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Arrived at 5pm. Gate was closed, there were people at the property. I rang the bell, yelled and screamed for 20 min in Spanish and English but no one responded. No signs on the gate that it is a camping, but I was definitely at the right location.

Camping La Izuelina -33.57358, -70.77943

This place is permanently closed.

Orange Bridge 49.50834, -117.28038

This place is permanently closed.

Espírito Santo -20.20185, -40.19712

Un parque nacional muy lindo. la entrada es gratis pero hay que pagar 200UY por persona para acampar. hay electricidad en todos los sitios y mucho espacio. 4 playas. un aviario y una fortaleza para visitar. Los baños no están en buenas condiciones. Son como de ejército o cárcel. no tienen tazas. mucha tranquilidad. comparado con los camping de punta del diablo solo el baño es mejor en el camping la viuda. no hay WiFi pero si muy buena señal de teléfono. que es muy fácil conseguir en Uruguay siendo extranjero.

Camping Fortaleza Santa Teresa -34.91211, -54.87343

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 47.33949, -122.32577

Iron Horse Casino 47.33949, -122.32577

DANGEROUS! We stopped here in the afternoon, and got attacked by a man with a machete. He took our camera and powerbanks. The police told us that all this beach isn't safe, even for the locals. DON'T GO THERE!

Lac Rose 14.83211, -17.28168

DANGEROUS! We stopped here in the afternoon and got attacked by a man with a machete. The police said all this beach isn't safe, even for the locals. DON'T GO THERE!

Casuarina-trees in the dunes 14.83204, -17.28177

All the nice things said by others about this camp are true and even better than expected. A haven in the heat. Friendly and welcoming staff. By far one of the best camps we have been to. The ablutions are spotless and well kept and well thought out. Highly recommended. We did not feel it is overpriced and we are budget conscious overlanders. Stayed for 2 nights but could have stayed for 2 weeks.
(I am adding that i respect the views of other travelers but must say that the 1st review that pops up for this camp is not fair). Please dont be put off by that and come and see this camp. Other camps could learn a thing or two from Camp Nkwazi.

Camp Nkwazi -17.82981, 25.64490

There is no Cracker Barrel in this location.

Cracker Barrel 30.23608, -98.65881

estacionamos nosso busão motorhome aqui, fácil acesso. perto do centro histórico, igreja, escadarias, mirante. a localização é top!

estacionamento grátis -16.48816, -39.07521

La lavadoras casi no Labán, necessitas poner dos veces y la secadora pasa lo mismo! Si podéis ir a otro sitio la verdad!!! Las máquinas son muy viejas!!!

Claudia Laundromat + Wifi 26.89134, -111.98411

parking is pay and by the hour.
no hot showers

Passe-a-Grille Beach 27.75942, -82.71841

Big rig friendly (we are 60'), free dump station, free potable water and propane. Very friendly employee's. We bought a few hose\cord caddies and paid for our propane. We'd come back!

Camping World 37.07747, -113.58527

Be very careful and stick to the road. We tried to three point turn in a camper and got stuck. Very lucky local ranch guy drove past and helped us.

Hidden spot behind the dunes 27.91707, -113.92986

This place is permanently closed.

wild camp by the river -36.54827, -72.09679

FYI, Beech Mountain has a town ordinance that does not allow car camping. Camp at your own risk, the police are very nice but will knock on your window.

Grassy Gap trailhead 36.20703, -81.88629

This place is permanently closed.

Coyote Trail 33.69989, 72.98381

its my 10th time at roca azul rv park, this time has been the best of the best! they have invested a lot in the resort, plus they just builded 11 new sites

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community 20.26669, -103.42166

its my 10th time at roca azul rv park, this time has been the best of the best! they have invested a lot in the resort, plus they just builded 11 new sites

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community 20.26669, -103.42166

wonderful place next to a small mountain church.

mountain church 37.13150, 22.76174

Same as described below.
As cyclists they were looking for Drones
Drones are forbidden in Uz
Took us 35min in total

Uzbekistan/Tajikistan Beshariq Konibodom Border 40.36461, 70.45475

Campsite n 6 is hippos tv. Big deck with kitchen and fridge.

Okacuito River Camp -18.03989, 20.84345

We paid 25,000 per person to visit the site. There are toilets. We did not sleep on the site, we had to sleep next to a checkpoint 10 minutes' drive before the site.

Ur entrance Gate 30.96540, 46.10655

We slept at this checkpoint because it was dark and the soldiers did not let us continue to the UR parking lot. There is a flat parking space available, toilets, a shower. We shared breakfast with the soldiers. Everyone was very nice to us. Little anecdote, there are lots of rabbits in the courtyard of the military building.

Check point before ur 31.02557, 46.20050

Surrounded by dunes and mountains, this spot is very close to "The Sphinx" rock formation, which can be accessed by quad or a strong 4x4 vehicle.
The area is flat and accessible maybe also by a 2wd, as the sand isn't that deep, anyways a 4x4 is recommended... or at least a diff lock.
Network is barely working

Desert Camp 25.11719, 55.83088

Possibility to park right in front of the restaurant. Terrace, air conditioning, toilets. Very nice staff. They gave us an extra sandwich. Very good falafel sandwiches. cheap. 1€ for one sandwich.

Falafel Burger 31.04162, 46.23397

A medieval village with free parking and some epic buildings

Vitre 48.12487, -1.21239

small restaurant. We ordered grilled chicken and a salat. And then we get full menue with soup and all around...

Delicious :-)

Al-Mazin 33.33403, 44.37726

Just exit the main road to take the dirt one. Less than 100m away there is a first stop. Probably also others after. Plenty of trees for shade and firewood. Invisible from the main road (but you can hear it) and big rid friendly. Good 4G MTN connexion.

Hidden from the road -15.14915, 29.36356

There is no immigration office here anymore. To get your real Visa with your E-Visa go inside of the main airport.

Immigration Airport Luanda -8.82565, 13.22797

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