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Very friendly family and a relaxing spot amongst the pine forest.
Traffic at night was surprisingly busy.
Would recommend.
we were in a tent with Motorcycles and it was perfect

El Eden 21.09835, -99.65903
Danes on the Road

This Cracker Barrel does not have RV parking spots, as many of them do. We went in to ask for permission to stay the night in our Cruise America C25 RV, and they told us that it was okay to stay, as long as we parked on the left side of the building (if you look at the entrance to the restaurant).

With the restaurant being very busy both in the evening and morning, it is not friendly for big rigs. You got to be able to fit into a parking spot, otherwise you'll be blocking too many spots. The parking spots aren't really level either.

Super kind folks, though, and if you fit into one of the parking spots, you can park right next to the side of the restaurant, and thus use their WiFi while parked there.

The highway wasn't too noisy, but the trains were blaring their horns all throughout the night.

Cracker Barrel 36.08291, -86.76225

FREE. Emergency accommodation, run by St Vincent de Paul. Primarily for indigent travellers. 4 beds in one dormitory, kitchen and bathroom.

Contact VdP thrift shop at 575-546-7763,
400 S.12th Str. which is opposite the shelter.
Donations accepted.

FREE. Casa Agape 32.26404, -107.77429

Great food, ambiance and service! They were very friendly when we said we were vegetarian and made us a delicious spaghetti with eggs, green peas, tomatoes etc. Definitely recommend for anyone in town!
Also owners speak English which was great for me as my french is not so good :)

Chez Yed 6.74073, -3.49461

Clean campsite with friendly staff. Beautiful location, slightly elevated, directly on the sea with an impressive sandy beach and sometimes huge waves. Long walks on the beach. 24 hour security, illuminated at night. We didn't use the sanitary facilities. Discount for seniors (ZAR 210 for 2 people per space). Very suitable for BigRig. Good starting point for Bird Island (1.5 km) and the open-air restaurant Muisbosskerm (4.5 km).

Lamberts Bay Caravan Park -32.08672, 18.31294

Trata-se de um Estacionamento e Lava a Jato que recebem apenas Van, Kombi, Microônibus ( Volare ) e autos pequenos. Fica ao lado do Corpo de Bombeiros do Recreio. Aceita Pet desde que permaneçam presos, pois na parte traseira do estacionamento existem animais silvestres. Disponibilizam Energia e Água. Ligar para consultar disponibilidade.

Estacionamento e Lava Jato Recreio Posto 10 -23.02332, -43.45831

Museum Open Weekdays 8-3. Find these stairs for a nicer approach than the road

Museo Excarcel Sin Puertas 26.89167, -111.98154

Slept here for a night, no problems, very quiet area!

Cracker Barrel 33.79699, -78.74306

Banco Estado for taking money. Don’t know the fee

BancoEstado - ATM -42.91584, -72.70712

Nice little campground with water and electric. The cost is $10/night paid to the local police. They come by to collect the fees. There is a time limit of 72 hours so we paid and stayed the full 3 days. Moderate noise level due to the highway nearby and people playing frisbee golf. Will definitely be back if we pass through in the future!

RV Park Baxter Springs 37.01965, -94.72219
Marie-France Ulrich

Really nice place to recharge, do laundry or work (Wi-Fi is excellent)

The Jetty Self Catering -23.08094, 15.07776

Friendly! 50 soles for a van, secure behind gate.
We could enter, we are 2.56m high. Had a few cm left max 3cm without scratching the roof I quess.
Has a restaurant too.

Samay77-Ica -14.08363, -75.74925

Beautiful spot. No wind. Road towards good enough for 2WD fan. If it wasn’t that expensive we would have stayed longer. 40 pp/pn, even if we didn’t use the shower which was included. Shaky WiFi at restaurant.

Puerto inca -15.83873, -74.31275

Crossing from Mex to USA - very seamless crossing and the drive to it was perfectly uneventful. **Make sure you stop in Allende at the Banjercito and immegration office if you are crossing to the USA on a weekend!** The offices are closed here on the weekends. Fortunately we realized that before passing Allende, but I could see someone burning 2 hours having to go back to do their paperwork.

Banjercito, Visa & Tip Office 28.69717, -100.51339

Difficult to know the official prices. The Agencies systematically send you to an intermediary who will accompany you for access to the port and the formalities for leaving Egypt at the border post located in the port. It is true that leaving Egypt with your own vehicle is also complicated. A little less than entering Egypt from Sudan but well worth a few hours of waiting.
We paid US$520 for our vehicle and 2 people with a VIP cabin equipped with toilets and a hot shower. Excellent night on board.
We returned to the port of Safaga around 7:30 p.m. - Departure of the Poseidon company boat at 4 a.m. - arrival at 1.30 p.m. - exit from the port of Douba at 6.30 p.m. Entry into Saudi Arabia is normally very quick but a computer failure at immigration slowed down our registration. Police and customs officials really bothered by our wait. Arrival in Douba before leaving the boat, payment of the port tax of SR460 in cash or Visa card. No other costs when arriving at the Saudi border post, except for the vehicle insurance to be taken from the container on the right before leaving the port. 460Rsaudians for 3 months.
Our "facilitator" at port Safaga, Brahim: +201069296703 (which takes US$30 for the service out of the $520 paid for crossing and all port and customs taxes at Safaga)

Ferry to Duba / Saudi Arabia 26.74611, 33.94104

Parkplatz in der Nähe der Laguna. Ruhig. Kein Service

Parking lLot Reserva Laguna Negra -54.51358, -67.28100

If you wild camped out of town the night before, this is a nice place w very clean bathrooms, WiFi (open network), machine coffee (other coffee shops were closed when we were there), and you can fill up bottles. It’s quite small but it was nice to sit for a bit. Staff is very kind! And bigger supermarket next to gas station!

Copec -45.17295, -72.14719

It's the perfect place to meet other motorbikers as every motorcyclists stop here! Really nice and welcoming place, you can camp here but because it was raining so much we asked for a room, we paid 150reais each for a private room but the price included three meals (lunch and dinner self-service and homemade breakfast in the morning, all very good). The room was nice and clean. All the staff really friendly, I definitely recommend to stop here!

Pousada da Vanda -20.39147, -46.58523

free shower if you fill UP your tank. and good wifi. we Park a little bit Shelter from the wind ! but lot of truck noise all night and bright spotlight. overall good for a stop

Gas Station (YPF) -47.02253, -67.25254

Not so quiet on saturday, but allround 21h it got much less noisy. People who run the hotel and eventplace are not very friendly. Charged 150 Quetzal for us and our small rig, was quite overprized.

Bahia Atitlan Inn 14.74725, -91.16405

Trail going to a old castel.
Car can go but need to stay close of the gravel road. Bike and motorcycle can go on the river side of the castel and a lot of space there for tente. A guy with camel and got have passe and told me it's ok and he offer me food.

Nice and quiet place

Wild camp On the land of a old castel 31.98738, -9.33970

Super quick and easy place to export your car/cancel your TIP and handle immigration. It's immediately on the left after passing the Ejercito checkpoint, it's easy to miss. There's a drive through to cancel your TIP, they'll take a couple of pictures of your VIN and the car. Head inside to get your passport stamped to exit.

All in all, we were here for 10 minutes to do immigration and TIP.


Immigration services 28.31754, -100.89912

Caution, long dirt road to get here. We didn't make it because we started down this road near sunset and opted for the gas station on the toll way to overnight. Also google maps will tell you to get off the toll way long before you turn north, dont do it. You can exit the toll way right where the bridge goes over.

Hot Pool Camp 26.89049, -104.36588

Someone’s lot but a few vans parked here. Basic so I’m sure doesn’t cost much.
We had different place so didn’t stay, three vans on site currently and big area

Parking off beach 13.49505, -89.44036

Nice place, was the weekend so it was busy but to be expected. It got quiet at dark.
Spent two nights and Saturday night had some local campers. We stayed for two nights and on the far end of the Laguna as we thought the sites were nicer there, one really nice one.
On the second night there was no real breeze and so being in that end of Laguna you could get heavy smell of sulphur. No the end of the world as that is what makes up the area but the heavy wafts weren’t great either.
Basic pit toilets but the place is cheap and I have definitely seen worse.
Many many friendly people.
The hike to radio tower was also nice

Laguna de Alegria 13.49387, -88.49177

We rolled in around 7 and parked in the same spot as the skoolie. The bathrooms were messed up but womens bathroom was workable. A cop pulled up to the lot above us around 6am and stayed until we left at 8. Never bothered us, seems like a chill spot. Theres a second parking lot on the other end of thr park that might be even better.

Shute’s Branch Access Area 36.24921, -86.56876

Well stocked minimart next to the main road. They have a baño for CLP$500 and also run the microbrewery.

Valle del Púelo minimart -41.72631, -72.01990

Great microbrewery, running for about 5 years, now in a separate building. Amazing surprise to find it here after 6 days of hiking from Cochamo valley!

Cerveceria Artesanal Valle del Puelo -41.72631, -72.01990

Nice flat grassy spot next to the river and bridge. Space for many tents. Next to the brewery and minimart. The owners said we could camp there for free. Access to the river is a little tricky with the bridge structure. There is a baño at the minimart.

Rio Manso campsite -41.72691, -72.01911

Nice campground with clean facilities.
Price was 50000 for 2 adults, 2 kids and a van. We stayed 2 nights and didn’t see any wild animals exept a wood-picker 😅. Trails are nice, in the primary forest.

Yatai Nuevo Gambach -26.63817, -55.66363

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