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In the parking lot of the visitor center.
No signs of no overnight parking.
Slept here for one night, no problem.

Blue Ridge Parkway 37.23844, -79.85318

The quietest rest stop I’ve ever stayed at. The bathrooms were fine and there was plenty of space.

Crescent Junction Rest Area 38.93830, -109.82722

Municipal campsite. With a beautiful view of the lake. It has restrooms and electricity and grills. Also supply.

Parque Lago San Genaro -32.38771, -61.34659

we came based on an iovelander recommendation, but left after several cars came by and shook our rv so badly, it felt unsafe! We do not recommend!

overlook mountain 34.89758, -85.44510

We drove here from Estacion Catorce. Our 4x4 van is 6 meters long, 2,10 meters wide and 2,8 meters high. It is a beautiful drive. Not super challenging in general. But I would recommend 4x4 and some ground clearance. The road is largely paved, in a bumpy way. Only tricky part is when the old timer collectivo jeeps pass in the opposite direction. But they will make way to let you pass. We payed 100 pesos (during Dias de los Muertos) to park here for the night.

Parking Real de Catorce 23.68904, -100.88345

Changed location type to a daytime lot .

Granville Island Parking Lots 49.26929, -123.13279

I guess this place needs a very necessary update on the prices. We got here and they asked 70 usd (1400 Pesos) for a night. The place looks like this as well to be honest but that's not what we are looking for. So safe yourself the effort going here if you don't want to spend that amount of money on a room

Las Rocas 17.78294, -101.72624

I thought I had booked at the other state park rockhound, drove out there first. I’m so glad I messed up, because rockhound was chuck full of huge RVs and OHVs. This park is really wonderful. For 10$ you get walking trails, bathrooms, water, showers(planning to check out tomorrow), and no RVs with generators on. If you are car camping do not pick site 37. I think I picked the only site not back in the rocks on a flat surface. But still very quiet. Fire rings and picnic tables. Pay online then just go to your site. No one was at the entrance, but my name was tagged on my reserved site.

City of Rocks State Park 32.59048, -107.97769

A place that deserves to be found if you like seafood. We had an amazing seafood bowl for 250 Pesos. For us it was enough to share the meal.

Just be aware the restaurant is open till 18:00 (6pm). Beers are 40 Pesos for a bottle Pacifico.

El Pirata 19.58831, -105.12655

easy dump right at entrance. portable water!

North Carolina State Fairground 35.79480, -78.72152

Asked and said ok to park far from store.
Very busy
Lots of Restaurants by..
Toilets inside WM when open

Tx Palestine, Walmart 31.73581, -95.61496

Amazing beaches here, the turtles are everywhere this time of the year. You can see the laying eggs process all over the beach. It was pretty crowded in the weekend, we just looked for 1 of the Palapa's that was empty and camped there. We paid 80 Pesos per person. Toilets are not great at all, shower was fine.

The people in town are friendly, no one bothered us or our stuff around the tent and motorcycles. Make sure if you are staying here at the beach that you cross the little river and walk to the other beaches with the coves. They are really beautiful to see and to enjoy the sunset with a beer :)

Downside there is no cellphone reception at all.

Lety restaurante y camping 18.27011, -103.34690

lugar tranquilo a 10 cuadras del centro. juegos para niñes y canilla con agua porable frente a los juegos.

plaza con juegos y agua -26.06555, -65.97810

Was planning to camp here, but there are several ‘Hotel Guests Only’ signs around the lot. We didn’t want to risk it, so we just moved on

Marriott Denver West 39.74058, -105.16105

This campsite must have just been built in the past month or so. Nice spots tucked into the cliffside for wind protection. Has a pit toilet, each site has nonpotable water, 2 electric outlets, a cook area with a BBQ for charcoal, a nice palatable and a concrete picnic table. Beach is nearby for fishing, also decent cell service!

100 pesos per night.

We are in a Transit van but I'm pretty confident almost any truck and trailer could get down here.

Arroyo Armarga 30.19791, -115.79370

from here on until the border to peru gravel road - ca. 50km! good drivable during dry days, could be a nightmare after or during rain. don't expect to be faster than 25 km/h.

start gravel road -4.76141, -79.10466

They ask me few questions and they let me go

Military Checkpoint 31.89207, -116.27291

Still open and 15 for a shower 7 for the toilet

Shower | Wc 31.02055, -114.83365

Watch out where you going there’s some really soft spot and I’ve get stuck in Ford e150 2wd
I had to find some people at the house nearby a very cool American guy came with a truck and some very friendly locals came from nowhere help me to dig out and push the van out

viewpoint overlooking the bay 31.05617, -114.82600

A small spot on the road leading to the Boulder Mail-Trail trailhead. Once you turn off Hells Backbone road, there is a small spot on the left, and if you follow the road to the trailhead there are a few more spots. Not really for big-rigs or tow campers, but you’ll be fine in 2WD vans or smaller rigs.
Make sure you stay clear of the Boulder landing strip! Perfect for an early start on the BMT.

Boulder Mail-Trail Trailhead 37.88902, -111.45999

Huge flat space on the edge of the football pitch, alongside the stadium. Was recommended by a local, and the police drove past a handful of times in the evening and seemed unconcerned, so I guess it's fine.

Quite exposed and was noisy with traffic and music from a nearby comedor from 7am (though it's Todos Santos so maybe rowdier than usual), plus in the sun from around then, so not ideal unless you're an early riser - but otherwise was peaceful overnight. zdid the job for a night.

Rabinal football pitch 15.09022, -90.50192
David white

Rest stop that is partially abandoned. Bathrooms are fenced off and grounds not maintained. Portia potties in place of bathrooms. A few trucks the night I am here. Surprisingly quiet. No signage I saw about overnight parking.

Rest stop 34.95306, -111.67285

Love this place, quiet. Thanks for keeping it clean, hope to enjoy it here for many years to come.

Parking Lot - Glenwood Springs 39.54801, -107.32814

There were shiny new signs saying the parking spaces were for trail-use only. I took that to mean they didn't want people sleeping there, so I did not stay.

Waterfront Trail behind Target 40.80545, -124.14280

No water, I don’t know is if the season.

Keiller Park 32.26698, -109.84474

Terrible, TERRIBLE road noise. Great for a quick stop but insanely loud road noise. Got out of bed and decided to leave at midnight.

rest area 27.13360, -97.79263

Wanted to stay here, arrived at 11 pm. Guard said we could stay but we would have to leave before 6 am because at 6 am the place has to be empty. So we left.

Terpel Fuel Station 4.63521, -74.44978

Arrived after dark, paid the $3 and stayed until 9am. Saw what looked like security lingering throughout the night but no one told us to move on. Had a homeless man come up and ask for "help" and saw what looked like drug dealing. Lots of run down cars pulling in for 10mins then leaving again. Felt a bit uneasy but stayed the night anyway and everything was fine. Wouldn't stay again though, didn't want to leave the camper unattended for a train ride either

Metro Park and Ride Station Car park 34.14016, -118.36405

Despite at least 20 RVs and 6 semis in the lot, an employee approached me on arrival to inform me he was calling the tow truck(s) in 30 minutes.

Walmart. Fort Stockton 30.89526, -102.90763

As above good town campsite and Motel.
Safe and clean.

Fantasia Guesthouse -17.91022, 15.97819

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