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Right outside of Loves there is a street wheee many truckers will park for the evening. Pulled in late in the evening without any issues next or an RV. Good AT&T reception and close to Loves in case you need anything or the restroom. Recommended for a quick overnight

Street next to Loves gas station 35.61858, -119.65775

When exiting Mexico into Belize with your vehicle, these are the precise steps (Mexico side only):

1: Drove through the Mexico Aduana. Here they do a somewhat thorough check of your vehicle with dogs. Asked about drugs, alcohol, and CBD. Had to show my vehicle title. They also asked us for our Mexico auto insurance and will check that it’s valid. This checkpoint is much more thorough than anything we had come across elsewhere in Mexico. Strange.

2: Drive through the little kiosk and stop to hand your passport through the window. They will stamp you out and take your FMM.

3: Drive to the next building and park your car. Go inside and return your TIP at the Banjercito.

Drive onwards to Belize!

Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico to Four Mile Lagoon, Belize 18.50409, -88.39044

Fumigation cost was US$7 or $14 BZD. But we never got fumigated. Oh well…

Had to fill out several other forms here too. They will ask you where your Covid gold standard accommodation is.

Lunch break starts at 12pm Belize time. Don’t know up 8 minutes before, like we did, or you’ll be rushed.

Immigration is still further down the road.

Treatment Service (a.k.a. car fumigation) 18.49102, -88.40275

Just a friendly reminder that insurance is required in Belize. There can be (and were there when we drove) random road stops with department of transportation officers checking insurance validity. Insurance is cheap here, just get it.

The Insurance Corporation of Belize 18.48414, -88.40007

Local events are housed here. In this sleepy town, it's quiet all day long, especially at night time. Shady parking area with outlets and water in the back.
Ask for the bathroom key in the town hall.

Salão Beira Rio -28.16532, -48.97867

Beautiful spot. One of the locals stopped by and talked about what the spot was like when he was a kid. There is a small abandoned building adjacent to the fountain which, according to him, used to be a shop. Other than that just some highway noise. Would recommend

Old Crystal Springs 46.87921, -99.45773

Nous sommes passé aujourd'hui et le spot est très beau. eau toujours disponible sur site . panneau d'interdiction de camper .

Nova Scotia picnic park 45.70562, -60.77548
Nick Salgado

Nothing to add.
Same nice features.
Now I have some pictures of the place.

Camping Sítio do Guedinho -23.13838, -45.64652

Great little pull off on National Forest Land. There is some traffic noise off the main road but not bad. Few ruts but I made it in with my cargo trailer no problem. Great place for a van or small trailer.

343.1A 43.74237, -103.56574

Tried finding the way to it but could not -- the only 'road' apparently leading in its direction ended at the gate of a (paid) campground, and the others did not look traversable by our 2WD motorhome.

Bivouac dune entre océan et ruta 5 -32.12781, -71.51044

Took a chance and drove down at around 8:45pm on a Saturday to check it out. Was pleasantly surprised to find it nearly empty; a few others quietly parked (a sprinter and a few other cars/SUVs), but no noise, besides the ocean. Parked along the road down to the lot itself, a little ways down from the sprinter, another car joined me.

Great data on Verizon. Definitely one of the best free spots I’ve stayed in. Worth it to check out; if it’s too rowdy, the Home Depot is 5 mins away. Also there are bathrooms at the park up the road, doors open and lights on when I drove past after dark, but I did not go inside to check cleanliness.

Preston Island Parking no camping signs everywhere 41.75161, -124.21357

Isolated asphalt pull out on the side of the road with a bunch of parking spots. Not sure if it would be good for an RV or tractor trailer truck. Slept here one night with no problems, we were the only ones here. Good enough data service to stream videos/movies with t mobile.

Roadside Parking Lot 36.14571, -114.87677

We stayed at this campsite for two nights and paid 300 for 2 ppl + car. Nice spot close to Stellenbosch and Cape Town. Duncan and his wife Eli are very friendly and knowledgeable. Free wifi, hot shower and clean abblutions. Nice pitstop.

African Overlanders -33.87159, 18.73484

Fairly quiet during nighttime. We were the only visitors at the site from 6pm to 8am.

Gilles Gagnon tourism information center 49.68855, -83.65121

Este lugar está espectacular muy tranquilo el parque se habré de 7:00am a 7:00 pm es totalmente gratis!!
Mucha gente va hacer ejercicios un lugar muy familiar
Nos quedamos en el estacionamiento muy tranquilo nos permitieron usar agua y los baños si usan los baños no olviden llevar su papel higiénico ya k no cuenta con ello ,a solo 3 minutos hay una tienda Soriana k cuenta con un Mall donde venden comida.
A sus al rededor encuentras gasolinerías,restaurantes,mercados !!
Excelente súper recomendado .

parking of the municipal park 25.41819, -100.96791

Excellent place.
Campsite with power and sink.
Sand bottom. Little bit shaded.
Toilets are clean.
Shower is donkey but you won't feel it because it is awesome.
Place has a pool and a bar plus restaurant.
Restaurant is amazing! One of the best.
160 pp/pn.

Palm Afrique Lodge -21.78029, 21.69097

no possible to stay.
Just parking oficial cars.

Parking Lot City Hall 16.17293, -96.50563

Good dispersed camping spot with multiple campsites. Although there were many campers it was quite and peaceful. Great place close to Moab, Arches and Canyon Lands.

State Trust Lands on Willow Springs Road 38.69775, -109.67945

free wifi. picnic table and a god. place to get maps info etc

Visitor Information Centre 47.59887, -59.16359

Price is now 15$ and opened during store hours only. not worth it, unless you need to dump now

Canadian Tire 44.72352, -75.52204

Direkt an der Straße. 20€/Nacht im 7 m Mobil mit 2 Personen. Ein teurer Ü-Platz….

autocamp nule 42.48734, 18.65824

A little older than other prov parks. There is a sani-dump but no laundry.

Kap Kig Iwan Provincial Park 47.80067, -79.88553

We stayed here on a Saturday night. Big lot, maybe 10 other overnighters. The sign says stay limited to 1 night every 7 nights. pretty quiet spot and right in town!!!

NF-7300 Side Road 47.59133, -120.67069

Nice place. Quite night and perfect few. Thanks.

Camp spot for 1 van 43.09866, 2.97470
Tucks' Truck

Still excellent food. Open June-Oct only.

Norton's Cove Studio & Cafe 49.14009, -53.58149

the RV dump is locked, we arrived after closing @ 6:05 on Saturday. so I'm assuming it's no longer free.

Morrisburg Canadian Tire 44.89994, -75.18939

great place to dunno and get fresh potable water (seemed good to my Mum, so we filled up). the bathrooms were all locked, a sign said there were all closed.

St Lawrence Parks 44.99149, -74.95979

Nice and private showers. I came here around 9 am and didn’t have to wait for a shower. This may vary depending on when you come in. Gas station and Denny’s were convenient for breakfast and some things I needed

Pilot flying j- Gilman 40.75091, -88.00118

Spend 2 nights here, cool spot. Quiet, porta potty’s, trash cans.
Stayed in gmc 2500 van.

Ochoco Creek Park, Prineville 44.30382, -120.84080

The most fantastic view with the most fantastic sunset.
Sprint and Verizon signal (LTE). Quite busy but if you arrive before 5pm you’ll get a good spot.

Large Pullout between Moolack and Beverly Beaches 44.71051, -124.06009

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