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Grassy area overlooking cliff, arrived after sunset, was still able to find it

Crabbes 48.21662, -58.86726

The name of this location is Wreckhouse Pond. There is a trail starting from the SW corner of the parking lot that will lead you through a large culvert under the highway. From there you can walk to the cliff overlooking the shore. There is also a lesser used trail leading to a pond. We stayed here on 30 August after arriving on the ferry. That evening was very windy and raining. The wind was buffeting the camper but otherwise it was quiet with virtually no traffic at night. Beautiful and sunny when we arrived this evening. Spectacular sunset over the ocean. Almost no wind this evening. The parking lot is paved and any size rig can park here. Sadly, we are leaving Newfoundland on the 11:45am ferry tomorrow. Only 20km from here to the ferry terminal in Port aux Basques.

Rest Stop Port Aux Basques 47.70840, -59.30732

14 VR, roulottes, voitures…. Beaucoup de places, triste qu’il pleuve… très belle place!!!

Parking reserve faunique pointe au pere 48.51821, -68.47179

Incredible view and yet nicely sheltered from the storms that roll in off the water. We stayed the night with our large motorhome and other RVs pulled in for the night too. Undisturbed. Road was quiet. Beautiful drive to get there. Highly recommend.

Colpoys Lookout Point 44.79822, -81.02923

Spent the night with no problems or issues.

Walmart 39.39464, -77.41213

A wonderful viewing site of lake Pátzcuaro and surrounding area. From here you can see the town of Pátzcuaro the lake and many mountains for miles. There’s a parking area about two thirds the way (see photo of new building below) up you can park and walk the rest of the way. The bottom/start of the road is probably too rough for motor homes currently. Some day in the near future they will replace the old (rough) cobblestone with new. 🤞

Estrbo grande Mirador 19.51711, -101.64057

Pourquoi vous aider à identifier.
Quand vous cherchez soyez attentif à un petit poteau et une pancarte parallèle à la rue.

Édifice Maurice Levesque Garage Municipale 46.00315, -73.45439

small campground next to clean river, owner speak german, englisch and french. He can give you lot of tips what to do in Ariseni NP. We paid 75 lei incl. electricity. The bridge is for heavy cars till 8 to...I ask Erwin about the bridge. The 2 dogs are very friendly.

Karpaten Erwin 46.47276, 22.76078

Such a great spot. No trouble getting our 4x4 sprinter in. Great views!

Sandstone and Sage Brush 37.73678, -111.44249

Tried to make it up here, but there are major washouts and ruts now. Just past the barbed wire gate that is annoying to open and close. I think the recent flash floods they had took out a big chunk of this road we weren’t willing to traverse. We have extensive 4wd experience and if we had been in a side by side, no problems. But we didn’t want to lose a bumper in this rutted out section (the part that goes parallel to 191 from Moab.). There may be better points of access, but this one didn’t work for us.

Archview RV Resort And Camping 38.66571, -109.68092

Free wifi, which is accessible from inside the library or in the parking lot. It’s next to a lovely park with public bathrooms

Cortez Public Library 37.35170, -108.57460

Well-kept Campground with very clean, hot showers that are quarter operated (coin machine on site accepts $1 and $5 bills only). Camp hosts are very nice and gave us back road directions to Bryce Canyon that cut 100 miles from our route. $20/night for a tent spot and one car, $10/car for additional cars.

Mackinaw 38.55911, -111.71518

Just passing through but the campsite is open.

Camping Soleil Kaouki 31.34805, -9.79546

About a mile up the 4wd dirt road, pullout. Crickets!

Forest Road 47.60758, -116.66406

Beautiful spot, lots of surfers. A few people here. Note it’s an open parking lot with not too much privacy

Rose Nulman Park 41.36576, -71.48690

Beautiful large space with several locations to pitch your tent or place your vehicle. Even in late summer there’s still water running down the creek. Stunning views over the mountains nearby. We were not alone, there were several other cars/RV’s. Because the place is so big though we didn’t see each other from the place we camped.

Priest Hole Campground 44.73884, -120.27155

This place is permanently closed.

Stratera parking 46.04779, -73.11062

It still aviable. Seam nobody il the place. A good place to use. Easy to use

Sunset RV Park 47.27700, -53.98187

Very nice location. Route 66 dinner and a gas station are nearby.

Cracker Barrel 37.82509, -92.14519

Beautiful little pull out. Little gravel turn around with a decent size crash field. Two picnic tables, a barbecue pit, And an outhouse. Although the outhouse could use some work. There were spider webs everywhere you could imagine. but beautiful sunrise over the water. And free!

Cambridge Diversionary Dam 40.28539, -100.12119
John Murphy

$11.00 dry camping. Big gravel parking lot. No shade. Super clean bathrooms, hot showers, free WiFi, quiet at night. Definitely would stop here again. Pay at admin office in main building.

Sweetwater Fairgrounds 41.63937, -109.24839

Stay for a night so far its good, quite night and big parking lot with other RV’s/ van and trucks. Stay at the other side of the parking lot where no trucks.

Walmart Springville 40.15869, -111.64301

Very nice place to stay. Very good wifi. Room and service very good. Good restaurant.

Afrika lodge -3.39766, 38.54602

Chalets are closed for renovations, reception lady unsure of when they will be ready. Only camping available. Restaurant is open. Good English Breakfast for 90 Pula.

Tsabong Camel Park -25.93757, 22.45812

Residential area chill spot great to park around 9 pm and leave early. For van suv or RV.

Residential area 36.97332, -121.95989

This place is permanently closed.

City Market Fuel 39.40216, -107.22058

Best deal for showers. (We renegade camped, and used various campgrounds to clean up.)

Jedediah Smith State Park 41.81170, -124.09647
Instagram: @savannatales

This place is permanently closed.

Its Wild Bushcamp / Community Campsite -11.85992, 32.43387

Pernoitamos nas dependências da Casa Valduga, dentro do motorhome. Eles fornecem energia e água gratuitamente. Jantar e almoço maravilhosos no restaurante, embora o preço não seja popular. Não fizemos o passeio pela vinícola por causa da chuva. Valeu muito a pena

Casa Valduga - wineyard -29.17703, -51.55608

Absolutely beautiful view. Stayed here in my short skoolie for a night. Good Verizon service.

Linville Gorge Overlook 35.87321, -81.91196

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