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Arroyo con poca agua, parque amplio y parrilleros

CAMPING LIBRE -31.57704, -55.46577

There are six camp spots, one is hike a tent up to it, another camp spot closest to the toilet, is basically the driveway to another, which is great for a group of two or three. They’re literally twenty five feet away from each other. Otherwise not so good. That leaves four spots spaced away from each other. All can view each other but, those four are a good distance from each other. Some nice oak tree’s interspersed between them but not a full screen, just the illusion of privacy, which there isn’t.
As mentioned the place is immaculate though the toilet/wall got hit by some explosive brown…. 🤢
Arrived at 1:30 on a Wednesday one space taken. By 3:30 all four were taken. A bit surprised as it seems pretty desolate here.
Cell tower is just a tease. I hiked up the fire road—couple good hikes from camp, and got two bars of working 5G for maybe 30 seconds, then gone. I get one to two bars LTE showing but not functional. ☹️
Pay BLM camp 12 miles east looked bigger—more camp spots, no cell there either.

Laguna Mountains Blm Campground 36.36754, -120.82953

great overlook, pretty quiet road, was joined by one other van. very dark, quiet night. lucky with no wind.

Memaloose Overlook 45.69384, -121.35078

Loved this stop! Oscar met us when we arrived. We camped/camper and he offered access to Wi-Fi/bathrooms with our overnight rate. He showed us a great hike that we did before dinner and then we had dinner in the restaurant. Amazing views, great food and nice family. Learned about the area from Oscar. I believe you can also arrange guided tours/trips.

Eco-Tours Tres Virgenes 27.43018, -112.52763

Small Fuel Station...............................

Small Station -16.28564, 14.30745

Nice location, clean, full hookup, pull through sites. Staff and campers were all friendly. The holiday light show was taking place the 2 weeks I stayed here. You plan your comings and goings around this.

Bull Run Regional Park 38.80399, -77.48559

We spent here 2nights. First was quite,have been almost alone there. Second (Friday) lot of locals came for party and night fishing. But it was still ok. Didn't use the pit toilets but new ones closer to the lake-clean. Camping for free. 4-5 BBQ spots.

Parque Nacional Patagonia : Portal La Ascensión -46.59797, -71.40182

Overlooking the ocean and next to a bay with beach access. I camped here and the few was amazing. Only at night significant winds picked up. No signs. Just saw a road leading up from the highway and found a spot suitable to put my tent.

Rocky area overlooking ocean 14.77319, -88.78318

Stayed here one night before crossing to Guatemala. We didn’t stay right in front of the police station but rather across the street where there is a big advertisement sign. Nobody bothered us we had good wifi connection and we told the police that we’re there and they didn’t really seem interested in that they kind of said they know we’re there now but they won’t go out of their way to look after us but it’s okay to park there.

In front of police station 17.15694, -89.06982

We arrived 17:01.
Nobody answered the phone or reacts in the ringing at the gate.

You arrive before 17:00 or you will have no chance to get in.

We went to the Nekkis Holiday Resort Next by.

Worchester Yacht Club -33.68937, 19.41273

Campground next to Worcester.

Campgrounds on green grass, braii and PowerPoint on every Campside. Watertaps also on some sides

Good view on town on mountains from the campground
Paid 265 for 2 persons one night

Nekkis Resort -33.68776, 19.42400

ENG: we slept here one night. Be careful where you park, because when we arrived (Tuesday) we parked in the downside; but then we decided to moved next to the lift. There is street market on Wednesday and Saturday; so, the next day we saw the market downside. If we wouldn’t move the MH, we would be trapped in the market.
Also you have to pay, 5BOB.
It’s ok for one night.

ESP: dormimos una noche acá. Tene cuidado donde estacionas porque los miércoles y los sábados hay feria callejera.
Nosotros llegamos un martes y nos estacionamos en la parte de abajo; pero luego decidimos movernos y estacionar arriba al lado del teleférico. Menos mal que hicimos eso, porque al otro día vimos la feria; y si no nos hubiéramos movido, el motorhome hubiera quedado atrapado por la feria.
También tuvimos que pagar estacionamiento. Negociamos 5 BOB.
El lugar esta bueno para una noche.

teleférico/Iglesia -17.96742, -67.11832

Fast, reliable and empatic mechanic.. Very friendly.with a lot of knowledge.. Jorge passed away time ago, and the place is attended by his brother Sergio, with the same spirit of service...

Taller Diaz -30.61180, -71.20397

high clearance would be ideal but we stayed in our 26ft class c in one of the front sites. didn't see another soul. the caves are very cool to check out!

BLM near Calsbad cavern 32.10454, -104.42448

small laundry opposite food basics. 18 washers 3$/load and up, 8 dryers 0.25/6 min. staff on site. entrance off back parkinglot.

orr cleaners and laundry 42.95973, -81.62088

We werent lucky as we had a storm before coming here so the water wasn't blue BUT this is a must see ! Less touristic as the other waterfall.
You can sleep on the parking lot

Parking cascadas Roberto barrios 17.32658, -91.92565

Stayed for the night; nothing fancy but blocked from the road by trees. No water access.

planicie con ripio -47.80396, -73.39947

A nice spot overlooking the lake and with beautiful mountain views. Occasionally very friendly locals might pass by.

Lots of birds around, jackals can be heard also.

No shade whatsoever.
Water is available at the mosque just after the turnoff from the main road about 4 kms away.

Swimming would possibly be better a few hundred metres south where there is more gravel near the water than at this spot. When we were here in mid November the water was too cold anyway :)

A good place to rest for a couple of days.

Dukan lake 36.18663, 44.95470

Simple but very good and friendly Indian restaurant with all the classics.
Many vegetarian dishes are available and the servings are big enough for 2 persons. If you ask they are happy to pack a takeaway from the leftovers.

Indian Food Point 35.55439, 45.43499

Staff is very helpful and friendly and happy to give you information on Georgia and places to visit. They also have big recycling bins by the semi/large vehicle parking area

Georgia welcome center 32.56970, -84.96521

very overpriced for tent camping! 350!!! no electricity or water! didn't like it! toilets and showers were very far away.

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community 20.26669, -103.42166

the place is as per the description. great to chill out for a day or more, pleasant owner, decent food in the evening.
bungalows available with hot shower and toilets.

Zebrabar 15.86453, -16.51264

Unholy winds made it impossible to do much here. Beautiful beach, decent wifi (we were told it was included in the fee but later asked for 100 pesos by guests of the camp hosts?), dogs welcome, really clean bathrooms. A little pricey at $25 with no hot water, no electricity, and broken palapas with no shelter from the winds.

Camp Beluga, San Luis Gonzaga Bay 29.77488, -114.38351

Great spot. Up close view of the sound and you can hear the ocean over the dunes. The lighthouse in the distance is the only light-it’s pretty dark. Stayed with 2 other vans and had no problems.

Kite Point 35.29280, -75.51525

Expansive grounds for our roof tent located behind the swimming pool. Easy access to toilets and cold showers. Paid 50 GTQ which also included (slow) WiFi (ask at reception for password).
Can highly recommend.

La Caballeriza Hotel 14.75171, -89.53866

Large flat, secure area located between hotel swimming pool and basketball court. Close access to toilets and cold showers. You can use the hotels WiFi but it is slow. Great place for a relaxing stay. We paid 50 GTQ for 2 of us with roof tent.

La Caballeriza Hotel 14.75168, -89.53862

All the rooms were occupied so we took a chalet for ZMK 895 per chalet which includes buffet style breakfast. We felt it was better value than camping which is currently in car park and one can use the shower in the rooms. The rooms and chalets all have air cons. There does not appear to be any self catering. Restaurant and bar and great pool. Recommend this as a stop before entering Liuwa Plains.

Liseli -15.21803, 23.15044

lindo playón para dormir frente al mar, libre sin servicios, con restaurante en la zona

Running River -40.54505, -73.71879

Dump station is open. Dump in the opening next to the locked cover. It says “dump here”

Buxton wood 35.24828, -75.53234

peaceful place to park for the night. there are even places where you can park your vehicle without being hit by a street lights. there are other big RVs that are probably there long-term that made me feel good about chilling here for the night.

West Moreland Park 45.46727, -122.64155

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