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Cash only - first come first get - Small and simple campground. Pay-Showers and hose-able water with one bathroom. Overall awesome place close to the beach.

Big Lagoon Campground 41.16667, -124.12671

Gravel lot, mostly flat. Good gravel road off Hungry Horse west road. 1bar Verizon.

Hungry Horse Reservoir Free Boondocking Site 48.31715, -113.98186

I wasn't able to find this place.

Scenic pulloff 35.59394, -79.38880

Good for sleep 😴 behind Walmart
Couple vans and bus sleeping here also

In the street 33.85701, -118.30342

Very quiet but get there early sires fill up
Also no internet!
TMobile or Verizon

Army Camp at New River Gorge 37.85864, -81.09878

stayed here a few nights, handful of other vans too. totally unbothered, minimal traffic, beautiful views.

Street Parking East End Beach 43.66622, -70.24082

Stay for the night so far so good. I see other RV’s/ van and trucks. So far its quite.

Walmart Springville 40.15869, -111.64304
Direction East

We crossed the river and went 100m to the right. Very quiet place (you hear only the river), perfect for tents. There were almost no flies. Good Viva MTS signal.

Spot close to the Herher River 39.72996, 45.54723

Nice spot next to the oak forest.
Beware of the fox, don't feed it, could be dangerous (can transmit diseases like rabies).

Near the monastary Slanic 45.23772, 24.86747

Enter the pension maybe better later at night. Go in from the garden restaurant. Take the stairs up, there is always two showers on the floor pick one and enjoy. In case you see someone just act like you are staing there over night.

Showers in the pension free. 48.22095, 11.46432

A new open shop from the farm next door. You can drink coffee, eat, buy meat, vegetables and fruits. Very nice.

Kizolanza Coffee Shop -8.13934, 35.40981

Trinking water spring. Well used by locals.

Valea Iasului 45.18507, 24.71429

Well organized self service laundromat. Located in the center of the city, difficult to find a parking place nearby for a camper.

Washeria 46.76787, 23.58560

Parking place for 3 cars with 2 tables with the benches. We stoped here for a lunch, there is some house just next to it but no sign forbidding the camping.

Servo picnic area 46.05829, 11.79090

Wonderful place to stay for the night. Some airplane noise, but for the most part it is quiet and safe. Great playground and clean restrooms.

Governor Printz Park / Holiday Inn 39.86179, -75.30266

A small area good to stay Sunny or shadow 100m from the old bridge internet average on the New bridge of road

16th Century Bridge 39.43365, 21.52925

Little farmstay / Homestay.
The hosting family has buffalos and you will be treated with delicious food from buffalo milk that can’t be found in restaurants!
The house is located in the middle of green nature, very quiet with a lovely garden. Eldar speaks some English and Russian and together with his wife Eka he will make sure you enjoy your stay.
They live a very sustainable, traditional life without industrial food and will serve you what grows on their land.
Perfect possibility to get to know the country better than just driving through and taking pictures!
We payed 12€ for a double room, filling breakfast included.
Safe parking in the fenced garden in front of the house.
Can be found on booking and airbnb.

Daraselia 61 42.45855, 41.88010

Shop and restaurant are open again. We paid no entrance to the park.. Wildcard and R300 for 1 night for 2 people. All clean and tidy. Sand only spots with some having good shade.

Augrabies Falls NP -28.59226, 20.33345

We stopped here for lunch. There are big houses close by. We would not stay here.

Riverview -17.96211, 21.00501
Joan Howling

Propane is available here on side of hardware store.

Ace Hardware 40.23230, -75.26960

Campground located in Eastman Lake Recreation Area near Raymond and Chowchilla. Stayed here after spending the day in Yosemite NP. About a 3+ hr drive from the park. $20, free showers, quiet. Pretty sunsets.

Codorniz Campground 37.21482, -119.96768

What a beautiful paradise, so many spots and beautiful views of the mountains. The road can be rough in places, but well worth the effort. We stayed 5 nights, weather was amazing, lake was like glass, caught a trout, canoed, paddle boarding, biking, hiking up the mountain to the 2 falls. Totally amazing.

Horseshoe Lake Recreation Campground 49.57089, -115.51958

Nice free campsite, right off the highway. Arrived on a Tuesday evening and there were a couple spots open. Pit toilet was clean. Full bars on T-Mobile. So much trash sprinkled throughout campground though, including a giant full trash bag. Come on people, stop sucking!

Gooseberry USFS 38.91529, -111.73158

Parking del restaurante espacioso, con ducha exterior con agua caliente y electricidad. Al lado del mar con acceso a una playa de rocas.

Sólo disponible en temporada baja. No en junio, julio y agosto.
Precio: 5€

Taverna Faros 37.84495, 21.10995
FrenchCreek Kate

Great little oasis for overnight. Parked along side the town park. Very pleasant little town. Three other overnight vans. One block walk to public bathrooms. Bought a few groceries and morning espresso to support the locals.

Davenport town park 47.75786, -118.62916

Nice hotel in Shinyaga, one of the only cities for a long way between Mwanza and Arusha. Clean and nice rooms with good toilets and hot shower with good water pressure. 55,000 for a aircon room, there are probably cheaper places around but we had broken down and needed to get to somewhere quiet and away from people asking for money. They offer room service with good food and laundry services. Safe, gated hotel with parking available. Staff are very polite and speak English. Wi-fi available although haven’t been able to get signal from our room yet.

After having to stay here a week due to delays with fixing our bike, we had food poisoning from the breakfast buffet here. Would eat with caution as it wiped my partner out for 3 days.

Karena Hotel -3.65939, 33.41233

Great service.
Best place in St-John’s Metro to get any size tank filled at the best price.
Near Highway.
Near Mount Pearl
Great for Big Rig

Eastern Propane 47.51981, -52.86048

Place is 1 mile from a rest stop. Shower n restaurants are available, parking is large, it’s a safe area to rest for the night, not much shade and it’s on the side of a hill with a nice view of the area for miles.

EZ truck stop 36.07506, -120.10378

Bring your ear plugs so the compression breaks aren’t a thing. :) Also watch out for the entrance; there’s a nice dip our 25ft shuttle bus bottomed out on pretty good and dented the tail pipe. We had some morning fog so I’ll leave it to others to show you the epic view and I’ll post a picture of the terrain/dip on the way in. Cheers from our big green bus Pregnant Drangonfly. (I don’t know what to name her yet. ;)

Ocean overlooking cliff 42.22051, -124.37473

Came in very late, was a very nice place. Looked like there was a lot to do but it was just a stopover for us.

Pokagon state park 41.67663, -84.99852

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