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Nice place for wild camping near the river and waterfall

Cachoeira da rapadura -18.42597, -52.94502

Campground has beautiful trees and little understory. I arrived late and left early but it was quiet and I would have enjoyed spending more time here. My visit was early fall, and there were a number of other campers there, but plenty of open spots too. I had a nice pull-through spot.

Meriwether Lewis 35.52498, -87.45568

I have seen nothing in the current reviews that need correction. I also have seen some big rigs in here in spite of short areas in the road in that are rather rough. You can chance it if you want it’s your rig. Still busy in mid September on the weekends. It’s been hot, dry, sometimes breezy and the flies are numerous.

Wildlife preservation area near Mt. Shavano 38.55535, -106.11542
[email protected]

As the descriptions say, this is a great little spot. Easy to find and easy to park with our 30 ft skoolie and a tow vehicle. there were two cars at the other end of the lot when we arrived but they were gone an hour or so after arrival. Very quiet peaceful. Light traffic in the morning but the river noise more than compensated. The sign says it is provided and maintained by the town of Parachute and it says public welcome. We took them at their word.

Stone Quarry Road 39.39521, -108.10615

rustic dozen or so campsites. Cell coverage weak, but I was able to use wifi with my SkyRoam. $18/night. Seems like all sites are a few dozen feet from where you can park. Nice big pond close to the entrance. There were only two campsites left when I arrived. Nothing special here, to be honest. It was handy as a quick stopover to break a ten-hour trip into two five-hour trips, but I wouldn't stay here for more than a night.

Hebo lake 45.23123, -123.79477

Park is closed from sunset to sunrise. No overnight parking is allowed

Tom Wallace Rec Area 38.08642, -85.77319

Wide, flat campground amongst Acacia trees. Clean ablutions with hot water. Braai packs & wood for sale. Friendly owner Pieter Louw, looking after our well being.

Kokerboom Forest 6km walk, MTB or drive away. Many MTB trails.

WiFi at ablutions. Fire place at each site.

Wild camping site also available.

Brandkop Guest Farm. -31.23503, 19.20443

flat area by the lake. excellent for wild camping. space for more than 10 vehicles vehicles with low ride (low suspension) will have to be careful but doable. VW Passat made it easy.

Boulder beach 38.40106, -7.36161

Easy spot to stay at off the highway. City smells kinda funky in general but the casino parking lot was fine. Someone tried to steal our bicycles in the middle of the night so lock your stuff up!

casino Hard Rock 42.49238, -96.40912

No potable water here. All Iowa rest stops say "don't drink the water."

I-29 North Rest Area 36 41.08042, -95.82610

We had to pay for a walk-in access to the gym in order to take a shower, but we were more than happy to pay the 7$. Great facilities and you can get a work-out as a bonus

Summit Centre 47.50738, -52.81667

State Park parking lot with pit toilet
$10 fee
Everywhere else has no overnight camping signs - this place does not.

Wasatch Mountain State Park 40.59394, -111.51049

Posted no overnight parking. You can stay just around the corner at the trailhead for the WOW trail.

Bonanza flat Trail head large parking lot 40.60645, -111.52495

Massive parking lot next to a huge open field. Very quiet at night. We stayed one night with our RV and had no issues.

Riverside Park Parking Lot 43.56512, -80.27272

there's a lot of nicer spots up the Forest road with tons of Sitka spruces but the spots weren't level enough for my sedan car. this seemed to be the best bet. tmobile data with two bars!

trees 47.34915, -123.90379

large gravel lot in town. no signage. a place to pull over, we stopped for lunch. several other cars pulled in to make phone calls. good cell service Holiday gas station a block down the road.

motley gravel lot 46.33877, -94.64540

public water for park .. long hose present. so probably not potable.

Motley park 46.33765, -94.64532

A resident came to see us in the morning. They don’t want people to camp there anymore because some did fires when it wasn’t allowed. He’s thinking about blocking the acces.

We said that people from iOverlander are usually respectfull and that we think it is local persons that probably use that spot for party.

Let stay respectfull so we don’t lose acces to that kind of place! 😉

Long Lake Boat Launch 49.87171, -93.40590

Stayed 3 nights with truck camper and dog. Very nice young woman explained to us that when we eat in the restaurant we do not need to pay. Later, 10$ a night 🤔. Just didn't consume. Asked for a trip to Santa Ana, that went totally wrong, just cost us money for nothing. No showers, toilet okay. No wifi

Rancho Alegre 13.88162, -89.52390

Showers on second floor were open and hot!

Old Faithful Inn 44.45999, -110.83147

parked at trailhead at the end of the road. Quiet with great views. awesome stargazing.

Pinnacle Group Campsite 38.91273, -114.17291

Grassy area overlooking cliff, arrived after sunset, was still able to find it

Crabbes 48.21662, -58.86726

The name of this location is Wreckhouse Pond. There is a trail starting from the SW corner of the parking lot that will lead you through a large culvert under the highway. From there you can walk to the cliff overlooking the shore. There is also a lesser used trail leading to a pond. We stayed here on 30 August after arriving on the ferry. That evening was very windy and raining. The wind was buffeting the camper but otherwise it was quiet with virtually no traffic at night. Beautiful and sunny when we arrived this evening. Spectacular sunset over the ocean. Almost no wind this evening. The parking lot is paved and any size rig can park here. Sadly, we are leaving Newfoundland on the 11:45am ferry tomorrow. Only 20km from here to the ferry terminal in Port aux Basques.

Rest Stop Port Aux Basques 47.70840, -59.30732

14 VR, roulottes, voitures…. Beaucoup de places, triste qu’il pleuve… très belle place!!!

Parking reserve faunique pointe au pere 48.51821, -68.47179

Incredible view and yet nicely sheltered from the storms that roll in off the water. We stayed the night with our large motorhome and other RVs pulled in for the night too. Undisturbed. Road was quiet. Beautiful drive to get there. Highly recommend.

Colpoys Lookout Point 44.79822, -81.02923

Spent the night with no problems or issues.

Walmart 39.39464, -77.41213

A wonderful viewing site of lake Pátzcuaro and surrounding area. From here you can see the town of Pátzcuaro the lake and many mountains for miles. There’s a parking area about two thirds the way (see photo of new building below) up you can park and walk the rest of the way. The bottom/start of the road is probably too rough for motor homes currently. Some day in the near future they will replace the old (rough) cobblestone with new. 🤞

Estrbo grande Mirador 19.51711, -101.64057

Pourquoi vous aider à identifier.
Quand vous cherchez soyez attentif à un petit poteau et une pancarte parallèle à la rue.

Édifice Maurice Levesque Garage Municipale 46.00315, -73.45439

small campground next to clean river, owner speak german, englisch and french. He can give you lot of tips what to do in Ariseni NP. We paid 75 lei incl. electricity. The bridge is for heavy cars till 8 to...I ask Erwin about the bridge. The 2 dogs are very friendly.

Karpaten Erwin 46.47276, 22.76078

Such a great spot. No trouble getting our 4x4 sprinter in. Great views!

Sandstone and Sage Brush 37.73678, -111.44249

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