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Arrived on a Thursday night around 930pm. No one around. Car came in and turned around at 11pm then never saw anyone until morning. Quite a few hikers arrived in their cars around 7am. No issues at all. Bonus: Short hiking trails on site.

Bendor amd Graves Tract 44.08701, -79.35991

Standard walmart. Right next to a busy street so a fair amount of ambient noise until about 3am before quieting down.

Walmart 41.64098, -81.44706

Fairly busy sports fields and parks. This is in the direct descent flight path of the airport. The jets are loud and disruptive. Not sure how many will be during the evening.

Delaney arena parking 48.38620, -89.26466

stayed here off to the side. there were a couple others here as well. good spot. there is a train track right beside the lot but I didn't here a train come by until 8 am

Walmart Polo Park 49.89579, -97.19323

Sympa, petit parc en bord de rivière, tables de pique-nique, AVEC ABRIS, "centre-ville" de l'autre côté des bâtiments. Parfait pour une nuit ! (Juste les pipis féminins sont un peu compliqués temps que le soleil n'est pas couché)

Blind River - Parking Lot 46.18657, -82.95491

Nice campsite with olive trees managed by a sympathic German couple. Good hot shower, clean toilets. Restaurant (Wifi) with good food short path up hill.

Mali Camping 41.51801, 19.78392

Still €14,40 2 pp including camper. €1,- for electricity if you want. A new ablution block is currently being build. From the campsite the view is lovely but no view of the small lake.

High voltage electricity cable run directly across the campsite and some pitches. Those make some noise.

Camping am See 47.48642, 14.54635

Gigantic campground. loud an busy. but much privacy but right on the beach

Ocean Lakes Family Campground 33.62207, -78.95551

Free camping with a beautiful babbling steam, mountains and cell service to boot.
Sites are spread out so you have plenty of space.
Dirt road access, a bit washboard'ish.
It's a beautiful spot.

k2 stream mountains and cell service NF 43.76145, -114.34020

Just stopped for lunch but the place worth the recommendation. Spotless clean, lots of shade, good food, good prices. Highly recommended.

Lake Shkodra Resort 42.13885, 19.46713

Great place for about 5 small or 3 big RVs . This is an official camp side operated by local Fist Nations. Narrow bridge to cross with max 15 T capacity. Fire rings , power hook ups . $25 , pay at the Lodge / coffee in town .

Gingolx Community Campgrounds 54.99823, -129.97529

Beau camping sur le bord de la plage. L'odeur de plage y est, mais ce n'est pas désagréable. Il y a effectivement des douches payantes (1$/?? minutes).

Delta Beach Campground 50.18414, -98.34400

this is a small trailhead parking lot for the North country trail. Just a few hundred feet farther down the road there is a formal campsite with picnic tables but it is not very flat for parking. this area is suitable only for smaller vehicles not large RVs. moderate cel coverage. I think it is State Forest land.

north country trailhead 42.22256, -78.69836

Free dump with gas fill up. Otherwise it's $7. Propane fill of your RV tank at $2.99/gal. Friendly staff. Hunter heavy area. Everyone in camo, staring at outsiders and not happy about it. Get in, get out.

Sinclair Gas Station 43.56026, -119.08391

campfire ring and access to the river. 6 could fit one vehicle while 7 has plenty of room for a larger rig with enough room to pull around with a trailer. 7 has the easy access to the water. no service for me!

Site 6 & 7 43.66841, -114.44224
Work in Progress

Easy access site, non-potable only. Busier than expected, but plenty of space to wait

Port Orchard Dumping Station 47.54666, -122.61343

We are a hotel with natural hot water. We have thermal pools, restaurant and convenience.

Thermas Hotel Marihá -15.96378, -54.96989

Church and Cemetery on back road. Grass is cut and property is well kept. Nice spot for lunch or a rest break away from the highway.

St. Ignatius RC Church- place to rest/picknick 51.92158, -104.91084

Last description very accurate. Go off into the trees and lots of good spots and a little quieter from the interstate.

Toquerville Road @ Exit 31 Interstate 15 37.32020, -113.28640

Very close to water a few other campers/overlanders here as well.

Pier 42.66103, -81.21237

Primitive camping spots along the lake. Reservoir is really low. No trees for shade but some nice level spots. 2 bars of cell LTE, Verizon. 14 day limit, free. Pit toilet at boat launch.

Lower Sunshine Reservoir 44.09326, -108.99126

This is a large pull-thru parking area on hwy 104 in front of the Lake Ontario Fruit processing facility. It is 1/4 mile west of hwy 98. It sits between the highway & the employee parking lot. It is easily spotted because of a blue road sign (like those used for hwy rest stops). The sign says “Parking Area 1/4 Mile” when traveling west on hwy 104. Eastbound sign says “Parking Area 1/2 mile”. There is a single porta-potty. Only 2 other vehicles pulled in & left while I was there overnight. 2 lane hwy does not get a lot of traffic at night, so it was quiet. I got between 1-3 bars on T-Mobile. Posted sign asks that you please carry out your trash.

Parking Area Location Missing!

We paid 150Q for a large van. I think it's fair given our van's size compared to a car. It's a fun little adventure. The boats are there all day, but if you want to make sure they are available you can try calling one of the numbers below: 4005-9980, 5326-7105, or 5118-6708.

Car Ferry El Paredon to Sipacate 13.91806, -91.07521

Superbe emplacement avec une vue imprenable sur la mer. La plage est magnifique. Quelques espaces pour VR. Nous y étions seuls. Il faut être attentif à la petite pancarte verte et prendre le chemin dans le bois

Halte routière - Les Petites Sept Iles 50.26459, -64.85443
Riverside Lodge Sarapiqui

River Side Lodge camp site located right next to Puerto Viejo River. Easy to find, there is every things you need.

Riverside Lodge Sarapiqui 10.39218, -83.97153

Large paved parking lot for Chinook Pass TH just outside of Mt Rainier National Park on national forest land. Many people use this trailhead for overnight backcountry trips, so it’s not uncommon for multiple vehicles to be parked here overnight. No “no” signs anywhere, although you may technically need a Northwest Forest Pass or Interagency Pass. All vehicles in the parking lot had some sort of forest pass displayed in the windshield. However, there’s also no pay station here, so maybe not. I left my parks pass visible just in case.
The parking lot is a bit slanted, but there are a few level spots back by the pit toilets.
No ATT service here. It is right next to Highway 410, so there’s a bit of road noise but not too bad.

Chinook Pass Trailhead 46.87544, -121.51804

they added no overnight parking signs. you'll get the knock.

Walmart Supercentre 28.34394, -81.48520

O tratamento foi tranquilo quando eu perguntei se havia local para banho. Apesar de movimentado, me senti seguro. Tomei um banho quente revigorante. O wi-fi estava um pouco sobrecarregado e usei somente pra mensagens.

Posto SIM Eldorado -30.00662, -51.31221

Beau petit endroit proche de l'église. On dirait qu'ils ont fait quelques spots exprès pour les roulottes (voir les photos). Accès Wi-Fi gratuit, beau petit parc juste à côté. Proche d'une rue assez passante, mais pas trop bruyant.

Saint-Henry-de-Taillon 48.66086, -71.82087

Water park with thermal water, with children's structure, lots of shade, huts, very good place to spend the day. We stayed three days and paid $ 100 pp.

Parque Aquático Rincón Verde 21.49129, -103.09188

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