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Nouvel emplacement pour l'agence de Willy. Un très bon guide qui propose la visite des mines, mais aussi d'autres tours. Un mineur qui aime ses mines, et qui le fait partager. Une visite en sécurité, qui montre l'aspect technique, culturelle et societale de la montagne de Potosi. Visite le matin comme l'après midi. Mes mineurs travaillent principalement du lundi matin au samedi matin, à partir de 15 ans pour ceux qui s'interrogent.
Prix de la visite 70 bols par adulte, 60 pour les enfants, plus 30 bols de cadeaux achetés au marché à distribuer aux mineurs rencontrés. Une superbe visite.
Nous l'avons fait dans le cadre d'un circuit en 4x4 de location sucre uyuni sud lipez sucre. Pour plus d'informations, notre page Facebook.

Marco Polo Tours-Guide en français -19.58979, -65.75310

This lavanderia is permanently closed. The touroperator is gone as well.

optitour lavenderia 10.42227, -75.54526

This place did not survive the corona pandemic, it is permanently closed.

Beer & Laundry 10.42265, -75.54449

1 garafon (20l) = 4'000 now

buy coins right in the little market over
the street

La Casa del Agua Purificado 11.01805, -74.81161
Bella and Me

Pretty narrow (Ram 2500 fit) not a good turnaround at the end but if yer backing skills are up to snuff it’s not a bad place to sleep. Fire ring in place but wouldn’t recommend using it as the woods are close in.

Roadside 44.21900, -106.96083
Wendy & Graham

The previous User said it all! On a Friday and Saturday of the long Labour Day weekend, this campground was only half full. The Wilcox trail is not really difficult (as described) ; it is well marked and you can take your time going uphill. It is beautiful. Caution: most sites are quite short - perfect for tenters - but there are some sites that big rigs can use. Look around. There is drinking water and a sani-dump station. At an elevation of +2000 meters, it can get quite cold at night.

Wilcox Creek Campground 52.21952, -117.17442

On this trip, we have been to six national parks and this campground has to rank at the bottom. Very little privacy, no showers, and very poor sites. Would not recommend. Avoid at all cost.

Bridge Bay Campground 44.53750, -110.43577

Just above the camping municipal there is another incredible canyon with beautiful natural pools.
You can walk along the creek (there are even built stairs in some places) or you can enter the canyon a little way up (on both sides).
There are already nice pools at the beginning but continue walking, further up it gets even more beautiful.
All three canyons we visited here were great, but as this one had more water, bigger and cleaner pools, this one was our favourite.
The coordinates are the location of the pool we liked most, but there are some nice ones further up too.

Might be crowded in high season, as that seems to be the most popular one.
We met nobody in all of the canyons when we were there in september.

amazing Canyon with natural pools (La Olla) -28.50589, -67.12729

so so place, came on friday and people around everywhere so we went further, hunters shooting in the evening and early in the morning nearby, litter all over the places, boars at night, people didnt stop coming to us at night, no problems with them though, shakales at night and a music open air the other town

Wildcamp at the finest, at the forest of Călugăreni. 44.18125, 25.96467

Mechanic for motorcycle

really fast and flexible
+39 0183 880754

Stramare Moto 44.90087, 7.23323

ficamos 2 dias no local a praia e bem bonita , o lugar é um pouco agitado mas foi bem tranquilo

Bomberos Parking -9.66530, -35.71025

As described, we are in a Ram Promaster Van. No issues with the slightly off camber entrance. We stayed one night. Phones showed 3G and LTE off and on with no actual connectivity.

Birding Laguna 27.92736, -114.10511

We stayed one night, very quite and very safe.
We sent a WhatsApp to Peter a couple of hours before our arrival and he attended us in a super friendly and kind way.
He is really kind and we could tell he would go far and beyond to help if someone needed.
Still 300M$ per night.

El faro de Peter RV park 22.26950, -101.12364

Small camground on grass field. Not very level ground but nice familiar feeling. Solid outside eating area. The lake nearby is closed unfortunatly since they found WW2-Bombs in it.

There is also a „Wirtshaus“ (Restaurant).

Camping Vahn 46.76174, 11.63416

Ein Traum von einem Essen. Wir hatten hauchdünnen Schweinefleisch mit Kartoffeln in einer unbeschreiblich guten Soße. Der Koch hat einen Stern verdient. Das es sowas in dieser Gegend gibt ist unglaublich. Man spricht Englisch.

Restaurant 300 40.11901, 19.73294

Very eclectic site, nice Tented accommodation, Nice "Onverklaarbaar" pub, simple , rustic and good food at very reasonable prices, very friendly receptionist, manager and staff. Camp sites are sandy, with very little wind protection.
ablutions are dated but clean with very hot water.
R 120ppn and wood is R40 per bag
very interesting skulpters and works of "ART" "left over from the Afrika Burn"
good fun fo rthe young at heart!

Tankwa Tented Camp -32.33784, 19.71741

We slept just close the the old cathedral.

We asked the guard if it was possible and hadn't any issue.

people passing close to our car in the morning, very friendly and welcoming

Vodacom signal.

Close to the cathedral -16.20806, 35.79970

They stopped us and checked all of our car papers, not nice Police at all.

Police Checkpoint -32.60004, -69.35087

A Dog smelled all of our car. Nice Police.

Gendarmerie Argentina Checkpoint -32.88890, -69.26068

Pasamos una noche en la plaza principal. Restrepo es un pueblo tranquilo y el lugar es seguro.

Plaza de Restrepo 4.26235, -73.56591

Nice spot aside the Puma's grossery store, open good WiFi Network, 8 minutes shower per 100ars, 24h bathroom and space to spend a night before visit the predelta National Park 5 kilometers from here.
We had a quiet night.

Puma Station -32.07463, -60.62418
Improbably Adventuring

Campground in the ghost town of Eureka with small store with snacks and supplies. Not much in the way of facilities and no mobile signal, but convenient stop if heading to or from Animas Forks to do the big passes. Popular with people trailering in bikes and quads. $20 for tent camping

Eureka Campground & Store 37.88178, -107.56345

Way better than the options closer to the highway. Quiet, secluded, no trash or bullet shells. Not suitable for vans or RVs though. This one, you want something a little sporty, but 4x4 isn't necessary (we have a CRV).

Redwoods Pulloff 41.74715, -123.99150

maravilloso Lugar! Todo el personal muy Atento y agradable, los espacios son magnificos y todo esta muy limpio y bien cuidado,definitivamente volveremos, Una opcion Increible para desconectar de la Ciudad sin ir tan lejos !

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community 20.26669, -103.42166

Cyclotouring - Grande plage avec table pic-nic. Super spot, calme et tranquille. Fontaine à eau dans le parc

Plage Assomption parc Leo-Jacques 45.83540, -73.42291

Stopped here on a friday morning, weird vibes, but overall nice people. dirty and moldy showers. They supply a towel and some soap, but i say bring your own everything. had to pay for two people even though we shared a shower. they did talk wbout a laundromat that had a $3 shower down the road. maybe something to look into? enjoy the quest!

Wheatland Travel Plaza 42.07346, -104.96354
Adriana Alvarez

Wonderful place!! Front lake and thermal water!! The site has a lot of gardens, pools, courts of basketball, soccer and tennis, good parking lot, restaurant, grocery store and good services! It’s a huge place! An excellent option to enjoy nature! The wifi was ok! We also used the wash machines! On Sunday’s they have steam room!
People were really kind and help us with our doubts!!
I wanna come back!

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community 20.26669, -103.42166

Awesome campground, half reservation half first-come, didn't fill on the Friday before labor day. Short walk to great river views and a colonialist monument to lumbermen.

Monument Campground 44.43504, -83.61947

Ça fait la job, mais ça semble abandonner. Entretiens absent. Pas de douche, pas de toilette. Plein de cochonneries par terre à notre emplacement de camping. Certains spots sont plus privés, mais en général, c'est tout collé un sur l'autre...

Riverview Campsite 49.78409, -86.53894

Lovely new camp site in an old mandarin orchard. Entrance is narrow and trees are small with low branches, so not suitable for big campers (4WD with roof tent is OK). 5 mins walk to the city center of Kemer. We payed approx. 120 TL.

Camping Çekirdeksiz Mandalin 36.60287, 30.55578

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