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We had a hard time finding the embassy, it has moved. Setting a new pin. You can pick up visas while you wait for an expedition fee of 10,000 CFA each. Entry date starts as of date of application so you have to apply for the length of time that covers your actual planned entry and exit dates. Attached picture of new rates. You need two passport photos and copy of passport to hand in with application..

Embassy of the Republic of Congo (Lome) 6.20124, 1.24915

I'm sorry!!! This are the correct GPS Location: 18.873029, 42.226639

Water tap next to a mosque 18.87361, 42.22673

very nice stay for camping, outdoor sport activities like hiking, montainbike, etc. They have some rooms to rent and space for campers.
Lovely family with two dogs.

Villa Aventura Lodge -7.20068, -78.44296

Campsite pretty much as described and still open (as we are camping here right now with another couple). Enjoying ourselves, price still 420 metical per adult camping. Private ablusions included with power, hot shower and braai. Our 10t 3.5m high and 2.5m wide big rig crossed the bridges, so they will hold. 😂

Barra Dica (Former Areia Branca) -23.78366, 35.48669

We spent one night here as well, they let us pitch our tent behind the building. When we asked the guard if it was okay he said yes straight away, he just took our names.
You can hear a lot of traffic as the place is on the main road but it's more than fine for a free night of sleep

Yguazú Parque Pikypo Info Centre -25.46232, -55.01320

Valerie the owner, Emmanuel the manager and the whole staff are real super hosts. The rooms are very nice and clean with aircondition and fridge. The pool is perfect and the bar on the terrace is like a lounge. Everything was super nice and calm. We stayed for 6 nights and felt like home.

Banyinpa Lodge 5.21714, -1.06851

Really good spot to spend the night in La Paloma, very quiet, shaded and close to the beach

Shady Shores -34.65213, -54.15249

La Positiva Principal insurance come here if you vehicle with a foreign license plate

Seguro La Positiva Principal ven aquí si tienes un vehículo con matrícula extranjera

la Positiva Principal -5.18238, -80.62918

Great place to stay in front of the harbor. When there are cruise ships, you're only allowed to stay overnight as they come and ask you to move to accommodate the buses that need to park here. Overall a good place with a nice view.

Ushuaia Parking Lot -54.80702, -68.30145

Perfect for sleeping and spend some days. Very quit. Some mosquitos but only around 21:00 for an hour and then they are gone. Veryyy quit. Police came to check if everyone is oke and quit. Super nice. In the morning people taking up trash.

Quit place next to lake , firepit and wild horses -42.88902, -71.34545

A lodge, cheap but nice and comfortable. next to the beach, good food friendly staff, can just walk in and get a room or camp on their grounds

Two Coconut Lodge 13.32419, -16.80090

We did not went here but we saw one so we put it on ioverlande

Ypf -42.91437, -71.31629

Nice relaxing Lodge, great value for money, comfortable, good vibes, next to the beach, good food friendly staff, you can walk in and get a room or camp on their grounds

Two Coconut Lodge 13.32419, -16.80090

Tem um estacionamento grande, vista bem bonita. Dormimos uma noite bem tranquila no local. Não tem comodidades.

Pico do Urubu -23.48474, -46.20748

Lovely place, FREE to visit. Good access by road, free parking and I don’t see the point of taking a canoe since you can see it so well from the beach already. Went in dry season during low tide so could actually walk across the stones on top of the waterfall. Also no point for a guide as other people already stated. Really can’t get lost here …

Chutes de la Lobé 2.90547, 9.90179

We were quoted 5,000 per tent (for two) or 15,000 for cheapest room. It’s raining so took the room. Chicken dinner for 4,000 is okay but best arrive with fruits and snacks as the restaurant is expensive. Staff very friendly and let us park motorbike in restaurant overnight. Great place to stay for overlanders. The beach is lovely !

Tara Plage Hotel 2.90544, 9.90181

Smaller rest area but it worked for a full night's sleep. Noisy as it's close to the highway and there's one lane for trucks, RVs, cars and all other vehicles but we slept surprisingly well.

i-26 rest area near Columbia 33.83928, -81.02252
Where does the road end?

This exact place is now blocked by boulders, there is still room to pull off for a small rig, but no point as there are numerous spots further up, the next closest is the cliff camp spot.

Epic Gulley Campspot 25.61336, -100.50533

We stopped in the square for three nights. There is drinking water and electricity. In the corner is the municipality with bathrooms and showers. It is quiet and safe, every Saturday there is a fair and it starts very early.

Plaza Bernardino Caballero -25.30792, -57.30056

we stayed at this pin because it was the most level and offered fire pits and picnic tables. even on a abnormally busy weekend there weren't that many people this far down camping, but perhaps a hundred people, many with off leash dogs, walked through our camp while walking around the lake. several cars came for sunset, but none stayed. no size restrictions. one check in at a pin around here says no dogs allowed in the park, but there is a sign at the entrance that dogs are allowed on leash. just a normal lake in the woods, nothing particularly breathtaking about it.

Barraca de Teto - Laguna La Zeta -42.88785, -71.34419
Where does the road end?

The easiest place currently is slightly northwest of the original pin on the river bed that is fairly flat. However, if you continue south on the road there are plenty of spots for any size rig. The road dead ends less than a mile down. This is one of the most dramatic and safe wild camp spots in Mexico. Also as mentioned before, the weekend especially Sunday you will experience many hikers and mtn bikers coming by with a fair amount of car traffic. There is a goat rancher farther south that will get mad if you have a dog big enough to be a threat. We were not asked for money by any gate keepers.

Cliff camp 25.61339, -100.50533

320 soles for 6 months. Very Mom and Pop shop. Friendly, only took about an hour

Afocat del Cumbre -5.71273, -78.80692

Nice Lavanderia close to a supermarket. Friendly staff. Paid ARS 4450 for 9,725 kg. They send a message via WhatsApp, when laundry is ready for pickup.

5asec -28.46405, -65.80069

fast and good service. I recive for 200 euros.

Western union -28.11224, -67.94474

No fuel at Aussenkher except here @Agrimart

Agrimart fuel station -28.38925, 17.43312

We found this nice place for camping with a tent. There are a lot of farmer families around and also dogs (which barked a lot but finally accepted us), but we asked for permission and it's really nice.

beautiful wildcamping spot 32.02391, 35.56387

We visited here and enjoyed the extensive selection of jams, wines and other offerings. Spoke with Luigi a manager and asked if we could stay overnight. He said we would be welcome to do so. I expect one could park overnight no matter if anything was purchased, but you are very likely to fine something. We stayed in the over flow parking area for a bit more privacy. Would highly recommend visiting. Also checked the nearby Cetto wine tour but decided not to do it as the tour is in Spanish 😣 The wine at Cetto is very affordable with some wines $6.50 US.

Casa de la Dona Lupe 32.11414, -116.51211

street between two mobile home parks. spent a rather calm night here. lots of parking space when I was here, and gets noisier with traffic in the morning.

street parking 34.26648, -119.22507
Kimball Stone

Great little spot. Decent price, cute location, good service.

El Perro Negro 23.33161, -110.16874

no one here today (14:15)and no sign of a barrier.

Senga Hill Council Checkpoint -9.40464, 31.22920

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