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This still exists but it's been pretty trashed since the original photos a few years ago, and is now more dirt than grass and is littered with thousands of shell casings. We decided to go somewhere more private up the road a bit further.

FSR Outside of Prince George 53.92608, -123.55323

A bit bumpy to the exact coordinates but it’s a bit hidden behind a dirt mound, quiet and easy coming out of the cascades for a night

Rock pit spur road 48.57048, -120.78160

brand new laundromat in a huge plaza, big enough for RVs. right next to a planet fitness! the machines are brand new and so clean. they even offer drop off service. option of paying cash or using an app. the machines are smart washers and will send you text messages when your old is finished. they also offer bonuses for topping up (I got a $25 credit with a $100 top up through the app). bonus: there's an amazing shawarma place next door.

$3.25 for the smallest washer (there are only 6, come after 3pm for availability), all the way up to $7.50 for the largest.

$0.50/5 minutes. Steep price but the dryers are very efficient.

quickie laundry 43.71894, -79.59457

Very large lot with a clean portapottie. No signs for no overnight parking, but the trailhead sign does say the trail closes at dusk. We stayed with no issues.
Would definitely recommend hiking down to the eternal flame falls. There's a natural gas pocket that creates a 6 inch flame inside the waterfall!

Eternal Flame 42.70202, -78.74784

beachfront parking with miles of small sand dunes. excellent cell signal. we dry camped so we didn't use any of the amenities in site. We liked it so much, we stayed 2 nights. very nice and quiet spot.

El Pabellon RV Park 30.37553, -115.86766

Showers 1.00 a minute washing machines and dryers 5.00 each great staff safe travels

The Spot Laundromat & Showers 49.70090, -123.15252

No sign saying no overnight parking close to showers and town safe travels

Off Trans-Canada Highway. 48.45989, -123.49812

There's a quieter and more private spot by going north to Church St. then turning right (east). On the left (north) side of Church St. you will then see a segregated pull out. It was a whole lot quieter and private. There were two others staying here.

Google Maps doesn't show the directions to there but the satellite view shows it. See my attached screenshot.

Beacon Lot 39.32871, -120.18154

I didn't check the rooms,
but from outside it looks okay.
they have a restaurant, but didn't have food... there are a few restaurants around the junction - not many choices.

guesthouse -16.27397, 27.48012

It‘s an B&B absolutely basic.
You can rent a small Lodge.
We just parked our campervan beside one of the lodges and only used the ablutions of it. Cost 140Rpppn.
The complete areal is a little disintegrated but for one night it’s ok.

Klipkolk Guesthouse -26.87499, 20.09330

Quiet, several other vehicles parked overnight. Good night’s sleep.

Walmart 41.93390, -71.34816

-decent ATT and Verizon service
- hardly anyone else up here and there has never been any traffic off the dirt road (we’ve stayed here twice)
- high clearance vehicle necessary

Tree retreat 44.59370, -111.11661

Public water tap.
Used for drinking by the people in the village.

Public Water Tap 41.28823, 46.46519

Big Rock with open area to turn around on. This is crown land. There is cattle grazing happening all around this place on the other side of the fences. There is also evidence that cattle have been moved across the turn around area. The Rock itself has been "tagged" and there is some indications that the locals hang around here. Only noise is the train. Huge sky in all directions and I could see this place being windy.

Arrive during daylight if you can so you can see where the cattle have been. It's not smelly in any way.

Dirt road to get here is pretty rutted up. A bit of ground clearance is needed. Light vehicles could manage it if you go slow. It's likely a very muddy road after a rain.

Keep dogs on leash if there are cattle around.

No posted signs about camping of any kind.

Full bars on Sasktel

Big Sky Location

Big Rock 51.74362, -105.67522

Stayed here one night. Quiet, nice little place. Everything that needs to be said has been said below. Water was a bit cold to swim in, but a short walk down to the river and a nice sandy beach nearby. If you're nervous about the cliffs you can follow it down a bit for a calmer, more shallow part of the river.
Had a couple other people staying there while I was there but lots of space. A few people coming and going in the morning with bikes for the nearby trails.

Cascade Trestle parking lot 49.01648, -118.22315

As described. A nice place to camp while driving the Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route. Pit toilets swarm with flies. Kinda scary. No other amenities. Fire restriction so no fire allowed at this time. Nice place.

Belmont campground 38.59069, -116.89103

Followed Road 139 to a spur angling to the right. Stopped at first fire ring. Saw more down the spur. Trash all around fire ring, including metal stuff not found in forest. Was reported 2 bar Verizon, not where I was, Had to catch one bar when it did show up.

Fs139 34.35787, -110.34148
Billie Whizz travels

All recent comments are correct. Less than an hour, all done

Seguros FEDPA S.A. 8.97881, -79.52860

Get off the crowded PCH and enjoy gorgeous Topanga Canyon. It was late and so we just pulled onto a pull-out outside the ‘no parking 1.5 miles’ signs. Seemed like there were parked within those signs though. The next morning we drove up into Topanga and went down Old Topanga Canyon Road and it looked like there were a lot of good potential spots. We hung out for the better part of the day at Red Rock Canyon Park. It’s a $5 parking fee but there are trails, water, picnic tables and lots of shade. Not to mention it’s absolutely gorgeous! We’re in LA for a family thing and aren’t really LA people so these canyons were a welcome reprieve. We would actually go back just to explore Topanga.

S. Topanga Canyon Roadside 34.06253, -118.58522

It is a safe service station where you can use the Parking for free, there are bathrooms and a green area to be with children or pets (please pick up the 💩),

Bomba Primax coexisto 4.62405, -75.62103

Very nice old couple that runs the teahouse, also allow you to park while you hike from Valbonë to Theth. We had a very good experience with them, some nice coffee and tea.

Parking for hiking 42.41032, 19.83912

If you find yourself here after or before a hike, take a chance on this amazing restaurant. Perfect local dishes, very friendly stuff and nice atmosphere. There’s also a new guesthouse opening and they are open for camping too.

Restaurant/guesthouse 42.42042, 19.87202

No Verizon service.

Delta river camp 63.46234, -145.83916

nice and quiet picnic place in the forest place for 4-5 campers, fireplace with benches around

Forest 67.52971, 21.91444

Not recommended. There is a lot of rubbish.

Nice Stop on the riverbank 40.72988, 20.62157
No Fear Reizen

This wild spot is extremely quiet. Only a dog far,far away was barking for a short time. Along a gravel road without traffic. Maximum two spots. Eventually big rigs. Shadow came from de cork oak. Mountains all around. Good 4g reception. Leave the spot cleaner as found!

In the area of Riu Pramaera 40.01609, 9.58553

The road is bumpy and rooty in areas; we have awd and it was a bit much for us. A little bit hard to find a level spot; but there are lots of different areas to choose from. It’s quiet and tucked in from the main road.

Into the wood, next to a lake 60.41288, -133.69339

Nice park, full hookups were $40/night. Showers included but water was very hard and had strong sulfur smell. No WiFi but had some AT&T service so we could use our hotspot.

C Lazy Moose RV Park 64.36438, -146.87890

Lots of trash everywhere, we spent some time cleaning up the area around our tent but other than that it’s a nice spot. We usually car camp but we decided to use the tent here and it’s been a pleasant stay. Short walk down a steep hill to the river. Water is OK to cool off but very murky, some plastic waste floating down river ruins the experience for me!

Tennessee wall wild camping 35.06733, -85.40372

Didn’t need a reservation. Called ahead and they said they had plenty of open sites. 50amp at every site. Water scattered through out and a dump station on the way in/out. Spacious. Clean. Fire fits. Picnic tables and shade at every site.

Left Tailrace Campground (COE) 44.04138, -99.43976

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