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It's an official Nazca tourist attraction with a small parking lot now. 3 Soles to climb the little hill, you can only see the nazca cat and some lines, so a bit underwhelming if you did the tower before.

Nazca Lines II -14.70639, -75.10119

Only open 10-13h and 14-17h.
Price the same.

Termas del Ventisquero -44.37208, -72.57666

Like half of the street has no parking from 11 PM to 6 AM signs now. There are a few spots of the top still, but they are very tilted.

Hart Park - Roadside 33.78005, -117.84884

Good spot to spend the night. Front desk person said they thought it would be fine to park for the overnight since it’s open 24 hours. Felt safe, relatively quiet (some plane noise and a late night trash pickup aside), 1-2 other rigs there as well. Oddly enough, very slow Verizon speeds.

Planet Fitness Parking Lot 36.06387, -115.25075

Definitely a great campground! Excellent showers, sites were good, the State Park was awesome!

Fall Creek Falls State Park 35.65639, -85.34724

Blue spigot located roughly 15-20 feet on the sidewalk at the rest stop. No attendant around to ask if potable but water looked and tasted perfectly fine.

Virginia Rest Stop Water 37.20716, -81.10416

Welcome home if you need a shower, parking, vibes and dump station

Perrydise 38.93632, -76.96266

quiet spot in front beach, safe, with bathrooms, no showers

Estacionamiento tranquilo para pasar la noche frente al mar, seguro, baños sin ducha

Segunda Bajada el Faro -41.06284, -62.84923
MiLi Weltenbummler

Save parking for cars and motorcycles. We pays ca 10000$ per bike for 2 nights.
There is a good cafeteria inside the parking

Parqueadero Arango 4.59974, -74.06997

Good spot! Go past the coords to get away from the glass & shells. Note: Be careful crossing the lake bed if there's been recent rain or rain in the forecast.

Rabbit Ranch 34.47389, -117.03432
Jamie Z

This road is in terrible condition due to the summer rains.

Took me about ten hours over two days to ride an adventure motorcycle from Urique to Batopilas. A very capable vehicle and driver could do it, but I don't recommend it.

Deep ruts, large rocks, steep climbs and descents.

Road from Urique to Batopilas. 27.10069, -107.78520

it's not pretty, it's not quiet, but it's free and safe and well located for mid-highway trip overnights. Early Nov and this elevation and beyond are already snowpacked, so a lot of the forest road boondocking options weren't plowed enough to risk it

CDOT-Pagosa 37.26912, -106.99626

This is an experienced ‘bush mechanic’ workshop that know how to make money from desperate tourists. They drive around the area in their 110 looking for new arrivals who have problems. My advice is not to let them start any work until you get an hourly labour rate and parts cost. They won’t want to give this but hold out or ask next door or Ali’s up by the Shell station. Next, whatever you came in for they will find other problems. Many of these are genuine as your vehicle has worked hard and probably overloaded. Get a fixed price for each job they say needs doing. If they do any welding then it’s very agricultural gas welding and you need the work checking and rust proofing when you get home. But, these guys will get you mobile

Garage Iriki 30.32273, -5.83884

Actually like a bush camp. We stood on a lightly grassy spot with a shade tree and lots of elephant dung at the edge of the tented camp. Since it has already rained here, the ground is a bit soft. Maybe not the ideal place after persistent rain. Otherwise very pleasant and close to town.

Thorn Tree Chalets and Tents -17.88587, 25.86108

Nice bathrooms, good shower. Wifi available, but have to ask the pw. There are also rooms. We were there with a van, 5000pp. Also space for tents.

Herência Ventisquero -44.47612, -72.57433

Totally agree with what has been said before. You get real value for money when it comes to the room and the facilities. But besides that Wilfred is such a friendly and welcoming person. He made sure everything was comfortable for us and he drove us around in his car (because we have no backseat) to see the waterfalls, his plantations and the market. The surroundings are beautiful and worth a visit anyway. So just stay a night if you pass by. It was lovely to see that Wilfred has earned a lot of respect in the community. He enjoys having guests visiting his place and to chat with them. You can park behind the gate. We managed the height with our car+ rooftoptent, so think it is between 2.30/2.40 high. But Wilfred said he could lift something if it wouldn't fit. Or else he probably finds an other solution for you 😊.

Mapelele Lodge -9.17462, 33.53938

Make sure to pay at the arrive, because next morning you will pay 500 Col. more :-(

Cabinas Anita 10.09383, -83.48373

stayed here for a night, toilet was fine and bucket shower too. close walk to the beach. friendly family with many dogs (and pigs?). we said 2 nights and he said $10 US but we only sayed one night so settled on $200C

José Antonio's house 12.17051, -86.76032

Safe place to sleep, staff very cool and receptive, noise but ok

Puma Estación de Servicio -26.98558, -48.63342

é uma praia de pescadores com água azul/verde bem limpa e gostosa para dá um mergulho e tomar banho. ficamos ao lado do restaurante La Esquina de Cheo. tem uma comida muito boa. ele nos sedeu internet muiot rápida. um prato custa a partir de US$7,00. é seguro e tranquilo a noite. final de semana ela fica bem cheia.

El Matal -0.18489, -80.29174

As described.
Not that flat, but not so bad.
No Verizon signal.

Pull out just before Zion East Ranger Station 37.23586, -112.86122

Small gravel parking lot with big mango tree, water taps, electricity and a clean bathroom (shower + toilet). A bit expensive though: 60R per night (we’re 2 people and a car).

Estacionamento de Motorhomes Route 457 -2.50350, -54.95367

No problem spending the night. Quiet. Great hike.

Trailhead Miller State Park 48.07341, -123.00400

FREE. This is public land.

Plenty of options in this general area. Soft ground aplenty so take care. There are a few rather tired looking trees to offer shade and a measure of privacy from Dillon Rd.
OHV area at the weekends and wouldn't risk entering hereabouts during the rainy season.

Indio Hills 33.75299, -116.18480

As described nice campground with open layout, great in off season as nobody around even on Saturday night. Clean facilities. Great surf beach at old lighthouse. Do yourself a favor and go to Orange Blossom Bakery for pastries.

Cape Point Campground, North Carolina Outer Banks 35.23563, -75.53847

This place is no longer a campsite. Talked to the owner and he said to camp at the church. Ask policia for permission

La Clemira - Shop and Bakery -26.95106, -66.13465

On nous a recommandé de faire la route 41, et nous ne le regrettons pas ! Nous l’avons prise à Los Antiguos direction Lago Posadas. Nous avons dormi à Arroyo Lincoln (spot parfait pour passer la nuit). Avant de partir nous avons entendu que la route était coupée juste avant la route pour accéder au Paso Roballos, après avoir consulté Police et Gendarmie nous sommes parti. La route est faisable en camping car si on a pas peur des situations difficiles. En revanche, le passage de la route barrée est impossible à passer sans 4x4. Sauf si la route à été refaite depuis.
Pour finir : la route 41 est incroyable de diversité. Infiniment précise et sauvage.

Scenic drive Ruta 41 -47.33582, -71.00074

Camping very quite, of course we are alone, nobody there. The pool is out of order now, I think it will be Ok, when the Season will start.
Price 2 people and a motor home 3000 ARS daily.
Water and électricité avalaible on site, no dump station.
Sanitory block OK.

Smata Camping -32.43365, -63.17882

We started here for 3 days, nice place the sowers are hot and clean. The pool is very nice, the rest of the place needs a renovation.

Carrefour des Nomades 29.82872, -5.66484

Backyard of a nice lady’s house, enclosed by wooden gate. It’s better suited to people in tents but there’s 1 or 2 spots where you can fit a car in, just a bit tight is all. Toilets, hot showers, potable water and wifi for 5000 clp pp/night.

Doña Martina -41.96250, -72.46687

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