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While turning a narrow street, we broke the door of the chest on the footboard of our van. We went to this place and the guy repaired it in like 30min. Super service and very ingenious guy! He asked for a ridicoulus amount, we gave him double.

Aluminum & Glass 16.70666, -93.01444

Agriturismo with homemade and home produced food. Warm rooms, free parking, English speaking, extremely friendly.
68€/night, huge breakfast included!

Agriturismo il favalo 43.02307, 12.02809

I typically park here when I’m doing cross country road trips as it’s a good pit stop. I arrived last night around 11:30pm on a Saturday night and not one other car/RV/camper there. Left around 6am and was perfect to get some sleep. Can hear highway noise but it wasn’t bad.

Cracker Barrel - Davenport 41.59320, -90.56840

Little pull off on the side of the main road. Noisy in the evening and mornings but quiet overnight. Felt safe and has a nice view of the lake. No signs posted. Good cell service.

Pulloff Overlook 36.40230, -118.98931

Nice hostel before (or after) the pass. 75 per person. Clean, shared kitchen and showers (very hot). We could park our bicycles inside. There are restaurants in the village and some small shop.

Gite de Taddert 31.35875, -7.39170
Elizabeth Emonds

Very nice rest stop in every way; clean, attractively landscaped, picnic tables/shelters, music playing in large clean restrooms. Good vending options.

Alamance Rest Area 36.06433, -79.53395

Really good bakery with delicious sourdough bread. Price is between 400 and 600 pesos.
After tasting the first bread we bought a second one straight away.
Bakery is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Bakery - El Obrador - El Bolson -41.96166, -71.53432

Spend one night here and felt safe. It’s free and you don’t have to pay anything to see the waterfall.
From the campground you can go by foot or with the car and follow the road for 2km and go to the bridge while enjoying the waterfall.
When we were here, the ground was a bit muddy because of the rain so the big rig couldn’t go to the nice grass area but they parked just before and it was fine.
There is a tap to refill the water next to a pit toilet but you need a very long hose as it is quite far.
No cell reception.
IG: on.vagabonde

las nubes 16.19446, -91.34407
Francine the Travel Machine

Passed here today at 5 pm and no one was in the office and the bathrooms were closed. Assuming they are not yet open for the season. We kept on driving. We were heading south and the ripio started in Cholila and is in great condition.

Entrance Parque Nacional los Alerces -42.60697, -71.64548
Francine the Travel Machine

Arrived here around 5:30 pm on a Saturday and reception was closed. Walked around looking for someone in charge but nowhere to be found. Other campers told us they may return later, the wifi wasn't working and as a local they were paying 1500 ars pp. The gate was locked and we ended up sleeping in our camper in the parking lot and did the Laguna Escondido hike in the morning (pretty and took 1.5 hours return). A guy walked by a couple times that appeared to work there but never approached us. Kind of odd but was a quiet and safe place in the parking lot for the night. Guessing they don't care much if it's off season.

Parque Nacional Los Alerces – Rio Arrayanes -42.74288, -71.74246

Really beautiful spot. Free in the winter months with hardly anyone around. Clean pit toilets with toilet paper and surprisingly nice smelling. Some of the pull offs along the road are pretty steep and sketchy, so happy I went for this place in my 30 foot skoolie. Picnic benches and fire pits as well.

Spring Recreation BLM Huntington OR 44.37656, -117.23873

nice secluded place to spend the night.
it was cold but we had a good night sleep.
we saw monarch butterflies in the morning

Mariposas well hidden 19.66790, -100.27422

Passamos uma noite aqui(Na entrada). Muito tranquilo e silencioso. Há uma placa informando que não pode entrar veículos no canion, mas muitos carros entram.

Canyon del Indio -27.67102, -67.76716

we were allowed to dry camp right at the shore line, which is a really nice place, BUT: the campground itself is still a big construction site, the bathrooms are dirty and old. You either get a cold or a boiling hot shower and there is dog poop all over the property. The view on the lagoon is really beautiful but the facilities are really not nice.

Don Eddies 30.48550, -115.97821

stuck sleeping in the parking area, sign says trail beck to the camping spots closed from October to May wish I had known I went through a lot of gas I do not have the money to replace took almost every dime I had traveling here from Michigan...

Wilcox Playa wildlife area 32.14190, -109.75697

I parked between the Cracker Barrel and Lowe's with several vans and RVs nearby. There's obviously road noise, but the actual parking lot was quiet. I went into Lowe's to use the bathroom (very clean!) and buy a little plant before they closed.

Cracker Barrel 34.92473, -120.42154

o local é fantástico mais por conta do som muito alto e música de péssimo gosto , eu e mais seis viajantes tivemos que deixar o local, pois o som muito alto incomodava muito

PRAIA DO BOSQUE -18.77330, -39.74860

yes, a nice place. We stayed here overnight although

Puesto 'el fortin' quiet place next to Ruta 7 and river -32.68110, -69.52622

Passamos 4 dias no camping e ele é ótimo. Tem bons chuveiros com agua quente, um bom espaço para lavar roupas e várias churrasqueiras.
Teve uma ventania e derrubou alguns cabos de energia externa em parte do camping, mas ainda tem hma que funciona. Na secretaria tem calefação e um espaço para trabalhar com notebook.

Camping Municipal -49.30578, -67.72085

Stayed here after learning that there would be a big fiesta at El Palmar this evening. Had dinner here - not cheap, but good - and stayed for free. Vehicle access to beach was not possible because of construction works, so there was only room at the entrance for us. Good for one night, though.

Finca hotel la Manuela 8.85981, -76.42099

Price is 4000 ARS per person.
You can also pay with creditcard (if westernunion is out of money.... which unfortunately happen to us)!

Perito Moreno Glacier -50.42650, -72.75163

The place is very beautiful. We paid 100 pesos (2 persons + 1 tent). Unfortunately its open 24 hs and people came here to make partys, music is very loud, they leave garbage and break thinks. I found the bathroom in the moorning like in the picture. We found very dificult to sleep beucase we heart them speaking around our tent, when the place is extremely big. What were they looking there? its very sad.
I forgot to said that cars and motorbikes came in and out all the time, so its very noise.

Camping Municipal Villa del Dique -32.17484, -64.44628

I forgot the pictures so I make this comment. Look how they left the bathroom. Its very sad

Camping Municipal Villa del Dique -32.17484, -64.44630

Stayed two nights. Went all the way to the shore in 4WD without having to air down. Was all alone both nights.
Good fishing. Fisherman came in the morning left around noon.
Super quiet and only 20-25 mins from Cabo. Also seems to be a popular surf spot (according to Insta,) but wind was wrong and no waves to speak of. Saw dolphins and whales. Have to poop in the low brush behind the beach. Highly recommended.
Has two bars cell, four with a weboost.

Playa La Curva del Soldado/Playa Bobito 23.10094, -110.11409

nice place to stay for a night. Friendly family with 2 cute dogs.
Basic but clean private room with cold showers and a fan.
Let me store my bike inside the place behind a locked door.
plenty of parking space, can park anything here.
wanted 30k COP, agreed on 20k for one person.

Hotel Colonial 3.62756, -75.09540

Weird, they didn't let me stay here and said the are closed at night. Asked to at least take a shower and they said no too.
The comandante didn't seem very thrilled about me in general and was dismissive.
The other bombero was nice and pointed me to a spot in town where I could camp but I ended up taking a room in a hotel instead cause I could use a shower and the place they suggested was on the side of the road basically.

Bomberos - Firefighters! 3.62275, -75.09608

we went there thinking that it would be a free night as mentioned in the comments but it’s not true. We need to paid $15 per night to stay there

McHood Park Campsite Winslow. 34.97194, -110.64215

Quiet, but no cell service today🙁 and yes: only 3 official sites.

Apple Canyon Yellow Post Campsites (National Forest) 33.67618, -116.68122

Stationnement paisible sur le côté près des chargeurs

Walmart 35.83691, -96.39085

Passamos uma noite bem tranquila no local, tinha outros RVs. Local calmo, seguro.

Colonia de Sacramento -34.47314, -57.85379

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