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We called Walmart before we arrived here, custom service told us it is ok for one night! Again nice and big parking lot, next to Home Depot , we parked far left from the entrance! Again thanks Wal Mart for providing us this safe and easy spot for the evening !!

Walmart Abbotsford 49.03641, -122.27047

BLM camping with many spots. great Verizon and T mobile reception

Big Sheep Road, BLM 37.16557, -113.25122

Very good western restaurant and bar. Great food, good prices. Pizzas, pasta, burgers, sandwiches and some local food too. Very clean western toilets. We have come back here 3 times after having some very questionable meals in other restaurants and hotels in Moshi. Also has a gated car park so your vehicle will be safe. Highly recommend.

Maembe Garden Restaurant -3.34498, 37.33750

Very beautiful sea shore, some tower blocks and hotels nearby. There were a couple of vans when I arrived on my motorcycle.

1,2 km north La Brava 39.36262, -0.31783

On a field on the way to Pergamon. Easy access, very quiet. Great to stay for one night. No one around except some farmers.

On the field 39.54776, 27.45978

24-hour post beside the highway. With a watch all night. Clean bathroom and convenience. Highway noise.

Posto 24 horas ao lado da rodovia, com banheiro limpo e conveniência. A rodovia tem bastante barulho.

Posto Ipiranga Santo Angelo II -25.20413, -50.98662

Great Spot!! Easy to pull into after long hours of travel. We were here with a 40 ft motor coach and we fit comfortably with more than enough room to do donuts in the parking lot. The views are worth it. It’s quiet and so peaceful, sleep with your windows open and enjoy the sounds of the waves. The parking lot is gravel. No washrooms. Clean area and very little to no local traffic. Please if you visit, keep it clean and respect the area. It’s good to have nice things :)

Mispec Beach parking lot 45.22225, -65.95055

This is a nice spot right on the water, very windy, yes appears to be a Canadian government building and a private marina on the other side of the property but we didn't have any issues parking here for the night in a 23' RV tucked in by a big boat. there are other places to park, I would say check it out for yourself to see if it works. I was worried someone would ask us to move, but it was all good. the best part was we only experienced a couple of mosquitoes and a black fly or 2.

Pictou marina 45.68116, -62.69324

Still here. Good spar. ATM lines where long...

Aussenkehr Spar -28.36094, 17.41068

Wonderful place.
160 pp/pn.
Hot shower, mostly grassy campsites with private sink.
Power points.
Provide kayak as well for self ride or guided.
Had some meat (sausage, sirloin and lamb chops) Wich was nice and frozen.
Does have a bar .
We camped 2 nights.
One night had a huge 60 students group they were a bit loud and also the campers near us made noise until midnight.
Other night was peaceful.
Owners are wonderful and welcoming.
Highly recommend overall

Amanzi Trails River Camp -28.69992, 17.53316

Follow the winding dirt road up
To the peak of the mountain overlooking the town of Austin.
This is BLM land and a hidden gem. Full 5G bars with T-Mobile.
Be warned, getting up the mountain is bout an easy task!
Extremely steep inclines and I don’t see any type of Class A or a rig towing another vehicle making it to the spot. You’ll need some horsepower for sure!
(4x4 is not necessary)
100% wild camping, pack it in-pack it out (gas station down the mountain has garbage bins).
Best view in the county if you’re able to make it up!!
( Follow me on IG:
our_heroes_graves )

Austin Overlook 39.48673, -117.07153

Bridge has been out for quite some time and this is now a ford. Mostly shallow water although very polluted.
Big rigs with shallow front and rear angles may have problems on the transition from river to dirt road.

River crossing 14.73864, -91.16143

Was gonna go to a boondocking site marked on Google Maps, but this was closer. Quiet & peaceful after a long day of driving. Only one other van here. Spacious. Came on a dry, chilly night & had no issues driving my little Chevy Sonic back here. Bring a hammer or mallet for your stakes if tent camping.

Badlands Camp 43.91964, -102.16396

Pretty good food. Different kinds of spicy dishes with rice and tacos. Friendly atmosphere.

Buffet DonaChuy 20.89705, -101.18229

Free BLM campground, what more needs to be said. Awesome place, watch fire restrictions and please take your trash out with you. And be warned if you bring water up here in a drought, the bees might want some too..

William Hills Recreational Area- BLM 35.97959, -121.01062

This spot is further down the 2 track "road" past the first "Grasslands" spot already on this app. You'll probably need something with high clearance to get out to here as there are a few dips in the road a lower vehicle could get stuck on. Pretty awesome spot, 2 bars 4G LTE Verizon fairly fast speeds. The road ends here at this clearing next to a badlands type hill. If you make it out here, do a little search around and you will find some very cool things buried in the ground.

Badland Clearing 47.56878, -103.18670

Un camping peculiar. Dura negociación de precios, cuando ven que hay algún extranjero, no es agradable cuando en los campings del sur hemos pagado entre 30 y 50 dhs por persona. Con la cena lo mismo, dura negociación de mi compañero marroquí para que no nos hiciera pagar 100 dhs por cabeza por un tagine de verduras. Al final 30 dhs por persona tienda campaña y moto, 50dhs por persona cena entrante tagine y postre, y 25 dhs por persona el desayuno. Las instalaciones un poco viejas, mucho ruido de la nacional 13. El entorno, espectacular, una sensación única dormir en un cañón y ver las montañas junto a ti.

Camping Jurassique, Near Er-racchidia 32.15410, -4.37597

Continue the small road more 4 km. You will arrive a gravel road parallel to the beach.
Wonderful and quiet place to sleep and rest.
There are several spots to stay.
Not good for big rigs. Campers, vans and 4x4with rooftent, perfect.

Plage Near Port Racine 49.70645, -1.87660

don't have 4wd so stayed at the end of the pavement 1 night. no issues. Huge dune area is listed as 14 day disbursed camping so the question is ok to stay on edge of road, park and hike in and tent or 4WD in and camp.....maybe all 3 are ok. Regulations do want ALL vehicles on sand to have a 9' orange flag. Restrooms at boat launch.

Coos Bay North Jetty 43.35664, -124.33710

Nice spot next to the road.
Lot of sounds of animals.
Quiet and beautiful.

peaceful and beautiful -22.99421, 16.82173

…………………………………. Just needed to take a photo!

Austin Overlook 39.48673, -117.07153
The Adventure Closet

nice spot for a few vehicles, no cell service, beautiful creek running next to campsite with easy access, lots to explore out here!

Creekside Camp 48.64513, -116.77010

We camped here for the night. Road is ok but be careful with the sides, it's sand and you'll get stuck.. we buried our front axle and had to lock the transfer case to pull out in reverse.

There was Visible/Verizon data, and it was fine, couldn't test much of it as it was a quick overnight for us, but I think it would be fine for remote work.

(we try to report on cell service for people trying to work off grid; IG: @pampas.overland)

BLM Land 36.98686, -111.56142

Still a 24 hour fuel station with gas and diesel. Pay at the pump!!

Nugget City 60.02511, -129.05876

While driving the Cassiar, Boya Lake is an absolute must stop to have lunch and see a gorgeous turquoise & clear lake! Picnic tables, trash, toilets… nice trail to walk the pups!

Boya Lake 59.36710, -129.10552

Great spot to park during the day for free during the festivals and very chill spot to spend a night

Leavenworth Street Parking 47.59777, -120.66064

Road is extremely passable, great camp - lots of wildlife! 5 stars - it gets a little crowded but also easy to find a spot even in heavy use times. No water, pit toilets and picnic tables only. Weak signal for cell

Sage Creek Campground (NPS) 43.89386, -102.41345

Spent four nights. Forest Service drove through camp, all was well. Nice pull trough spot with views….

Mt Roosevelt Rd. 44.39408, -103.75342

The ranger woke us up and told us it was not allowed to sleep here (as we already knew, being in a national park) he gave us a ticked and said that if we were in the other spot in the woods we would have gotten several tickets.

Clear Lake North Shore 50.70847, -100.01521

Beautiful campsite about 2km away from the lodge. One of the 4 available campspots is a bit elevated in the hill with an amazing view over the area and perfect place for a sundowner. Ask for it but it is accessible for 4x4 and low range only. The other spots are also nice and each place has its own water and braai stand.
The ablution block is in pretty good shape and very clean. Hot water via a donkey.
The lodge offers game drive and a good restaurant. Also Wifi is only at the Lodge.
Camping is N$150 pppn.

Frans Indongo Lodge Campgroung -20.27089, 16.95618

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