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The best place to stay before crossing the border to El Salvador. All amenities are provided by Javier and his wife Isabel. A lot of crafted things for the Kids there! zip line, quads, mini football field and so many things to discover... For free. You can donate or simply help them to work in their place. For the night, owners leave the place and close the gate, you feel secured because it is caméra checked. definitly à place to stay!

La Combi 14.06266, -90.37141

The food is good but very expensive we paid 38 Soles per dish that normally cost 15 Soles.

La cabana Del Pescador -10.38652, -77.99532

Safe again to visit.
Visibility was poor when we were there but it’s a nice stop if you are heading to the mountains!

Sasse Falls/Catholic Church 4.04840, 9.69159

Good access, also suitable for BigRig. The entrance gate is about 4m high. Very clean and very well organized campsite. There are at least some pitches under tall trees that are also suitable for larger vehicles (8x2.4x3.8m). The campsite is idyllically situated on the "Berg Rivier", which ripples along happily all year round. Ideal location for visiting wineries.

Berg River Resort -33.79589, 18.96200

Shower is $2,5 which is rather much, and the shower needs a manual... Open the tap all the way for a few minutes and you'll get hot water. Repeat if the water turns cold again.

It did include a towel, soap and shampoo and is very centrally located.

Oh and the light functions with a movement sensor, it's under the mirror, you can just turn it to 'on'. I figured this out after I got out the shower, facepalm moment cause I was waving my arms every two seconds like an idiot the whole time I was under.

Shower at Flying Donkey hostal 0.22674, -78.26310

right on the side of the road, you can't miss it.

natural spring 19.37754, -100.34363

A huge area in the middle of the nature. Easy access with every car. We slept here for two nights without any problems.

Open Field near River Claro -35.43088, -71.04867

We were looking for a place without nightly visitors and stumbled upon this place. A local, walking the dogs gave permission to stay the night at the river.
We could open the gate that looked locked nonetheless.
beautiful quite night, in the bushes directly next to the river.
there is a dam which makes a nice pool to dip into.

Private land at river behind fence -38.16100, -61.78116

A very nice bush campsite close to the river bed with amazing views and absolutely tranquility.
It belongs to the Bushman's Desert Lodge.
250 pppn
only 1 spot available

Bushman's Desert Camp - Bush Camp -23.61384, 15.88028

lugar tranquilo, la IPF de enfrente está cerrada por remodelación. cerca del centro para hacer compras.

quiet place, the IPF opposite is closed for remodeling. close to the center for shopping

Playon Motorhomes -51.61730, -69.20835

quiet isolated spot on the edge of a canyon. Good views, good cell service.

N Yucca Ranch Rd 32.92320, -109.95004

You can’t camp next to the river anymore and the other river is dry some months. This Sandy flat is a Perfect place to camp. Flat land easily accessible. 25Q per night paid to the lovely land owner. Water available that’s even drinkable. River is a free - an icey dip

Sandy flat 15.34927, -91.30531

Great place with a hiking trail nearby. Calm for swimming
Cold shower and a toilet at a school nearby
No cell coverage and many tiny bugs that are me alive. Bring lots of bug spray

Rincon Beach Campsite 8.65182, -83.71304

Stayed 5nights very safe and the owner is very kind there is everything water electricity wifi(slow) it is free but we spent some money in his restaurant!

em frente ao mar -5.41213, -35.30998

Passamos apenas uma noite, foi muito tranquila, sem barulho tinha apenas uma família com um ônibus, pela manhã havia movimentação de pessoas e a polícia esteve no local.

Near the municipal termas -31.45951, -57.90865

lugar hermoso, con buena vista, un poco sucio, nos llevamos la basura de otros, por favor deja limpio. Sigue nuestros viajes en

Camping Los Viveros (RP24 pull out) -39.42083, -70.65770

nice spot. take the small road towards the river, just before the riverbed take the last path on your right. max hight 3 m because of trees. there you have a nice area to park and make a bonfire. you are a little visible from the small road, but noone bothered us. not visible from the village or the main road. with BIG RIGS just enter (and park) in the riverbed, it looks like there is seldomly water all over (trees are growing inside). little bit water in the river. everything easily accessible for 2 wd. 4G internet with irancell

riverside 26.17037, 60.17711

all water is salty. ok for clothewashing but not for drinking etc. locals told us not to use for drinking or shower

public bathroom with water . 25.32246, 60.63378

A well with great water at rest area . not salty! drinkable (local told us).

good waterquality 25.56966, 60.14193

Amazing place. A family restaurant with excellent staff, very tasty food, good ambiance and easy communication in English . Doesn’t matter if you need to overnight or not, do not miss this place

Aras Nomad Tourist Camp 38.94974, 45.60658

24hr parking with guard with no height restriction. If you park only for 24 hours, it’s quite expensive. But if you plan to stay 3+ days, it gets much more affordable because they have a weird pricing structure for multiple days.

However, it’s hard to fit here if you are more than 6.5m long. Also, parking lot is full until at least 6pm on weekdays. Best to arrive on a Sunday, if possible. Then you can choose whichever spot you want.

24h Parking With No Height Restriction -31.42614, -64.18782

This is now called Livalana Hotel. We stayed 4 nights, camped next to the lake, beautiful view and very peaceful. Took a boat trip, u can swim and canoe too. Lovely staff, free WiFi. We had use of a room for the bathroom, this was a bit run down but the water was hot and flowed well. We hiked independently around the headlands and also did part of the Nile/congo trail walking. restaurant and bar. 10000 rwf pppn

Livalana Hotel -2.05510, 29.34610

as wrote before. still possible, Lot of space but we Made only a Break here.

Ruta 1 Wild Camp -24.72372, -70.57736

yes, good place for a night but Not for any Kind of tents as the Wind will Blow hard at night. the rubbish bin's are gone but waste is Out of sight. four other short term visitors from afternoon to next morning. very quite.

stunning view of mountains in the clouds and the Pacific -24.24465, -70.41903

need to climb under a barbwire fence to see anything. Nice viewpoint though!

Vista Cola de Ballena 9.15554, -83.70638

Place still as described, everything is very basic but it works.

Camping Casa Viva 9.15014, -83.73245

ótima estrutura!! banheiros muito limpos e agradáveis, loja de conveniências e lanchonete linda, água p/ cx e potável. parece um lugar bem seguro. ficamos por detrás da loja, protegida do vento (dependendo da direção dele). a vista do mar é maravilhosa.

Fuel station YPF -53.78274, -67.69479

Stayed here 3 nights. Busy during the day but at night you’ll be alone. If you get lucky, the turtle refugee on the beach will release turtles ! If you see Benicio, the man cleaning the parking lot, have a little with him he is super nice!
The beach here is not very nice to swim but if you walk 15min in the left there is a nice waterfall to cool off

Montezuma 9.65716, -85.06526

Public water filling station. Perfect place to fill up your water tank or all kinds of bottles with potable water.

Water filling station 24.51073, 39.59071

Pasamos 2 noches acá, Sandra muy amable, lugar tranquilo y seguro para parar. Con hermosa vista sobre el río Napo. súper recomendamos. 1 día y medio pagamos 5 usd con agua, ducha y wifi.

Parqueadero La Gasolinera Misahualli -1.03138, -77.73453

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