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Sani dump available but no water as of end Oct. Presumably closed for season.

sewage of Kamloops 50.68202, -120.35764

sign at entrance stating no entry .

Riverside 50.60051, -122.09870

A very nice spot. Very shaded. Would recommend

Cayoosh Creekside 50.57568, -122.08865

Beautiful campsite! Nice owners, there are small cabins you can use for shelter and cooking. The cooking plate of her wasn’t working atm so bring your own stove. Showers are hot. The water from the tap was not very clear so would recommend a water filter for drinking.

Camping Tres Pinos / Las Margarita's -45.18491, -72.15943

Now is closed by a fence, but you can open it. Nice spot for one night, with beautiful view of Percy River and Mountains. Follow the first overlander instructions 👌🏽

Percy River (Trevelin) -43.07111, -71.47250
Les Frabys

Nous avons passer une super bonne nuit très calme.

Parking Lot - Fire Station 37.53377, -122.23940

Gorgeous rest stop. Much more removed from the highway than the southbound one. Clean bathrooms and a water spigot. A few other people sleeping in their cars. No one really seemed to mind the 8 hour limit including the maintenance guy who arrived in the morning.

Trinidad Rest Area Northbound 41.12333, -124.15030

This is a beach parking lot for Town Neck Beach, but if you put the gps coordinates into Google Maps it might try to take you elsewhere. It’s the parking lot at the end of Wood Ave in Sandwich.

I just had a great night of sleep here. Some local kids must have been at the beach until late and came in with loud music, but after about midnight it quieted down. During the off season this lot is free during the day as well, if you just need a quiet place to hang out!

Bay Beach Lane 41.76676, -70.48387

As in last year’s pre-season, this seems to be the only national park camp ground that is not chained off. Nice and peaceful, toilets open and running water.

Parque Pumalín – Campsite Grande -42.96127, -72.46847

It seemed to be closed. Could just be because it’s a Sunday, but looked pretty shut down so suspect it’s permanent

Pueblo Viejo Restaurant Café 30.06475, -115.71896

This place is OK - but it’s really just a large car park behind a motel. Does the job if you just need a quiet place in the town near restaurants. Lots of irritating little flies. We were charged US$20 for 2 adults, 2 kids and our SUV with roof tent.

Hotel Sinahi RV Park and Restaurant 30.06717, -115.71595

It's possible to drive to the Magic Bus. There were a lot of other cars also tour buses who took this route.

Entrance to 'Backyard to Valle de la Luna' -22.91797, -68.35284

We stayed for one night and felt safe. During the day there are a lot of tourist. Enjoy!

The Magic Bus -22.96075, -68.33481
Kimball Stone

Closed for the winter. Apparently I need to write more than 40 characters to check in, so you also get this sentence.

Chevron 61.59992, -149.12155

We were birding this area and parked our car here. If you like to do the same. This was the best spot on the road for camping and parking.


Wild Camping or Parking spot -13.17479, -73.59378

No showers, very unfriendly staff and expensive food. 250 for a room with shower, but no water. it was quite clean though.

Hotels Keetii 7.72808, 38.64583

Honestly one of the best spots I've stayed at. RVs, SUVs, Semis, trucks, even some Toyota Prius and Honda civics sleeping for the night. Everyone together in sweet harmony.
Please keep it that way!! Be discreet and don't make a mess!

Cabela's 48.08345, -122.18763

Rough road, but we made it down to site 10 in our van. Seems like a popular spot but we got a space and there were still some sites open when we were there. The only unfortunate thing is that no campfires are allowed in this area. Overall I would stay again.

South Meadow Trailhead and Dispersed camping 44.19211, -73.93911

Place is okay for a night, a little awkward, they promote they have food and stuff but that was in the past, now they only have room for 7 people, they prefer not to work on weekends and would let you use the kitchen but be aware that is their space. Heat only in their side of house. Other than that they are very nice

El Indio -44.74895, -72.21087

We stopped here on our way to Ugab Rhino Camp from White Lady lodge, as we were driving slowly and spent over an hour on the way with the elephants. The 2nd swamp on the riverbed was a no-go atm, so have to turn left from the riverbed to here. Very windy, so not that good, would’ve gone further if it wouldn’t have been so late already.

Beside Cliff, Little South of Ugab Riverbed -21.00069, 14.45649
sonny jadun

stayed overnight here. was quiet busy. was little bit Concern about popping the tent and camping out. Asked one of the employees if Security was a concern. He thought it should not be a concern. He pointed to the westerly neighborhood and said it may be an issue but the southerly neighborhood is all good. no beakin or theft in lot.
little noisy at night but did not bother me. Great WiFi. at 6:30, Walmart had parking lot had music turned on. i am usually up by that time, no problem for me. Definitely will stay here. Tried to
park by the cameras as a further deterrent, too

Walmart 29.46520, -98.35837

Great spot! Very quiet. Picknick table and fire ring in the far back lot. Had a great fire and grilled out. Left late the next morning. No problems . Enjoy

Overflow parking 48.86433, -64.21097

Still a beautiful place, have been here the 2. time in our way Back from ARG because of border hopping. Road is bad because of a lot potholes.

beach paradise -43.42100, -72.23040

We stayed 4 days before our return flight back to Germany. Otter‘s Bend Lodge is a little farm with fruit trees, flowers and vegetable beds. The caravan sites are not special created and located nearby an orchard. They spend all agricultural products to schools in a township nearby and supports the Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve in its goals. This includes projects to enhance the education of local children that take place on the farm. You can walk either to the center of Franschhoek or to different winerys.

Otter's Bend Lodge -33.91087, 19.11017

no comments ... service and maintenance seems not to exist.
I hope for NWR they will improve

Namutoni -18.80602, 16.94143
Life with Spock

Over-night here, no problem in spite of “No Loitering” signs. Parked far left of Ingles Market, in front of empty business. Two other campers here.

Near Ingles Parking 35.24104, -82.72548
Chateau Ski

Pas bon pour la nuit en hiver (1 Nov au 15 Avr). Remorquage à vos frais (pour toute l'année) Voir la photo.

Bibliothèque 45.62230, -72.94973

Nice camping with water and electricity at the sites. Very hot shower. wifi at the reception.

Camping Petunia -41.09701, -71.44875

We spent 3 nights there while visiting New Orleans. Small but great place ! I really liked it. The owner is kind and helpful. Lots of cats to pet, which was a pro for me. We felt super safe and it's close to downtown (15min by car), there's also a shuttle in the front. We paid 38$/night, booked online.

Jude Travel Park 30.01144, -90.00022

Parked at the gas station in front of the restaurant. But its only good for cars and vans.
RV‘s better use the Semi Parking in front of Ramada.
Dirtiest toilets I‘ve seen for long.

Huskey Fuel Station Overflow 51.31249, -116.97081

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