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muito bom para passar o dia ou acampar..
valor dia 20 por pessoa
acampar 50 por pessoa
com água ,banheiro com água quente..lanchonete.
lugar bem seguro.

Camping Cachoeira Rio São Jorge -25.10678, -50.02349

This place is permanently closed.

Luis's Garage -38.89855, -70.06502

pulled in after dark and stopped at one of the pull outs near this location. was far enough off 89 to have minimal road noise, slept undisturbed. good 5g Verizon signal. some shell casings around. checked out the sites further up the road and found a no camping sign...

FR 9571 34.79640, -111.91644

excelente area de camping com estrutura para motorhome ou acampar. atualmente está 14mil pesos chilenos por pessoa por noite. tem banho quente, banheiro público, area para fazer parilla em cada area de camping.

Lago Pehoe - Torres del Paine -51.11727, -72.97888

I got here around 10pm and stayed in the back lot until 11 am with no problems. It was a nice quiet night.

vizcaino park 30.32293, -103.99552

Parking lot across from construction and directly behind hotels/casinos. We stayed here over night with two skoolies and no one bothered us, it seems like maybe some employees park here and are shuttled to/from work but at night the lot completely cleared out. There are no signs anywhere and there is a construction parking lot across the street.

Parking Lot 38.96228, -119.93659

Great place for the night! I got here at 8pm on a Saturday and I noticed that all RV spots were taken which was fine as I can fit my camper van in on spot. Thank you Cracker Barrel!

Cracker Barrel (Central Ave Pike) 36.00257, -83.98311

Shell gas station ,- filtered drinking water .

Al Rawdah- Al Hamra Road 23.10139, 57.27663

Posted price is 400 pesos plus 140 per person over 2 people.. They charged us 920 mx for 4 people .. nice place other than getting overcharged:(

Martin Verdugo's Beach Resort 23.68225, -109.69841

Este lugar está lejos de la playa. Los baños están en buenas condiciones. El WiFi funciona solo en la recepción. es para vehículos pequeños y bajos. tiene muchas ramas bajas que no permiten entrar vehículos de más de 2 metros. El hombre que atiende es simpático y comunicativo. los supermercados están a 10 minutos caminando. muy tranquilo el sector. salir de noche a pie es una opción si tienes linterna y ganas de caminar en la obscuridad. 300 pesos por persona.

camping de la Viuda -34.04785, -53.55715

Rv (2 axles) & vehicle in tow.Total $142 pesos

Toll booth 23.21042, -106.24994

Tienen todas las comodidades.. WiFi libre, baños muy lindos, juegos para niños afuera y adentro del establecimiento.. ideal para parar a descansar

YPF -35.05340, -64.25359

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 47.58573, -59.16044

Peacekeepers Lookout 47.50736, -52.94593

Rv (2 axles) and tow vehicle) total $555 pesos

Check Point Toll Booth 22.98142, -105.87413

CO-OP gas station with propane fill and diesel fuel

Coop propane fill 51.12411, -114.19941

Nice free city RV park. No hookups. on a small pond, site of the concentration camp run by the US Government at Bosque Rodondo. The memorial is worth a visit, although troubling that genocide committed by the US Army in the 1860's

Bosque Redondo Park 34.43228, -104.21322

nice city RV park, dispersed camping in an area with a disturbing and troubling history.

Bosque Redondo Park 34.43227, -104.21322

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 50.24956, -117.81030

Esso gas station 50.24956, -117.81030

A great spot when visiting Madera Canyon. The road is rough in spots, but doable w/2wd if you take it slow. About 10 minutes from the exit of Madera Canyon. Quiet, dark and level. 1-bar Verizon

Madera Canyon 31.77594, -110.87242

a very nice place, we arrive late at nigth and found it empty, just another truck camper sleeping. very quiet and nice to sleep.

duirng the day, it was very busy but we have no problem at all, just people enjoying walking around the beach and rental horse's rides.

Pichilemu - parking at the beach -34.38402, -72.00413

This place is permanently closed.

Ypora Resort -28.58540, -56.08938

This place is permanently closed.

Pintados -20.62247, -69.63639

This place is permanently closed.

Camping Tamarugal -20.42755, -69.70539

It is an official place for night fishing. Nice, quiet, no problems.
Space for two smaller camper van.

Chemin du Moulin 47.44969, 6.63683

A nice bridge made of rocks and overlooking a waterfall (swimming not possible because of the flow). No guide needed - I walked from Dalaba downtown to the bridge and back using for a total of 15 km approximately. Pretty straightforward.

Pont du Dieu 10.68477, -12.26171

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -25.98928, 31.99903

Namaacha border post -25.98928, 31.99903

I wasn't able to find this place.

OSA Vita 8.38861, -83.28001

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 35.00014, -85.00352

Cracker Barrel 35.00014, -85.00352

This place is permanently closed.

Openmine Caravan Park Kimberley -28.74019, 24.75209

Moderator please close the place: brand new sign "Camping and Overnight Parking Prohibited"

Dyke Trail Parking 49.26374, -122.68792

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