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Estacionamiento al frente de la policia. Lugar tranquilo.

Plaza Sarmiento street parking -37.37490, -70.27696

gates were open. beautiful spot, tucked away off the side of the road. nice long country road to walk your pups down beside the camp spot. Beware of cactus’ in the grassy middle part, tried to throw the ball for our dog there but got pricked a little too often!

Crystal beach 51.70708, -107.62337

small area off the needles overlook road. muted highway traffic noise. Verizon LTE was slow at times but worked. about 21 more miles to the needles overlook, 14 miles to the fork for all the overlooks

Off road 38.17331, -109.39191

Super friendly hosts, fantastic room (probably best in town) and still honours 50% discount for moto travellers. Safe parking, great breakfast... it’s an awesome place to be in Antigua!
Highly recommend!

Casa Elena 14.56306, -90.72587

September '21. No open network found. . . . . . . . . . . .

Free open government WiFi 18.67739, -88.39009

we really enjoyed our time here. only every second campsite is able to be booked at the moment. also just wanted to add that there is a dump station and laundry here as well. its sounds like I'm pointing out the obvious but nobody seems to have mentioned it yet.

Cavendish Campground Prince Edward Island National Park 46.50170, -63.40732

My map said Park City Rest Area. The side parking lot of this gas station had a hand full of us car camping overnight. Right along the highway so constant traffic. I did see a couple RVs parked in the back of the truck parking lot. Showers were $7

Cenex 45.63463, -108.91562

Stayed one night in the back corner. Quiet. One other van stopped (arrived after and left before us). No problems.

Costco parking 49.23657, -124.04334

There is a sign that this sani-dump is closed until further notice.

Morrisburg Canadian Tire 44.89995, -75.18929

A walmart attached to a small indoor/strip mall with a 24/7 planet fitness attached. Strip mall has bathrooms after the planet fitness, Walmart has bathrooms in the back.

I parked along the back row which runs parallel to the mall. There is an area where I saw many other RVs/Vans/Trailers which was labeled as a park n ride but also had a sign stating "no overnight parking" but judging from the 10+ cars that remained there overnight, I'd say anywhere in the lot is a safe bet. @almost.chance

Walmart-Berlin Mall 44.21623, -72.56351

Camp Junik is located at an altitude of 576m above sea level with a magnificent view over the city.
You are welcomed by a small family of parents with two children all talking
German and understand a little English

Junik Camping 42.47341, 20.27219

The camping area out back is now mostly ready. A level gravel area to park with a small ablution block. There is an area under construction with fire pit and table and chairs under shade. We were able to use the washing machine free of charge and the WiFi reaches the campsite. It can get very windy here. The staff are friendly but nobody disturbs you at the campsite. It's a shame the owner only spoke to us briefly as we were paying to leave after 6 nights here. Restaurant food is excellent quality, the tagliatelle with mushroom and sausage is tasty. 55000tsh for 2 people camping. In hindsight, Neemas is 45000 for a double room with breakfast but that's our fault for not researching.

Mama Iringa -7.77143, 35.67708

Campsite for RVs Vans and Tents. Must book using HipCamp app.

Taste of Old Florida 27.16061, -80.41729

Very laid back and trusting atmosphere. Also very motorcycle oriented culture. Not a lot of separation between camping sites.

Toad Rock 49.68646, -116.91515

we spend a few nights here. quiet beautiful place, others campers there as well.

Kaibab National Forest 35.98751, -112.13356

Great place to spend the night on the way to Porto Velho.
Safe, clean bathrooms with plenty of showers.
Only very noisy in the morning because of the trucks.

Posto Miriam II -8.79916, -63.83679
Jamie Z

Good place, though quite far down a narrow gravel road.

I camped here in my tent, but be aware that the ground is covered in gravel. It's great for vanparking.

I was able to scrounge enough wood for a good fire in the evening. In the morning, two groups of ATVs went past, so even though it feels remote, it does appear that it can be a popular spot.

Hyland River 59.98411, -128.17180

Many many RVs here! We stayed here after a late ferry back from the Island, very convenient location for that.

Walmart at Tsawwassen Mills 49.04287, -123.08233

A very large parking place- for RV / Motorhomes - at night very quiet

Parkingplace in Cerler 42.58824, 0.53878

Excelente recepção do frentista Tomás. Aqui você encontra água, banho (tem que abastecer pra ter direito) e segurança, pois tem um posto de apoio da polícia militar de MG.

Station Shell -19.89892, -43.98247

BLM natural area with established camping. Beautiful location in reserve near Sacrament River.

Sacramento River Bend Perry Rifle 40.29399, -122.17848

Beautiful spot with large trees, fire ring, and large circle drive that could accommodate 3-5 rigs depending on size. Next to a small meadow this one is down the road a bit away from the next nearest site. Lots of dispersed sites out on these roads, just find the one that's right for you! CR 527 is quite washboardy coming in but other than that just fine as are all the dirt roads back here.

1 bar LTE on tmobile, 1 bar 4g on verizon both without we boost.

Big Circle 37.23770, -107.55158

Approximately .25 miles south of the Pilar bridge there is a pull out on the east side of road (opposite side of the road from the river) we locals use it for irrigation as well as potable water. THIS WATER IS NOT TESTED FOR DRINKING because it’s not tested at all. It’s much safer than drinking out of the rio grande.

Orillo Verde water pipe 36.33343, -105.74041

Took a while to get there, no cell service and winding off country roads. Beautiful quiet and peaceful location.

Daniel Boone National Forest 36.60146, -84.24827

Large parking behind the Pavillon Agri-sport in Victoriaville. Quite a few RVs parked in the lot for several days. I work nearby and have stayed here with no issues! No signs prohibiting overnight parking. Street lights.

Community centre Parking lot 46.05755, -71.94636

Complete support for the traveler: cold and hot water for drinking; toilets; hot shower; truck parts and accessories store; parking for light/mid vehicles

Posto Aldo -17.92041, -51.69714

Awesome flat spot in the woods !! This place has shade too !!!

Tom's Best Spring Rd. in National Forest 37.72345, -112.25263
Danny Dubois

A brand new place to camp. There have 8 places with electricity, non-potable water and dump with an awesome view on St-Lawrence River. There also have clean toilets, picnic tables and games for kids.

Godbout camp site 49.31103, -67.60364

On the beach at the end of the villages with free water and wi fi. Very quiet for day and night. No restroom. Owner very friendly with simple food.

Rakos Parador -38.89656, -60.34809

Parked NW of this map point on the ocean-facing side of the road. Cop knocked at 1am and said we had to move even though there were no signs prohibiting overnight camping anywhere nearby. Said it wasn't allowed along the oceanside all the way from there to lover's point. We just moved to the other side of the road, and were not hassled again (not sure if overnight parking is allowed on the non-ocean-facing side or if we just got lucky)

Pacific Grove, CA 36.62752, -121.92022

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