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Pretty amazing place. This is by far our favorite spot in NB. Beach is amazingly pristine. The view is breath taking. No bugs and the wind wasn't too bad.

Tip: Do not rely on google maps to get you there. The algorithm picked a bunch of random roads. We ended up spending an extra hour driving for no reason.
I recommend a 4x4 with good ground clearance. Take your time driving on the road. The rocks are extremely sharp and could easily puncture a tire + lots of ATVs ripping around the rails.

Goose Creek - Crown Land 45.49880, -65.19025

Easy to find, there is a big Wild Cove sign where the road starts. The road is a bit rough and the water crossing is not for every RV but it is possible.

The place itself is not super clean, with metal parts and other trash everywhere. Clean up after yourself and consider picking up some extra trash. Let's make this place a bit better.

One friendly local came in the morning for fishing or setting up a lobster trap.

Close to Louisbourg.

Wild Cove 45.93665, -59.90396

Following the Ferry Road makes this place easy to find. Two other RVs. Nice views. Since it is close to the port, you will hear boats in the morning.

Lots of fire pits (I would say a bit exaggerated). Strictly speaking, this place does not appear on the public lands map but nobody bothered us.

Consider picking up some trash that others left to keep this place open for others.

Ingonish Ferry Road 46.63161, -60.38568

We showed up at 1930 without a reservation and we were met with a smile. $32 for full 30 amp hookup was a terrific deal.
On historic Route 66, the owners are warm and friendly giving some cool history about the area and offering a list of places to eat and see.
After dinner, we explored their huge property which has a petting zoo with sheep and goats, there are chickens and ducklings, and down the way, a barn with Clara the donkey and her goat friends.
The office has a gift shop and small convenience store. There is a gated dog run and the spaces have all the amenities including large shade trees.
We would come back here again and again because the owners were so nice and the location access to the historic town of Shamrock was perfect.
There are other RV parks around but you’ll be glad you chose this one!
Thanks to the owners for all the history and info about this special place that was once on the Texas Wagon Train.
PS, eat at Rusty’s, their wings are fantastic, huge burgers, and they treat you like family!

Texas Route 66 RV Park 35.22579, -100.31060
Federico Cappelli

Amazing cave village, no price asked for entry probably because we where in very low season, no tourists around except us. Well worth a visit.

Meymand Troglodyte Village 30.22673, 55.37630

So clutch! Still $4.50 for a shower. Felt great to clean up before returning our van and heading to the airport

Santa Monica Swim Center 34.01637, -118.47358

Now s/20. No mirador fees after 4:30pm for me.

The rainbow mountain entrances are a bit confusing. I believe there are two main ones now. This and the other side. Then there is also a Red Valley which is what I thought this was but it isn’t. Access for that is via Pachachani.

Frankly, rainbow mountain is a huge tourist trap. However, if you go against the flow you can have the place to yourself and it is worth it. I drove up this road starting at 1pm. It was a nightmare as 50-100 Kombi will be going in the opposite direction as you. However, sunset is the perfect timing for this access point and I had incredible views and light by starting my hike at 3pm. I am a fast walker. Perhaps best for most is take this road around 11am (hopefully avoiding Kombi madness).

I drove down in the dark because it was better for me than either 1) waking up in a parking lot mobbed with tourists that starts as early as 4-5am and 2) driving against the current of drivers. Not bad in the dark and the road isn’t all that amazing of a drive anyhow. Ate a bite in town and drove paved roads to Laguna Pomacanchi. Only about half hour or less from town and infinity superior walking up on a quiet lakefront than a noisy, crowded, dirty parking lot.

P.S. I think the Red Valley is actually more impressive than Rainbow Mountain. You can make a loop but the shortcut back down is a bit sketch so good shoes and confidence in your abilities are advised. Otherwise go back the main route.

Rainbow Mountain - West Side Access -13.87005, -71.33141

just a park, no "no overnight parking" signs. there's a highway and a train but nobody bothered us and there's a pond that was nice in the morning.

lions family park 45.66489, -108.78274

This is a really beautiful spot in the green mountains, very peaceful. To reach this spot you have to pass a very small village, after the last house you have to drive up a small dirt track for about 500m. It’s a rocky road but we did it easily with 2wd. After this you will see a grassy ‘flat’ spot. Some friendly locals passed by. We had a perfect night. Enjoy!

Beautiful spot green mountains 39.63282, 43.54065

It’s a nice spot at a lake. We were here on a Friday so it was busy with locals doing some fishing, bbq, the usual. We had a quiet night here, in the morning all the locals were gone so they didn’t sleep here, just picknick. There were also young militaries having a ‘trainingcamp’ (doing kayak and stuff like this) here but nobody bothered us. We don’t now if the camp was temporarily or not.

Lake camping 32.75810, 51.00287

Primitive camping off a forest road that follows Corral Creek down a valley. There are a variety of different campsites. We found a spot a few miles down the road, #13. Dropped down a gravel turn off to the right. Our site was very large, access to the creek and had a fire ring. Not many trees but there are some shaded sites. Good view of the surrounding hills and extremely quiet.

Corral Creek Road 43.73727, -114.24921

Didn't stay here exactly but Denali Highway literally has dozens of sites to boondock right off road. Huge pillows with amazing views. We stayed 2 nights and was quiet because not much road traffic.

One of many nice places on the Denali highway 63.27886, -147.96158

Great little campsite next to the Blackstone River. Ice breaking up on the river is beautiful in June. Bit unlevel but good for trucks with campers. Gravel may be difficult for pitching tents. Just off the Dempster Highway. There’s another spot closer to the river but road to it is brushy.

Dempster ~117 km 64.84894, -138.31798

10$ Parking, 5$ 4h parking, 30$ Camping or Overnight parking, no Diskussion, nice at the river, no other possibilities, parking free at visitor center walk 1km to the Bridge (no overnight) 61.434801, -142.943732

Base Camp Kennicott 61.43661, -142.96480

camping caro, pagamos 35,00 por pessoa apenas para passar uma noite mesmo informando que não usaríamos eletricidade, chuveiro água morna, banheiros sem se quer papel higiênico, pia de lavar louças sem água, wi-fi bem lento, enfim péssima experiência

Camping Gramado -29.36348, -50.86271

Good spot for cyclist, hidden from the road.

House ruins -0.88516, -78.91650

I got there around 10pm on a Thursday in June and all the spots were taken :-(
So I just found some quiet street parking.
But the park is very nice! I should have gotten here earlier - crazy that something like this exists!

Plain view City Park 42.35134, -97.79208

Very nice campground. great stating point for hike to beach.

China Beach campground (BC Parks) 48.43457, -124.07675

Good laundromat, lots of machines. About $3-7 for a washer and $2.50 minimum for a dryer. All machines accept quarters only.

Riverton Laundromat 43.03111, -108.38495

This is the official campside directly beside the park office centre.
Large grasy area with less wind protection. But there is a small wind shielded place to cook right infront of the showers.
You have to pay at the park office centre.

Nyrdri-Leirar 64.27977, -21.08796

Great place to spend the night. Got there around midnight and there was only one other van there camping as well. Fairly level, bathrooms are nice, quiet until 7am when they let the trucks into the dump. Recommended.

Heartland learning center 48.53404, -123.45860

Excellent place. It's a long stretch of road where we saw several over nighters. We pulled up where there were two police cars and they came out of a fitness center that is fenced off, they saw us and waved so if it wasn't legal I'm sure they would have said something.

Roadside parking 36.59571, -121.86691

Great little spot! We didn't drive all the way down to where the clearing is since there's a rather large hump, so we stayed near the road. An NPS employee drove by the next morning and she gave us a wave hello :)

Forest Clearing 41.25294, -122.03820

Nice campground on the lake near boat launch. Picnic tables & fire rings on gravel. Little privacy as sites are close together or doubles. Road in is rough from frost freeze so take it slow first half! Quiet…. Apparently popular for fishing lake trout.

Lake Louise State Recreation Area 62.28534, -146.53955

Site toujours accessible malgré les travaux.

Garage Municipal De Beauport 46.88209, -71.18038

Nous sommes allés prendre notre douche mais il était 22h30 donc personne à l’accueil et nous avons vu aucun employé excepté un camion que nous avons croisé donc nous ne savons pas si nous avions vraiment le droit. Mais les douches sont bien faites, propres, gratuites et ont une bonne température.

White Lake Campground 48.72448, -85.65234

Stayed before heading up to Whitney Portal. Great spot, many signs close the road saying ‘no camping, property of L.A.’ but this seems to only apply within 100ft or so of the road. There’s camping signs and recent NFS ‘no fires’ signs at the campsites away from the road.

Alabama Hills Near Entrance 36.60135, -118.11172

We just got here and intended on staying the night and do the boat tour tomorrow. Plenty of parking but a local recommended to drive back to the city and come back the next morning. He said it's not safe to park here at night... This was the first time on our 8month trip from the US that a local approached us saying an area was not safe. We left!

boat tours 9.22185, -79.54668

Seems like a road was built in place of the property that used to be here. Definitely not a place to camp.

Puerto Corotu 9.21661, -79.53976

After being told by a local that it was too dangerous to camp by the river down the street, we asked the rangers here at the visitors center if it was okay to stay for a night. They said yes and to my question if it was safe, they answered that the property is fenced (true), the gates close at night (true) and 3 dogs roam and protect the property at night (also true).
At least one of the rangers lives on the property.
We had a quite night and felt super safe!

Parque Nacional de Chagres Visitor Center 9.21661, -79.53976

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