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Spent a quiet night except for 15 minutes of squealing tires from some local kids in their cars around midnight. Otherwise a quiet peaceful night. Rec center was closed when we arrived so could not check if it was ok to park. We were the only RV in the lot.

Parking lot of the recreation centre 52.98132, -122.46461

gorgeous, woodsy, quiet and flat. slept so well. make sure you take the trail ro the right of the marked trail to get some edible mushrooms.

Kab-Ash Trail 48.39017, -92.92056

100 Mb down/ 5 MB up internet. Super fast.

Fundy Discovery Center 45.37134, -63.32239

Old paragliding take-off area at 1.625 meters of altitude. The dirt road is uncomplicated but there are sections of loose stones. It is not a very flat area but the vehicle can be leveled well.
The views are spectacular, both day and night.
4G mobile coverage (Vodafone)

Sant Alís/Montsec 42.03991, 0.76666

We were just passing through and wanted to find a spot before dark. Took the 38 up to San Bernardino National Forest and found this very large spot off the highway. It was great. Gorgeous view of the city at sunset. Got windy at night. There were 2 other cars who pulled in after us. Both folks were very friendly. We’re planning on hiking here today and are excited to have stumbled on this place. Full cell reception: I’m on visible which piggybacks off Verizon I think.

Large pull off w amazing view next to highway 38 34.08589, -117.04250

cheap $100 a night hotel allows pets decent area few tent cities around but only in eye shot. stayed here 2 nights super helpful staff. right on the water with beautiful boats.

motel 6 37.78391, -122.24377

clean water, nice place, calm, follow the gravel path and then step down to the river. camping not allowed but there is a parking lot and space. we didnt stay here for the night but i would risk if coming late in.

swim and wash in the river (splitsch splatsch) 45.63406, 11.72452

it has a well and a calm neigborhood. we only refilled water here. minus: plane traffic from verona airport

parking lot next to sport center 45.35538, 10.83251

auto mechanic and 24h winch
fone 555499483648

Auto Mecânica Carula -28.97687, -52.36774

Gravel pull out with beach access. Just south of Myers Viewpoint (which had "no overnight parking" sign). There's another pull out just south of this one. Lots of RVs at both spots. Road noise/headlights but beautiful view. 39ft RV no knocks.

Turnout 42.29795, -124.40877

Rest stop is currently closed — no access

Dump Station South Bound 48.16134, -122.19063

There is a 100m road to 2 gravel parking spots off the road and leading to the sea. Someone from Moncton confirmed it is crown.

The road is quite bumpy and has some deep holes - lopsided at times too. I would recommend 4x4 because you might bottom out your car.

Past the stream is the second gravel parking spot with east access to the beach. Sand and the change of times is incredible!

Waterside beach N 45.62981, -64.81312
Cubby Van Life

Great campground by a lake, 13 miles from Lewistown, MT. 10 spots, spread far apart, beautiful! $10 per night.

Ed McGivern Park 46.98053, -109.28546

Behind the tennis courts on the park loop, there is a spigot to the left of the dumpster. Bring your own hose :)

Bridgeport Free Water 38.25697, -119.22980

Self-service to fill up water containers with treated drinking water. 1,25$ for 3 gall, 2$ for 5gall…Some station take your money without delivering!!

Penticton water depot 49.49911, -119.59878

Dump is free with non-potable water (great pressure). Super easy access at south end of tiny rest stop. There’s a dumpster, too!

18 hour rest area 38.98916, -119.18212

Beautiful spot to rest and watch the Oregon Coast line. Picnic tables and a crude toilet

Lone Ranch picnic area 42.10031, -124.34346

We stayed here two nights in this place. We have baths and wifi. After 10pm no sound in the street.

Place in front of the PUMA gas station -31.40893, -64.47916

Cheapest gaz station in the area! Diesel, unleaded but not propane

Wesco 55.24689, -127.58125

Water still available. Let it run for a minute to flush the pipes and you’re good to go!

I-40 Rest area 35.62823, -88.96751

Peaceful and quiet. Located behind an upscale neighborhood— Google maps takes you through it and instead you must pass it and immediately turn down a short dirt road. A few people fishing and enjoying the pretty walkway around the lake. Ideal!

Williamsville Lake Park 39.95221, -89.52924

The gas station was very much closed but the lot and stress-free sleep remains. Big enough space to stay away from the few semis.

Shell truck stop 41.09522, -88.44409

I got a piece of paper that read “Do Not Tow” when I filled out a form at the visitors center. I doubt the four other rigs in the lot went through that step, but it was a quiet sleep and relatively near the great beaches of Lake Michigan.

Indiana dunes national park visitor center 41.63433, -87.05404

I could not get to this site. There was a gate blocking the road. I saw a notice sign posted but I could not stop to read it. The entrance is not a pull off so if I pulled in I’d have to back up my 19ft van into traffic. Maybe it’s closed for the season?

Out in the Woods 45.39792, -123.80632

Open at 8:30 to 23 hs
Tires fixes. Very good attentions

Gomeria El Tigre -32.95609, -68.85051
Dori & Mena

Windy day at the beach. They have flush toilets and ports potties. Water fountain too. There are garbage and recycling bins. Free wifi and picnic tables. Dogs not allowed but at this time of year, many people are walking their dogs on the beach.

Plage le Rigolet 48.43347, -71.86589

all blocked now with signs all.ober saying no stopping or parking. gotta keep moving on

Brisbane Lagoon Side Pull Off 37.68847, -122.39129

Just a nice rest stop. Bathrooms and water fountains. It’s right on the river. Really pretty. There are no overnight parking signs present.

Tillamook river rest stop 45.39792, -123.80630

Lavandería La Vitelia, lavamos la ropa de tu casa, a minutos del centro de la ciudad de Puerto Varas.
La Vitelia laundry, we wash your clothes at home, minutes from Puerto Varas city center.

LAVANDERIA LA VITELIA -41.30557, -73.01308

Level area just off the roadway that has minimal usage.

Pull off 47.53205, -123.08230

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