk/hike. Go down the beach over the stones and then you will see a sign (senderi caves) go in right, then walk a bit further and you will have 2 ways. Pick the right onces. And bring a flashlight for the caves

Caves in the forest -42.83695, -72.83081

"Balsa" from Belmonte to Canavieiras, 40 reais pax. 10 reais for the bicycle, total 50 reais. They only departure during the high tide, usually once a day!!

Balsa to Canavieiras -15.85625, -38.88155

great place to stay for hiking in El Cocuy. They serve excellent food (18.000 for dinner). You can camp for 12.000 per night per person. very friendly people there! we also did the google meet video up here which is obligatory for entering the park as we had LTE with Claro.

Hacienda La Esperanza 6.41807, -72.35392

Parc is closed in mondays , other days it it open from 9 to 14:30 so be in time

Mirador Ventisquero Colgante -44.45260, -72.52779

It is a very safe and pleasant place to camp and enjoy the lagoon. Contact Jonny Lomeli for a tour of the volcano crater and avocado orchards, here is his phone number 311 281 9535

Laguna de Tepeltitic 21.27262, -104.68064

Très bon accueil, manager très sympathique. Camping très propre (sanitaires impeccables) bien placé en bord de mer et des restaurants.

Camping Humboldt -29.24681, -71.46629

in this place runs by a very nice family, you can use the kitchen area, they have hot water and privated bathroom, they have a big parking free for the guests. they have a fire area, tv in each room.
it is a great hostel and it is so calm and there are not noisy.
they have secured parking for a motorcycle, highly recommend

Hostal Pillango Rest en Baños -1.38982, -78.41590
BCS Local Explorers

You need 4x4 in some areas, but pretty easy drive in. Just at the start of the bridge there’s a road to the right ‘Las Cuevas’ which is the little population there. Take that right and then I’m ódiatelo head to your left under the bridge. There are the first set of Caves to the right that you can walk to, this area is used as a day park a lot. If you keep going straight, you’ll see various caves on the left and water hole pockets. Please watch out for the bees that have various nests up on the walls of the first big cave on the left. Do not recommend setting up camp there as any food can attract them. But if you keep moving forward, there are little natural platforms and clear areas on the left side, and a stream to the right. It’s pretty beautiful in this area. Be aware that cows and horses might be grazing in the area as this is federal land used by the local ranchers.

Las Cuevas Arroyo Camp 23.53851, -109.67474

No longer possible to camp here. Apparently the owner changed. They said we could book a room but camping is not allowed. We left.

Hotel Firya 10.04355, -10.75119

Local tranquilo ao ar livre, comida boa, caseira, simples... no dia que estive 22,50 o self-service service.

Tem um estacionamento com grandes árvores, se pedir o proprietário deixa fazer pernoite com motorhome.

Restaurante Recanto Gaucho -22.43346, -44.34038

Perfect place with friendly people. They have hose to fill your rv.
1.25 pesos per litro

Purificadora El Mezquite 24.07099, -109.99232

Ivan helped us with some issues on our fuel pump. He was incredibly helpful and he really knows his work (much more than many of the mecanicos met in three years) Next to it, theres a really good electromecanico (J&J mecanic). Both of us helped us with problems that other mecanicos couldn't fix since months.

Mi Taller Garage -49.98856, -68.92230

This 65 acre square lot is apparently a rather recent development of the state land management because Google maps does not show any rigs anywhere in the area in street view (copyright 2007). It's late February 2023 and I pulled in on a Sunday afternoon to find about three or four dozen rigs scattered all over the area. A couple seem to be uninhabited and abandoned. There was very little action at any of the other rigs, no kids, no dogs, but I did hear a generator yesterday evening and I've seen just a couple hikers and bikers. Multiple ATVs and UTVs have buzzed around the area which is not as dusty as many other Arizona desert areas. The ground is flat, firm, hard packed, so there is very little chance of getting stuck. Welton is 2 miles up the paved road where you will find gas stations, grocery stores, fast food and a big hotel. Views are not too impressive with mountains all around on the horizon. Some road noise from the nearby county roads but I-8 is far enough away not to be a nuisance. Seems very safe with very little foot traffic nearby. There is a sign near the entrance that says no trespassing: Arizona state trust land permit required. This permit is very easy to order online for $15 and they will email you a digital image of your permit. You are supposed to have a printed copy on display in your vehicle, however I merely have the digital image to show any authorities who might ask. This permit is good for 14 nights of camping on Arizona state trust land for one year. I have never seen anybody checking for permits but I have seen several border patrol vehicles drive past.

Wellton Canal State Land Trust 32.64145, -114.13812

Auto Electrical Specialist.

He couldn't help us with our problem on the ABS but send us to a different place in town.

Trysome Auto Electrician -25.81734, 29.46438

Specialist for brakes and clutch system. Tried to help us with the ABS problem.

Dickason Brake and Clutch -25.77405, 29.47551
Blake king

Slept here last night, very noisy, and Walmart was playing very loud music all throughout the night. It felt like a passive aggressive way for them to say “we won’t kick you out, but we don’t want you here.” I would not stay another night, but it worked in a pinch

Calexico Walmart 32.69646, -115.49575
Wendy & Graham

No questions asked. 'Sin factura', the price was 5 bolivianos per liter. We filled up with 100 liters.

Gasolineria -18.59379, -66.92380

I arrived at 11am and was able to get into a room early with my bicycle. everything you need including hot showers and a generator during loadshedding. the WiFi didn't work very well in the room but was good in to the restaurant.I tried to book another night but they were fully booked. probably best to phone ahead. 430r for 1 person in private room with bicycle

Namaqua Lodge -31.60978, 18.73587

Tent camping or camping in my vehicle is what I'm looking for. Just someplace away from traffic. Running water is always nice ; simple camp/eat/sleep and get and go! I have a kia soul that I've made into a little camper.

Stephen 44.05051, -123.09505

Nice place to sleep. You hear the waterstream from the turquise river. Sometimes a car goes over the bridge but this is maybe 1x in an hour. We are fishing now. No luck yet but i am sitting very comfy on a tree that is laying in the water. Watch out you dont throw your lines over the bridge wires (i did haha oops) . You can drink the riverwater and have a cold swim

Under the orange bridge -43.81050, -72.35482

nice restaurant after 4 km of Pisa on the right side of the Cusco road , good BBQ , chef and staff very friendly. I recommended

restaurant bar Nusta Restobar -13.43148, -71.87392

We found the place, it’s on the main street loon at the pictures to find de building. Not open on sunday

Purificadora El Mezquite 24.07102, -109.99228
Blake king

Crossed successfully USA to Mexico. Checked our drawers and a quick search under our mattress (sprinter van) but then directed us inside for FMM. They said no cards, and paid $80 US cash for 2 people.

Mexicali East 32.66982, -115.38867

Big Campground with small place for Caravans. The Campingsite has sewn better days, but the owner is very friendly and speaks near perfect english.
At the time of our visit, the pool had green murky water in it, and the toilets and shower were in a sorry state.
The site has an adjoining Restaurant and Zoo (?) which look to be perfect shape.

You can find the Campsite in Google Maps: "Camp el hasen"

Camping Al Hassan 34.40940, 8.75071

Great spot. Easy to pull in and level. Was busy with semi traffic most of the night though.

Large pull out 38.43900, -102.51386

Great spot for a few nights, or longer even, access to River, great for biking around and the price for full hookups, can’t be beat. The showers are beautiful also. Would definitely recommend this place, enjoyed our stay.

Myron B Hodge City Park 30.05104, -84.49831

Here they do oil changes and filers on all makes of vehicles and vans. They also wash your engine and car. We paid 325 Soles for gearbox oil, engine oil, fuel filter, air filter and oil filter as well as a car wash. Service was good and we could check the work.

Lubricentro El Sol Oil change,filters and car wash -12.01217, -77.08897

We were able to get our 20 lb propane tank for our truck camper filled here.

Gaspasa 25.12689, -111.71711

Big dirt lot with super fine powdery sand. Dead grassy area for dogs to do their business. Slept like babies.

Pemex Oxo 26.57946, -104.04931

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