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Endroit tranquille avec beaucoup d'espace. Magnifique vue.

Rivière Calumet 49.59534, -67.23375

Unbelievable hospitality!
Parking in the yard, beautiful garden, nice family, delicious food, everything at its very best!
We payed 12€ in a double room.
Perfect Homestay!

Sibiriak 42.31551, 42.58413

Lovely. We took a 25ft city bus down here and slept soundly. There’s a patch of soft dirt on the way in we gunned it through. Plenty of room to turn around at the site. Parking to accommodate at least two rigs depending on size. Faint road noice from outside, but silent inside for us. Good choice.

Under the Ponderosa 41.53050, -122.24314

Fantastic camp site near Nederland. There are many camp spots along this road with terrific views. These coordinates lead you to our favorite. There is some tree cover, and you are perched up on a fantastic overlook. You can see Boulder at night through the valley, and some Rocky Mountains to the west. We stayed two weeks here, and moved camp sites in the middle to this site. We heard gun shots one day, and there were some loud campers a few other nights. We pulled a small scamp trailer down the relatively rough road with a small car without issues, but you have to be very careful. Good AT&T signal, even better with a signal booster.

Roosevelt National Forest 40.00150, -105.44929

Worth the drive!! Various vehicle types made it down here but be prepared for anything

Usal Beach Dispersed Camping 39.83130, -123.84628

as described very nice place. entry fee weekend/holiday 100KW, weekday 70KW. We ask for overnight at parking place and they allowed.

Kalimba Reptile Park -15.68166, 28.26613

It worked and we weren’t bothered but the road here is high speed and Cali drivers go fast anyway. We parked around 6:00 or so and it was loud until 10:00 and we had traffic all night. Could hear it through the van with everything closed up including our vent fan for the first part. Even being parked 10 feet or more from the traffic lane we felt our van moving when vehicles passed. I wouldn’t stay here again, but we didn’t see any signs and there were semis parked along the space. Some generator was running constantly on the other side of the fence. Maybe if you come in late or it’s cool enough to keep your vehicle closed up during the day it wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s bad. Better to park on a street somewhere I would think.

Douglas rd street pullout 38.55951, -121.25077

grass area next to a lake. toilet available, swim platform. a lot of place for RV's and campervans.

Bandsjön 56.07893, 13.30542

It is the parking lot on the sports center K2.

By £5 admission (but the price could change with the time, check web site) you can use toilets, showers and swimming pool.

There is a cafe (by free admission), tables, chairs and plugs.

The parking lot is open 24/7.


Es el estacionamiento del polideportivo K2.

Por £ 5 de entrada (pero el precio podría cambiar con el tiempo, consulte el sitio web) puede usar los baños, las duchas y la piscina.

Hay cafetería (entrada gratuita), mesas, sillas y enchufes.

El estacionamiento está abierto las 24 horas, los 7 días de la semana.

K2 car park 51.09712, -0.19207

Nice quiet spot at the end of a public dirt road (Township Road 282) on the southern end of Payne Lake just west of the provincial campground. No services what so ever. Rancher to the west is friendly. Ground is soft for cat sanitation.

Payne Lake 49.10238, -113.65322

Municipal Halte very close to 132. Not much space for an RV. Enough space for a few campervans. beautiful views of the bay. No signs prohibiting overnight stay. Clean toilets.

Municipal Halte Pointe-a-la-fregate 49.20684, -64.93795

Hot showers and laundry as described by others. very clean.

Exploramer / Marina 49.13135, -66.48789

Nice spot right by the water with quite a bit of space even for larger units.

Waterborough Community Wharf 45.90676, -66.01615

ENG: We slept here one night. Big spot. Little noisy at night (we were here on Saturday and there was a party close). No Wi-Fi.

ESP: Pasamos una noche acá, gran espacio (playon). Un poco ruidoso en la noche (estuvimos un sábado y había una fiesta cerca). No hay Wi-Fi.

YPF -23.59635, -64.96495

Flat spot where to camp next to the trail. you can fit up to 6 or 8 cars. The access from Sadernes is very narrow and requires a 4x4.

Collada de can nou 42.30949, 2.65541

stayed for the night in an RV and didn't have any troubles. even a police officer showed up in the morning and didn't care that we camped here, she only wanted to warn us about the fire restrictions. we did not see the outhouse though so it may be by another pull out. lots of friendly cows around.

Kane Valley Trails 50.02042, -120.63756

this place is day use only now. it's just a parking lot for hikers.

Lundbom Forest Service Road 50.07073, -120.65714

Small parking on the side of highway with beach view

North of Skidagat 53.38010, -131.93426

Great place to stay overnight,plenty of room for the large trucks and smaller vans. Quiet, good WiFi.

TA Travel Center parking lot 35.40146, -119.39575

Great location. Beautiful ocean view. Mosquitos were real bad but disappeared for the most part, when tide came in.

Doucette Point Free Camp 44.38349, -66.08090

No one there, just a normal Checkpoint. Nobody got stopped. All clear today.

Fake toll or aduana 15.15865, -92.50847

North and Southbond clear today. No stop.

Customs Checkpoint 15.16244, -92.53373

Still there. Going to Guatemala they asked where we come from. Ask for Gifts from Switzerland. No check for Papers or our Truck. Very friendly, 2 Minutes chat then we were trough.

Military Checkpoint 16.03574, -93.69685

Nobody there today. No Police or Military on a Sunday morning.

Road Block 15.09065, -92.42532
Jonathan Wootten

Arrived after the sun set. Two vehicles were in the parking lot. It was quiet with the occasional car passing by. No one bothered us. Bonus was the trail to walk the dog in the morning.

Dyke Trail Parking 49.26374, -122.68792

a small place near the road but not much traffic and quiet at night.

Wander Parkplatz 42.29296, 0.23772

Tour through commune 13, super interesting because they tell the history of the commune and how it has become a tourist destination and how that is reflected in the beautiful murals that adorn the commune
The tour starts at the San Javier metro station and ends at this viewpoint.

Reserves 3148787775


Tour por la comuna 13, súper interesante pues cuentan la historia de la comuna y cómo se ha transformado a ser un destino turístico y cómo eso se ve reflejado en los hermosos murales que adornan la comuna
El tour inicia en la estación del metro San Javier y termina en este mirador.

Reservas 3148787775


Zippy Tour 6.24824, -75.62247

Flat parking lot. Next to railway tracks. One train passed through the night.

Creston RV parking 49.09448, -116.51131

Front desk only open Mon-Fri.
Thanks for nothing.

Showers 52.13183, -122.13837

sani dump in the parking lot for the mont pinacle trail. non drinking water only.

Mont Pinacle 45.03708, -71.90871

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