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A large asphalt parking lot with boat ramp. Located along the Warrior River. Free site. Two bars on Verizon. No amenities. Some noise at night from a few cars turning around and a few barges going by but not much traffic after midnight.

Lock 7 PUblic Use Area 32.78584, -87.83684

we followed the dirty road that goes to the lake, there are places to camp, with beautiful view.
we asked a local if we could stay for the night, he said it was ok but not on the place next to the houses, because people pass there to go to the field/lake.
some people passed in the morning, no problem.
we had a good night :)

lake titikaka (sanca jahuira) -16.21771, -68.67372

Easy to find with the written directions. A bit of a steep hill down from the road to the river bed, but many of the basic local cars were doing it fine. May be hard to get to the beach if it’s been raining a lot. Beautiful location though with tons of space. We drove from the main area to the left (facing the lake), and there there was space for many vehicles, some sheltered from trees. Very flat as well. No direct access to the lake since there’s a stream running between the lake and the parking area. Lovely place to spend the night

Lakeside -39.30085, -72.06872

Carolina is a super nice host with a beautiful campsite. Hot shower and a new toilet building. 600 pesos per person. 10 minute walk to town. They have 6 lovely dogs and a funny donkey. Wifi reaches the beginning of the campsite. So nice to feel grass under your feet! During the day they have sometimes birthday celebrations. But only till 5 or 6 pm. And always quiet.

La Carolina -23.20163, -65.34059

We stayed here in our 32 ft skoolie and follow-car in the back with the trucks and RVs. A lot more semis here than RVs so it got pretty loud at night. Besides the “no camping” sign there were no “over night parking prohibited” signs! We felt safe and it was a convenient pull of from I-25 South!

Cuerno Verde-Colorado City Rest Area 37.96410, -104.79652

Easy access. Large site. Quiet. Did hear shooting range in the distance. Area designated site hunting camp. Did not check out other 13 sites. This one was perfect for overnight.

Tuskegee Campsite #6 32.48353, -85.59750

Quiet place to sleep but cold cold cold. We started the hike at 5.30 in the morning, so nice to be there without tourist

Carpark Three Rainbow Mountains (Palccoyo) -14.04494, -71.25744

Rest Area with restrooms.
No sign : " no overnight parking".
OK on the way from DEATH VALLEY via WILDROSE to LA.

Trona Rest Area 35.75741, -117.37780

Wild card free entry. Muddy this time of year. Burger average, you are better of with toasted sandwiches at halfprice. Milkshake ok. Wifi need to pay. Camping 130 pp

Not sure if the ranger was lazy or what but the routes he told us we could do added up to less than 10 km…

Ndlovu Camp (Royal Hlane National Park) -26.26061, 31.87665

Decent beef curry for 60 rands. Plenty of safe parking right in front with no height limit

Cozy coffee house -26.49388, 31.38385

Two benches and a flat open grassy area. It doesn’t seem to belong to any of the parks. At the turnoff there was no sign whatsoever. Can be found on Google maps with same name

Rangers / anti poachers also came by and waved, didn’t say we couldn’t camp. All friendly.

Good for big rigs also

Could hear hyenas at night. Passed rhinos and wildebeest on the way in

2 bar MTN LTE

Simunye picnic site camp -26.27555, 31.92128

Ive filled 9kg for 2300pesos.
I came there at 13.00 and i could get it back at 16.00.

propane charge -24.79306, -65.42241

Ive asked the guy how much he charges. He said 350pesos per Kilo

Balcarce 1485 -24.77125, -65.41061

New Ownership: Lazydays RV as of July 2022 but dump still FREE! Enter at second driveway and dump is on the left.

Lazydays RV Dump Station 36.25842, -95.65836

went here twice on 2 different days, both closed

Cocina de Rosita 14.55984, -90.73632

tour is now Q475 including park entrance

CA Travelers 14.55912, -90.73588

budget hotel, Q100 per room per night (2 persons) free filtered water.
okay room the first 2 nights, clean towels, sheets and soap. We got an upgrade the 3th night to a room with private bathroom

Bali Hotel 14.55926, -90.73648

Didn’t get through, we didn’t want to pay the outrageous price of 1000 pesos for entrance and guide. The roads through the village around the rope didn’t look very promising, maybe because it rained. We didn’t try them. Boat rides for two people go for the same price and if you are with more prices go down. Might be a better option.

Entrance to Tamul - upper waterfall 21.85037, -99.17720

This is a well used lot, several other RVs were there. Quiet and not too bright, but felt safe and isolated from road noise. The visitor center doesn't have long hours, as stated, so washroom access is limited.

Old Salem Visitors Center 36.08471, -80.24400

An okay place to spend a night (better then on the border with Bolivia). Lots of locals at night, might be loud music. Free shower at men's toilet, clean. Can pay by card.

Under the trees (Gasur gas station) -21.35086, -61.52283
La Famille POOS

Nice place. Almost very quite. 300 pesos the night.

El Rancho RV Park 17.05218, -96.63934

Parked my bus here overnight, A row or two away from the park in the Holiday Inn Express parking lot like was stated in the comments. Got a knock in the morning (Wednesday) around 8am from the police. Was told no overnight parking.

Governor Printz Park / Holiday Inn 39.86119, -75.30247

Bonito y tranquilo lugar para pasar unos días. Hay grifos para cargar los tanques. Bonito y animado pueblo, gentes muy amables.

Gualeguaychú -33.02220, -58.50839

unbelievably bad service, rude staff, you have to pay in advance and don't get your money back if there is no water all day! 120 MAD for a parking space!!! Fraud!

Ourika Camp 31.52679, -7.95909

Scenic route to the camp, the camp was closed when we got there, but preperations for the season are clearly visible. It was possible to stay at the end of the road right next to the official campsite.

Quinta El Durazno -35.48561, -71.85536

Very noisy, right next to the highway, a busy road. The truck airbrakes in the middle of the night are fun.

Cracker Barrel New Stanton 40.21630, -79.61152
David white

This place was closed by owner. I messaged with them today, says it can be booked on Hipcamp for a fee. Unfortunately it seems some of us iOverlanders damaged his property and we’re disrespectful to his neighbors. Too bad the bad actors ruin things like this.

Geodesic Domes in the Desert 33.72683, -112.12667

Great spot by the lake. The road to get there is rocky but the spot is beautiful and rather quiet.

Lakeside -39.30085, -72.06872

They filled our US propane bottle, they have an adaptor!

Acodike -33.26222, -58.01836

Small place right after the toll station direction south, there was a construction site and some trucks parked there as well. Not too much traffic during the night but you hear every truck breaking for the toll station. It was midnight and we had no other option.

Peaje San Pedro on Route 21 4.59397, -74.48682

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