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The camping is closed for the season but the gate is wide open. Slowly we venture and see few cars, few locals are on the beach. Wow! The view is astonishing! We settle to have the best view. The owner Christina walks an hour later to great us and tell us that camping is free and that we could stay without any problem since the season is over. All amenities are shut down, toilets, water, electricity… garbage cans. So don’t litter and leave anything behind. Best place ever to ourselves!! Lucky, right?
Only problem the cellular communication, a single bar to our LTE.

Ocean View Park 49.50603, -55.45083

still a perfect place to stay. quiet and a bit of bush feeling. it's a constantly maintained place so if something is not perfect it will be done. best place for a stopover

The Moorings Farm & Campsite -16.19371, 27.54327

Fairly quiet rest stop just across the border. Bathrooms were open 24 hours - they were large, individual, bathrooms.

Sweet Grass Rest Area 48.99385, -111.96217

Close to Carson City, and nearby city park. Overall good stay, a few trucks drove down dirt road after dark but it was a Saturday night. Some light trash. Small pull outs good for vans.

BLM land near vault toilets(in day use parking lots) 39.13375, -119.70099

Perfect spot for a night very few cars passed at night had cell reception safe travels

Logging road 49.72343, -125.16011

Wir sind anscheinend am letzten Tag der saison angereist. wir müssen jedenfalls für diesen tollen Platz nicht zahlen. mit Feuerstelle, Sitzbank vorn am Eingang Toilette, Wasser soll auch sein. mit Bootsanleger.

We seemed to arrive on the last day of the season. In any case, we do not have to pay for this great place. With fire pit, bench front at the entrance toilet, water should also be. With boat investor.

Adam Lake 49.03314, -100.05588

Pulled up as the employees were leaving for the night. One semi truck pulled up to the corner and it was quiet after that. No one bothered us, and the parking lot is huge.

Menards 44.09169, -103.18156

Beautiful views of the surrounding area.
The road in is now gravel and manageable by most rigs, but the camping is limited.
Theres a big lot at the start, currently occupied by a village of friendly hunters. Then maybe 4 more firepits/sites down road. The offshoots are fairly rutted, muddy and could get messy after rain.
No need to go past the pond on the main "road", no sites after it and a tight turn around at a gate.
Worth checking to see if any of the sites are open and just to see the views but not many options here overall.
Bit of off the cuff hiking/horse riding here. Mostly small hunter trails.

Kebler Pass Road, Gunnison NF 38.92775, -107.27458

Nice open spot near just before a bridge over Summit Creek.
Entrance to a fsr but you can park just un the side before the bridge.
The highway is a bit higher so not too much noise.
Possible to bath in the creek.
Place for two small/medium size rigs.
The lids had alot of fun playing by the river bed.
Some locals come here (a bit further up the road) for rifle practice so do not venture further than the bridge.
Minimum cell and LTE coverage but ok.
No problem parking and turning around with ou 26’.

Summit creek trail bridge 49.14369, -116.66104

20 sites, 4 by the water . Free. primitive dock, easy access from Hwy. Co-ordinates are at the site. Garbage / recycling bin, pit toilets, fire pits. Very quiet in September 12th, no bugs of note. False Chanterelles , at least we thought so. No bites when we were fishing. 2/3 bar Cell service .

LaSalle Lake - Robson Valley, BC 53.52311, -120.68011

Was open again one day after a pretty big storm rolled by. 100Q for 2 motorbikes and ourselves.

Car Ferry El Paredon to Sipacate 13.91806, -91.07521

Lots of beautiful sites along this river. This site has some aspen trees you can park among for a bit of shade. Peaceful flowing river. Large site. No cell (drive 10 miles down the road east to the visitor center). Pit toilet at entrance of the road. Fire pit. Cute cows. Road is nice for a dirt road. Plenty of places to hike around (bushwack) there are plenty of cow trails.

k2 Logan River Disp. Camping 006 41.94343, -111.57436

This is a horrible place. Don’t ever come here so that I can keep coming back and have it all to myself. It’s that awesome! You’re right on the Hoh river but it’s super cold. $5 with cell service? Can’t beat it. Stayed here 2 days this time, last month I stayed 3 days. Love this place and will return. Stay on the rocks and away from the black sand. I got stuck a little last time.

Allen’s Bar Campground 47.79789, -124.26029

Parking a the beginning of Teskey way trail. no sign, quiet road at night. gravel.
200 meter of thom creek trail that bring you on the top of mount Thom.

Teskey Way Trail Parking 49.10598, -121.92583

Rv park with paid showers ($7) and laundry ($1.50). Showers are extremely clean and come with towel and soap

Yellowstone rv park 42.86419, -109.88338

Good place - decent amount of empty sites but I was there on a monday. Many sites were right on the water. Bathrooms were meh so I ended up using my own - didn't check out the showers
IMPORTANT NOTE: I left my sprinter van doors open with the screens up and 10 minutes after sunset I had literally thousands of mosquitos and a couple hundred made it in.
not sure if this is my west coast naivety or if this was extra knarly but I spent literally hours spraying and swatting as many as i could before heading for bed.

would stay again
only $20 for water and electric which was nice

Crab Orchard National Refuge 37.73964, -89.11670

As described by others… gravel lot by the water, with a few colourful picnic tables, raised fire pit with supply of wood (no kindling, so bring your own or bring a hatchet), and a garbage can. No water or other services. Very quiet. Enough street lights to keep it from getting too dark/creepy, but not enough to spoil the view of the night sky.

Thornlea / Colliers Bay 47.60823, -53.72048

Wonderful site on the Salmon River. Fire pit. Large grassy space. Level. Adjacent to road but little or no cars after 9:00. Great view!! Free

BLM Site across from Holman campground 44.24705, -114.52945

Water upon request. It’s hose tap water, so not the best tasting but it’s free and potable.

Naturita Sales 38.21743, -108.57007

Exactly as described. This place is just a turnout along this busy road, but with very few choices we are going to give it a shot. Fingers crossed! No Verizon signal. Some small areas to walk your dog but mostly overgrown.

Hwy 101 pullout 39.87841, -123.73228

Best campsite ever! Wim and Ellen are very hospitable and make sure you feel at home. They have traveled a lot themselves and exchanged many nice stories around the campfire. There is a covered outdoor kitchen with all the stuff you may need that you can use. Good Wi-Fi. Very nice place! We stayed for 8 days.

Camping Moongarden 48.10107, 19.48552

Really a great spot. Bathrooms clean and right at hand. Really busy when I stopped, but quiet. Feels like a safe spot for a sleep.

Manitoba Visitor Centre 50.02937, -101.36834

Handy way to avoid a detour is coming from the north, we paid Q100 for 2 motorcycles, could probably have talking it down but since the guys were super helpful loading the bikes we left it at 100. Fun scenic trip on the river.

Car ferry from Sipacate to El Paredon 13.92640, -91.08195

The location is slightly different from the reported (the reported area is fenced off, see the fotos). I suppose, you can get there by foot, if needed.

The bunker's exact location according to Google is 55.3664421, 13.1874112

There is a sign "No camping", but I would stay here for a night, nice place.

Wild Camping next to the sea and bunker 55.36657, 13.18682

Nice, and for free, it seems. Windy and lots of sea)

haarby helnäesvej near a small harbour 55.20048, 9.98842

This location is permanent closed. The Manager told us that only the other location will be run in future.

Its A Small World - 2nd Location -17.81747, 31.06081
D&M chuckin' around

Great and very quiet campsite (off season). There’s ample space amongst trees and over different terraces. The individual places are not “fenced off” and are more organically divided. It’s a nice place with good and clean facilities where an overlander could go for a warm shower etc… we paid €18 per day.

Camping L`Albera 42.37354, 2.91028

Es un restaurante con una vista muy hermosa, un parqueadero enorme donde nos dejaron pasar la noche. El dueño del lugar es muy amable. Recomendamos hacer un consumo de bebidas o alimentos.

mirador mangos park chichimene 3.91062, -73.67129

No traffic for the 12 hours we were there overnight. Beautiful sunrise. Quiet sleep away from the highway. Windy when we were there.

Reed Lake Causeway 50.40111, -107.03600

Typical coin laundry spot. No frills whatsoever.

First Ave Coin Laundry 47.06753, -109.42459

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