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We spent two nights here. Very cute little mountain town. The parking lot was free and police monitor it quite frequently. 5$ baño in the parking lot.

Estacionamiento Real del Monte 20.13577, -98.67043

Large area near a closed gate just passed middle coon creek. Very nice spot without cell service. could fit a pretty big rig

Upper Large site Missionary Ridge Road 37.44846, -107.74041

A flat spot in the aspens where you can pull off the road. Probably fit a 30foot rig. Existing fire ring. no cell service

flat pullout 37.43221, -107.73990

several very large sites for horse trailers or big rigs. large material pile. Also additional large spots across the road. take a left off Missionary Ridge at the y before the gate

Corral Material Storage 37.43162, -107.76567

Parking for a short trail and a fire ring. Seems camping is permitted. Also another fire ring and flat spot good for tents on the other side of the road. no parking at this second spot.

Trailhead parking and campsites 37.42780, -107.76931

this is not the name of the place its MPH RV Park Not Ordway RV Park

MPH RV Park 38.21476, -103.74661

Nice Quiet town the Park has Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rates. Weekly and Monthly rates the Electric is extra.

MPH RV Park 38.21476, -103.74661

A nice flat open area very close to a cell tower. There are numerous sites in the area. This one is big enough for a small group.

BLM Del Norte 37.62142, -106.26571

Informal place but quiet and very silent. We stay very safety here. Don't have water or wi-fi near.

Quiet street -22.86279, -46.03404

The view is nice and flats are not too hard to find. Lush grass all around

Roadside flat kind of out of view for cyclists -1.10822, -78.92943

Campground with sites from Lake loop (waterfront) to Skyview loop (higher elevation. Vault toilets, hand pump water available. No AT&T coverage. Two lower CG loops have signs that state limited RV maneuvering, only Skyview loop bigger rig friendly.

Hidden Lake Campground 60.46475, -150.20359

Beautiful spot on the water! We got this tip from a bartender at Dildo Brewing Co. The road is a bit rough getting in, but perfectly doable with care. Lots of open space to park at this rocky beach. Locals seem to like this place as an evening hangout - so be prepared for some ATV and pickup truck traffic before sunset. Otherwise gorgeous free beachfront boondocking.

Three bars of Bell cellular.

Anderson Cove 47.57788, -53.56453

$5.15 to dump. Easy access behind the station.

Conoco 48.37158, -114.20391

Our first cenote. Kids loved jumping into the water from the platform. We arrived in the afternoon and left in the morning. We (family of five, with all kids over 6) paid 600 pesos after some bargaing.

Cenote Kankirixche 20.63733, -89.63282

Rustic but very clean showers inside unheated bathroom. Buy tokens at machine just outside bathroom $1 for 2 tokens. 3min. per token. Very hot water.

Potlach State Park 47.36077, -123.15671

No sign but motos outside, look at picture.
Coordinates are quite near but Google maps doesn’t recognise this road, turn right off the panamerica going northbound from vista alegre directly after the bridge crossing the river. This mechanic was recommended to me by Figo who I got in contact through the good reviews on iOverlander, he changed my headstock bearings and other maintainence for 300 soles. Best moto mechanic I could find in Nazca, a good job done quickly so a good price for me, recommendable.

Motorbike mechanic Jon -14.83059, -74.94325

Highly recommend. Needed a wheel bearing replacement and an oil change (normal truck) and they were happy to help me right away. Quality job for a very reasonable price. Very friendly staff and they speak good English.

German Race Shop 31.85347, -116.58989

Lovely place. No service sites are $20 a night. Walk in tent sites are cheaper. If you need power, it varies. Self serve, so find a site and look at the board for the price and pay.

Great hot shower, clean bathrooms. Washer and dryer. Outside kitchen with tables, that are covered in case of rain. Very friendly people. It feels roomy. Potable water and a dump. Tiny wood burning barbecues around the camp. Close to town.

Close to the airport, but very few planes. Maybe an occasional light air craft. I can’t hear the road, but I am in the back.

Alaska Stoves 63.33209, -142.95077

Nice dump station .
there's fixe cleaning hose to clean the waste hose.
gotta bring your own hose for potable water since there none on the site.
easy to get in and out .
there 2 station available.

Near Jasper 52.86066, -118.07194

Great place, lots of lights. 24 hours, stayed 2 nights no problems.

Winco parking lot 40.35743, -111.89973

I tried to communicate with Herbert he would read my messages and leave them in “read”. I sent 3 messages in the morning and then one at night. Following morning one more message to double check. When he finally responded, he said he was to busy planing a trip, so I asked if he could recommend another mechanic and I was left in “read” again. Go check out a real mechanic shop called MOTOSLID really close by with all the amenities you need for you bikes and very fair prices. I got my starter motor rebuilt plus a general maintenance for 150 soles/$40. Freddy from MOTOSLID and his team are so friendly!

Herbert - Mechanico de motos -9.53514, -77.52445

we just got our SIM cards from a big claro store and they were able to register this number while we were there. they did not automatically offer this, but were happy to do it when we asked about it.

Colombian mobile providers: Foreign phones banned after 1 month without registration 10.43478, -75.49595

Some "no overnight parking" signs.

Quelques.pancartes interdisant le stationnement de nuit.

Nova Scotia Visitor Centre 45.85177, -64.25849

large gravel lot. no no camping signs. lots of road noise. good for quick overnight.

victoria county forest parkinglot 44.75992, -78.68783

Currently has a sign that says no camping or overnight parking.

Jerry Jolly Trail Head 46.80258, -90.90718

Small parking area next to a newer stock tank. there is another older tank up the road a hundred yards. This tank is dry at the moment but it looks recently built. three bars of Verizon service here, but speeds are slow via a cell tower 13miles north.

Lower Stock Tank 37.42703, -107.77603

A nice place to see the sunrise. We were all alone and no one came by. Is a forest road. Space for max. 2 cars. you need a 4x4.

Sunrise spot - 4x4 49.17689, -117.87184

Very nice campground with a view of the canyon and lake.

Beehive Campsites-Glen Canyon NRA 36.93870, -111.49647

Great views! Small shelter with two bench seats

Navajo mountain viewpoint + recycling 36.96442, -111.49134

One night there, safe, secure, beautiful, nice for a morning jogging or hike, empty and quiet at night.

Puerto Lopez beach -1.56061, -80.81154

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