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Update after driving out the other way to Sacsamarca: Driving here from Sacsamarca / Huanca Sancos is much faster and very scenic (about 1,5-2 hours up/down a canyon). It's also the next gas station from here.

Google Maps tells you that you can't drive to Sacsamarca from the volcano which is bullshit, this is the main road the mini buses take and there is a bridge crossing the canyon, so all good. Wouldn't do it in anything mich bigger than a sprinter though, it is steep and curvy, but 2WD is fine.

If you have some time you can make a scenic two day drive from Nazca to Aguas Turquesas with a stop here and a night in the highlands. It's all dirt road, so take it slow (lower tire pressure also helps to make the right smoother, due to the lower ambient air pressure your tires will be overinflated coming from see level anyway).

Take time, fuel and some cash and it's very much enjoyable. We had a bit too little of all of those items, making it more stressful than it needs to be. Safety-wise you can camp anywhere along the road in the highlands here, it's just the altitude that might get you.

Volcano de Pachapupum -14.13678, -74.29157
Humble Bumble

Great spot but be prepared for South Dakota winds. Is it windy you ask, yes. Easy access off the paved highway but it's a bit bumpy in spots. Most rigs should be fine. Beautiful views over the Badlands and only a few miles from Wall, win-win. Decent Verizon LTE. Did I mention it's windy?

The Wall-Buffalo Gap National Grasslands 43.89951, -102.23286

Quiet street, just next to a park with toilets, water and picnic table.
Do not park in the park parking, there is signs saying no overnight parking.
No parking allowed tuesday morning (street cleaning)
5 min walk from a library with fast wifi

Studio City Recreation Park 34.15152, -118.40903

Fast wifi
Clean and quiet library
Clean toilets too

Studio City Library 34.15100, -118.40601

rough road to get into may look sketchy at first. gated parking lot. modern. rooms and furnished bathroom. good wifi. 30usd. warm water. AC. great for the price

Hotel Don Luis 13.62661, -87.88695

Definitely one of the more thorough military checkpoints we went through in Baja. Going Northbound they asked to search our van. Peeked through the cupboards and opened the back doors - nothing crazy and only took about 10 mins.

Military Checkpoint 27.28804, -112.93832

We stayed a few nights, everything was lovely as already mentioned. The GPS pin was wrong, in the middle of a city block. You need to continue straight off the pavement at the bottom of the hill and down the dirt road. I will try and correct it.

Camping Guaduales De La Floresta 4.63557, -75.57195

This place is too close to the road. Camping permitted only .5 miles from the main road. See sign when entering the road.

BLM by Canyonlands National Park 38.51725, -109.80470

This place is only 0.3 miles away from the sign that says that camping is permitted only after .5 miles.

BLM land near Canyonlands NP 38.51747, -109.80912

Some views to the sea may look like "paradise" but for the poor people who are living here it's probably not a paradise. But this spot is worth to be visited. No facilities!

Playa Blanca -5.83582, -81.00258

Nice campground next to the sea. Wind protection by trees. All amenities as described, showers only open from 10am to 9pm though. WiFi is quite good, close to the reception. Far better than what we're used to ☺️ We paid 700 ARS for 2 persons with a camper.

Camping Municipal -49.30605, -67.72038

Nice spot, can go further away from the highway but we didn’t mind. Got about half a bar of Verizon and none on ATT until we turned our booster on. Streamed movies easily with the booster on both after. Seen only one group of people drive by in the day we stayed. Obviously plenty of Solar in the desert

BLM land off of Hwy 395 35.08622, -117.55969

Beautiful place in the middle of the jungle, a bit hard to find and without cell service. The road to the flat spot near the river is a bit muddy after rain - we were glad to have 4wd to get up again. There a new landlords which don't own the place but charge you for the entrance to the waterfall (we payed 80pesos per person for the entrance and 100pesos per person for the camping) we had the place for ourselves and enjoyed the swim in the river!

Poza Reyna 18.36381, -94.96986
Lady Ferns

East Side - is partial hook ups (water/electric) for $20/night. No bathroom facilities in this area at all.

West Side - is full hook ups (water/sewer/electric) for $25/night. Oddly enough, this side does have a bathroom shower building with 3 separate shower/bathroom rooms. Spoke to the host, she told me they remain open 24 hrs a day. When I mentioned I had read they close at 5 pm. She said when it gets really cold, some homeless have been known to camp out overnight in them. So if it gets really cold they sometimes do lock the bathroom.

Between the East and West RV spots you can primitive camp for $10 night . You just park where ever on the grass with tent/rv/van. (Bathrooms are by the west side rv area)

Past the RV spots there is more primitive camping spots for $10/night. However I was told NO RVs down there. No matter how small. They will allow vans. But not tiny RVs by the water.

The only bathroom facilities we saw so far were the ones at the entrance of the West side RV spots.

Drop box for payment for after hours. Staff were on top of it when we came. Must if stopped by about 4 times. Offering to save us a trip to the office to pay once we choose a spot.

Lots of highway noise coming from the I-40.
Bathroom seems to be more of a public bathroom than the RV parks. It’s totally open to the public. We also spotted a cockroach in one of the bathrooms.

Lake El Reno - City Park 35.51812, -97.98638

The dump station is in the corner closest to the street of the COV gas station.

Concrete pad, non potable water for rinsing.

Signage is clear this is for RV use.

City of Vancouver Dump station 49.27281, -123.08687

RV propane, or bottle fills available.

For RV use the west 2 bays. Center pump is for propane.

High speed 50 amp EV chargers, diesel, gas, DEF and windshield washer fluid available.

Grocery store with everything including pharmacy, clothing, linens, kitchen ware, insurance, eyeglasses etc.

One stop shop to replenish.

Superstore Propane 49.25837, -123.03438

Another municipal campground with shady pricing! 5 people in a truck= ARS500… 2 people with 2 motos and a tent =ARS 1500! 500 per vehicle and 500 for a tent! This is getting ridiculous 🙄

Camping Municipal Malargüe -35.46703, -69.59199

This is probably the best campground in town, it’s pretty clean and has lots of bathrooms and hot showers. They have laundry service and a refugio with tables to chill and charge your electronics.
We took the kayak tour with Alex and it was awesome.
Just be aware that there aren’t many rules around the campground and sometimes the rent out to big school groups and they just take over, other than that this place is great.
Also it is cheaper for cyclists!!! Best deal all around

Bellavista Hospedaje & Camping -46.62872, -72.67411

Super quiet night, no one else around. Beautiful views, lots of free roaming cattle, and one fire pit where we stayed. Would stay again. About 20 minutes from the Carlsbad visitor center.

blm near whites city 32.17423, -104.32980

$10 for dump. The drain is pretty high, so it’s practically uphill from the black/grey outlet. Had to work with the hose to get it all down.

Love’s Truck Stop 35.25589, -80.98107

Got stoped by the guys in green who asked to open our luggage (panniers on the motos)
I had a stern discussion with them with regards to stopping foreigners for no other reason than to check their stuff! Lengthy discussion they opened one top case and never moved a thing in the end… totalitarian governments and their agencies can ruin a good day… anyway Argentina seems to be full of them!

Police Control -35.08082, -69.58317

Really nice owners. Clean big rooms.
payed 30.000cop per person. Swimming pool.
Definitely recommend it

Casa de las dos palmas 1.36133, -77.28370

**restrooms closed on site, they just have a row of ports potties now. Not sure how long that will last** Didn’t stay the night but the farthest side away from the highway is the lot for RV’s. This is really nice as there is not a ton of highway noise.

I-95 Southbound Rest AreaRest stop in St. Johns County, Florida 29.71512, -81.33499

Didn’t stay the night but just came here to post that the bathrooms are currently closed but they do have a row of ports potties

I-95 Southbound Rest AreaRest stop in St. Johns County, Florida 29.71512, -81.33497

Well maintained fully equipped cabanas .

Alejandro Cabanas -41.12889, -71.36410

LOTS OF NEW NO OVERNIGHT PARKING SIGNS. Sorry, this spot is closed!

Fred Meyer Lot PERM CLOSED 45.38079, -122.75856

A good laundry. The price is the same: 10BOB for 1kg of clothes. We left the clothes at 10 am on Saturday and they were ready at 1 pm on the same day. Very well washed and ironed, a lot of whim!

Uma boa lavanderia. O preço é o mesmo: 10BOB por 1kg de roupa. Deixamos as roupas as 10h da manhã do sábado e ficaram prontas as 13h do mesmo dia. Muito bem lavadas e passadas, muito capricho!

Lavanderia Fortune -20.46421, -66.82682
The Vamper

Camping in Nebraska is always tough. Between locations next to interstates and very active rail lines blowing whistles all night I was not expecting much here either given the reviews. But I think this place is worth checking out. Hey - there’s a mega drought so yes, the lake was nearly dry. Again, I think most of us want a decent level and quiet campsite regardless of lakes. So here is the deal. About 20 sites, no hook ups. Water was shut off for the winter. Restroom was brand spanking new and clean with plenty of security lighting in the first loop. Cell service was excellent and I use Verizon. Fire rings and tables at most sites. They charge $12 for out of state residents. That seems fair to me. Tent sites require parking and lugging your tent to set up in the tent area. It cost $10 for tent sites. All other sites were $15 but since it was out of season - take $5 off. Only one other camper on a Saturday night. Well worth your time to check this place out.

Cottonwood Lake Recreation Area 42.91448, -101.67865

We spent 3 nights between 2 kombis parked on that street because of the free WiFi and it was excellent.

Street a little busy, but all the people passing by were nice and kind, and greeted us. We were opposite the shower which was great, the laundry which was a great price, a bakery and the free wifi worked well.

We parked in front of a Repuestos de Motos store that closed, so we didn't disturb the trade. We felt very safe and calm, all the residents were very kind. The bakery owner even offered us hot water.

In the same place there was a space with a shared kitchen for rent, as well as a bathroom (1BOB) at Duchas Paraíso. Great place!

Passamos 3 noites entre 2 kombis estacionadas nessa rua por causa do Wi-Fi gratuito e foi excelente.

Rua um pouco movimentada, mas todas as pessoas que passavam eram simpáticas e gentis, e nos cumprimentavam. Ficamos em frente à ducha, que era ótima, à lavanderia, que tinha um ótimo preço, a uma padaria e o wifi gratuito funcionava bem.

Estacionamos na frente de uma loja de Repuestos de Motos que fechou, então não atrapalhamos o comércio. Nos sentimos muito seguros e tranquilos, todos os moradores foram muito gentis. O dono da padaria nos ofereceu até água quente.

Nesse mesmo lugar havia um espaço com cozinha compartilhada para alugar, além de banheiro (1BOB) na Duchas Paraíso. Ótimo lugar!

Wi-Fi Corner -20.46425, -66.82695

Great WiFi! Quite fickle and especially at the end of the day it works poorly, but we were even able to upload videos to YouTube quickly.

Ótimo Wif-Fi! Bastante inconstante e especialmente no fim do dia ele funciona mal, porém conseguimos até mesmo upar vídeos para o YouTube rapidamente.

Free Wi-Fi in the street -20.46419, -66.82684

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