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Next to the SIMILKAMEEN River. Sandy shoreline. Beautiful scenery. We moved locations but show photos of both spots. One other van just up the road in another nice pull off.

River Rd Pullouts 49.19796, -119.85202

The gate on the road leading to the laguna and to this place was closed for the forseable future because of Covid.

Laguna del Pino 14.34239, -90.39755

The gate on the road leading to the laguna and to this place was closed for the forseable future because of Covid.

Centro Recreativo Laras 14.34821, -90.39502

Because several overnight places were closed because of Covid, we asked the chief of security of Walmart to let us stay in our motorhome on the parking lot for the night (as you can on many Walmarts). Unfortunately, he declined.

Giant Mall 14.55128, -90.45409

We arrived Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closing down at 16.00h because of Covid (Monday it's closed as well). We neither got wifi (need guest registration, but office was closed) nor electricity (policy does not allowed it). No bathroom or shower either, but the big Bernhardiner dog is friendly.

Cabana Suiza 14.61606, -90.61812

Die Mond, as allways a great campsite! just wish the owners would upgrade the ablutions, give it a lick of paint and freshen it up= ablutions are dated!
Bring your fishing rod for the Bass and carp , canoes for the river, and windshiels as the wind does BLOW!
R 100 ppn wood R40 per bag
WiFi near the office availabe at R 50

Die Mond -32.54351, 19.54346

Small gravel lot in Canadian tire parking lot no signs saying no overnight parking. Also some 24 hour parking on the street leading up to this. Good for a night when you have a ferry in the morning

Canadian Tire 48.66049, -123.41750

After a long week at Renegade Burning Man in Black Rock City, we were too tired to drive far. So thankful for this oasis after the desert. it has a few RVs here but it's nice and quiet. Beautiful resevoir. No Verizon signal. Dog-friendly. Flat open space with grass and a few trees.

Squaw Creek Reservoir 40.82904, -119.53719

Nice laundromat with plenty of washers and dryers for decent prices. small washers start at 2.50

Sweetwater Laundry 41.58216, -109.25793

$12 per night or $6 with access pass, self pay. pit toilets and access to water

Whiskey Flat Campground 44.25421, -114.55234

Parking area next to restaurant, I asked inside and they gave permission.

Pilot Truck Stop 41.11921, -85.18401

An open spacious space, by the 101, in front of the lake. No sign as to an interdiction of overnight parking. Noisy, but beautiful!

Trout Lake on the 101 49.50721, -123.87820

Gravel parking lot. There was a sign that says no overnight parking but there were so many camper vans and cars there that parked overnight.

Had a great sleep! No one bothered us. Just make sure you’re gone before 6am.

Lake Louise Overflow Camping 51.38576, -116.12926

Petit spot parfait pour se reposer juste avant de traverser! Il nous a sauvé la vie! Il mouillait et faisait nuit, on était fatigué et on a décidé de s'arrêter là pour dormir! Calme malgré le bruit des camions!

Beluga Watching 48.12500, -69.72294

Gorgeous by the water spot. Quiet and away from houses, the road, and people. There’s a trail nearby, a boat launch area and lots of room for campers and RVs.

Maison de la Faune 49.18826, -68.31499

It has a new Location now. Its directly at the River. You will find it on, Google and social media. Only street Parking

casa do professor -2.75340, -42.83154

Check hours online before coming. All signs indicate 7am-11pm, but they are closed today at 6pm. Had to stay in Canada for an extra day. Hours posted online seem to be correct.

Port of Peignan 48.99622, -113.38048

This place offers 1 hour hot spring baths in private rooms and showers for just 25$ !!

Fantastic way to not just get clean, but to also give your muscles a soak!

Steamboat hot springs 39.37919, -119.74146

Dump station, fresh water and propane.
$10. Fresh water is free

Dump station Flying J 41.58665, -87.23870

Big parking space next to the swimming lake. Fits big rigs. Very quite at night and there is restaurant near by.

Big parking near swimming lake 49.29649, 7.17348

Lots of space, toilets are clean and look new. WiFi at the restaurant

Camp Plana Pivka 45.70948, 14.19235

Rather for 4x4 vehicles as there can be some mud on access road (last 50m) if it's rainy...

Nice view near Nordkapp 71.10670, 25.73467

Provincial park, smaller sites, older washrooms. Boil water in effect. Road to the town, 480, needs work and is rather rough. Great views and lovely beach.

Sandbanks Provincial Park 47.60686, -57.64685

Super belle place au bord du fjord! Beaucoup d'espace, mais attention : panneau interdiction de camper à l'entrée. Autorisé aux VR.

La Halte Valin à Canton-Tremblay (Saguenay ) 48.46002, -70.98837

Spot magnifique pour passer la nuit! Beaucoup de place pour camper, faire des feux et pêcher.

Chemin des terres rompues 48.45697, -71.18584

dispersed camping in Ottawa national forest near porcupine mountains wilderness state park. easy to get here on smooth gravel road. okay for tents and small campers not great for big rigs here the road goes for 6 more miles and I imagine there are more spots there too

Ottawa national forest 46.66891, -89.61208

Superbe emplacement! Douches chaudes et toilettes à l'intérieur. L'endroit semble peu fréquenté, donc parfait pour prendre son temps :-)

Parc de la Riviere du Moulin 48.39831, -71.04593

We got in late and stayed the night here in our Ram Promaster. It was busy but plenty of space, campsites cozy together. Lots of fire pits. People were quiet and respectful. Woke up to a beautiful view. Well worth the long drive off the main road.

Mountain View Bush Camp 37.98299, -107.94941

Paid showers at Shell gas stop. Probably clean. Not sure about the price.

Ultramar Gas Station 48.59460, -68.20670

Provincial Park with day use and campground. Each site with fire ring and picnic table. Quiet location. Laundry avail ($1.50 wash/$2 dry) and free hot showers. $20.15 incl tax per site, plus park pass required so either $7/ night or $50 (incl tax) seasonal pass which can be purchased at campsite.

Pistolet Bay Provincial Park 51.52984, -55.69004

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