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WeDoStorage -26.06494, 28.30970
Direction East

Great place, very quiet, ideal for tents, super flat, great view. 4G with Viva MTS

On the side of the road 40.98075, 44.55353

We camped next to the restaurant after someone mentioned the place on another iOverlander spot. At first they tried to charge us more than a room for our own tent, but got it down to 15,000tsh for both of us. Food was cheap but took 1.5hours and came cold with bugs on. Menu was covered in mud too, weirdly (see photo). The camp spot they had given us turned out to be the walkway between a local bar and the toilets, so lots of people walking past our tent and bike. Having taken our money and directed us to camp there, I feel the staff could have directed people around the gate, which is the same distance to the toilet. But no, they deliberately made the area next to our tent the walkway. Didn’t really feel very safe. Even in the morning when all the guests from the bar had gone, staff stood around our tent chatting in the early hours. Once they had our money they were generally very inconsiderate. Toilets were squat and hadn’t seen a mop for some time, no offer of showers. There’s a car park which would probably be fine if in a van.
Would only stay here as a last resort… Maybe not even then.

Bukoba COOP -1.34524, 31.81474
Expedition Vladivostok

Eco Camping Batak is a great place to stay. Chris the owner who speaks native English is a very cool guy. The site is clean as are the toilets and showers. They have an honesty bar, plenty of grills, hot tub (for small additional charge) and a great view over the lake! Thanks for having us Chris! Cheers

Eco Camping Batak 41.95846, 24.15506

Warning: EXTREMELY LOUD during weekends with rigs rolling through at 2am, 3am, etc.
My one weekday stay wasn’t bad but wasn’t great either.
Will stealth camp someplace else before coming back here again. (Check me out on IG: our_heroes_graves)

Lander City Park 42.82022, -108.73925

paid 26€ for room for two people

really cheap and overall really great, balcony... has a restaurant. comfy

very friendly owner

panorama hotel 39.82772, 21.43966

Nice place and quiet, very clean. You can buy cheese, wine and jam, very cheap. 3000 Tsz the jam, 10000 Tsz cheese

St Eugene Hostel -4.81927, 38.30516

Lovely place, amazing view. Camping fee 16 usd pppn, night drive 50 usd pp

Wildlife Camp -13.10944, 31.75368

on your way to Tofo/Barra, at the bridge at the end of the descent, you have a hump. from that side there is no sign and you barely see it.
we basically flew with our 4t motorhome 😱.
our friends did the same the next day, so I thought that could be useful to signal it there.

hidden hump -23.88604, 35.44670

great!! Nos encanta!!! nsjfjdbdjksksndbd

Mountainview picnic 42.20864, 1.74442

May 15th to October 31st

Location: P2C and P3B

No services: No water, electricity, toilet, shower or picnic table… you are outdoors and must be fully self-sufficient.

Fees: As a season opening special and for the time being, there are no fees. Rates to come shortly. Stay tuned.

Rules to follow to guarantee the sustainability of this great opportunity:

Although somewhat distant from residential areas, we ask that you be mindful. Sound carries easily in the mountains and other campers might not appreciate the disturbance. Obviously, mutual respect is paramount between users, the mountain staff and the community.

There is no tent camping allowed at the base of the mountain and fires are not permitted. Rustic camping for tents is located at the top of the mountain and by reservation only.

We ask that you park in such a way as to minimize the space occupied in the parking lots, so that a maximum number of users can be accommodated by day and night. All types of recreational vehicles are accepted but you must be self-sufficient and pack out everything you bring. There are no garbage or recycling containers for your waste. Please make sure to keep the area clean, hence maintaining the right of access to the grounds.

Finally, please respect the covid rules in effect. No gatherings will be allowed.

If you have any questions, please write us at [email protected].

In winter, the same conditions apply.

Mont Sutton, parking lot : P2C 45.10552, -72.56116

Quiet and big parking, there is a space for a lot of RV

Wal-Mart Riviere du Loup 47.82188, -69.55302

Viewpoint at the very end of the Loita Hills on the Kenyan side. Overlooks L. Magadi, Natron and the volcanoes in Tanzania.
Call Oleuka 0794821325 to guide you from the village of Mausa. Fees negotiable with him

Oljoroibor Viewpoint -2.05719, 35.92517

We are fortunate to find a nice space without a reservation in this area in a Labor Day weekend. The camp ground is very well maintained and the host is super nice. The noise from the highway is not bad for us in a van. The toilet is clean and water spigot is right next to our site (#7). The nightly rate is $20, but with my National Park senior pass, it was $10 per night for us. All in all, this is a very nice camp ground.

Target Tree campground 37.34140, -108.18720

so beautiful and quiet. here it will be several times

Clearing near Lake 56.22936, 14.28820

Maybe one of the nicest campsites of Malawi! Right on the beach, shaded campsite with electricity and water and even a dishwashing basin!
The managers are very friendly and our children played with their children. So we could relax :)
The ablutions are very good and clean.
5000 pppn and children up to 12 half price. Under 6 free of charge.

Highly recommend this place.

King's Highway Rest Camp -10.61003, 34.18031

prices are not cheap but you find basically everything (even blue cheese, frozen berries, wasabi, rocket salad...)

Yum Yum Supermarket -23.88520, 35.40597

Parking lot downtown near King St.
15$ overnight.
For small van only.
Little bit noisy at night.

Parking downtown near King st 43.64241, -79.40180

A quiet parking om gravel surface, in between the forest and the canal. In the weekend over 6 campers camped here, so it’s probably okay to do so.

The parking is the start for several hikes in the Lommelse Sahara.

Sahara Parking 51.25312, 5.30929

Located off Hwy 501, church street and new road in Conway, SC.
We came in around 10:30 PM. It was easy to find. We parked in the far corner of gravel parking lot.
There are picnic tables, and a dog park right next door.
There was some lighting at the dog park, but it wasn’t a problem.
There are several trees for shade from the morning sun rise. Some even have Spanish moss on them.
We didn’t get to walk the trail, due to time constraints.
We started up our generator to fix breakfast.

The main highway is very busy. Even later at night. So, you will have lots of Hwy nose. I recommend ear plugs.

One funny note. We parked our RV so close to the edge of the gravel, it was hanging out in the edge of the grass. I woke up with Ants crawling in me at 8 AM. So, my advice is to keep your RV in the gravel and off the edge of grass. We’ve boon-docked/dry camped a lot, and never had this happen before. It wasn’t a major issue and it will soon be rectified.

Lake Busbee Walking trail head 33.82824, -79.05802

Beautiful canyon but it’s share of bugs by river during drought. Sites near boat ramp seem pretty good, I ended up on canyon rim where paragliders take off - some nice spots with grand view or river canyon…good for a night unless you boat/fish. Oh, and watch out for small pets - I’m pretty sure some lady lost her small dog to a raptor. And good cell service from above. Found site on Friday of Labor Day weekend, so likely always something.

Swan Falls 43.23402, -116.36862

Beautiful church parking lot. NOT big rig friendly! Our 40’ rig was too big to fit and we had trouble maneuvering through the parking lot - it had a lot of cars in it. A few small rigs are ok.

Église St-Laurent 46.92041, -70.88951

Very quiet place behind a stone heap. It‘s not visible from the road if you park behind the big heap.
It‘s getting very dark so the stars can be seen great.
The track to the place is a little bit trickie to see from the road.
Only 4x4, NO big rigs.

Behind a stone heap -28.82166, 23.20998

We had a broken front differential of our Defender. But Chris repaired our car in no time and we can proceed our journey. Thanks Chris for the great repair.

wildrovers4x4 43.09524, 25.48847

We went 1.3 miles past this spot and found a near perfect riverside spot. Fire ring and flat spot for our truck camper. Site is on the left down short spur. 4 wheel drive helpful to get in and out of spur. Good gravel road access.

Riverside spot 47.77978, -122.94930

Parking is too small for a 19 feet travel-trailer and pick-up. Did not stay!

Parking of Fort Amherst 47.56475, -52.69266

Nous étions 3 camper à dormir ici. Des toilettes à 200m. La plage a 10m!

Youghall Beach Park 47.64538, -65.68268

Stayed here 5 nights. it a great spot. It was full every night and had to get a spot. Cell service is pretty good for being where it is. Verizon and Att. depending on the spot you get. pit toilets great view of the river. Trash cans just out side the entrance. Picnic tables and fore rings.. level spots.I would stay again.

Carbella Recreation Area 45.21217, -110.90073

$20 dump. Free water. Propane, fuel and little store. 7am to 8pm. Everything is locked after hours except fuel.

Sinclair Gas Station 45.06162, -110.76069

- Dispersed spots throughout the area
- 1-2 bars Verizon, limited ATT
- fire ring
- private area, surrounded by trees, rocks, and a little trail
-some traffic on the nearby dirt road on weekends

Red feather camping 40.75052, -105.61280

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