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It‘s a camper parking space for free. The facilities are not working at the moment. But it‘s alright for one night. The lake is nearby.

Area Camper Schiranna 45.80330, 8.78365

awesome selection of deli and salads. tables inside and out. sandwichs to order. well stocked and clean. Starbucks inside. everytime I drive by the parking lot is packed which says something.

Safeway/Starbucks 32.05091, -110.70832

Wifi available in the large parking lot. Temporary library card available on their website if you need to access computers, printing, study rooms. Near tons of shopping and restaurants galore.

Belmar Library 39.70678, -105.08330

very well maintained and beautiful campsite. I haven't seen many places that clean. Super sanitary facilities with 24 hour hot water. very friendly and helpful owner. the price is also right at 3500 pesos for two people and a camper.

Portal Norte - El Bolsón -41.92688, -71.53462

Pessoal local perto da praça boa localização , so tem um problema a noite eles tiram o cabo da energia e desliga o wi fi se precisar de energia e internet aqu não é o lugar pra ficar , isso porque chegamos 9 hrs da noite , as 5 quando levantei me deparei sem energia e internet

Camping Cedro (Hotel, Restaurant) -1.39895, -78.41908

very nice view, big tree, warm water and all you need. big crocodiles in the River 150pppn (support to the community included)
more space than in also nice Syncro campsite (less open view)

Okarohombo Community Campsite -17.25005, 12.43752

Slept here under the tree in the parking next too service station. Clean cold showers. Quiet till early morning. Better space for cars not tents.

Auto Posto São Domingos -13.45896, -46.34382
Cubby Van Life

Ok Folks, here are the facts. One can park nest to the bridge, free, from 6 PM -9:30AM. Look for the signs. Nearby areas are 6PM-6AM which means you have to pay or move at 6AM. Safe and quiet, next to Northshore main street. Security drives through without problems. Walk across the Walnut Street bridge at night. It is magical!

Coolidge Park Stealth Camping Free Parking 35.06116, -85.30847

This place is permanently closed.

Torres da Antigua Igreja -27.29149, -52.32325

On s’est parqué à l’étage supérieur. La discothèque extérieure du grand hôtel de l’autre côté du plan d’eau a été bruyante jusqu’à minuit. Après nuit très calme. Toilettes ouvertes à côté.

Prainha de Ita -27.28086, -52.33513

The access to the camping is terrible. Water and electricity in one place only, so you’ll need long hose or long eletricity cable. The place is clean, well mantained and there is a huge and clean pool. We paid R$ 170 for 2 plus R$ 15 for electricity fee. It is too expensive and it doesn’t worth. The first price was R$ 80 per couple but when we paid they charged R$ 80 per person. The place is near but not walk distance to downtown but they called a taxi. The downtown is cool. We recommend go around 14:00 to visit the historic center, museums, etc and wait until night where the city is illuminated and becomes more beautiful.

O acesso ao camping é péssimo. Água e eletricidade em um só lugar, então você precisará de uma mangueira ou cabo de eletricidade longo. O lugar é limpo, bem cuidado e há uma piscina enorme e limpa. Pagamos R$ 170 por 2 pessoas mais R$ 15 pela taxa de luz. É muito caro e não vale a pena. O primeiro preço era R$ 80 por casal mas quando pagamos cobraram R$ 80 por pessoa. O lugar fica perto, mas não a uma curta distância do centro, mas eles chamaram um táxi. O centro da cidade é legal. Recomendamos ir por volta das 14h para visitar o centro histórico, museus, etc e esperar até a noite onde a cidade se ilumina e fica mais bonita.

Camping Serra Dourada -15.95082, -50.12752

Parking available in the gravel lot of the motel. Nice looking grounds and pool, but the desert takes over here a bit. Pool needed a good cleaning (it was quite cloudy water) so we skipped the swim (plus it was a little cool by the time we arrived). Clean bathroom with unheated shower made available. Quiet night. Gate was closed and locked at night. Paid S/35 for a sprinter van and two adults with two kids. There’s nobody staying at the hotel at all. Very nice young guy showed up 15 minutes after we arrived to greet us and give us a key to the storage room for the bathroom and shower. This area looks like it has seen better days as you approach the motel, and the streets are rutted dirt lanes, but it’s a stop that felt safe and the nearby museum was a great reason to stay.

Ecolodge Manita Helmita (+hotel) -6.70194, -79.89550

Street Parking 5m walk from downtown Knoxville, free 6pm to 8am, relatively quiet for it's vicinity to downtown, 8m walk to the downtown dog park. Have stayed here twice in my short bus while in town without incident.

Public parking 35.96693, -83.92253

small parking lot with public access for fishing

Coeur d'Alene River 47.48073, -116.69747

Fantastic place to chill for a few days. Important note. if coming from Boke do not take the road indicated by Google maps at the Koussaya junction instead continue further along to the next road near Toumobilya which is sealed the entire way except for the short access road to the camp.

Tomboliya village 10.25477, -14.46389

Safe place to spend the night, very quiet, beautiful view, near the city center. When we arrived at night, there was no one here, but when I woke up we paid ARS $ 1000 at night.

Killa Qullqi -27.69079, -67.61091

This place is permanently closed.

Lake Guillelmo -41.42348, -71.48846

Easy access and it is Flat with a fire pit!!! and free.

Dillahunty Road 32.08260, -104.42108

This place has closed.

Camping International Aourir 30.49475, -9.62374

All was easy.
In out benin to Togo
We get the Visa at the border. 25 000 cfa single entry 15 days.

Benin/Togo border 6.24055, 1.63083

Nice and clean, easy to use. Cold spring water.

Natural Spring - Free Water Fill 35.01564, -111.73740

Detour from water on road leads to hippos pool. 30+ up close and some out of water.. best sitting of the trip

Water hole -19.21299, 23.99116

Benin to Togo.
Custom are juste the side office of immigartion. Need to passe police control... try to get 2000 cfa for registrer without invoice so we refuse to pay and it was easy.
We get the laisse-passe for 30 days for our motorbike for 7000 cfa.
Fast and easy

Benin/Togo border 6.24057, 1.63069

Amazing place with a lot of space for kombis and tents .There is kitchen , clean bathrooms , potable water , freezer , its a very confortable place .Next to the caverns.

Lugar Increivel com muito espaço para kombis , barracas , tem cozinha , banheiros limpos , agua potavel , geladeira .É um lugar muito confortável .Muito perto das cavernas.

Pousada Recanto das Pedras -15.17282, -44.22040

This is easily one of my favorite spots in the entire US. it’s not just another spot of sandy desert with a mountain ridge in the distance. It’s got lots of personality and as if out of a movie set - different cacti varieties, tons of milky white quartz everywhere, plenty of places to walk/hike, beautiful clusters of high rock, and some dramatic mountainous peaks. Sand is soft and easy to dig poop holes. Only a few overnighters have come and gone in the week I’ve been here. The short road past the green gate is quite narrow, but I went real slow in my Chevy Astro, and while I heard some side scrapes of lined brush and plants on either side, it didn’t leave any permanent marks on the van. Hang the first left on that dirt/sand road and there’s two sites with fire pits and some trees for shade (and enough privacy in between them) before the road gets a bit rockier (whereby high clearance and/or 4wd might be desired for spots further up yonder). Very peaceful vibe. Noise from nearby local lonesome highway is minimal.

Granite Gap II 32.09512, -108.97036

Rv dump station. Free dump station just before town. Easy and convenient

Lander 42.82901, -108.72571

There are now “No Overnight Parking” signs at this location.

Preston Island Parking no camping signs everywhere 41.75210, -124.21450

encontramos ponto de energia no estacionamento coberto, tem nas pilastras. também achamos uma torneira lá no fundo do estacionamento. não tem chuveiro.

Havan de Linhares -19.35875, -40.06581

Not a bad spot - I wouldn’t arrive at night time as it’s hard to tell exactly where the ditch is but it’s a pretty sweet option. Didn’t stay the night yet just scoped it out

Forested roadside 49.23694, -122.89550

Everything is fine. Hot showers only sometimes.
The old GPS coordinates lead to the backside.

Camping Diamant Vert 33.98711, -5.02077

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