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we didn’t stay due to camping with rooftop is on the carpark with absolute no view.

Ayapapa 0.48876, 30.28235

Go there from the main road if it is wet!
not from the other side
It all started good. Nice campsite with view on the lake! Dinner gor 30k Ugx is also good.
But than at night around 1am a tour from Kampala showed up 2 large buses with 100 peole
one got stuck in the entrance. the other behind. ah they dont turn off the engine but the engine was not an issue. the issue was the music they started to play! all drunk so we slept in our car. we told them to turn the music of but yes after 10 min on again. We where not even able to leave due to the bus was stuck in the driveway!
Next morning one bus managed to get away after i was getting loud and told them to piss off!
So that was our experince:)

Rweteera Safari Park 0.50101, 30.32792

5 wonderful days in a lovely place with very valued owners. Thank you Julia and Joel. come here!

Camping Guaimaro 6.65093, -73.22304

Perfect place to spent a few quiet nights and leisurely days. Q100/motorhome/night, incl. electricity. If you choose the place farthest from the entrance, you will be surrounded by palm, banana and papaya trees. Nice pool. Silas, the owner, lives on the property and is very helpful. He owns a hotel/restaurant 200m away, good food. Public buses to town every 30min, 10min walk to get a boat to Livingston or reach the castillo.

Villa del Profe 15.63511, -89.00758
James Smith

Pull through site was a little narrow, but workable. Full 50 amp hookup with water and sewer for about $48. Quite a bit of road noise when outside the RV, didn't notice it inside.

Philip's RV Park 41.26992, -110.94792

dead end street out of the hwy. good phone service and quiet. a lot of flat areas available.

Dead end street 49.62443, -114.63863

showers were a life saver. requires 6 quarters for 5 min so come with lots of quarters so you don't get screwed. there is a port office upstairs facing the water that traded me cash for quarters.

Friday Harbor Marina Building 48.53653, -123.01719

Awesome free camping! Even has a coke machine and what appears to be free to use canoes?! Beautiful lake with tons of room for the dogs to run freely and swim (away from the campground of course). There is a big mown grassy area just south of the campground, separated by the trees, that's good for the dogs to run. Walkway to it is next to the restrooms closet to the lake. Zero Verizon up this way unfortunately. Also unfortunate that the neighbors felt that playing a loud radio is OK. Ugh. Ruined a great quiet place.

Hunnewell Lake conservation area 39.71170, -91.86300

OK for one night
Pulled in on a Thursday around 3pm and because of the rain & potholes, there was so much water everywhere and the white vans, covered in leaves that look like they’ve been here a while, were in all the dry spots.
I parked just before the bridge in the gravel parking area with a couple other vehicles that pulled in much later. The road was noisy during the day but heard nothing at night (had earplugs in).
I took the super potholed road (to the right) but due to the storm, didn’t feel comfortable staying anywhere because of all the electric poles/equipment. However if you don’t mind, there is a gravel lot near the end. Little bit of trash.
I drove down the left for a little bit a lot seemed to be taken by trailers that people had left. This road seemed to be the more rocky & steeper of the two.
Very busy all day with lots of traffic in / out of the Garibaldi Park area. But it’s FREE! :-)
Verizon LTE service

Wedgemount 50.17135, -122.88600

Sanidump is very clean. There’s water but not for drinking.

Le Gardeur Dump Station 45.73593, -73.49158

We’re here and yes thank you Terrebonne. A very clean site

Garage municipal de Terrebonne 45.71046, -73.62106

Nice and quiet rest stop beside river. No cel service.

Rest Area Hwy 12 Clearwater River Idaho 46.51145, -116.56141

Great location, about 6 other RVs/vans back by the boat section of the parking lot. Safe, well lit, small grass area for walking the dogs. Walking distance to great food, bars and amenities.

Bass Pro 39.02407, -104.82861

A hairdresser that knows how to cut European hair! 25000 for a guys short hair cut. Call Aly for an appointment on +255784270007
Park in the rear carpark and he is opposite the cafe Butter and Scotch.

Shopping complex -3.36026, 36.60931

We stayed at the campsite in Mbega for 2 nights, still the same price. They were hit hard during the pandemic and were closed for a year. This resulted in a burst water pipe that I guess they can't afford to get fixed. They provide a bucket of water next to the toilet (western) so you can flush. They also own Simba Lodge directly next door and they gave us a key to a room there for a nice hot shower and use of the bathroom.
We arrived unannounced at 8pm and had to wait half an hour for the manager to be fetched from home as there were no other guests. This is her number to WhatsApp in advance: +255784613335
Pamba the dog is just so lovely and will sleep near your car, doesn't beg for food just enjoys the company. Very peaceful, just the birds to listen to. Came here after a night at the noisy snake park.
There was WiFi at reception but we didn't connect so can't comment.

Mbega Lodge -3.31742, 36.88530

Local calmo, seguro, bem iluminado... e com pelo menos 3 pontos de água potável na volta. Recomendado ROTASPELOMUNDOGG

Parking lot by the beach -7.28400, -34.79991

400 N$ per campsite is a bit steep for 2 ppl, but you're allowed to have 4 cars at one site. There's an additional park fee to be paid (350N$ for 2 ppl) that allows you to visit the fish river canyon 24hrs a day. The old abblution facilities are run down, but the new ones (2x3 showers and 2x2 toilets) are fine. There was hot water when we were there. Electricity and braai facilities at every site. There's also wifi, but only near the reception. Didn't see any baboons

Hobas Rest Camp -27.61975, 17.71458

What a gem! We had our own sink and braai facility. Power at sites. Lovely overnight stay at a good price R140pppn.

Red Sands Country Lodge -27.50977, 23.30407
James Smith

Great campground right off I-80 in North platte, NE. Hot showers, bathroom tent camping is available.

Holiday Rv Park 41.11223, -100.75702
Benjamin Vaughan

Big flat space for a bit rig or a few smaller rigs.

Decent T-Mobile coverage.

Clearing off side of road 44.61527, -111.11874

The place is ok, but for big rigs a bit tricky … and almost impossible to level out

5 km’s outside Beaufort West -32.34574, 22.62226

Still a great spot especially if you pull in at night for an early morning Yosemite from the east. We arrived after dark with plenty of room left, but soon got surrounded by many vehicles. Hardly any traffic, river sound is great and drowns out the neighbors. First bit of road looks rough but after that there is old paved ground. closer to the river is most level.

One night stay 37.95182, -119.22535

Free dump station near the propane tank, really clean

Grey Rock Dump Station 47.37381, -68.30468

i got a hot shower today (female). Toilet was very clean and people so nice.

Peaje Santa Ana -27.42809, -55.62948

manager was asked to allow me to stay at night AND she Said no. camping 3 km before this place

parking of Santa Anna Cruz -27.33569, -55.58766

spend a night here, nobody bothered us. Good place to stop on the go

Terrible's Road House 35.78171, -115.33284

Free water fill as described. Spigot with hose by air station right side next to entrance.

Pilot Potable Water 43.21583, -121.78361

Ranger told us that there is no dispersed camping allowed within the National Scenic Corridor.
So this site seems to be no longer available and should be closed.

Rock pit spur road 48.56916, -120.78078

We stayed one night. It was a very quiet night. felt safe. The only thing to say is that in our opinion its better continue the dirty road up a little bit because early in the morning come people to pray. No amenities. No phone signal.

picnic and camp spot 16.54734, -95.94877

Town is open. very friendly people. You can go to the lake but not with the vehicle, only walking. Very beautiful place. we slept in our big rig in the entry of the lake.

Public lakeside recreational area 16.46659, -93.99911

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