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Beautiful spot!!!

Just us, absolutely no car even drove by. Granted we came on a super hot day (90 degrees) it actually wasnt too bad with the breeze, especially once some clouds came it felt so nice.

Also 3-4 bars vz service!
Only problem was all the mosquitoes that came out once it got cooler

Easy overnight, views of Boysen Reservoir, views of Wind River Mountains 43.38063, -108.08588

One of the few free developed campsites in the area. Has about 6-10 camp spots with tent pads, fire rings and picnic table. One restroom and a trash can nearby. No running water. Amazing place to camp. Loved the ride on my motorcycle here.

Irish Canyon 40.82934, -108.73608

Ponto de apoio para famílias de bem. Ambiente seguro e familiar.

Charles e Vanessa - Água Kangen -27.88459, -54.47254

A good-sized dog park is located across the parking lot from a lovely, shaded park with bathrooms and picnic tables. Separate areas for big dogs and small dogs. We filled our 2 3-gallon water jugs from a spigot in the big dog park. We couldn't find any places where a hose could be hooked up. Cute park and place to enjoy lunch!

Zoey's Dog Park 36.36335, -118.03552

Signs say two hour parking but no one bothered us when we stayed overnight. Ok place to stay and sleep.

Pennsylvania Welcome Center 41.94165, -80.47295

We didn’t camp here but had lunch here. Very large pullout (and good 10-20 meters from the main road. Amazing views over the cañon. Only downside is you’re not hidden from the roadside. But still a good spot.

Large pullout with scenic views -8.28584, -78.06534

Construction is mostly finished, except for the curves. But no construction equipment on the road. Totally passable. The paved parts are super nice right now. Dry season was easy to drive.

In general, if this is the wet season, I’d expect some landslides.

Road construction -8.19653, -77.95071

This road is fine. Mostly paved and very smooth. If it’s the dry season, this is a great drive. If it’s the wet season…watch out.

Information for really big rigs -8.20526, -77.94998

It’s 2022 and there was no visible construction. Mostly asphalt road and quite smooth. Dry season it’s a fantastic drive. If we still the wet season, I might think twice about driving down here. Lots of potential landslide opportunities.

An 100 Road closed 7 am to 5 pm -8.46070, -78.15314

Nice looking water spigot and sink. A good place to stock up on water if you’re low.

Water tap next to the street -8.28166, -78.05264

It’s 2022, no more road works here. It’s smooth(ish) sailing! 20-30km/hr

Road works -8.15405, -77.98557

Nice parking lot, several other campers here. Right between the beach and highway, which is a bit noisy. Enjoyed a sunset with dinner right on the beach!

DeMartin beach picnic area 41.60352, -124.10058

Before getting to the train station there is a spot with a table that's good for camping. It's near the road but there's almost no traffic. We camped with our tent and it was a super quiet night.

Zlatibor park 43.72166, 19.72300

Hello Travelers.
A beautiful place, nature and peace, many birds, hummingbirds and butterflies. View on Lake Chapala, view of the beautiful sunrise and sunset.
The place has space for 4 or 5 Van, combi or Class B motorhome trucks only. It has showers {cold water sometimes hot}, dry toilets, water tap to fill your tank, a shared kitchen, gas stove and oven, a freezer to put your food but you must bring your ice pack. There is no 110V electricity, only 12v system, Usb input. The place has cabins for rent, a large Palapa for yoga and other types of activities.
The price is 100 pesos for the Truck and 50 pesos per Person per Day, free for children up to 12 years old.
Contact: Salvador {+52} 33 1835 8026

Igloo Kokolo 20.16431, -103.13229

Top of the mountain.
The Highest place in WV.
35 degrees cooler than the valley floor.

Spruce Knob mountain parking lot 38.70199, -79.53004
Rich Fesler

Hose Bibb. 2 bars on gFI. Bathrooms. Pet Area. Full time hosts. See no signs for no overnight. Large enough for largest rigs.

Midvale Hill Rest Area 44.44521, -116.80061

Awesome spot! We stayed for one night and even though we were close to the bridge it was very quiet. There is not a lot of traffic. Couple spots with fire rings available.

Campsite at Mosquito Fork River before Chicken 64.06666, -141.99644
Humble Bumble

USFS campground not far from visitor center. Tucked in amongst the trees for some shade. Table, fire ring and pit toilets. 8000 ft so cooler temps than staying down near Big Pine. No Verizon or AT&T cell signal. Suggested donation $10. Why leave your trash in the fire pit? And if you didn't know, cans and bottles don't burn. Yours to enjoy protect and keep clean 🌲

Grandview 37.33288, -118.18818

$31 for non power site. Showers included. Good spot and nice there is a restaurant option if desired.

Eagle Plains Campground 66.37279, -136.72033

It's about a mile in from the pavement on the left. On your way in, stay left at the first fork. Follow signs to Picture Frame Arch. Some parts of the road are bumpy but take it slow.

Behind The Rocks #7 38.41975, -109.45127

Staff said we could not sleep here. Went to the leaning center (15 minutes north) and had not problem

The Shell gas station 48.45756, -123.45923

Hard to find so go to Beauty Creek road and take that steep dirt road on the left that has 1575 on it. Keep driving up until you find a spot you like. Some are pull ins and some are just spots on the side of the road. We parked on the side and didn’t have any car drive by. I wouldn’t try this in the rain or after rain as it is probably very muddy.

Forest Road 47.60496, -116.65383

This big flat place few kilometers from a small village called Seccsenccalla.
Just on the edge of the platô.
Beautiful view of the sunset. Almost no wind.

Big field to camp and sleep. -13.63220, -73.13441

Made reservations prior to arriving at the camp site for $18. Site had nice bathrooms with flush toilets. Would recommend site #8 (where we stayed) if available due to having the most shade and privacy. Seems like a popular campground because each site was booked so plan in advance. Short drive from the lake. Includes a playground if you have kids. We tent camped, but plenty of vans, campers and rv sites as well (not sure the price for those). Well maintained and quiet spot. Had 3g service, but basically no service. Overall a nice experience.

Cottonwood Springs Lake - Army COE 43.43903, -103.57044

Stealth camped in a class b. A little noise from bridge and nearby music, but no issues.

Starlight Casino 42.99331, -82.41997

Nice spot off the 1. Space for a few rigs. Some road noise but quiet at night. Stayed overnight in a pop up camper. Didnt pop the top but no issues

Next To Ocean. 37.11037, -122.29579

We loved this place! Definitely one of the more affordable attractions in the area! The guys at reception were very friendly and as previously described the tours are super informative! We were really excited about all the frogs. The night was safe and peaceful with traffic noise starting around 7am. Wifi reached our camper and we were able to use the outdoor sink. Staff told us we were welcome to return any time and there would be no extra cost! Definitely recommended.

Ranaria 10.31522, -84.82451

Road isn’t too bad, some big pot holes. made it in an AWD astrovan. Small clearing near side of road, nice sunset over hills. Saw 1 car drive by around 9pm, no one else. Slept here 1 night.

Pullout on forest road 45.30192, -123.88655
Instagram: @savannatales

An 8km circular hike brings you here from Malasso Community Campsite. The view is simply stunning! Beautiful forest with wild olive trees and cedar trees on the way, and proteas on the plateau. The weather is fresh at 2400mts high, so perfect for hiking! A guide can be arranged from Malasso Community Eco Tourism Center for about 500 KES pp + 400 KES pp for entry fee. Really recommended!

Lesiolo Viewpoint (Hiking Trail) 1.21784, 36.52501

2 paved parking lots and one Gravel lot, we spent the night at the Gravel lot. An employee of NS lands came by to chat and said it was fine to overnight here. No "no overnight" signs anywhere.

Open Hearth park 46.14694, -60.18660

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