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Clay Lucas

very nice place to stay. Some areas can be a bit muddy after a rain but the views are worth it. Felt very safe. A few minutes after we found our spot a police man came by and took down our info and gave us a camping permit. I saw a sign that they close the gates 11pm to 4am.

Titus County Freshwater Supply District 33.08966, -95.01301

Only shower option in town. Friendly and attentive hotel staff. $300 pesos, hot shower, no time limit.

Única opção de ducha na cidade. Pessoal do hotel simpático e atenciosos. $300 pesos, ducha quente, sem limite de tempo.

Residencial Marisa -39.94805, -71.07469

Police and customs checkpoint. Checked our passports, CPD and asked where we are going from and to. Friendly, no bribing attempts.
We were on 2 motorbikes.

Manda checkpoint 13.33011, -13.83861

view point, scenic views, steep and sleepy short trail (30min up)
2$/p entrance via private property

Los Picachos de Ola 8.40319, -80.66522

Lugar bom é tranquilo para pernoitar

Great spot for a rest

Tecka YPF Station -43.49696, -70.80689

Great spot to stop hidden from the road. Very windy but that's just how this hole area is.

Beautiful mould by the lake -47.35620, -71.75225

Yes, also got our gas bottle filled here! Seems they can fill any gas bottle you have. Gave it to him and received back a few hours laters.

at the sailing club of Dakar 14.71178, -17.43106

a great stop! plenty of easy parking for trucks/ trailers/rvs/ cars. nice walking paths and steps for exercise for ppl and pups. very clean

Rest Stop South 38.61634, -78.70649

place to camp or park your motorhome, recharge water and dispose of wastewater

Campo La Alicia -36.74456, -62.96458

its a nice place. we stayed here for lunch, but you can perfectly stay the night here. the toilets are open and free, there is a tap outside with running water. the showers are closed. you can put your tent under a shelter, there are also tabels.

Municipal Beach camping / picnic La Trichera -35.10987, -72.20110

Beautiful beach with the sight of a shipwreck and nice spot to go snorkling!

You can only get here coming from the north (Haql). The road along the coast going south is closed because of the NEOM project.

We asked the coast guard for permission to swim here, it is allowed on the beach next to the shipwreck, do not go near the shipwreck. They also told us I was allowed to swim here as a women and that it did not matter what I wore. Nobody was around so we went snorkling in normal bathing suit!

There also is a very new and neat toilet building with showers on the outside (:

Haql Shipwreck beach 28.87697, 34.83358


Paramos no posto pra comer e descansar um pouco. Boa infraestrutura, banheiros limpos, ducha quente, wi-fi bom. O atendimento da loja de conveniências é ótimo, pessoas educadas. Achamos que seria um bom lugar pra passar a noite, mas como é cedo 13:15h seguiremos viagem até Santa Cruz e depois Rio Gallegos.

YPF forecourt San Julian -49.32518, -67.80312
Wendy & Graham

Good selection of fresh food and many other items. Perhaps the best location in Colon.

Supermercado 207 -32.22163, -58.13779

3 water taps. Connected to the public water network.
Good parking. good pressure

Public Water Tap 36.36759, 35.85053

I stayed overnight in a very large Parking lot next to the tourist train station near the Willets skatepark. Parks surround the area . There were no signs. It was quiet and flat. Public restrooms across the street, open 6am til 10 pm. A couple of cars pulled in , didn’t stay. Felt safe.

Willits Park 39.41195, -123.34695

Municipality park with cafe and restaurant. Drinking water, children playground, WC and park spots. Quiet and safe. There is a guard at night. Free of charge. Nice park for walking. Few friendly stray dogs and cats to feed.

Soğutludere Dinlenme Tesisi 36.70473, 37.17061

People are friendly like others said space for a few vehicles. Shower is great, toilet is fine. We didn't think it was particularly smelly or dirty. Great base to visit Dakar/stamp your carnet.

Cercle de Voile. CDV 14.71163, -17.43147
Wendy & Graham

The price on 16 Nov 2022 is 2600 (including 2 people and a motorhome). This is still a very reasonable price (about $10US per night) considering inflation and assuming you get your money at Western Union. Many shops nearby. Nice walk along the malecon. Yes, be sure to turn on the cold water FIRST in the shower and then regulate the temperature. Ablutions cleaned daily.

Camping Piedras Coloradas -32.22308, -58.13140

Very nice recreation center with hot showers, indoor pool, hot tubs, and slides for kids. Day pass was $8 last time I went for use of the whole facility, I didn't ask whether or not they have a "shower only" price. Wifi is also available. Open swim is 12-7pm on weekdays and 12-6pm on weekends.

Cottonwood Recreation Center 34.73672, -112.02371

"By Life Connected" is no longer in this location but about 12 miles east of here. See entry in iOverlander. New coordinate: -15.03197, 26.85631.

By life connected -14.97166, 26.71792

Nice local place to buy authentic artesanales from the region. Not from China, good prices, very friendly woman. Near the entrance tap water.

Casa de artesanales -26.48016, -67.26459

Peaceful place in a nice compound, full of artwork and former home of famous artist Nike Okundaye.
Rooms and bathrooms are spotless and prices range from 7k to 10k. Electricity was on during my whole stay.
A bit far from town, but taxis and okadas are easy to get just out of the gate.
A few shops around for food or warm beer (for cold ones, just go to the hotel next door), or meals can be arranged by the friendly staff on demand. There's also a kitchen for guest's use.
Ended up here after checking other places in town that were either full or awful and no regrets, it's the best place and the best bed I've had in a long time.
Safe parking, but they don't allow camping.

Nike Ambassador Guest House 7.77846, 4.49574

Love the spot. Great sunset views. Cell service. Little rough getting to a good level spot. There are private signs up across the road and public access signs up on the side overlooking the canyon.

La Verkin Overlook Road 37.19924, -113.25889


Paramos pra fazer fotos e vídeo. Lugar de vista espetacular!

Gran Bajo de San Julián - Viewpoint -49.62242, -68.14117

Easily accessible in my Honda Fit, okay verizon signal

Beatty Dispersed Camping 36.90772, -116.79431

Arrive late in the evening on a November night. The established campground appeared to be close so we decided to camp in the parking lot at the trail head adjacent to Lake Sherado. There were absolutely no signs posted that prohibited overnight parking. But I suspect during the summer season the park rangers patrol this area and would probably make you leave. However, in November, there was nobody else around and we had the whole place to ourselves.

Trailhead parking lot next to Lake Sheraton 37.92617, -79.00346

Ficamos 8 dias parados nesse local, uma vista linda. Lugar seguro porque tem a polícia, o bebedouro fica de frente a polícia, não tem como colocar mangueira pra encher caixa d’água, tem banheiro no local, mas sem banho. Recomendamos, com certeza voltaríamos. Pessoas muito acolhedoras.

New Foreshore Parking -23.80382, -45.39892

Also it is shaded which is super nice especially with this Florida sun!

2 HR parking 26.64284, -81.87301

If you are in the area this is a really cool place to check out. Manatees come here during the colder months (dec-march ish) for the warm waters. It is a free park but you do have to pay $1/hr to park. They have short walking paths and picnic areas too, also bathrooms.

Manatee Park 26.69395, -81.77877

On the way form Luxor to Aswan we were stopped at this checkpoint and send back to the east side of the Nile. The police told us that foreigners are not allowed to use the desert road to Aswan on the west side of the Nile. We had to take the much slower and less comfort road on the east side of the Nile. Other Overlanders told me that they were allowed to take the desert road in the same day in the morning. We were there around 14h30. so if you want to give it try better to try in the morning. I think that don't want to have foreigners on the desert road after sunset.

checkpoint 25.57616, 32.41054

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