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a nice good size gravel lot. Busy, but tapering off now at 730pm on Sunday. Plenty of Mosquitos. So if your feeling weighed down by all that blood they can help lighten your load. PNW Mosquitos leave me alone. But the NE ones really love me. I hate them all equally.

Shelbourne bay boat ramp 44.39996, -73.23497

Huge space. Feels like multiple camp spaces in one. Has two fire rings. Roads in are great, very smooth gravel.

Tuskegee Campsite #6 32.48359, -85.59760

Open for RV overnight, good place with wifi.

Outlet Barstow overnight 34.84697, -117.08642

Nice and flat area with fire ring. Beautiful spot for the sunset and the sunrise. The road is a little bit sandy but it is alright with a 2WD and our « traveler Autobarn RV »

Bishop Tank at the Road to Stud Horse Point 36.97380, -111.59355

Large gravel parking lot right off of the highway suitable for overnight parking.

rideshare lot 40.79801, -92.40144

$10 dump. Pay inside. We don’t have a dumping hose just a ball valve so this was perfect for us. Dumped into big metal grate. Water spigot next to it so you can clean up too.

Dump Station with water next to fuel pump 36.10085, -115.18596

Consider this place ONLY if all else has failed. Flies galore. No toilets. No water. Nothing. Just a space to pull into and stay the night. I don’t know what pit toilets cleaning has to do with COVID. Or putting locks on water spigots avoids COVID. But there is nothing here but a space. It’s next to the highway so you are exposed to the noise. All in all, a 2 star out of 5. The 2 stars are for the fact that it’s free!

Cedar Draw Park / Rest Area 42.56761, -114.62912

Water spigot next to the cemetery. Next to the tree

Lutheran Church 45.54506, -103.03340

If you need medical care, there is a large level lot to park your RV. Stayed a few nights in our motorhome while hubby was an outpatient. Also at a trailhead to overlook the city so a bit busy during the day but very quiet at night. No signs prohibiting overnight parking.

Overnight at hospital lot 60.71744, -135.04266

À 21h00 le soir, quelqu'un a lancé des roches sur le campeur...deux fois en 15 minutes. C'est la première que cela nous arrive. Nous avons quitté.

Labelle Infotourist 46.28060, -74.74058

Even though signage says no overnight, the manager said it was okay for one night as long as you're a customer. Please ask before parking here. Walmart said no way, so Superstore gets my grocery money this week!

Superstore better than Walmart 60.72766, -135.06284

A cute little cafe / vintage store in the old gold mining town of hedley. Worth a stop for a break and a coffee.

Grand union cafe 49.35632, -120.07629

Clean hotel right in the city center. It was $15,000 per person, so paid $30,000 for a room for two people, tv, and a private bathroom.

We are cyclists and there is one light of narrow stairs going up to the reception/rooms. So, just so you are aware that if you have panniers you might need to remove them to being your bike up. We have no panniers so it was easier. The place is very clean and rooms are simple but comfy.

No hot water

Hotel JC 5.41981, -75.70205

Awesome park, with restrooms and sink space outside.

Although there are no signs saying No Parking/No Overnight Parking. Unfortunately on a whim I spoke to a few police who were gathered at some designated police parking at the park they said you cannot car camp at public parks and if they saw you they would ask you to leave. Probably could get away with it though, huge parking lot.

I opted for Cracker Barrel down the road.

Centennial park 40.70157, -112.01831

free water tap behind the store right next to the door. not sure if its good to drink but i filled up my portable shower

Petro Canada 49.70514, -123.14667

Water filters in the general store and lodge. Meant for water bottles. Didn’t see the water fill up for tanks but I may have missed it

Signal Mountain Campground/General Store 43.84307, -110.61103

Not the easiest to find through google maps. Maps tried to take us to the other side of the river and magically walk across the river on a dotted line. If you do look up restaurant rio paraíso on gmaps you can get a better idea of how to get there. The entrance is a ‘private’ hotel entrance just on the east side of the bridge.

They charged us $100 pp to stay the night. We can’t recommend the food. There is a field behind the restaurant they allowed us to park and sleep in our vehicle. We used the bathrooms at the restaurant rather than separate ones in the field for campers as they were not cleaned. The river is just beyond the field and is very pretty. The water was very high and moving rapidly so we did not get in.

Rio Paraiso 22.51625, -99.32875

Nice place to overnight. Bathrooms open and water spigot in the picnic area. Nice stone tables with shelter from rain and charcoal grills also

Rest area - East Forrest City 34.99883, -90.86316

Large green grass area great for a spring clean if needed … nice walks to waterfalls and cycling… best to phone ahead as there is no cell reception

The Amble Eagle View Campsite -29.43352, 30.74879

wonderful place at the end of a little side road. we had been driving to several campsites in the area only to find them all full. we took a chance and turned down this road. perfect band accessible. if you go to the end there is a large clearing with a fire pit. we were able to fit our 28' bus and a SUV with lots of room to still let the dogs out and run around. excellent reception too!

Max Abbey 47.83101, -124.23027
No Fear Reizen

Beautiful spot, still op to date in ‘21. On tarmac or under pine trees. No WiFi, 4g perfect!

Toes into water 39.14138, 8.43862

Basic camping in the garden of a guesthouse. Nice green space with a shelter and a couple of picnic tables. Hot shower, sink for washing dishes and potable water. Nothing special, but good for one night. 5 euros per person.

Villa Alexandra/Camping Drina 43.97050, 19.54058

We can highly recommend this camp. Very clean sites with private ablutions on each site and a great view from the hide on the Rock to the lower Waterhole. 200 N$ ppn.

Road Side Camp -19.31728, 14.46895

Just a quick stop, fill in your details and carry on

Check point between South and North Luangwa -12.15964, 32.48331

Gate entrance to Luambe, we only filled in details and passed for free
There is a loop which comes of the main road and stays close to the river that passes by the pontoon (pontoon is marked on overlander)
Nice river views with hippos, elephant, giraffe, crocs, stork and also wildlife to be seen from the opposite side

North gate to Luambe park -12.44875, 32.20849

We loved it here, enjoyed our cappuccinos and found 45kwacha to be decent price as you get a big cup.. pretty much what you pay in SA.
Lovely seating area at the back and beautiful handmade crafts to look at.
Recommend a stop especially after a long drive!

Tribal textiles home decor and cafe -13.10981, 31.79612

on the right going to kasane, eight giraffes in a watering hole by the side of the road

Giraffe water hole -18.83625, 25.60184

Water spigot attached to water fountain. a little low to the ground but it works!

Pinnacles Picnic Ground 38.62354, -78.34368

Really beautiful place. We enjoyed climbing around the rocks and jumping into the different pools. After reading some other’s posts about no water, we are here during rainy season and there was ALOT of water. Multiple huge waterfalls with a giant pool of water. Attaching photo.

The road near the end was not passable by regular cars. We drove up in 4x4 truck. 2 wheel drive vehicles came up as long as they had clearance.

Cascada el Salto 22.58638, -99.38243

Sleep for a night by the road so far so quite and sleep good. There is no camping sign and other car/ trailer farther from us.

Kolob Terrace Rd 37.21124, -113.17635

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