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Established and hardly used campground. It has five spots out of site from each other and each have a ring with a grill as well as covered tables to relax at.

One spot is larger than the others to host a large group and vehicles. Each spot has a level place for you to park and sleep in a vehicle. Not so many places to pitch a tent but I did find one for myself.

Pit toilet available and pretty clean due to lack of use but it is maintained, unlike the camp site areas. They are just a little over grown from lack of foot travel.

But it is free camping with a place to go.

Twin Springs Campground 42.26338, -112.76573

Dump station officially decommissioned but still there… do with that what you will.

Cabela's 37.72778, -97.21205

All provided info still valid today. Very nice drive this way though and the tunnel is neat to go through.

Tunnel Zion National Park 37.21433, -112.93994

What a great place, plenty of space, perfect for a short night before an early morning out to Zion. any size rig is doable here. Enjoy!

Kolob Terrace Rd spots on the river 37.23053, -113.15561

Overnight parking with access to the river for £0.50 6pm to 8am. £4 all day parking. A well used launch site for paddle boards and kayaks. Busy in summer 5am to 9pm, but quiet overnight. No height barrier but a height restriction of 2.1 and no camping/tents.

Dedham Mill Pond Car Park 51.96271, 0.99401

Close to one of those mud volcanoes in this area, you could find dozens of spaces at the rim, with a breathtaking view onto the surrounding landscapes.
We're staying here for 2 days now and highly recommend TO AVOID this area, as we got shot by hunters today.

The place is for sure visible from 2 KMs away in a 360° angle, so we weren't invisible, rather than highly visible from the distance and every angle.

4 hunters came along and we woke up, as we heard 3 shots very close to our place. Not enough of that, those shots hit the Van. No Joke!
The Van is full of shotgun spots now and gladly we've been inside.
They've been 33m and 45m away from us (we measured the distances as we found the ammo).

At first we thought it might have happened by accident, but people told us, that it was on purpose.

Just to be clear: this area does not seem to be a private area, nobody spoke to us, nobody of all those guys who passed the place, were asking us to leave, there are no fences and here's no farmland.

AVOID THIS AREA WIDELY 41.46126, 45.75143

Municipal Campground with RV sites and cycle-tourist specific campsites

Rocher Panet Municipal Campground 47.13316, -70.36924

We revisited this area and were not disappointed. Road leading in was muddy in places with deep ruts but we got our 2wd truck through it okay. Low profile vehicles would have a hard time

Near Carnero Lake 34.09850, -109.54675

dormimos 1 noite em frente umas residências lugar tranquilo

Close to beach -9.16156, -35.29612

We went to this location and decided to check further down the road. So glad we did. Found 3or4 sites in a group. When setting up camp a guy came up on a motorcycle looking for a place so we pointed out other spots there by us. Our site was flat with a fire ring with wood waiting on us. Some of the road was a little washed but had no problem at all. Driving a 2500 Silverado 4x4 diesel with a rooftop tent.

Jefferson National Forest FS 90 Turnout 36.65309, -81.70496

Osvaldo el dueño del restaurante frente al mar muy buena onda. parqueamos en el medio del muelle. muchos mosquitos. el agua super limpia.
lo único malo de este lugar es la comunidad, que para entrar se abusan y quieren cobrar mucho dinero, en nuestro caso éramos 4 personas dormimos dos noches y a la salida nos querían cobrar 100 pesos por persona y por día. no nos dejaban ir. se pusieron agresivos. no volvemos más!

Blue Rock Restaurant/Surf Spot 16.00826, -95.40000

No permiten mascotas!
Agua transparente, pero muy contaminada!
Muchos mosquitos.

Bahia la Entrega - ?, FREE 15.74224, -96.12829

Dormimos 1 noche muy tranquila y sin problemas.
El dueño del restaurante nos dio agua para recargar con una manguera.
La Playa es muy bonita, los locales dicen que es muy peligrosa, tiene mucha corriente por abajo.
muchas rayas. Cuidado!

Playa Chahue free parking 15.76079, -96.12361

Pueblo cerrado, Lago cerrado!
No nos dejaron entrar por la Pandemia.

Public lakeside recreational area 16.46631, -93.99991

Great place, we arrived Tuesday night and there was only one spot open. There were still embers in the fire pit, so I'm guessing we were very lucky.

The forest road is a wash board, so consider airing down sometime after the gravel starts, it will rattle your teeth off otherwise.

I have 4 to 5 bars of Verizon/Visible. For those with boosters, my phone is currently connected to band 66, which of I'm not mistaken is a renamed band 4. My booster doesn't tune into that band but so far there has been no need to use it.

We pulled in with an old Grand Cherokee, no lift, and pulling a normal pop up trailer (no lift either) and we were fine. Just take it slow. So far I've heard at least 2 normal height cars banging their oil pan on the ground, so again, take it easy and know where your wheels are and it should be ok.

Quick update: I've been able to work remotely from here. I'm getting around 10Mbps down/up, sometimes half or a third of that. While slow, I notice it's very reliable. Mostly band 66 in my case (Verizon/Visible) but I saw it switching to band 2 too, which was also ok.

Plenty of sun while we were here, I use 60Ah a day more or less and my panels made up for it in little time. Very good spot.

rooftop tent park n camp 38.96945, -105.00800

Pretty expensive at $57 for a dry site, but this campground has amenities unlike the other two campgrounds in the area who are charging $35-$40. We travel with a kid so thought it was worth the extra money to use the hot tub, pool, playground, general store, showers, water, dump, garbage, and lake access. Electric and water sites available. We showed up without a reservation and didn’t have any problems, but you can also book online. Very close to the St. Mary’s entrance of GNP.

St. Mary’s KOA 48.75829, -113.43115

Got here around 5 and there were a couple spots. This place is quite beautiful. Could def spend a day or two here but need to hit the road in the morning, wish I knew sooner! Decently priced at $15. And the road to get here was not bad like other comments have mentioned, might be due to recent road work upgrades. I don’t have natural signal but used a WeBoost and got two bars, I have Verizon.

Atherton Creek CG 43.63798, -110.52331

Had no problems staying here for a night. Fairly quiet although there are some cars stopping throughout.

Telegraph cove 48.46357, -123.28034
Life with Spock

I ended up parking in the turnout along the road and rim because my 2-wheel drive campervan has low clearance. Initially, there is very short section of the dirt road that is unlevel and has a couple rocks, but after that the road is good. I wish I could have driven in further, many beautiful sites along the rim. Most people probably won’t have a problem driving further.

Hell's Backbone Rd. National Forest 37.89419, -111.47027

Campers are getting way to comfortable here. There were 30-40 RVs and vans that stayed the night. Lots of huge rigs taking up 8-10 parking spots. People with awnings setup, dogs running off leash, generators running all night. People need to remember we can only stay here because the store manager allows it. It's only a matter of time before the No Overnight Parking signs get posted and this is no longer an option. It's a Walmart not an RV park. Let's try to be a bit more respectful and discreet.

Walmart Bozeman 45.69424, -111.04434

Free Camper parking of the UNESCO World Heritage in Völklingen. Electricity costs 1€, toilets as well. They close the camper parking at night, it feels very safe.

You sleep inside an old Iron factory, so don’t expect to much. You can hear traffic and trains, their is a lot of light all night.

Overall it was a good experience for me.

Official camping not ground of Völklinger Hütte 49.24702, 6.84566

Established campground near beaches. Nice bathrooms with coin op hot showers ($1 for 4 minutes). They said our Sprinter van (24’) was too long for the tent sites, so we ended up with an RV spot with full hookups for $55 for one night.

Fisherman’s Memorial State Park and Campground 41.63492, -71.81338

Great wild camping site. Closed off-road goes in about 200 feet. Gravel lot, road closed off with large rocks. The trees on both sides give a private campsite, with very little traffic noise overnight. No sign about parking. The road is unnamed. Good cell 5 bars.

Closed road 46.87819, -60.48238

Had a good sleep here, Tim Horton's nearby

Grey Rock Casino 47.37375, -68.30641

A Hill Plateau with a stunning view. 5km from the highwas. great place to stay oder night

Hill Plateau 45.81947, 21.68633

Spacious and new camp site on the base of the Blue Rocks National Park. Great views! The camp site feels like it is part of the park. Lots of different types of places (under the trees, in the open etc.). There is only one building for (very clean) sanitary services, there will be more in the future.

Camping Oasis (Къмпинг Оазис) 42.70562, 26.39466

This place now has signs saying the lot is closed from dusk til dawn… and has a chain across it. Seems the town has cracked down this summer.

Pacific City 45.19278, -123.95512

flat, big, quiet. we came here because the lake was too crowded. the corn was high in september and nobody could see us at night using outdoor light. minus: there is a hughe electrical power line over the place. for us it was ok. nice sunrise in the morning

if the lake nearby is too crowded 46.54828, 16.18818
Escape 21

Very friendly operator who will transport your canoe or kayak via water taxi up Clearwater and Azure Lakes. Also has canoe/kayak rentals. $135/person to Rainbow Falls (far end of Azure Lake).
Also runs a small cafe at their office. Great baking.

Clearwater Lake Tours 52.14232, -120.19297
Instagram: @savannatales

The camp is still partly under construction with a few villagers working around but very peaceful. We camped in front of a tented chalet facing the river, using its ablution, shared with other campers. hippo and elefant in the camp in the evening, lion roaring on the other shore during the night. 150kw pppn probably because still unfinished...

Chifunda Bush Camp -11.86061, 32.43337

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