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Overpriced fastfood restaurant. Pizza’s with a lot of toppings and good craft beers. Just overpriced.

La Taberna Tehuelche Craft Beer -47.25320, -72.57625

Please mark this place as closed.
The Ranger showed up this morning and told me, it’s not allowed to stay overnight anywhere at the pullouts in this Area.

Navajo Rocks Mountain Bike Parking 38.64067, -109.74903

Selg guided tour trough some big caves and viewpoint
20.000Lak entry
Coffee/restaurant with toilet

Dragon Cave 18.22121, 104.81226

20.000Lak entry
Water and toilet, no shower
Restaurant up the road
Power plugs
Ask us 60.000Lak to camp in an old building
Not much tourist around

Cool pools 18.27520, 104.71361

Bargain! Great place with mountain views, only 15 min away from the scenic view Zabraskie point of Death Valley. Super quiet and you can get 100% flat by parking on the concrete platforms. We parked as far as we could to make sure no one would come to bother us, however disrespectful persons came to park really close (French and German campers). I have spotted one French camper emptied all his gray water by the spot he stayed at. Please respect other privacy!! and overall mother nature... We haven't been bothered by any bug.

Former mining camp on the way to Death Valley 36.33819, -116.60157

I contacted they the 4 way stop…and many overnighters in roadside pull outs….cell signal good enough to watch tv!

4 Way Stop 34.68632, -111.73612

Showers are $8, but a few things to note:

— Shower pressure is that of a pressure washer. For real. It’s wild.
— There is only one shower, and it is super small, dated, and rusty.
— There isn’t even a hook!
— No matter how hard you try to avoid it, the shower water will cascade down the curtain, into the bathroom floor, and out the door all the way to the hot dog zone. I asked the attendant, and she was like, yeah, we mop the whole zone after every shower.
— The towels they provide are all mismatched like they raided a beach lost-and-found, and look like they’re at least ten years old.


CONOCO 42.82957, -103.01797

1$ for shower as mentioned.
5$ for day pass.

Washington City Community Center 37.13564, -113.50087

We stopped here for the night, stayed two nights and would have loved to have stayed a few more days. We stayed longer to enjoy the culinary talents of Canina, Uli's wife, whom we accompanied to the market to buy the ingredients for Mataba. She then showed us how to prepare this delicious national dish. Uli told us about the region and all that we could have discovered there with a little more time. But our visas expire in a few days.
Maybe plan a few extra days to enjoy the area, especially if you're coming in the winter.
Many thanks to Uli and Canina for the warm welcome.
Do not follow MapsMe to get there, MapsMe guides you there through narrow streets from the northwest, it is better to arrive from the southeast along the hospital.

Camping Chimoio -19.11343, 33.45672

Ya no se hace la extensión de Visado de Turista acá, ahora es en el Shoping Da Ilha.

Policia Federal for visa extencion -2.52794, -44.25569

if there is no gas truck with a hose at the moment there, they cannot refill a (in car) fixed gas bottle. The same at the other gas station at the north of Ambato

Eni/AgipGas -1.33277, -78.63599

Camping personal very gentle.
the road to access the camping is horrible, for 5 km !
the price for 2 persons and a "casa rodante" is 3100 pesos for a night, wich is too extensive for the services available.
to get hot water the owner must provide à wood fire to heat the water, the sanitary Bock is coming strait from the middle age !!!

Paso de Alonso -33.09950, -59.27055

May not be the cheapest (difficult to say with prices changing every other week) but very friendly staff. They charge per kilo. We paid ARS 490/kg in November 2022.
It seems they normally provide same day service but they had different opening hours (only in the morning) in October (brought our clothes on October 31). Additionally it might be that they provide pickup and delivery as well. See photos of flyer.

andes SPA TEXTIL Lavanderia/Laundry -40.15644, -71.34639

Nice spot in nature but was very crowded when we arrived on the late afternoon so we moved on.

ribera rio -42.29192, -73.73565

Ruins of Fort Mangochi, constructed in 1897 by the British as part of efforts to disrupt the slave trade. In surprisingly good condition with many buildings still standing and impressive outer walls. Reasonable amount of information online about the history of the site. Short (~5km) steep hike up from parking, but probably best to find someone locally to guide you. Note that this is inside Mangochi Forest Reserve which is now contiguous with Liwonde National Park, so there is a higher than normal chance of animals around (e.g. elephants).

Fort Mangochi -14.44308, 35.48282

Ruins of Fort Mangochi, constructed in 1897 by the British as part of efforts to disrupt the slave trade. In surprisingly good condition with many buildings still standing and impressive outer walls. Not much information locally but plenty online about the history of the site. From parking it is a short (~5km) steep hike up with great views, but probably best to find someone locally to guide you. Be aware that this is inside Mangochi Forest Reserve which is contiguous with Liwonde National Park, so there is a higher than normal chance of encountering wild animals (e.g. elephants).

Fort Mangochi -14.44308, 35.48282

2km section of S131 closest to Liwonde is being rebuilt and cars cannot pass. Very small signs (easy to miss!) for diversion about 1.5km south of the normal junction with M3.

Diversion to S131 (Ntaja/Chiponde road) -15.08428, 35.22910

Nice camping with mountain and desert views. 6-7 first come first served sites (rv and tent) but arrive early, they go quickly. 10$ for tent, 14$ for rv. Otherwise book online ahead of time. Nice toilets/ free hot showers, firewood 8$ with host. You can borrow bumb boards for free to surf the white sands! Very windy for tent however…

Oliver Lee State Park 32.74674, -105.91435

nice place but a bit expensive: 12.000 pp per night for a tent ⛺️, 19.000 per person per night for a dorm room. good kitchen and space to relax. hammocks available. nice mate time.

Las Torres del Simpson -45.42425, -72.44091

Noite muito tranquila, terreno plano. Tem banheiros, água e Wi-Fi na portaria.

Entry gate of Ruinas de los Quilmes -26.46723, -66.03270

Street parking at the entrance of the Sotano de las Huahuas. As described at the point of at the cave it is save to sleep here and easy to park. It is quiet at night and you can enter the park from 5 o’clock onwards to see the swifts leave the cave. Easy 30 min walk to the entrance of the cave.

Streetcamping entrance Sotano de las Huahuas 21.52307, -99.03277

on the main road as you drive into town. Basic, clean rooms with private bathroom & open communal area. Parking for 4x4 vehicles, I would estimate clearance is 2.9m. It is a 3 minute walk into town for food. Very peaceful place, away from the music of the bars, super safe.

Renato can be reached on Whatsapp +51995385556

Tortuga's Zamy's House Hospedaje -9.35969, -78.40317

Red water spigot on the main road (395) in from the Chevy dealer. not the easiest place to pullover, but doable for vans.

Michael Hohl Chevrolet 39.13275, -119.77011

Good place to spend one or two night to see Asunción. As mentioned bus #30 is an option but Uber works fine too ( 7-8 USD).
You can park the car on the grass in this fine garden with friendly people.

Quinta Tiffany -25.24511, -57.48469

stayed here one night and had zero issues. we chilled at whole foods outside as they have fire pits and headed to park after closing time. lots of spots continued to open close to 11. it seems like a college/youthful area with lots of cute doggies to watch as the parking is right in front of the dog park. we had zero noise issues or concern of being bothered. there was a large rosemary bush that acted as a nice barrier to our side entrance which made this spot pretty cozy. (side note we watched a guy with a four spaces long trailer fit between us and another car, I wa a amazed)

Domain Central Park 30.39738, -97.72139

we did not ue them but they are clean...

area de descanso 22.78501, -105.68975

free wifi in the chillout area

you can also charge your laptop here

free wifi 22.78499, -105.68978

was closed on a tuesday 2pm...

not sure if its just temporary

aqua fitch 22.99404, -105.85710

10 peso per garafon
cleaning service included

if there is no one in store there is an 24/7 machine for the water supply

24hr Aqua Purificada 22.99467, -105.85337

Large parking lot in state park for fishing pier. No signs prohibiting overnight parking. Well lit at night, surrounded by woods, very quiet and peaceful in off season. Stayed one night and was not bothered, no other campers. Large heated bathroom facilities by pier. Very convenient overnight if taking the ferry. ATT 2 bars.

Fishing Pier 38.78608, -75.10168

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