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The Recreation Center has free hot shower . The swimming pool had closed for the season .

Fundy NP 45.61104, -64.94424
No Fear Reizen

The rules are a bit confusing. There are several signs that prohibit camping. Yet there is plenty of overnight stay for a fee of 10 euros for a camper. Looks like it's being tolerated. We joined 20 other campers.

Piscinas beach parking 39.54045, 8.45226

Stay on 11th sept.
We can stay on the parking all the night.
No sign that forbid it.
Signs have been taken away from sept. 1st like in other locations.

Nous pouvons stationner toute la nuit. Aucun panneau ne l'interdit.
Les panneaux ont été retirés à partir du 1er septembre comme dans d'autres endroits.

Halte Orford 45.29125, -72.21259

Le stationnement du mont Gleason accepte le camping de nuit. Les sentiers de la montagne sont accessibles

Mont Gleason 45.93130, -71.96191

the hostel is located a few blocks from the center. It has a value of $25,000 per person (breakfast included) Each room has its own bathroom. Good and clean facilities. Parking for 4 cars. Check-in time from 1pm to 10pm.

Hostal Spartan -34.43717, -71.08064

We stood here for 2 nights and it was our only place in Georgia without even one human being and it's probably one of the most less light polluted spots in this country and great for Nightsky-/Deepsky photography. Even when getting out of the lit van, you'll immediately see the black sky and the milkyway without any eye-adaption.
It's behind a bigger tree, which gives a nice shade and at the small rim of a little canyon with a dry riverbed.
The gras is a bit higher, so you might wanna spend some attention to snakes.
This area is huge and more or less easy accessible, even without 4x4, but some ground clearance is necessary... and maybe a diff lock here and there, but it depends which of those hundreds of gravel paths you'll take.

Contrary to expectations we also had great mobile and internet connection with Magti ( 20 MBit/sec)

Remote Wild Camp 41.44009, 45.63921

It’s very close to the road but not very much traffic. Close to a running stream, but no pot water no toilet or nothing.

Private camping site, the owner comes to collect the fee. 37.20526, 127.97292

Beautiful grassy place. And a lot of space to stay. Maybe after heavy rain a little difficult. Also for big rig no problem. Same very friendly peoples around.

Mita Hills Dam -15.68166, 28.26613

Nice place at a natural reserve. With beach and forest.
On the way to beach you have plenty of places to camp in the forest.
Camping with tent is allowed 24h at beach.

Beach and forest 57.24676, 16.96125

nice and quite spot. you have shadow and a possibility to sit. if you are not sure if you can drive the road with your vehicle, just park it at the stine puppets and walk the riad by foot. its just 200 to 400 meters until you reach the spot.

Stone town of Kuklica 42.10363, 22.05274

Beautiful, often breezy seafront, roadside spot in this friendly village which provides clean toilets and a cafe (open 11am). Quiet. However, it is getting very busy with vans who are, in my opinion, overstaying their welcome and the locals have already constructed a barrier to prevent use of the spots in front of their homes. Please short stay only, or it's likely that a no overnight restriction will be imposed and none of us will be able to stay and enjoy this special spot.

Bawdsey Manor roadside seafront parking 51.99225, 1.39473

Nice place next to a gravel road. There are two little picnic houses, with fresh water and bbq places. Almost no trash around 😊 keep it clean!

Picknick / wildcamp spot 39.06799, 46.16325

The shop still exists, they to not refill Gas anymore. There is a small supermarket next door.

tools & components -14.48039, 35.25784

Pullout primitive spot on exposed rock in wooded area. Plenty space for truck camper and tents. Fire ring. Nice secluded sitting area with another fire ring in the woods behind the spot itself.

McCarthy Hills Forest 42.25004, -78.69761

Great place to park overnight. No disturbances.

Walmart 35.87000, -82.04495
Direction East

Easy to reach by car and motorbike, car parking in front of a ruin. Motorbike (and maybe cars?) can park behind the ruin. Close to the main road but out of sight. No one passed by the little road.

Quite flat, good for tents. For sure not the coolest wild camp spot, no water nor shade.
The spot "Picknick / wildcamp spot" is close and better.
OK signal of Viva MTS.

Behind ruin 39.03037, 46.20543

Spent three nights here in my suv without any problems. I parked in the less used areas and woke up to maybe a car or two near me at most. No one bothered me at all

Watseka Walmart 40.77561, -87.69814

All as described.
But if you want to check in on a Saturday or Sunday make sure you have a booking!
We haven’t booked and at the gate we stood little less than an hour till someone recognized us. There is no phonenumber at the gate. From Mo-Fr there is someone at the gate.

Klein Pella Guest Farm -29.00445, 19.01108

like everyone said its a very large lot with overnight parking , kennels ,grassy areas ,and not to mention a pretty good view . there were lots of other rvs and sprinters etc.

Cabelas 40.55926, -76.00380

$33 hookup and tenting options. Good enough for the night but not much to do in this area. Hot spring was nice, $3 if you’re camping. Food was really good

Norris Hot Springs "Water Of The Gods" 45.57343, -111.68483

Big field for campers, reasonable level. No amenities but walking distance to the ancient town center. ‘Camping’ not allowed, meaning no awnings or full setup.
Foodtruck nearby aswell as multiple restaurants in the town.

Campersite Santa Pau 42.14720, 2.56687

One of the best free dump sites i’ve seen. Clean and had water flush. Bought some gas while here as well to support.

Flying J 46.86122, -101.01045

Definitely safe to stay at, no one bothered me. There was one other vehicle here last night. Lots of trash, and the road noise was REALLY loud. But free if you’re in Newport or trying to go to Devils Punchbowl.

Large gravel roadside pulloff 44.63326, -124.01445

Gorgeous area, completely quiet and I didn’t see another human being. Amazing to watch storms and sunsets! Accessible for all vehicles, just be careful if you have lower clearance.

Dry Reservoir off Old Oregon Trail Rd 43.07976, -115.50641

Quiet spot next to the Stone Dolls. Take the left dirt road at the "car park". Your car need ground clearance, we managed without 4x4, but a lot of stones on the dirt road+uphill.

Stone town of Kuklica 42.10367, 22.05278

Great spot for the night next to the Glacier House Resort. Sadly due to Covid the Bootlegger Bar was closed. Lots of dirt bikers and mountain bikers use this route to access the downhill trails. We brought our bikes an had access to great riding and running / hiking trails. Less than a km from
Moses Falls (must see).
We found a little spot tucked out of view from the resort near the hydro lines with a small pop tent trailer. If you drive up the snowmobile trail you’ll have access to even more spots to stop for the night at higher elevation.

Revelstoke Snowmobile Club 51.05199, -118.21852
Audrey Wakefield

Didn’t stay here, but as I drove by I saw lots of tents in legal camp sites.

Clam Beach State Campground 40.93050, -124.11377

There weren’t any flowers here when I came, just some crops. Not too close to the highway, but it can still be heard from the pullout. There’s a sign that says impassible when wet and it is 100% accurate, got super stuck!!

Flower Field 50.86404, -113.00548

Free dump and water. There is a big sign that says water is not for drinking but asked staff and they clarified the water is potable, just the attached hose is a septic hose and not to be used for filling fresh water tank.

Work and Play Limited 46.07515, -64.82332

old kind of rundown rv park with dump station

Winston creek RV Park 46.52128, -122.55624

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