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Very expensive toll. $970 pesos for RV (2 axles) and tow vehicle.

Toll 22.43284, -105.41080

Hidden gem! Wish we had known this place existed during the 7 years we have regularly been passing through the area. If you are bringing your own rig, max length is 28 feet. 8 sites, all with 30 amp, water and sewer. Excellent WiFi, one hot shower and many amenities for the non self contained camper. Quiet at night and very friendly staff. Highly recommend. Only $22 per night for off season week night.

Sou'wester Historic Lodge & Vintage Travel Trailer Resort 46.32976, -124.05626

Parked at the Rotary Trail Park parking lot instead of right on the main road. Stayed two nights (not consecutively) but wasn’t bothered and had fun exploring around especially at the Gelattly Nut Farm!

Willow Beach 49.81547, -119.62332

Great place to spend the night. Large churrascaria opens early and closes late with outside bathrooms. This well-maintained Posto is 24 hours with a 24 hour cafe, open bathrooms. Showers are $5 reais. Pay at the gas pump for the attendant to unlock the shower. A little noise from the highway and trucks pulling in. Arrive in the late afternoon to get a flat park below the restaurant. All other spaces fill with trucks at night.

Posto Petrobras -21.96929, -44.92584

$460 total for RV (2 axles) towing truck. (280 + 180)

Toll 21.93700, -105.10375
Nomad N Rad

We pulled in just as the sun was setting so didn’t want to explore any further. There was a large motor home parked right on the beach so we figured we’d be ok in our Transit van and we were. The sand gets deep quickly so don’t drive closer to the water than necessary.
Despite being so close to the road we had a decent sleep and enjoyed a lovely breakfast on the beach watching the pelicans having their breakfast too!
The Ley mini supermarket is just over 1 km away so an easy walk for some groceries. It’s a friendly town.

Coralito Playa 27.96429, -111.01838

Open & operating officially. Rv (2 axle) towing vehicle $325 pesos ($125 & 200).

Toll plaza 21.57168, -104.98758

good for one night.
1,7 km from the center of town.
bussy in the evening.
(there whas a house party at the club)😁
at night it whas quit.

Parking La Roche 50.19048, 5.57305

several sites, several people,but found a place to tuck in for the night. quiet. Verizon signal was weak/intermittent.

Sedona Outskirts 34.73801, -111.79971

Spent two different nights here. Real nice. ●Medium to little amount of noise at night.
●Only a no fishing and no swimming sign. ●Plenty of places to choose on parking. I was down by the water but to get there there is a steep decline where the opening is by one end of the guard rail.

Donegan Park 27.89103, -82.78795

Hospedaje para viajeros, ciclistas, motorhome y aventureros. Excelente lugar.

Casa Ciclista Minimalista -13.29316, -72.13776

Go into Junta Vecinal to the end throw the bushes.
Nice and quiet place.

Caulin Beach -41.82621, -73.62602

hermoso lugar, provision de electricidad y agua. hermosa laguna para pescar, juegos para niños, aparatos para ejercicios, mucho sendero para caminar y verde ! muy ciidado y limpio. Gratuito

Camping Municipal Castelli -36.09915, -57.79866

This are the coordinates to leave the road:

26.833809, 38.671282

In the end we didn’t manage to get to the place cause we got stuck in the sand, sill a nice place

Kaluts of Saudi 26.83387, 38.67121

This place is permanently closed.

Wawa Cemetery 47.95531, -84.80115

Excelente lugar , muy recomendable , lugar muy tranquilo y una vista hermosa, cuenta con agua y luz , vertedero de aguas negras a 100 mts

Embarcadero Laumase 19.22450, -100.14388
Casita Carrier en roadtrip

Lovely place to stay for a couple of days.Plenty of space to pitch tent or park. We slept behing the house they rent ( Pelican Shack). Few minutes from the beach

They operate their delicious bakery / pizza on the week-end only.

The charged 10$ per vehicule / tent and give access to their toilet, outside shower, wifi and electricity.

Victor and Virginia are the nicest people.

Pelican's Shack Home 7.29318, -80.43469

Very nice farm - staying in the beautiful garden in a relaxed and private atmosphere. We learned a lot from Marleen & Eugene about farm life and felt very welcome!

Kamfinsa Dairy Farm -12.88688, 28.30148

This place is permanently closed.

FR 9571 34.79748, -111.91917

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 25.12051, 55.23340

ANR Performance LLC 25.12051, 55.23340

All kinds of accessories any brand of 4x4 specialized for any form of travel gallery of you tent installation of you or a complete installation for a tent sunroof improvement technical support etc. the whole team speaks fluent English very pleasant they have a showroom is extremely competent for the choice of materials and everything there is around a preparation thank you to the whole team for their help 😁

ANR Performance LLC 25.12041, 55.23337

still available as day use with password secured Wi-Fi, no overnight parking

Puerto Escondito Marina 25.81418, -111.31140

the owner moved to santa katerina. the new owner is not a mechanic. i got from the new owner the phone number of fabio but he didn't answer on my message on WhatsApp

Turiscamper -25.48823, -49.21665

nice spot, level, fire ring for a 34ft 5wheel. at least 12spots

FS 689 34.69866, -111.72460

Arrived at 5pm. Gate was closed, there were people at the property. I rang the bell, yelled and screamed for 20 min in Spanish and English but no one responded. No signs on the gate that it is a camping, but I was definitely at the right location.

Camping La Izuelina -33.57358, -70.77943

This place is permanently closed.

Orange Bridge 49.50834, -117.28038

This place is permanently closed.

Espírito Santo -20.20185, -40.19712

Un parque nacional muy lindo. la entrada es gratis pero hay que pagar 200UY por persona para acampar. hay electricidad en todos los sitios y mucho espacio. 4 playas. un aviario y una fortaleza para visitar. Los baños no están en buenas condiciones. Son como de ejército o cárcel. no tienen tazas. mucha tranquilidad. comparado con los camping de punta del diablo solo el baño es mejor en el camping la viuda. no hay WiFi pero si muy buena señal de teléfono. que es muy fácil conseguir en Uruguay siendo extranjero.

Camping Fortaleza Santa Teresa -34.91211, -54.87343

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 47.33949, -122.32577

Iron Horse Casino 47.33949, -122.32577

DANGEROUS! We stopped here in the afternoon, and got attacked by a man with a machete. He took our camera and powerbanks. The police told us that all this beach isn't safe, even for the locals. DON'T GO THERE!

Lac Rose 14.83211, -17.28168

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