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this is an area just down the road from the state park. very pretty parking at the end of the road with shady pine trees surrounded by water, and red clay soil. also a boat launch with $5 per day parking. the sheriffs like to drive around this area. l asked one if overnight parking was restricted and he said no. clearly they don't get many car campers here because he thought it was a weird question I think. it's such a rural area with so many accesses to the water, as well as nearby national Forest there's no lack of places to park in the region. I asked him where I could park where the law enforcement wouldn't come check on me or knock on my window, since they love to do that even when it's not illegal to park overnight. he told me probably nobody would bother me if I parked in the little dirt road off to the left side by the industrial area after the boat launch, just before you get to the end of the peninsula. so I did sleep there and nobody came by. although I did wake up to a car infested with ants, and there's a bit of noise coming from whatever the industrial stuff is. all in all a really gorgeous place to park with swimming too. no mosquitoes whatsoever in September 2021. medium cell phone reception, a little difficult to use as a hotspot, but no problems with the internet on phone itself. there may be a sink with drinkable water in the bathroom at the boat launch, i forget, but the toilets are definitely flush.

Modoc- boat launch on peninsula 33.73223, -82.23068
La Vuelta al mundo en N días

No height limit but 1 sharp turn involved. Shaded spots for higher than usual vehicles and open air spots too. Follow the signs to “estacionamiento de superficie”

Tottus Hypermarket at shopping mall -27.36766, -70.33974
La Vuelta al mundo en N días

Water still available and people washing their cars too :)

Jumbo - Easy - Paris Mall Complex -27.38335, -70.31619

Exactly as described. Quiet private spot. A friendly reminder... please take your toilet paper and trash with you.

Small Pull In Near Glacier 48.45255, -114.03436

On Random Island, there is a new Memorial Walking Trail and Picnic Area known as Donna’s Way. A good place to camp and leisure near the pond. There is a 3.9 km walking trail around Long Pond. There are picnic tables, with a large gravel parking.

It is near the road and cars drive by, but between 8:00 pm and 7:00 am it is quiet.

Some locals came at nightfall to pump 600 litres of water from the pond. They told us the water quality was very good because the pond was protected.

Long Pond Memorial Walking Trail & Picnic Area 48.10534, -53.77967

beautyful place next to the river. privat access with a nice walk to a little waterfall. Need 4x4 ! especially when it is wett (humido). Big rigs wont fit, but I guess medium will be all right.
Luis Manuel is a very kind man. He has a small cafetería (streetrestaurant). He intend to put internet in the next month.

Minca, Pozo Azul, Amazilia 11.13959, -74.10704

very nice place for tents.
we did not stay here just put the place in iOverlander

Minca, Pozo Azul, Amazilia 11.13506, -74.10386

Large lot next to the TCH, across from the Splash and Put, just outside the west entrance to Terra Nova National Park.

Nothing fancy and just along the highway so noisy as long as there’s traffic (no better-no worse than the spot across the highway) but no tractor-trailers on this side.

Used by several other RVs as well, likely for the longer stays.

Will do in a pinch.

Parking Lot 48.64063, -53.98373

Called and received confirmation that the dump is operational again. Still $8 if you buy fuel.

Chevron Gas Station 39.32282, -120.22689

had a good night in the parking at the street. very quiet and from here 2,5km walk to pozo azules in the morning.
price as before.

Estadero Mis Ojitos 11.13951, -74.10703

Great place to tent for free close to all the trails in the Catskills. We stayed at site 8 with an ADA compliant picnic table and a fire pit. Portapottie nearby our site. 3 bars ATT

allaben access and primitive camp sites 42.10754, -74.34851

What a great place to wake up! This is what van life is all about! Waking up to the sunrise over Green Bay oh my, it’s a must! Like everyone else said no signs saying you can’t park overnight. We stayed one night with no problems! We were the only ones here all night, arrived about at 10:30 at night.

Red Arrow Park 45.08688, -87.58720
Wendy & Graham

Friendly WalMart. You can park on the far side, adjacent to the golf course, and it is very quiet. We could not pick up a WalMart wifi signal but open sites were picked up from Staples and Freshii.

Walmart Moose Jaw 50.41007, -105.52268

Very nice place. Quiet. Picnic tables. Fire pit.

Thornlea / Colliers Bay 47.60815, -53.72041

You can spend the night here. Really quiet place. It is 100 pppn, including access to the laguna, table and toilet. You can rent a kayak for 150 pesos per hour. Beautiful sunset just for us.

campground Laguna Bonanza 18.58607, -88.44060

Very nice site with a great view on the Marina and the river. All services (3). Electricity 50A, 30A, 15A.
The owner, mister Ratelle, is taking good care of us.

Un très beau site avec une belle vue sur la Marina et le fleuve. Le propriétaire, monsieur Ratelle, prend bien soin de nous.
Tout près du restaurant "La capitenerie".

Camping Cap a l'ours 49.23884, -65.29448

sweet, quiet residential park. flat, dark at night. great to wake up to birds, paved trails, trees and disc golf.

residential park in Mitchell 43.70575, -98.02461

Free water and dump station near entrance.

Oahe rec area 44.43006, -100.40022

This is such a great location! We drove our truck camper right to a sweet spot nestled between some aspen trees and easily leveled our rig. Definitely big rig friendly with lots of space! Highly recommend!

Ashley National Forest 40.71299, -109.47318

A really lovely spot by the river. As you drive down the dirt/gravel road there are a lot of spots to pull into and camp, but the extra drive is worth it for this river-side spot.

My Class B van handled the road fine, there are a few low hanging branches to the left of the fire pit.

Cellular signal was two bars and enough to send emails and such.

Sandilands on the River 49.61633, -95.98256

They made an excelent pizza, in a wood oven (a local recommended us that pizzería). Nice place for eating with family. Good prices too.

Pizzería Lo de Tito -31.71098, -55.98899

A few spots near the ridge. Excellent access, easy road in, including the last leg of the dirt road as you approach this spot (as long as it's not raining) Gorgeous views, and existing handmade fire pits. Verizon signal is excellent even without the booster. No shade, so be prepared.

Canyons of the Ancients National Monument 37.39710, -108.82147

Big sign saying RV dump is open May 1 - October 31, but today (Sept 9 2021) RV dump is closed. Water available and free though.

Free dump and water 43.63089, -113.29329

Excellent, had no issues. Water was hot, shower was clean, and they even had shampoo and conditioner. Some of the hotels rooms don't have bathrooms and therefore they have these communal bathrooms on the 2nd floor to use. The Inn is a must see as well

Old Faithful Inn 44.45999, -110.83147

Beautiful hotel across from Old Faithful Geyser. Coin laundry on the second floor with purchasable laundry detergent. Also has water filling station and garbage/recycling/compost disposal in front lobby.

The Old Faithful Snow Lodge 44.45685, -110.82930

Nice place to stay we stay 5 days and a lot of pull outs . Please take your trachea with you .

Canyon Loop Spur 35.26063, -111.68277
Finca Hostal Bolivar

Hi there, Finca Bolivar here.
since the Pandemia we closed our motorhome parking and we will not offer any parking in the near future.
Thank you for your understanding.
we recommend you to go to "El Mirador" they have a nice parking lot and great views to Santa Marta.
If you are traveling without motorhome, our Guestshouse is still open and we are pleased to welcome you if you are in Minca.
Regards, the Finca Bolivar Team

Finca Hostal Bolivar 11.14278, -74.11345

Small side road off a current forest service road. Blocked a short distance back, so no longer usable for driving. Level enough to sleep in a vehicle but would be awkward for anything but a small tent. Has phone reception.

Forest service side road 53.92570, -123.54915

Très pratique, beaucoup d’espace et autres campeurs calmes et respectueux. On entend en peu la route mais à peine, le bruit de la rivière est très apaisant.

Saint-Urbain 47.57674, -70.55388

comfy rooms
private guarded parking underground nearby

friendly reception

hotel egnatia 39.67012, 20.85800

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