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Very nice place, the owners are very friendly. The dinner was excellent : avocado, salad potatoes wedges, chicken, vegetarian plate, carrots, brocolis, tomatoes, muffin with ice cream. Very rich and very good. We paid 20000 pppn. Toilet and shower (hot) clean.

Simba Farm Lodge -2.98668, 37.08435

very nice, little noisy with the trucks. a exercice pet area with fence. dump station + potable water

Wyoming welcome center 41.05807, -104.87896

Nice place with nice view. At the near restarea are toilettes and the possibility to empty the cassette-toilette. Near the E6, but no trafficnoise because the traffic goes into the tunnel before pass the area.

Along the Fjord 69.54168, 20.37809

Located on a busy street. If you park on the street below Highland, it’s better because it’s more level. But still not bad.

Bruce’a Beach 33.89450, -118.41505

Restaurant with traditional South African food

Kliphuis Kombuis -30.20565, 17.93312

Besides a Danube river, in the Eurovelo 6 bicycle route (Rackevé town). There is very good grass campground. Most used by fishermen.

Savoyai-kastély előtti park 47.17004, 18.94538

very nice place right outside the park with a great sunset. other mention you need 4wd to get here. perhaps after a rainstorm but not under dry conditions. we've seen couple regular cars and made it here in a Ford Transit. further down the dirt road, I'd agree, 4wd is needed...

Island in the Sky Road BLM 38.51096, -109.82059

RV dump and fresh water at the town fire hall

Brigus Dump Station 47.53549, -53.20839

Nice small campground right on the Mississippi. Picnic tables, fire pit, toilets. Dump station. Cost was $12 a night from 4pm until 4pm the following day. Seniors with AB card is $6. 2 bars of ATT. Trains close by but there weren’t any during the night

Army Corp of Engineers - Pleasant Creek 42.21678, -90.38340

Free potable water faucet separate from dump faucet/station.

Follow for more travel adventures @TheWisconsinites

Free Potable Water 45.71336, -121.51970

Campsite & ablutions are clean. Hot showers. Grass is green. Attie the Manager friendly & helpful.

Ice, wood & limited WiFi available. 220V supply available on site.

We paid R150 pppn.

Brandkaros resort -28.47871, 16.68450

Bit parking lot wird different Levels. Higher Levels very calm. Good to stay overnight. Near to Center. Cost: 10€/24h

Orta San Giulio 45.80150, 8.40787

Easy drive up dump station and water to fill the tanks in the RV or jugs.

Rest Area (West Bound) 43.70921, -98.61489

Closed due to construction so we weren’t able to go

Rest area 43.66594, -97.42144

Nice ocean viewpoint with plenty of parking spaces and several RV/trailer spaces. Signs indicate no overnight stays (although, loosely enforced).

Winema Wayfinding Point 45.14172, -123.96971

short distance off AK Highway on east side of road. Above road but near. Quiet during night. Gravel one lane. No trailer turn around.

a place in the woods 55.47866, -128.24618

as described but not buggy this late in the year

Fraser river lookout 52.40250, -122.38726

wanted $20 a night per rig, but that includes use of showers, jacuzzi, pool in main lodge.

Indianhead ski resort 46.49925, -89.97167

beautiful spot, easy to drive right to the water, but we didn't spend the night here.once the sun was down, the amount of bugs were unbelievable, they were everywhere, never saw anything like that, the buzz in the air was overwhelming, we had to go somewhere else to sleep.

Lincoln Point Parking 40.11637, -111.77343

Easy to find, clean water separate from the dump and rinse water. Filled up before heading back out to boondock!

Signal Mountain Campground/General Store 43.84205, -110.61157

this place is no longer available

n'est plus disponible

Stratera parking 46.04738, -73.11020

10 am, closed, not a living soul in the area

Gas Station at Border 40.58844, 75.40848

The police kicked everyone out at midnight. I was told the park closes at ten. They were nice about it, said it was due to vandalism.

Red Arrow Park 45.08715, -87.58769

Yes propane for RV as well as shown in picture was $1.09

Husky gas 50.03287, -125.26902

Whistle berry market great food supply. Not open on sundays and holidays!

Caribou-Munroes Island Provincial Park 45.56652, -62.77990

Really good spot to sleep in the area, especially if you are a mountain biker! We enjoyed 3 nights there and just jumped on our bikes in the morning to ride a few trails. There’s lot of space, a pit toilet and it’s quiet compared to the other spots closer to town. Really worth the 10min drive from downtown!


Griffith Creek Trailhead Recreation Site 50.95877, -118.23001

really nice spot with good view of the forests, mountains and the Hoh River below. to the right there's a small trail which leads to a small opening with another fire ring. someone put a neon green rope tied to a tree for easier access down to the river. like others mentioned don't park too close to the edge...not stable

Outside National Park 47.80956, -124.08058

We had drinks at the brewery last night and during a casual discussion with the owner we found out that their parking lot and all others that aren’t directly in front of Whole Foods are pretty OK to camp in. Several vans around us last night and at least three stayed all night and had coffee at the little shop the next morning. 5G Verizon, the coffee shop opens at 7 am for a restroom and the brewery closes at 10pm.

Outter Range Brewing Parking Lot 39.58922, -106.09909

The first part isn’t flat so we went down the road. It is bumpy but can be done with a van. We parked on a flat spot close to a trailer that seem to be installed semi-permanently. There was nobody in it. But at 10h pm, just as we were in bed, they arrived and put on some loud dance music. They clearly wanted us to go away. That’s what we did. We had to find an other spot in the dark. It was quite busy for a sunday night.
In the morning we saw a few locals installed there semi-permanently also…
I would say that the spot is great if you can go down the road and do NOT park next to the trailer!

Wooded Area close to trail up in the hills 49.88487, -119.58753

$2 hot shower. The shower operates by using finger pump for pressure. Very clean and well maintained. Showers are inside the campground.

Also, plenty of water hookups and outlets.

City campground 48.19516, -93.80331

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