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Arrived at 11:45 pm. The campground was closed so parked at a parking spot next to the entrance of campground path.

Horseshoe Lake State Park 38.69431, -90.07505

about 6 to 8 water spigots by the restrooms. plenty of room for overnight parking as well. extra parking past the restrooms if you hang right

Arizona Welcome Center I-40 35.35157, -109.05896

Very nice campsite, every spot has electric and there are showers and toilets. There are water pumps at the ends too. Came here for Labor Day weekend because everywhere else was booked but so glad I did. The couple that run the check in were great. Will definitely come back.

Illinois beach state park 42.43836, -87.80458

Very Nice and shaded big parking lot. Only little incident is that someone called the police on me for being "suspicious". Police came and saw i was sleeping and very polite asked me if i was okay or needed anything. Then he left. After 20 min of that i was awaken by two dear eating very quietly right by my van. I would stay here again 100%

Remley's Point Boat Landing 32.81365, -79.90664

City does not allow

Centre Marcel-Tassé 45.92481, -74.47061

Parked on the far side of the lot, slept super well
A little noise from running trucks but I actually prefer a little white noise

Walmart Miles City 46.40294, -105.82018

Clean and tidy + a dog wash which is probably clutch if you have one
Butttt $6 for a load of laundry?! I’m new to this game but that seems excessive

Express Laundry 46.39744, -105.82289

There were about five other people in trailers/RVs/vans staying here when we were. Nice and quiet with w great view all around.

WalMart 51.44897, -112.68746

Potable water faucet on the outside wall of the bathrooms.

Bayfront Park 43.26899, -79.86927
Instagram: @savannatales

After 4 years in Tanzania, this campsite enters our top 10 of Tanzanian campsites.

Ngwazi sailing club -8.51287, 35.16759

Great creek side spot! Lovely night and morning here!

North Umpqua River 43.31018, -122.11971

This place is permanently closed.

Tangle River inn / Gas - Shower - Restaurant 63.05297, -145.97863

The first time I was here I had no Cell Service. This time I have a solid 1 bar Verizon 4G. If I put my phone in my pocket it looses connection, but can download movies if I prop it up on top of my vehicle.

level spot 43.01996, -72.98442

An upmarket campsite which the seniors like…many caravans and very large tent trailers that look like a house.
Paid r713 for site for 3 nights for our rooftop tent. It’s very quiet as the seniors retire early and wake up late. Hence, doesn’t have the vibe of an overlander’s camp.
The facilities are very clean and grand.
Would return again for a very quiet break.

Swadini Forever Resort -24.51676, 30.81018

This place is permanently closed.

Verduleria Murillo / Bar El Casito 10.16911, -83.60694

This place is permanently closed.

Mountain Side 49.73880, -119.76960

NO CELL SERVICE as soon as you enter the canyon. ATT. Other than that it is a beautiful place to stay if you wanna get away. Got here on a Thursday and 1 of 6 sites were taken. Nice hiking nearby. Bathrooms/ trash. No running water.

Irish Canyon 40.82880, -108.73584

RV parking in Whistler.20 dollars full day .

Lot 3 East 50.11654, -122.95217

East to get to. I just drove through the grass to an overlook. A little windy, I guess it could get worse. A beautiful view. Very quiet.

Steer Pasture Overlook Dispersed Camping 43.91312, -102.22566

Nice quiet location. Bought a few groceries. Good location to watch the sunset. Few stores close by in the plaza. Including a Subway.

Behind IGA 46.59329, -71.20549

Good national park campground. And they have showers and store too

Signal Mountain Campground/General Store 43.84109, -110.61362

This place is permanently closed.

Real Canadian Superstore 50.98637, -114.04339

RV Park is temporarily closed for a remodel. It didn’t give a date to be reopened.

Stan Hedwall Park 46.64158, -122.96560

Great spot and just 20 min from RMNP. There was only one other vehicle when I visited overnight. Full strength Verizon coverage too.

Estes Park Baptist Church 40.37253, -105.48115

This lot is closed while the airport redoes its parking systems.

Mt. Elbert Parking Lot at Denver Airport. DIA 39.82216, -104.66953

This place is permanently closed.

Red Winds Casino 47.00234, -122.66930

Per store manager, no overnight parking is allowed in the lot. We arrived at 9:30 PM and tried to call but got no answer so we went in and spoke to a manager. Wound up driving five minutes down the road and parked in the Best Western parking lot next to the pizza place.

Walmart 42.49124, -90.71034

Good parking we stayed over night. Quiet night

Suzzara Parking Lot 44.99377, 10.74738

Good parking we stayed over night. Quiet night

Suzzara Parking Lot 44.99377, 10.74738

Not very nice military, check double before you leave!

Border Control from Azerbaijan 39.45219, 46.37534

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