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BLM land surrounding Great Basin NP. You can camp anywhere you like, right off the highway. Relatively quiet not much traffic noise. Lakes level was very low but was able to camp right on the lake. Was the only one in the entire area

Pruess lake 38.89321, -114.01465

Nice and calm place very close to the lake. The fairly tidy spot is more or less leveled, lots of stones lying around. There's no 4x4 needed, but the short track can be muddy, when it rains.
A Super-Market is near by, as well as some other shops and a gas station.
7 KM further there's the Dashbashi Canyon which is worth a visit.
Magti 4G+ worked very well.

Grassy Place With A View 41.60442, 44.06392

awesome restaurant with delicious self service as much as you want for 17 R$ (09.21.). the view from here is beautiful and they have good wifi. also they have a very clean toilet and shower with hot water which i was able to use for free.

Bela vista Restaurant -22.03024, -42.00652

Check out the drinking fountain, there is a water spigot on the pedestal. Near the pet walk area. Works well.

I -70 rest area 38.78535, -89.70232

Spent two nights here. Small and close sites on a busy road. I wouldn't call the bathroom facilities "nice" but it functions and shower was hot. It is one big room with toilet, sink, and shower. Shady areas with picnic tables and as mentioned by others, all hookups. $15. You have to call the town to book a site.

Parker City Campground 43.40020, -97.14085

Small spot near the junction of 144 and route 8

a bit close to the highways but there'a a fire pit and room enough for a van or small trailer.

Wild camp - Bring what you need and remove what you bring

CBC on 99.9fm

Clear Lake 46.61772, -81.41205

Ontario Provincial park, with walking trails, there’s washrooms and picnic tables. A little busy during the day, not busy at night, along side the highway so it’s not overly quiet but there isn’t any “no overnight camping” signs good for medium size vehicles, Turing a trailer is probably do-able but would be hard

Burnham park 44.29716, -78.27020

There are a lot of RV’s that look like they’ve been living here for a long while. A symphony of generators. Trash. Tarps. One guy even was even having a “sale” and had a ton of stuff spread outside of his camper.
On the left side of the lot around the perimeter, there are signs that say no RV overnight parking. The long-term RV’s were parked on the right side but several of us were parked on the left in the middle (not on the perimeter where the signs were).

Walmart in Prince George 53.86471, -122.78479

There's a locked chain blocking access to the parking lot.

BMX Park - Gravel Carpark 49.19833, -123.98966

As described below, worth visiting. We camped on the lawn next to the fireplace and dining area. Paid KW 200 pppn. Close to the main road but almost no cars during the day/ night.

Bridge Camp -15.00595, 30.21512

Great free natl forest sites. Some are pretty large for multiple tents or vans/small RVs. Area fills up super quickly on the weekends. Tons of hiking nearby.

Haystack Road 44.24979, -71.57452

Stayed for one night in our own tents (9€ per person), had very nice vegetarian dinner (8€) and scrumbled eggs for breakfast (5€)
Very welcoming, only few of the family speak English

Camping ecofarm OK Koral 42.24474, 19.07371

Nice views of the lake and mountains. Makes for a good sunset. Should mention the site is not very level. Also the hwy is close enough that it can be heard. Currently logging across the lake is also a bit noisy.
It is convenient to be close to the paved hwy. Unfortunately the forest is littered with toilet paper.

Lakeside 49.95049, -125.59767

There is now a sign saying Strathcona Dam rec site permanently closed on the way in.

Previous check-in is actually directions to Upper Campbell reservoir campground. It was all full when I drove through and I am pretty sure it is not free.

GPS location is a bit off.

BC Hydro Stratcona Dam 49.96477, -125.58078

A quiet car Park in the middle of the forest. Great place for hiking and biking.

Wanderparkplatz Heiligenborn 50.89491, 8.27747

Beautiful waterfall with monkey view but whit a very difficult access. Only with 4x4 you can reach this place.

Hungueria Waterfall -15.28677, 13.52245

There’s a big loop for cars to park and picnic or rest. The 18-wheelers have their own strip of parking on the other side of the bathrooms, so it’s a lot more quiet at night.

Kerrville Rest Stop 30.05214, -99.02693

Parking lot, no roof, no high limited entrance, but a bit narrow
80 pesos tiempo libre
Open until 7pm

Estacionamiento "Hotel Puesta del Sol" 19.18927, -100.12928

a great open Plateau near Igomenitsa. great view over korfu. Access is narrow rocky ground might require 4×4. we came with an Unimog.
only about 100 m from the main road but very quiet and secret. no other campers here as Access is a little tricky.

Open Plateau near Igoumenitsa 39.48750, 20.22203

That's a nice place. Quiet, although located on the village.

Green Lake 54.22368, -108.02247

Our van is only 25 ft. The place was too small for us. Also gives ways ahead.

Cowan Lake free camping 54.18377, -108.11721

A great Prov. Park. Just have everything. Great location. Prices for a Prov. Park are actually known.

Meadow Lake Prov. Park 54.45321, -108.69324

Also good if having problems with small trucks. He helped us very quick with our (hand)brake problems. Good price.

Ken Webster -17.80614, 25.24417
An Unknown Adventure

Level, safe, street parking right off the highway. I didn’t explore the neighborhood much but there appears to be many options/lots of parking.

There is car noise from the highway.

Be respectful of the neighbors.

Residential Street Parking 37.47629, -122.44013

Stayed one night. All was fine. No rigs. But enough cars parked overnight to feel comfy

Walmart 38.77273, -76.05714

A small convenience store with gas/diesel/propane. Has a non potable water pump and air station.

Gas n Go 34.50617, -109.38010

pretty private once the sun went down. Maybe had one car pass by in the night. not the prettiest place ive slept but decent for the night and having cell service is a nice plus

Beaver Meadow Trailhead 44.56951, -72.69893

Bel endroit, bon accueil, une bonne nuit. Le wifi était un peu capricieux mais rien d'insurmontable 😊
Il faut apprécier le rustique mais c'est un bon endroit pour passer la nuit.

Wild goose campground 49.71229, -87.18646

This spot has been used as a place to dump loads of gravel and sod so it is much smaller than it used to be. It was a very tight turn for our 28 foot motorhome with toad. Still good for vans, though.
We stayed at the rest area of Yukon/BC border just north of this spot.

Keane Lake 59.98438, -129.06240

Very delicious 🤤 Best rolex in Uganda! very friendly

Jambo cafe 0.17793, 30.07808

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