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We spend 3 nights at this campground. The price is € 6,50 per person + 0,50 cent. for the tourist tax, €8,50 for the spot for the van, € 2,50 for the electricity (optional) and € 1,00 for the hot shower (optional).

There is no toilet paper in the bathroom, so keep that in mind. The shower is 4 minutes, so you might need two token for a single shower.

It’s just ne of the fewest campsite still open in November.

Make sur to stop at La Vigna Degli Dei for there wine and local products. The owners offers cooking classes and dinners which are one the best in the region.

San Lázzaro Agerola camping beata 40.62476, 14.56642

37°00′05.94″N 111°35′33.65″W coordinats are wrong, nice place, quite, far enough from Page, amazing views, firepit, nothing else than stars

Page 37.00164, -111.59265

8$ per Person entrance fee, you cant travel with RV, ATV or Motorbike trough the Park, only with a paid jeep Tour. you cant reach the visitor Center without paying the fee

Monument Valley 36.98241, -110.11180
El Carrito Azul

As described. The road toll is now 5$. Ranger showed up at 5pm and wanted us to leave. After a very friendly discussion he let us stay for 1 night. Banos are brand new.

Cayambe - Coca Nationalpark -0.32533, -78.14825

You really need 4wd to get down by the water, which is a nice spot, but we stayed at the top (van); there is a spot to back up into, tucked out of sight from the road…it’s not the flattest, but good for a one nighter. Quiet area.

Bear Cove 44.14485, -66.19312

Quiet camp ground. A little windy and narrow on the 130 coming in, but easily done with two wheel drive and a heavy vehicle. DO NOT TAKE QUIMBY ROAD!! I blew out my brakes coming down that road. Steep all downhill. Stick to the 130. If you have a lighter more maneuverable vehicle, it should be fine. But learn from my mistakes :,)

Joseph Grant Campground: Santa Clara County Park 37.34068, -121.71991

Passei o dia nele e tinha wi-fi tbm além de tudo que está marcado já aí em novembro de 2022. As porções de comida são generosas. A área de camping é gramada e limpinha, pontos de água e energia, tem churrasqueira e bancos com mesa de concreto se quiser. Se quiser utilizar os quiosques com geladeira e fogão tem um gasto a mais. Tem piscina, banheiros com chuveiro um deles era quente. Tem pesque pague tbm. O ruim é que só funciona finais de semana e feriados.

Agora na Roça -16.39283, -47.82723
Des routes & nous

After the reany season the water is not clear at all. Okay for lunch or to rest a little but not sure for a night as it's close to the road and everybody can see you. Not very flat area.

Lovely site next to the river. 6.53742, 11.56249

Free hot showers! Private shower in ladies locker room. 🙏🏼

Gatlinburg Community Center 35.73501, -83.44723

the cleanest ruins we have seen so far! really nice place to stay for a night.

Ruins 18.04909, 32.46687

Only accessible by 4x4 vehicle and Motorbikes that are dirt road capable.
A open Camp ground on private land. It is a perfectly flat plateaux with great 360 degree views. There is 4G cell reception.
Price is 150 Thai Baht per Person per night.

Dong Phaya, Bo Kluea District
Nan 55220, Thailand

Ban Huai Me Camp Ground 19.23361, 101.20821

being there during the week. We where the only ones on the site. It might become crowded on weekends.
Expect temperatures over night to be as low as 10 - 12 degrees Celsius in the winter.

Ban Huai Me Camp Ground 19.23361, 101.20821

Spend already a few nights here. Never seen so many campers on a Walmart parking! Even in November.
Quiet at night.

Walmart 49.72105, -123.14953

69$/night, 2 people with 7m motorhome. Accept Passport America for 1 nigh, half price. Bus 42 to the River Walk area just in front of the entrance, day pass 2.75$/person.

Travellers' World RV Park 29.37453, -98.48216

Um lugar muito bonito e amigavel próximo do Canion do Guartela, com um excelente atendimento.
Tem conexao de agua, energia e wifi.

Pousada Fazenda Guartela -24.52585, -50.30990

Restaurante o Farol na beira da areia, na areia da para parar o carro e pernoitar tranquilamente.

Restaurant at Lighthouse -23.94180, -46.17529

wonderfull campsite, $ 25
even in this season loveley. facilities as described. lots of deer and a warning for ( not seeing) mountain lion. The cohab canyon trail opposite the campsite is very good. and do not forget the scenic drive all the way up to the Golden Throne trail parking. Awesom!

Fruita Campground 38.28244, -111.24759
Adi Tal

stayed there 1 night. good spot for a quiet night.
Noisy from around 6am as it close to all school buses parking lot.

Gravel Roadside 49.49246, -117.30159

Very kind and talkative local family running a simple hotel.
Rooms start from 10 US$, depending on the size and if you choose a room with air condition or fan.
I camped up at the rooftop for 5 US$. They gave me permanent access to a maintained bathroom with shower, toilet, mirror and sink downstairs.
It is possible to use the kitchen.

Hotel Ebenezer -0.69232, -77.31104

They have card and gave us 50 liters for the normal price for 2 cars.

Diesel with card 36.31608, 49.97475
Roaming Lost

Chill spot. No issues currently. Got here at sunset and only a couple cars in the lot.

Shelbourne bay boat ramp 44.39945, -73.23538

destroyed. do not consider this one as a shelter to spend the night. there's better options before and after.

Refugio4(118km E of PorV) -53.32340, -68.96983

best kept Refugio I've come across out of all. everything works, stove missing (but who cares), clean and cozy.

Refugio -53.12560, -69.33071

What a find! Just up the hill/walking distance to La Fortuna/Zai. Super chill spot with great hosts, Jamie, Mel and the 4 dogs. Don’t be intimidated by the dogs, you will love them after their initial protective greeting.

Jaime and Mel were more than accommodating! They let us borrow propane which we ran out of, helped us troubleshoot our solar/battery issues and on top of that gave my girlfriend a surf lesson.

We stayed for 3 nights and we’re delighted to spectacular views, great outdoor showers (ambient temp) which was nice on a hot day. Strong wifi, with a composting toilet, 100% off grid, and sustainable. Also up on a hill with breeze to keep bugs away. Check ahead and Reserve in advance as there are only a handful of spots.

+52 624 137 7329

ALAIA Surf Lodge 23.14818, -109.50514

photo of the closed entrance.
Month of november 2022

Camping Frey Luis Beltrán (free) -32.78199, -60.71852

Open 24 hours through the week, 7a-7p on weekends. Parking lot is well lit. Stayed for a few nights and no one bothered me. Would definitely recommend staying here if you're a member - free toilet and showers to use. Really nice inside - looks like a new location. Staff was friendly and kept the place clean.

Planet Fitness 34.26014, -77.82712

We arrived at about 2pm and the guy at the entrance gave us the last spot. Since we did a trail first we didn't get to our spot until the evening, but it was already taken. We were both assigned to the same spot. We went to the campground host and explained that they had sold the site to two people. When asked what we should do now he said he could not do anything unfortunately the other was there first. No word of refund, no apology. He didn't even allow us to park the van at the picnic area. He advised us to drive 30 minutes further to another Park owned Campground and show them the Receipt. But since we did not want to drive 30 minutes at night and then negotiate with another inflexible campground host, we just went back to the occupied place where the nice gentleman allowed us to use the place together with him.
What a bad service, charge $ 35.- and then not even able to find a solution for their own mistakes.

Elk Ranch Camp Ground 41.22297, -124.08567

We stayed here 3 nights (non consecutive) while visiting San Cristobal. The guards told us where to park and our dog appreciated the grass. Very quiet here and the bathrooms are very nice here. Wifi does not reach the parking lot.

Walmart 16.74461, -92.65984

Spent a really quiet night here with our rooftop tent. Wind was really mild where we stayed and only in the evening, super calm and quiet in the morning. There are gates on both sides, coming from R40 on the way to the cave we turned left (north) and passed through both opened gates. After the second gate you’d need high clearance because part of the road is uneven pebble road. We stopped beneath a little cave some 50m before the actual spot. There are many options inside the canyon. Super nice smell in the morning because of the salt river. We saw a flamingo coming back to the Ruta.

edit: The place is not private property but under the old “No Pasar” sign there is a warning about nails on the road. We didn’t see any nails, maybe sharp rocks? You can park before the sign.

Canyon Rio Pinturas -47.19577, -70.82679

Acampei com barraca de teto. O local é muito bonito, mas o camping achei meio abandonado... construíram um banheiro feminino novo e o masculino é muito velho e precário. Fez frio mesmo em Novembro e o chuveiro não aquece a água gelada... banho frio. valor pago foi de 25 reais, mas sem muita estrutura ou apoio aos campistas. O lugar é lindo e merecia cuidado melhor !

Pousada das Corucacas -29.03802, -50.14530

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