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Quiet turn around area with room for a few cars / tents. Looks like people have had a fire here in the past. Barely any vehicle traffic on the road

Small area next to small road 47.02164, 9.53207

The Camp-Fee is 30,- for a dry place!

North Campground 37.63925, -112.16809

Was told by the overnight attendant that vehicle camping in this county was not allowed. we had to leave.

Planet Fitness 29.26814, -81.02946

Suitable for a night. There were three other RVs in the parking lot of the night that I stayed.

Walmart in Victoria TX 28.87785, -96.99556

still a great spot for cyclists. well hidden from road.

Riverbed -17.60402, -68.02391

Good place to spend the night and visit the historic center of Santa Ana, this parking lot is from the municipal palace in the center of the city, there are police guarding the place, you must ask for permission to park and they only allow it from 6pm to 6am.

Santa Ana 13.99501, -89.55667

Very quiet night at the town. Some buses stopped there until 9pm but after that no noise at all. Very secured and nice neighbors.

Pueblito Laguna 1.20286, -77.21202

Great campground, Friendly host. Beautiful views, everything was very clean.

Camping Güino -51.73037, -72.48967

This place is wonderful. Several locals were here during the evening and then in the morning but all were friendly

Burtons Shore Beach 37.65064, -75.65097

Nice place and inexpensive! (4$ entry and 50 cents for a locker).

Nicola Valley Aquatic Center 50.11222, -120.78734

Quiet spot for night when you go north, hot shower ! Cool staff.
Gas, diesel, little mercado

YPF -43.49702, -70.80737

Parking lot near the observatory on the other side of the road, flat, relatively quiet although close to the road. No amenities

Tatacoa 3.23374, -75.17062

Just to add some info here: we had rain coming up and there’s a lot of spots along the hwy 89A on BLM land with roads that become like clay with rainy weather, so we didn’t wanna do that. This spot was also in the sand, but not far. However, across the street there’s a paved pullout: perfect for us. Your vehicle won’t get dirty and it’s fairly level (we did need one leveling block). Only for self sustained of course. The Lees Ferry road is only used as an entrance road to a small national recreation area, so almost nobody passed by in the day and at night it was completely quiet. There’s a laundromat with public bathrooms close to here, so that’s cool. And the area is just beautiful with the red rocks.

However, what made us really love this place is the possibility to walk over the historic Navajo bridge from our camping/parking spot. There’s a bunch of wild California Condors who love to come there and if you’re lucky there’s also some people from the research team who you could ask some questions. Beautiful view over the Colorado river and canyon!!

100% recommended!

Lee’s Ferry Road 36.81787, -111.63635

The name is Camping Cantamar. Perfect and I would say only place for big rigs to stay in Santa Marta. Electricity and toilets. Very close to a bech. They charged us 30.000 colombian pesos for the night for the car (us$6).

Rodandero Santa Marta/Camping Cantamar 11.19233, -74.22984

we stayed here for 5 days. the school on this road makes it a very busy street, but we always felt safe. hard to find space to park until after 4. and pretty noisy all day as this area is popular with dog walkers, not quiet until 10pm. the homeless man asked for 10s as well, we gave him 5 our first night he was out hustling for about 30 minutes, and then we never saw him again. this place is in the middle of many good spots but was a little busier then we expected. the spot by the park further up north was much more comfortable, but this location was better.

By the park -12.14828, -77.02259

This place is permanently closed.

Hour Laundry 26.34373, 50.14758

This is one of the coolest campsites we’ve stayed in for quite awhile! Wonderful rock formations with campsites in amongst the rocks, or around the edge with spectacular views over the Chihuahuan desert. The walking trails are well worth doing and the petroglyph hunting is great fun! Well recommended!

City of Rocks State Park 32.58566, -107.97349
Sanddragon II

Very nice campsite. Well organized, clean and everything works. Very friendly owner. Highly recommended!

Paraiso Suizo -34.78931, -55.43123

Good place to park. It’s a super Walmart so has about everything.

Walmart Gallup New Mexico 35.52712, -108.76821

Overton is not a friendly place when it comes to getting water. They’re no RV DUMPS in this town, no gas stations that have a hose out. I asked several folks about getting water including calling the local water company and the second they know you want water they stop talking to you( quickly) end the conversation. We bought gas and groceries in this town. I would say I’m not a freeloader, like I was called. Not a future destination. Ok for a night or three.

BLM, Overton Mesa/Poverty Flats 36.48022, -114.45338

Here you get very good empenadas, and the girls are so nice

El Siciliano -29.37931, -67.79327

stayed from about 8pm until noon the next day in November. no issues.

(fred Meyer requires an annual membership to shop)

Fred Meyer Lot PERM CLOSED 45.38030, -122.75636

Overnight at all day parking lot . No issues! Beautiful views of Cape Blomidon . Walking trail around Minas Basin which has the highest tides in the world. Lots of restaurants- coffee shops - etc etc . Laundromat in front .
Highly recommended.

Wolfville 45.09252, -64.35675

Camped here last night, further down road (4x4/clearance) at the south end a mile past toilet and trail head. Gorgeous.

Rain started in early morning and we just got back to trailhead before it got bad and we had to infill to crossings for our 4x4 sprinter (lucky timing).

Today we hiked the trail the hot springs. Found hot (warm) water sources on both sides of the river but the springs have unfortunately been washed away, buried under mud and debris.

Like the Gila, Jordan springs is no more and Low springs by trail head half hearted quick rebuild after August 20 washout.

Great hike and beautiful campsite regardless, valiant effort needed to repair and rebuild the springs.
Not sure there are enough locals for this task.

Facilities are clean and welcome

San Francisco Hot Springs 33.22827, -108.86614

This place is permanently closed.

Beach -40.16044, -71.36080
Sanddragon II

Fast service to fill up our German gas tank. Martin is great!

Acodike supergás -34.88775, -54.98193

Lugar tranquilo para passar a noite, perguntamos a um policial e disse que era permitido. Lugar quieto.

Public Restplace Carhue -37.17205, -62.76750

I wasn't able to find this place.

Walmart 43.07818, -70.76188

5 dólares para água, banho (frio), Wi-Fi muito bom e banheiros limpos. Cozinha tem todos os utensílios. Kleber é um ótimo anfitrião, cuida do hostel e é muito gente boa. 3 dólares para uma maquinada de roupa lavada

La Virginia -1.83350, -80.75141

This place is permanently closed.

Public Parking -40.76134, -71.64481

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