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Campground with swimming pool. Price for a camper is 90MAD, electricity is 30MAD extra.

Camping Tete de Lion 29.75320, -8.96653

It says not big rig friendly but we did fine in our 37 foot Rv with toad.
It took a couple of 3 point turns to get parked, but it was a lovely spot in the lower lot looking over the city.

San Miguel RV Park 20.90714, -100.74898

posto de ajuda com wifi e protegido do vento/stop for help with wi fi and protect windy...dont have nothing, no water just place save for one nigth before go el chaten.

i travel on bike.

Brand new shelter with wifi -49.69860, -71.87095

We had a great stay with Jamie and Mel! we took a surf lesson with Jamie which was awesome and definitely progressed our surfing ability. Mel was great with our toddler and kept him happy with a chalk board and baked treats! the shower was great for cooling down and our dog got along well with theirs. If you're looking to do some surfing on the east cape and want some local intel, this is the spot!

ALAIA Surf Lodge 23.14818, -109.50514
Des routes & nous

We spend the night neer the Nigerian Custom. They allow us to stay without any problem. Some of the locals came to say hello and all the childrens but very friendly and they leave just before dark.

Costums Checkpoint in Kan-Iyaka, Nigeria 6.85094, 11.55959

very good place to stay a few days. very comfortable inside court. bathroom could be cleaner, but it's okay. We had the night for 6000sdp (for a double room) after negotiations (but Ahmed Mousa wasn't hard to convince !). For the moment, it is the same price at al-Nasr hotel, but way more comfortable here.

Ahmed Mousa hostel 18.53849, 31.83404

Little pull-off near where the Redding Loop and Spy Rock trails intersect the road. Recommended size for pickups, SUVs and cars. 1-2 bars of cell service with T-Mobile. Will get some people parked nearby for the hiking trails and saw others park nearby overnight and camp overnight by Spy Rock which is about a half mile walk away from this site. Very little traffic going up and down the road. Forrest Ranger drove right by me and didn't bother to say anything if this spot was allowed for camping or not.

Spy Rock / Redding Loop Trail pull-off 35.70069, -93.76203

My husband and I were driving from Los Angeles to get route 66, we arrive at 9pm aprox. And we see some sites for In & out Burgers RV costumers. We overnight there and were no problem. Some trailers were there to.

In-N-Out Parking Lot 34.84975, -117.08181

very good spot for a night. quiet, deers passing and view on the mountains. enough room. one other campervan.

Mule canyon blm 37.53673, -109.73595

What a great place to stay. It’s the perfect place to enjoy Oaxaca city but also enjoy nature whether green and peaceful or four-legged and playful. :) Rebecca and Tony are very welcoming and take care of you, but they also let you enjoy your own space.

Casa Raab 17.14369, -96.74879

Boa vocês tem quarto p 2 pessoas p 1 estadia, e o valor

Camping São Francisco -23.19417, -45.87045

Boa vocês tem quarto p 2 pessoas e o valor

Camping São Francisco -23.19423, -45.87050

They don't have diesel card and wanted 50.000 rial per liter!

Diesel Euro 4 36.64581, 48.51163

We stopped here for a sec, but it didnt really feel like a nice spot to stay for the night. Just a small pulloff really close to the road.

Pulloff Overlook 36.40229, -118.98947

Great and helpfull info from previous check-in.
They charged us and two German cars for a full tank @ 1 €/ltr. After the Carnet stamp in the arrivals hall you get an A5 piece of paper which requires 3 signatures and which you hand in at the barrier.

At the Turkish side, insurance can be purchased from a small office situated between the terminal and the cafetaria 1 month ~ 33 € for a normal car. Very quick visual check of car, others in front of us required full Xray.

Total time for crossing: 6 hrs

Bazargan Border Crossing 39.41128, 44.37794
julian saez

Excelente wild, de lo mejor!!!
Pasando la cerveceria rio puelo, en donde es impresindible pasar por unas birras, ademas tienen un minimarket bien abastecido, recomiento el queso añejo los muermos, muy bueno.
Pasar el puente del rio manso y tomar el camino de la izquierda, continuar por 5 kms aprox y llegas al fin del camino porque cruza un rio.
Aqui encuentras varias zonas de pasto para elegir, limpias, buena proteccion del viento y lluvia, bajada al rio manso.

Cuidado con el fuego y llevese su basura.

Rio Manso -41.69934, -71.98401

Beach access only by 4WD. Slightly steep entry onto beach via a bumpy dirt road. Standard 4WD is fine. Little cove with a wide beach and no tidal issues. About ten minutes from a town just north with a market. No firewood for salvage. Absolutely deserted and beautiful.

Fantastic Beach Spot 4WD only. 31.22247, -116.35133

Not really any place to pitch up your tent and be protected by the strong wind. Furthermore, the shepherd could show up any time. Alpacas are very close to the place. As it was late to keep going further, we found a small spot for a two persons tent right behind the water pump on the other side of the track.

10km before Charaña -17.54516, -69.36694

Duchas compartidas con hasta 3 personas. Agua caliente, lugar limpio, personal amable.

Cora Harper Community Center 34.88967, -117.02235

As described, but we paid 10.000 per person.

Andes Nomads, Desert Camp & Lodge -22.98189, -68.18330

You have no service at all, come with your water and your food and enjoy the whales at few meters from you (in season).
we stayed 4 nights, ranger and police came everyday and were very friendly.

One of the most beautifull show we ever saw 🐳🐋🐳🐋

Playa Canteras/Playa Banuls -42.62248, -64.93744

Took the shortest, most direct road to the abandoned houses. We parked at the one furthest north. Nice beach but a lot of cockroaches; they didn't bother us, though. We were the only ones there and had a nice time even with high winds and lots of flies. The flies died down after sunset. No cell signal. Free!

Campo Miramar 30.02372, -114.56795

Lovely place to camp a few nights, your staying next to Len and Margrit's home. There is a private shower and bathroom, a fridge if needed. We camped in our tent with the motorcycles next to it. Paid 300 Pesos a night.

Las Olas Overland 21.47079, -105.19319

Table price is 30 sole for a small single room, bathroom attached. Simple but fine. I negotiated to 25 pen.
Strong and stable WiFi. No kitchen. Drinking water available after asking. I checked around, seems like 25 sole is the cheapest in this community. The senior lady, the owner, is very nice just like our grandmas.

Hospedaje Misty -6.48490, -76.36072

I found Maritza's husband that told me that they are not receiving campers since the beggining of the pandemic.

Maritza’s House -51.25495, -72.34332

We arrived around 7pm and the bathrooms were already closed. In the morning (around 10am) the bathrooms were still closed and no one around. The internet was not working either.

Bus Station / fire station -51.25520, -72.34425

at 50 bob/ person not the cheapest for bolivian standerds but there are bot many alternatives around la paz. the place is great though: nice warm showers, kitchen and good wifi + Marcos and Arawi are super friendly. Marcos will help with any technical issue if he can, very helpfull and good mechanic!

Camping Las Lomas -16.52746, -68.05059

Perfect place to stay if you pass by Kenema ! Quiet, in a beautiful park. We stayed on the staff parking. Gardians during the night stay on the parking, not too noisy. During day, few people are crossing the place but not really annoying. No fixed price but they expected a donation before you live.

Pastoral Centre - Catholic Mission 7.86267, -11.18623

Super nice family runs the hotel. It's very clean and has a beautiful terrace with a very good view. No bad smell coming from the toilets for us. Still the same price : 40 or 50 soles depending if you want private bathroom. The shower is really hot and big. Big secured parking, even for bikes.

Hostal la Cabaña -9.27592, -77.64878

it used to be a fuel station. they offers food, drinks, toilets and showers. 100 pesos for the shower.

el nevado snack bar -28.91720, -67.52128

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