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Slept here from 8pm-4:30am. It was fairly loud due to all the diesels running, but I was able to get some sleep. There aren't a lot of places in the area.

301 Plaza Citgo truck stop 39.43824, -75.75240

Selection of savoury or sweet waffles, coffee and tea. It’s a bit pricey, but the price reflects quality.

The Waffle Window 45.51179, -122.62666

Perfectly quiet spot with very well maintained pit-toilets. I actually bumped into the NPS ranger who cleaned and took the trash out, after I woke up in the morning.

Beautiful place to wake up & have a nice morning coffee / breakfast before a walk or bike ride on the canal. Would recommend to anyone staying in the area.

**one thing to note: men’s bathroom did not lock

Rockside boarding area 41.39454, -81.62993

Great place to spend the night. Right in front of Nissan stadium with a great view of downtown Nashville skyline. As others mentioned it is quite loud until midnight-ish (people walking, couples doing couples things and random bro trucks driving by making noise). There is a person(s) living in the bushes by the water so be aware. Also, someone went through our trasharoo only to find trash while we were sleeping. If you have low hanging fruit be aware to lock things up if it’s worth getting stolen.

Nissan Stadium 36.16473, -86.77267

Main Street in Moncton has free WiFi, or at least on this block, under WIFI-MONCTON, no password needed! Not the fastest on the planet but good enough for me to stream video on my phone and have a video call on my laptop with no issue. No need to give your email and no time limit. I work in marketing, lots of calls, emails, web pages, etc and I sat and worked for like 3 hours and it worked great!

Free WiFi 46.08786, -64.78052

Beautiful, serene, quiet and pretty clean as well. First time Boondocking and absolutely loved it would definitely do it again.

Chautauqua Gorge Forest 42.23939, -79.52944

Really well recomended Garage for aTanzanian friend who owns many hotels and Safari cars. Gabriel is extremely competent and professional. We left our Defender here for 4 days and he fixed dozens of things, alternator, start motor, drop arm, engine oil, pipes and many things from the "house" like lockers, cabinets, water sistem. Was tottaly fair price (the total labor for all days was 120 dollars). Gabriel number +255767998557

Famsa Engineering -3.38339, 36.67752

Cienaguillas has free WiFi in different areas of the town

Free WiFi -22.10097, -65.86725

this is a great location for swimming and bathing in a hot tub, taking a hot shower. really clean and nice. the facility seemed fully operational.

Teton Rec Center 43.48191, -110.75947

fully operational now. very nice place for swimming, bathing in a tub, taking a hot shower. 6am-12pm and 2:30pm-4pm are for lap swim.

Teton Rec Center 43.48191, -110.75947

Open for RVs from 17h to 19h during the week, not sure for week-ends.

Dump Station Grimsby 43.19503, -79.53893

Beautiful and quiet, spent a few hours here but did not sleep here. No signs saying you can't.

Nelles Lake Park 43.19823, -79.54258

very beautiful spot with an amazing ocean view, but it's a minefield coming i
n here. Glad I'm driving an Outback.

Port au Choix 50.67190, -57.31860

Might stay here. Roundabout. Dark. Sleep

roundabout on the west end of rest area 38.86019, -98.81705

$28 a night for non Montana residents. Clean campgrounds. We stayed at site 10 in a roof top tent. Had lake access perfect for launching our kayaks. Some sites have electrical hookup. Town is about 15 min away.

Placid lake state park CG 47.11997, -113.50480

We asked a local and he said people parked here all the time, and we should not have any problem. Spent 1 night. here. .

St Martin's Sea Cave 45.35862, -65.52514

spent one night usual noise for a city parking lot. what one would expect.

Walmart 44.89739, -93.07941

Great spot, we were alone at night. Really calm.

Boat Launch - Gravel Area 48.75085, -80.68138

Beautiful camp ground with a little lake next to the river. The medieval town Entrevaux is close by (1.5km).
The place has hot water & showers, very clean toilets incl paper. Cold and warm drinks at a little kiosk. Perfect coffee at low price:-) You can use boats and SUPs on the lake for free. No shop, but you can order fresh bred and croissants for the next day. A supermarket is in 3km on the way to the camp ground. The place is run by a very friendly and helpful family.

Camping Du Brec 43.96175, 6.79860

You park on roadside with view on the fisherman boats, beach at walking distance, very quiet

Ekincik Public Campsite 36.82900, 28.54843

Still open, great spot with Verizon service, but stream restoration in progress so no camping within 30’ of stream. So camp spots are a little moved over from where they were previously right on water. Slightly sloped in some areas but overall really great spot.

West Fork Denny Creek 44.69477, -111.26495

The road to the trailhead was closed to the public.

Trailhead parking 41.31930, -122.30629

Spent the night, no problems. other RVs and trucks.

Walmart Gettysburg 39.84452, -77.20393

** VAN got STUCK $525 to get towed out ** please be careful if you camp here! My toyota sienna mini van got stuck in the sand and the nearest tow is 2hrs away so it was super expensive to get help! Not to
mention there is no cell service so i stood on the side of the road with a sign to wave down help. Local sheriff was super nice and said people get stuck here ALL the time! I would honestly just camp some where else and not risk it!

dunes for days 39.07411, -113.71991

Decent spot I’m a pinch. Not anywhere else close you can stay for free so we stayed. Little harbor town with some restaurants and things. Road noise that dies down after dark. We were in a RRT so very obvious that we were staying and no one bugged us. Actually had some nice chats too. Not the best view overall but did have a nice sunset.

Salmon Creek 38.32221, -123.03647

Park n ride parking lot near the river. Two RVs that look like they don’t move. A few locals stopped by late at night to blast music but nothing after 12. Not a great spot but will do in a pinch

Park n ride 48.47962, -122.24177

one meadow at roadside, one meadow 20 Meter further down to small town

meadow near 10 houses. 46.55045, 22.90026

Like the reviews say, beautiful overlook of the lake, so worth the drive through the mountains. if high schoolers come here to get drunk and hang out, you know it’s gonna be a cool spot to be at. Highly recommend for campers. no one bothered us!

Lake Casitas overlook 34.39312, -119.35419

quiet lot. no camping sign when you drive in is still there and I got a note on my bus in the morning stating I have 24 hours to move or be towed. I think its best to check in with managjj(and I iijiijjjii8i I ii8i8iiiiikkkkkkk8kikikkkik8kkkikij I ķ I>i8ikement before parking here.

Home Depot 42.50038, -70.92137

Passei a noite no local , fora o barulho dos caminhões tudo tranquilo .
Banho com chuveiro quente no valor de R$8,00 local para estacionar e preparar a minha refeição . Estou viajando em um carro comum portanto levo fogareiro mesa e cadeira e durmo dentro do carro.

Posto Amaral -22.99046, -45.47931

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