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Also it is shaded which is super nice especially with this Florida sun!

2 HR parking 26.64284, -81.87301

If you are in the area this is a really cool place to check out. Manatees come here during the colder months (dec-march ish) for the warm waters. It is a free park but you do have to pay $1/hr to park. They have short walking paths and picnic areas too, also bathrooms.

Manatee Park 26.69395, -81.77877

On the way form Luxor to Aswan we were stopped at this checkpoint and send back to the east side of the Nile. The police told us that foreigners are not allowed to use the desert road to Aswan on the west side of the Nile. We had to take the much slower and less comfort road on the east side of the Nile. Other Overlanders told me that they were allowed to take the desert road in the same day in the morning. We were there around 14h30. so if you want to give it try better to try in the morning. I think that don't want to have foreigners on the desert road after sunset.

checkpoint 25.57616, 32.41054

Large lot. Planet Fitness is open 24 hours except on weekends. One class C had been here 2 nights with no problem and we had a quiet night. Park further away behind the small islands for level ground. Near a Target and Panera Bread.

Planet Fitness 30.10343, -81.70870

Crossed today from Mex to Guate. Just some additional remarks:
We were at the border just before 8 am, which proved to be too early. They just open the building at 8 am and then it takes another half hour before they open the counter at 8:30 am.
The „bridge toll“ is a donation which is collected by the local community. It is 5 Qz.
After crossing the bridge there is no need to put the vehicle in an estacionamiento, but just drive to the Guatemala control building using the left lane.

Talisman, Chiapas, Mexico to El Carmen, San Marcos, Guatemala 14.96498, -92.14673

This location is Boulder City Laundromat- recently remodeled. It’s pretty pricy but very nice. I paid $7.50 for a 3 load washer. 2 load is $5.50 -1 load $3.50- 6 load is $9.50. Dryers are $1.50 for 30 mins. $.25 add 6 mins. They have an ATM, change machine, WiFi, power plug in, sink for spot cleaning and restrooms. Soon to have dry cleaning services. Very clean. I would come again if it wasn’t so expensive. The parking lot is pretty small. It would be tricky to large RVs and long vans.

Boulder City Bubbles 35.97086, -114.85207

a nice fish restaurant next to the road we ate two mojarras and drank two cost us 300pesos

la Luz 18.62699, -98.36000

When we asked to use the water they told us they were no longer allowed to let the public use it

Mobil 41.68145, -71.56711

The mechanist is very Professional and solved our problem very fast. We recomend his service.

Floridia Marcelo Mecanico coches camionetas -34.64891, -58.57984

I found this place on Google and everyone mentioned free camping. At the place there are signs saying "reservation only" but I didn't have any cell signal and there was no one else around, so I stayed without a "reservation".
There is a 5min paved walk to a nice waterfall. There are toilets but they're closed for the season. There is an RV area and also walk-in tent spots with pads. Would be very nice (and probably crowded) in the spring/summer!

Flat Lick Falls 37.37208, -83.93851


Paramos no posto pra mais um café e descansar. Seguiremos viagem até Santa Cruz. O posto tem uma boa infraestrutura, banheiros limpos, ducha quente e wi-fi bom.

YPF forecourt -49.97964, -68.92914

Unfortunately, we didn't get to know Lars and Kelly personally because we accidentally "ended up" at the old place. Nevertheless, the two answered us many questions about the Kafue National Park via Whatsapp. Great people, thank you very much!

By Life Connected -15.03197, 26.85631



Katherine Mine Road 35.19930, -114.47334

praça de armas (principal) de Caraz. lugar tranquilo a noite. não tem facilidades. um ótimo ponto para passar a noite.

Parque Central, Caraz -9.04871, -77.80979

dormimos uma noite. seguro e tranquilo. a noite escutamos latidos de cachorros. ótimo para passar uma noite.

Parque Central, Caraz -9.04873, -77.80983

KW 110 for a Gordon's gin and tonic but stunning setting with the falls' mist.

The Royal Livingstone Hotel -17.91871, 25.86310

From ZIM to Bots: fastest and easiest border in Africa so far. New and fully air-conditioned building on Bots side, did not see a single tout.

Total time needed: less than half an hour (both sides).

Vet lady was rather lazy and waived the chance to climb into the camper and look into fridge.

Kazungula Border Post (Botswana-Zimbabwe) -17.81500, 25.26582

There are two spigots on the parking lot. Beautiful rest area and clean restroom.

Rest area 35.10426, -110.99176

Nice spot. An oasis after a couple of days of wild camping in the desert. The showers are hot, with good water pressure. Laundry is $50 pesos/load, but no dryers. We used some p-cord to rig up laundry line for drying. Folks come by the camp with delicious local treat including empanadas, cakes and cookies, and tamales. Nice flat biking on the malecon along the river. Shady spots, eclectic vibe, and lots of overland travelers. A nice respite from the dust and cacti

Huerta Don Chano RV Park 26.89843, -111.97395

Nice beers and very good food for reasonable prices (burgers and snack plates with beef or ceviche for only ~20 soles and beers around 10 or 25 for a flight of all 10).

We asked if we could stay in the parking lot before ordering and they said no problem, very friendly staff!

Only downside: there are a lot of trucks passing by during the night, so only recommended if you can sleep through that. Otherwise great stop.

Cervecería Del Valle Sagrado -13.27427, -72.21627

Great little fruit stand, the guy that was doing cash kept giving us samples and refused to take money for the samples.

Fruit Stand Next to Pemex 27.65197, -113.38722

Called and they said the dump station is closed for the season.

Rocky Neck State Park 41.31530, -72.24077

There’s a cute cafe owned by a gringo surfer that is a fantastic environment. Delicious fresh brownies, coffees and free wifi with purchase.

Cafe El Camino 26.72596, -113.57203

Lugar incrível. O proprietário é um senhor suíço muito prestativo. pagamos USD5.00 ppn. nosso veículo tem 42ft (quase 13 metros)

Finca Cañas Castilla 11.12152, -85.59397

Holiday park with a lot of amenities. Organised camping for regular tents and big rigs

Miranda Holiday park -37.20720, 175.33234

Nome da mecânica Lubricentro e o dono se chama Martins. Excelente profissional, trabalha junto com Julian. Troca de óleo e filtros de carros a gasolina e a diesel, reparações de suspensão, troca de Correia de distribuição. A primeira vez que estive na mecânica foi com uma Xterra Nissan e agora fiz um serviço em uma ducato 2.8 idtd. Muito honesto no preço da mão de obra, pode visitar que é garantia de serviço bem feito, avisa que chegou até ele polo aplicativo a meu nome Guilherme do Brasil, ele foi avisado que eu iria agregar.

Lubricentro Martins -32.20072, -64.40103

Great place! Go inside and they will open the back door for easy fill-up.

Desert Water and Ice 32.87864, -111.73952

Very quiet place to spend the night and rest during the day, quiet town, friendly people, we stopped with the motorhome and we have a pet

lugar muy tranquilo para hacer noche y descansar durante el dia , pueblo tranquilo, gente amable, paramos con el motorhome y tenemos mascota

Estación FC de San Martín -34.55536, -59.20653

Very nive place to spend the night. It's roofed, quiet and the town in general seems very relaxed.
Bomberos were closed, seems like a permanent thing.

Park in front of Bomberos 2.06283, -75.78864

Francisco was great at accommodating us when we arrived late at night

the place as described previously is a small spot we have an extended Ford Transit with a storage box in the back and we struggled to fit it in so anything longer than 21 ft will not fit.

there is an outdoor shower and washroom available as well as a water hose to fill your tank

Francisco was very attentive and helpful even parked his car offsite to accommodate us.

price was $20US for the night

Casa Camaleón Managua 12.15330, -86.25027

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