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I LOVED this campground. I arrived after they closed so I self-register and ended up staying 3 nights!

Sam Wahl boat ramp recreation area 33.04844, -101.08397

very nice beach. beautiful views over lake and town. many overlanders, should be safe. many locals driving around all the time.

funny thing, we left a bucket 🪣 next to the van overnight and it was gone in the morning with some other stuff. so maybe do still be careful a little bit 🙂

Playa Centenario -41.13044, -71.29027

Stayed the night in the back of the lot by the Taco Bell. Bunch of other RVs and vans as well, HOWEVER we did talk to some of the Walmart employees and they said that their store does not own the parking lot, the city does. They said that during snow bird season the city tends to let the no overnight parking rule slide, but that people have been kicked out other times during the year. So if there are other RVs you're probably fine, if not, find somewhere else

Sundance Wal-mart 33.43715, -112.55813

Camping around a dam filled lake. Wild burros so noise from them during day and night. 25 for the night. Toilets and sink. No shower’s. Shaded pic nic tables and great Verizon service. Not much privacy fyi.

Lake Pleasant Regional Park 33.85511, -112.29409

This was my favorite campsite in Costa Rica so far. It’s spacious so different groups can spread out, and the atmosphere was very quiet and laid back. Each site has its own sink with running water and surfaces like tables or counters that make it easy to prepare food or layout camp. Some sites have strings of lights too! I stayed at the furthest site near the little river, which had a beautiful arched dead tree that an iguana lived inside. It felt peaceful and remote here and the sunrise is stunning. I stayed two nights and could have stayed a week. No Wi-Fi and spotty service, but that helps you get away from the world. If you have the budget for a mid-priced fancy meal out, Habitat just up the road has the best fish taco since Baja California

Camping Fernando Morales 9.61443, -85.07860

The perfect place to relax for a few days. It's quiet, has great views, and the whole area is beautifully made. They have lots of hammocks to spend the days in.

Breakfast was delicious and well worth the price.
Staff is friendly and everything is super clean.

Colibri Camping -16.59112, -68.06945

The price is 150 pesos per person now. Inside it's really beautiful, the water is a little bit chilly but the cave itself is really warm!

Cenote Chooj Ja/ Choj Ha 20.85387, -86.87284

Friendly staff. Always bring cash!! No card payments (at least for 99% of the time ;).
You can ask to fill your water tank from the staff (if it’s not smth like a 100l or so ;)

Tsau gate CkGR -21.00163, 22.79827

Very nice spot with a view to spend the night. Not sure it is authorized but we arrived at sunset and left at sunrise. Very calm with a mirador to see the water.

By the ocean -41.94388, -74.02954

We spend two nights here. No one bothered us. Pretty good

Tim Hortons 49.08916, -122.59937

This intersection has two traffic lights, one on the left and one on the right. The right is for traffic going straight while the left light is only for left turn traffic and is not labeled as such. Motorcycles seem to be allowed to proceed thru red lights but not cars.

Also some of Lome streets have now been partially blocked with red and white plastic barriers which is the only indication of newly-created one-way streets. Its very confusing, best to avoid turning on these streets.

Police checkpoint 6.12494, 1.22953
jaime macedo

Cidade produtora de mel agroecológico. Inúmeras comunidades produzem mel artesanal agroecológico que pode ser encontrado no comércio e na feira da cidade.

Cidade produtora de mel agroecológico -9.00276, -41.97687

Nice spot between tea gardens where you can enjoy the lake

Lala khal lake 25.10996, 92.17990

Large bins for all sorts of recyclables. Glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc. all accepted.

Breck Recycle Depot 39.51610, -106.05299
Chateau Ski

Beautiful camping site close to the petroglyphs at the gap. Very quiet and relatively clean. Pit toilets at the Gap with walking trails to the petroglyphs. Quite worth the visit. You can camp up to 14 days.

Parowan Gap Petroglyphs 37.91023, -112.97571

Open on a sunday; gasolina at 208 Ars today 5/3/23

YPF -47.56627, -71.74110

Posada hasta para 15 personas, habitaciones confortables, TV, Agua Caliente, Wify, Restaurante, Senderos, Experiencias Agricolas, Juegos autotonos, Lunada, canelazo, Rumba o descanso.

Posada Agroturistica Guadalupe 5.65634, -73.81035

Venta de Víveres, rancho y licores al por menor y detal. productos agricolas, rencargas a todos los operadores.

Tienda de Anita Reyes 5.66042, -73.80832
Cubby Van Life

Beautiful beach. Clean sites. Quiet nights, no music bumping into the night hours. Not many others here and people are scattered and are far apart. A nice guy comes along and collects 50 pesos per person per night and WRITES it down to document that you paid. A long road in but worth the journey. Aren’t most journeys worth it?
A cute, older couple in a pickup truck come by some late afternoons selling empanadas, or tamales, 20-25 pesos each. Buy something and help them out.

Playa Conejo 24.06515, -110.99465

Stayed one night at the trailhead parking lot. Lil pit toilet available.

South Meadow Trailhead and Dispersed camping 44.19211, -73.93911

Just it was reported 2 more robberies to vans in the last week in the same place . Feb 2023

Burglary in Chedraui Parking 15.86020, -97.06672

Here you can change dollars (€ very bad rate) also on weekend when all other places are closed. $ Rate not bad. … also bigger amount can be changed.
Opens at 10:00 (morning)

Casino Money Exchange (Cambio) -53.78743, -67.69807

Greate place for breakfast.
Good price / value

Tante Sara -53.78863, -67.69578

Not the fanciest place but they have a few room options (20s, 30s, 35s, 70s) with the 20s one having no bathroom or shower but the shared ones are nice and the shower is nice and warm. Good cheap option to stay in Cutervo.

San Juan -6.37734, -78.81833

Day use only. Bathroom with water. assume it's potable since i drank it haha. nice 1.5 mile hike along beach

possession state park bathroom 47.91233, -122.37717

Level stand with a protected under roof area right next to the stand. Ablutions are close, functional and clean. Excellent location, only 3km out of Vredendal. Owner very friendly, helpfull and accomodating. It is a working farm producing grapes, raisins, vegetables and more. We enjoyed our 3 day stay

Draaihoek Plaas Kamp -31.68565, 18.49990
sonny jadun

At the OXXO just south of the toll Plaza de Cobra 76, right behind the restroom, there is a faucet that you can use to fill your tanks. photo attached

water fountain 18.48664, -97.45658

Lugar grande de muchos árboles, no es mucha seguridad dormir solos de noche. Pero en compañía de otros viajeros si. pasamos 4 noches en este lugar. Lo más Recomendable es parar en el playón de cemento. Toda la noche iluminado. Durante el día estás solo, hay muy poco tránsito de personas.

Bosque tenebroso -34.86527, -56.01192

The campground is really nice, everything is clean and it’s easy to get to Oaxaca. When we where here, there where lots of children playing, screaming and crying. Maybe something to keep in mind.

El Rancho RV Park 17.05351, -96.64215

Really calm place. A bit expansive with 100.000cop for 2 in a Camper. But a really calm and Secure place for the Night. We parked our Camper on the concret structue very level.

Santafe Guaduales 4.40527, -75.19602

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