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This place is permanently closed.

Amsterdam City Camp 52.39737, 4.90073

Smaller than the southbound rest area. Trucks and cars park together basically, so it can be noisy if sleeping here.

Kerr County Rest Area 30.05211, -99.02691

Will update later with photos if possible We arrived in the dark. Knew we were within NG boundaries, but could not find signs/ markers. Finally found a small sign at entrance of dirt road that entered the grassland from the highway. It's a Friday in late September, past 9:30 pm and no one here on this road. Lots of O&G activity all around, so noise is very evident from nearby paved road, as well as O&G lights. The road into the grassland is dirt, a fair amount of bump, but we brought the van in with no issues. Seems quiet enough, just lots of truck noise. It's a National Forest Grassland (National Grassland), so public land, and since it's public land in eastern Wyoming, it appears very used, just FYI. Assume dispersed camping, and please pick up after yourself. It's public land. The bubbas seem to leave a lot of garbage here.

Thunder Basin National Grassland 43.71856, -105.41150

Very nice! The deco with old fishernets etc. is nice. To cake and food are delicious. And it’s cheap. We enjoyed it a lot here!

Diaz Coffee Shop -26.64993, 15.15420

Very friendly owner. We also stayed overnight with our campervan after we had dinner. There is a toilet which you can use in the night. WiFi.
The dishes are amazing delicious.

The Portuguese Fisherman seafood restaurant (next to the museum) -26.64661, 15.15253

We loved that place so much that we stayed 2 nights. It was 121pppn. Only thing is that WiFi costs extra (50$ for 500MB).
The Oryx Burgers and the Game fillet (also Oryx) is very delicious. The camping ground is well setted up. Nice shade for the car. Shade with a bench for you, braai.

Betta Rest Camp Campsite -25.38438, 16.42210

Nice place without a fence. So we were visited by a hyena at night searching for food. (Was Not a problem in our car)
Campsites have braai, water, electricity.
Payed 150pppn. WiFi is free.
Nice bakery shop, fuel station, cafe.

Solitaire Desert Camp -23.89409, 16.00540

It’s open again. We asked for camping and they offered us a Lodge for 400pppn. But we want to camp…so she made us the offer to get the Lodge for 250pppn.
Our budget is smaller so we thanks and drove further.
Place looked well and they have warthogs.

Agama River Camp -24.14358, 15.96082

This is a cozy spot for us and our F250 with slide-in camper for the eve while on the way to the coast. NOT big rig friendly. Clean. The photos provided by original poster shows a well-groomed road, but as of 9-25-21 there are clear, deep, fresh track marks in the road of vehicles that hit fresh rain and possibly got stuck. Road gets rough shortly after entering BLM, but a Prius could probably make it while using caution and going slow.

Fire ban in effect. Vegetation is dry. POISON OAK abounds here, and easily noticeable this time of year with leaves turning red. Don’t even touch the sticks- the oils are all over the plant. Probably not a good place for dogs unless you are immune to PO.

Themistocles Nomad - BLM 42.28977, -123.28324

Full service laundry. Very friendly staff. Wash and dry. 10kg machine. Overnight service.

Kuru Temizleme 39.87983, 41.23972

good place to stop and start a walk aboard the northsea.wonderful

Short Term Northsea Parking 54.99982, 8.65203

Free WiFi, also a restaurant/ toilets/ petrol station.

L'Hospoitale de l'Infant 40.98475, 0.89578

Close to the main road, but quiet place.
It’s the parking lot of some interesting underground caves. We arrived at night and stayed until the morning.

Quiet parking in the woods 37.24796, 31.92725

Entering Zambia: Nobody asked about PCR test; rapid test for free in the green tent before entering the main building;
VISA 50USDpp; road tax, carbon tax, insurance, custom (CPD); it took 2,5 hrs (Saturday)

Immigration Tanzania / Zambia & Carnet & Taxes Zambia -9.31640, 32.76316

Open 24 hours, truck and travel bus stop. Restaurant bathroom is cleaner than convenience. Bath for women is free

Posto Copa Petrobrás -25.34331, -51.44173

Nice spot. A donation of 20$ at the parish, done by internet, for a one night stay. Located next to a microbrewery that offers good beers and meals.

Ste famille 1749 île d’Orleans 46.97338, -70.96269

This is one of the strangest collection you can see!
It’s better you call before you come to have the tour in English

Collection Petru Costin 46.94248, 28.77799

This petrol station has free WiFi, toilet, food court, and a shower. Says, "Ask the staff for the key", do am unsure about the price.

Petrol Station 41.52446, 2.16739

Second time we stop here on our trip, yesterday night was a stormy one, this place was perfect to camp sheltered from the wind. Beautiful view this morning with a much clearer sky!! You can hear the road a bit, that would be the only downside else great place to camp!

Rivière Calumet 49.59528, -67.23378

Not a good place to sleep. Trains are making noise all night. Should be remove from the list.

Train station - Cochrane 49.03350, -81.01250

Very nice place. Little bit close to the road, not completely hidden. Some cars pass but no one bothered.
Lots of firewood .
Nice shade.
Some flat concrete surfaces.
Pretty close to the water.

Orange River -28.08255, 17.13084

decent rest stop. definitely the smallest one i’ve been to yet, could probably manage a big rig here across from the washrooms, but i’d say that’s the only spot. there’s 3 picnic tables and 2 washrooms. looks like there’s 3 “spots” that you could back in to and get some privacy. 2 cars stayed the night as well as our truck and 12’ trailer. only one small entrance that looks easy to miss. in and out of service with telus

Rest area 49.90226, -99.21574

Old resort with wonderful campsites overlooking the sea. It was once a big place with many campsites, chalets, restaurant and bar. Unfortunately nobody came anymore and the owners are happy to see people. So you will stay mostly alone…
Ablution are old style, but clean (hot water from donkey). Campsites are big (we stayed on 8c with nice view and shade). Electricity on request (from a generator / surcharge). Water & firewood for free. We paid 400 MEZ ppn and enjoyed it very much. The long and lonely beach is a short walk from the camp (or you can take the car). You can buy fish from the fishermen at the beach.
Important: 4x4 only! The last 4 km over the dunes are deep sand (tyre pressure 1,5 bar)

Island Rock Resort -24.15866, 35.47306

Medium sized parking lot for the park, playground, and disc golf course. No signs posted restricting use. No amenities.
Good tmobile though slow at times.

Dry Run Creek Park 43.70554, -98.02206

Car parking it is on the far side from the main road and with the trucks parked between me and the road Noise from traffic wasn’t so bad there were several trucks and dozens of overnighters and cars and vans well lit restrooms are open

Bitter Creek Rest Stop 41.64208, -108.53165

Showers: website showed Day pass was $5. I showed up and told them I needed a day pass to use the shower facilities and she told me if I was just using the showers it was FREE. Nice clean place open showers and one private stall. Hot showers, they rent towels for $1, lockers 25¢. Had a steam room as well.

Casper Recreation Center 42.84573, -106.30087

Here in The beautiful nowhere you can find statues and airplanes. Another very strange place (free entrance, even nice place to camp)

Lenin statues 47.01715, 28.60543
Tariq fairaq

We hope to leave the parks and prairies clean after they leave so that the place will be more beautiful.

abha alsodah 18.21540, 42.39946

Amazing food, amazing prices, good and quick service!

Lukmaan Restaurant -6.16327, 39.19157

Quiet spot, pretty flat. 2-3 bars of Verizon service. Heard a couple cars go by after 6am, otherwise just nature.

Dyerville Rd 40.34305, -123.88313

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