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This is a large gravel pull off area just South of the Sea Lion Caves. Unfortunately there is a No overnight parking sign.

Large, flat pull-off 44.12049, -124.12484

Très bon service

On peut aussi se remplir d’eau

Ultramar 47.85110, -69.54193

Go through the gate, just in your right.

Agua Blanca Ranch BLM 32.29159, -111.34771

4 spots available. Currently 3 taken up by RVs. Fire pits, lake access.

Crown land 48.45669, -90.57603

Petite place non loin de lautre site de campement proche de l’eau je suis venu dormir la car il y avais trop de gens a l’autre endroit prendre le chemin a gauche en gravel et monter jusqu’en haut , spot parfais pour dormir en voiture

Top of the road 49.22165, -68.23473

Stayed overnight without issue. Some traffic noise, as it’s right off the highway, and several other Boondockers. But also the sound of the waves, beautiful stars, and quite a view in the morning.

Mile Marker 304 Pullout 42.71759, -124.46366

Everything has pretty much been said. Great, quiet spot right on the beach. We stayed on the pavement and had a bit of a incline, but a couple of other vans parked further away from the beach and it looked flat. Definitely recommend

Whiskey Run 43.21085, -124.39413

2-4 LTE T-Mobile bars, was able to work. Really pretty view over the water. Ground was a bit soft but didn’t get stuck. Was not bothered, nice place to stay. 7 day limit.

Oacoma Flats 43.79421, -99.39193

- L'endroit est fermé les fin de semaine.
- The place is closed on weekends

Petro-Pass 49.17706, -68.33839

Gate is locked and it looks to have been locked for a long time.

Hamburg Bend WMA 40.61315, -95.76359

Sani dump only, no potable water
Free of charge

Vernon 50.27515, -119.28104

A fine provincial park - had a good enough cell signal for some work and work calls, access to fresh water, laundry facilities ($2.50 wash, $1.25 dry) and showers.

Aaron Provincial Park 49.75866, -92.64732

We arrived in the dark on a Labor Day weekend. E could see many many people here. Nevertheless we pulled off of Dogtown road into the trees and found a spot without problem. There were people nearby but everything was very quiet. The temperatures were lovely (65 F, no humidity) and we slept soundly - except when some people got stuck in the mud further up the road and spent some time extricating themselves - the roads here can be very muddy after rain, so you do need to keep your eyes open to avoid it!

Dogtown Road 35.19139, -112.14217

Super bien pensé (par la municipalité j'imagine). Endroit parfait pour refaire le plein d'eau potable. de la façon dont s'est aménagé, il y a possibilité de remplir n'importe quelle grosseur de contenant. Il y a aussi une poubelle sur place. Personnellement, j'ai laissé un mot de remerciement à l'intérieur.

Drinking water - Eau potable 49.41969, -67.30636

Big flat wide open gravel turnaround right at the Little Salmon River. Many different spots to choose. Fire rings, abandoned outhouse. River access to canoe down to Carmacks.

Little Salmon River 62.09356, -135.30050

Easily 20 spots available throughout this road, some traffic off the dirt road but each space has some degree of privacy

Dispersed camping off CR-67J 40.82983, -105.56236

Beautiful overlook of Mt Reiner. Site is slightly off to the right of the Forest service gravel road. You’ll make a slight right onto another gravel road where there are “no shooting” signs. There are 2 established fire rings and big logs to sit on around them. No bathrooms or water. This is dispersed camping. LNT! I stayed here in a older conversion van and had no trouble with clearance (11ft tall and 19ft long). Any longer and turning around is going to be real tough. Only bad part of the road was the first 4 feet off of the paved road but 2WD should be fine. Apparently there are more sites down the road but I did not check them out. 2 bars with version.

Open Overlook 47.08592, -121.57868

Spent a couple nights here. Nice quite spot! Take a drive in slow and beware of logging trucks

Logging road campsites 45.82092, -123.51403

Any vehicle can find a spot, there are 15-20 spots down this road. They get better the further you go down with some spots overlooking the whole valley and others where you can hike into the prairie. Don’t just pull into the first spot and stop - look around! The last spot down the road is INCREDIBLE - it’s on top of the mountain and overlooks everything with 360 views (you need high ground clearance to park up there, don’t bother trying with an RV or trailer).

Scoria Pit 46.94573, -103.58868

Il n'est malheureusement plus possible de dormir à cette endroit. il y a des panneaux interdisant de dormir ou faire du camping.

Merrickville Fairgrounds 44.91565, -75.84510

beautiful spot. the road is very dumpy we made it with a small RV (25feet).
there is also a pedalo on the lake which traveler can use. very nice.
tons of mosquitos, so be preoared to have your dinner inside.

On a side lake of Banks Lake 47.92036, -119.03239

Richard and his team are so friendly. Very warm welcome! You can park wherever you want. The toilets and showes are inside the club house, there is nice bar, Pizzas and other food. We liked it here.

Mulanje Golf Club -16.03381, 35.51573

Great brewery with beer (d’uh) and food. Level parking lot. Good for camper vans. Waitress assured us that people leave their cars here all the time and no one gets towed, so we’re going to have another beer and just sleep out off right here :-)

3 bars of t-mobile, so cell service is good.

Once the brewery shuts (11:00 pm) there’re no services, although there are 24 hour garages nearby.

Lengthwise marketplace 35.34246, -119.10196
Miss Daisy

The place is pretty neglected but okay for the camp. Had to cut us some branches that we could enter with our truck. A very wellcome staff. We took from them a whole day safari for 150$. The guide name Okello Joseth Olum
A weekend can be noisy
Solar power, They give you a room for toilet and shower

Vilakazi Murchison falls Safari Camp 2.46041, 31.53110

Very good restaurant overlooking Lake Victoria. Staff all very friendly and speak very good English. Coldest beers we’ve had in Africa…and we’ve had a lot of beer! Serve good Indian, Chinese, African or mains along with coffees, smoothies and milkshakes. Prices very reasonable. Toilets here are excellent too. Restaurant is just next to the yacht club where we are camping, can share the same toilets. Highly recommend. Wi-fi available and plenty of plugs for charging.

Mo & Pragz Kitchen -2.52933, 32.89436

Je suis arriver labas et il avais beaucoup de gens avec de la musique et un genre de party donc je suis aller m’installer plus loin mais on attend la musique quand meme , je recomande pas lorsqu’il a des gens pour dormir sa serais impossible sinon c’est une tres belle place !

Lake Petit Bras 49.22162, -68.23473

Street parking in front of library.
No signs restricting overnight.

Street Parking 59.64371, -151.53268

Nice privat campground next to Breeg an Juliusruh just behind the dunes.
Very nice hosts, giving you the best spot you deserve 😉
Has everything you need, including a small kitchen.
Good mobil reception

Camping Drewoldke 54.63207, 13.37650

Nice, it is really in the back!!
Be careful and watch the indications !!

Casino New Brunswick - Moncton 46.12885, -64.87733

now in the winter it was quiet, very nice landscape .

Riverside -32.22072, -64.56300

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