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Passamos a noite no YPF de Rio Grande, com uma vista incrível pro Oceano. A loja de conveniências é ótima, com muitas opções e excelente atendimento. Banheiros limpos, mas não tem ducha quente. O sinal de wi-fi é bom, mas só funciona nos arredores da loja, no estacionamento não. Um bom lugar pra descansar e seguir viagem ao Ushuaia.

Fuel station YPF -53.92095, -67.59533

estou viajando em carro pequeno, e parei neste local para cozinhar e dormir, local tranquilo com um lago, árvores e sombras.

Waterfront Spot -22.84466, -49.24135

Propane near the gas fueling station.

Words words words

Propane at Loves (near fueling station) 41.14371, -87.26072

So good! We came here to get lunch and drinks

Patio de Las Empanadas -24.79150, -65.41269

We stayed at the site just past this one that had a turn around road in front of it. Beautiful views around and a great hike towards the end on the big loop. Good Verizon reception. Rock fire pits at some spots. Usually busy so be prepared!

Baylor Canyon Road BLM 32.35006, -106.61287

Superb cenote entirely underground. The site is enchanting, there is a superb restaurant, a swimming pool and showers and toilets are very clean. Lockers are available with a deposit of 100 refundable pesos. The Cenote is great and clean. The water is crystalline about 87 degrees. The entrance is 170 pesos per person, including children aged 4 and over. 2 free parkings

Superbe cenote entièrement sous terrain. Le site est enchanteur, il y a un superbe restaurant, une piscine et les douches et toilettes sont très propres. Des casiers sont disponibles avec un dépôt de 100 pesos remboursable. Le cenote est grand et propre. L'eau est cristalline à environ 87 degrés. L'entrée est 170 pesos par personnes, incluant les enfants de 4 ans et plus. 2 stationnements gratuits

cenote San Ignacio 20.75058, -89.83463

Closed for the winter

………………. ……….. . . .

Cabelas Dump / Parking 41.57228, -87.48412

Nice place to spend fews nights, windy of course but pretty quiet except young people with racing cars. Center of Rio very close.
Artisanal market saturday and sunday.
This area is going to change in fews weeks, there will be there some playground for kids and more things …

Parking closed to the walkside -51.61190, -69.22000

nice and clean shower, we were 2 people and they told us, we can use the shower for free. really friendly people

Pecsa gas station -8.08920, -79.09681

Bishop Paiute Tribe Cultural Center has giftshop, museum, and activities for kids to do. There is picnic tables, horse shoe pit, and large grass area for kids to play on too.

Bishop Paiute Tribe Cultural Center 37.36218, -118.41540

no police today. no police today. no police today

Police Checkpoint 16.80298, -90.09430

Big RV parking available and car space.

There is a museum, gift shop, picnic tables, horseshoe pit, and big grassy space. Behind the cultural center, there is a walking path.

The Bishop Paiute Tribe Cultural Center is closed on Sunday and Monday's.

Bishop Paiute Tribe Cultural Center 37.36219, -118.41545

New Dump station .Nice pool, big rigs alowed. A lot a wineries close

Viñas de Vieytes -33.01467, -68.83396

bom local. com gasolina a um bom preço . estou viajando em carro pequeno e parei para pernoitar. funcionários atenciosos

posto paizão -23.29414, -51.31192

As described, wanted to add that the spigot wasn’t frozen as of late November!

Ashton park free water 44.07112, -111.44203

Nice Park with some shade and some leveled terrain. water on tap. no wifi apart from the raft providers.

Parque das Laranjeiras -29.41651, -50.76932

One of the first official camp spots once you enter Alabama Hills. Big open spot on an intersection of dirt roads. Great for big rigs or multiple.

Alabama Hills Official Site #2 36.59908, -118.10979

Basic clean hotel, secure parking, AC, close to food shops. Paid 120 reals/night.
I arrived on Saturday night east bound to Guyana. Hard to find any open restaurants on Sat or Sunday. Cooked outside of my room.

Pousada Fronteira 3.36008, -59.83417

Great place to fill up your water tanks, for free!

YPF Drinking Water from hose and tap -54.79059, -68.22663

Camping de montaña con servicios básicos, con acceso a quebrada, río y cataratas, flora y fauna en el lugar, duchas y sanitarios, área común bajo techo.

Llano Escondido Camping 9.90166, -84.29848

Great showers, water gets super hot, everything's clean, and staff was friendly. I had the whole locker room to myself when I went around noon on a Sunday.

Freestone Rec Center 33.36287, -111.76641

Official camp site at the beginning of Alabama Hills. High clearance required! No cell signal. Very secluded spot.

Alabama Hills 36.60518, -118.10719

Lowest campsite at the entrance of Alabama Hills. Wouldn't recommend big rigs. Cell service available.

Alabama Hills Trail Side 36.60081, -118.10619

didn't use but they have a sign by the propane that says tanks filled here

Chevron Propane Fill 35.75424, -109.62616

Safe and quiet even a Saturday night after 21h. Lots of people in the day so few places but after dark everyone leave. Nice view, toilets now open until 21/22 and even in the morning.

Public Parking lot -2.50490, -44.31833

Doesn’t have parking for rigs but it is a fantastic place. The rooms are since year starting at 80Q which is the best value in town. Huge garden in the middle. Shower and toilets outside. Super clean! A bit off the Main Street and quiet. Super friendly older hosts.

Casa Linda 14.74324, -91.15566

We went with isla turismo, we arrived at 13h and at 14h15 we were in the 4x4 to go to the lencois.

Amazing tour,we park in front and sandro find us a tour because they were all booked. We paid 100R$ per person and it took us 1h30 to find the Laguna, it was not the period. Really worth the stop and they were super nice. We speak mostly with spanish words.

Lençois Adventure -2.74913, -42.82723

No longer available for camping. Alabama Hills only allows camping in designated spots. This is not one of them!

Alabama Hills 36.60135, -118.11172

Still open and free to use! We don't know if the water is potable or not but we took a chance.

5R Travel Center - Valero Gas Station 32.28103, -107.75925

New eco-cabins, camping, quiet, 1,5km out of Mesetas, farm environment.
Trees, birds, nature-
Friendly owner is a very helpful person
No hot water but it is not needed in this climate-
Delicious breakfasts- other meals you prepare or order from nearby Mesetas

Pie'Monte Eco Hotel 3.39593, -74.04524

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