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this place is not accessible anymore, there is a barrier now

grappa mountain 45.80562, 11.74212

you can park here, quite big parking left hand site. not sure if it is allowed. on the other site in the woods are many tables. many locals around in september at the weekend, some of them camping. no stress at all. also bbq places here.

picknick place in the mountains 45.84007, 11.73916

no more camping only restaurant....... ......

Conca d'Oro 45.78531, 11.73127

There are a couple of different ways to pull into this place, one of them has a “no overnight parking” sign. A little bit off the road, but still seems fairly loud. I’m moving on

big gravel area next to hwy 50.26451, -122.86742

We really enjoyed this spot. Wide open spots next to small lakes that the dogs can play in. Full AT&T service. It was beautiful and warm durning the day, clear and nearly bug free in the evening. Some noise from the highway but it gets quieter in the evening. There are multiple lakes and some more remote spots further back if that’s what you prefer. Fire rings present as well.

North of Radio Tower Road, Clear Air Force Station 64.30589, -149.07477

Nice practical camp, with spacious pitches for campers. Also extra place for tents. Dogs are welcome. Great for climbers. Nearby is tennis court and climbing ferata. Very kind staff and nice bar.

Kamp Tura 45.83186, 13.96980

Just as Glen discribe it. Super endroit avec toilette et place pour vider réservoirs, nous étions seul au monde. Le seul point négatif, le train passe derrière le parc, avis aux sommeils légés.

Dr. Bicum Site Rest area 51.99784, -106.11407

This is a restaurant and bar with extremely good food. There are RVs parked in the back. We asked the owner if we could park our Jeeps with rooftop tents in the parking lot and he said no problem. Free. Bathrooms are available in the bar and the door remains unlocked to them. Showers are $5. Very nice place for anime night stay.

Lone Mountain Station 41.15627, -115.84277

very clean wc open day time with water tap outside

Public WC and water tap -33.67268, -59.66210

public WiFi, average speed as any public Network

Open Network -33.67267, -59.66210

Beautiful meat, good price and very nice guy.

Aire de Campo Butcher's -33.67630, -59.66805

Unfortunately as of now they have added a no camping or overnight parking sign. Still a nice area to check out but can no longer stay here.

Creston Wildlife Conservation Area Parking Lot 49.11803, -116.62723
Wendy & Graham

The parking lot at this WalMart is huge. You can pick your spot. Try to stay away from the noisy roadway. We checked at Customer Services before parking. Wifi OK from St Vital Mall.

WalMart - St Mary's Road 49.83173, -97.10949

Was a perfect spot to stop off for the night. There was another RV when we got there and several cars sleeping over for the night. The lot was pretty well lit.

walmart 44.42067, -70.81226

Just left this area after using the dump. No overnight camping is posted. Dump is open and potable water available. Bathrooms locked. Sept 11, 2021

South Grand Stage Station Roadside Park 45.57911, -103.54639

Fantastic place! A real Oasis👍
Definitely make time for this place, it's a real little gem. 100% recommend. The lodge, bar, restaurant are 1st class. Awesome sparking clean swimming pool overlooking the river and the hot springs are a fantastic treat. The camping area is a beautiful place to camp, right on the river, very clean and tidy and all the facilities great - very safe and secure. We loved our stay here, called in for 1 night and stayed for 2 (we would have stayed longer if we had the time). An awesome place to rest and relax. Big thanks to Mark and all his lovely staff and we will definitely see you again next time. Cheers, us in the big orange truck ;-)

PS. Suitable for big rigs as well

Kapishya Hot Springs -11.16952, 31.60015

Fun and interesting to drive past on our way from the hot springs. Theres an old steam tractor at the road side and we could walk up to the house. Didnt pay to do the tour but it was an interesting sighting and great walking up the old entrance to the house.

Entrance to Shiwa House (Africa house) -11.19887, 31.73813

The ranger was out of maps.
We are south african and paid 25$ pp and 15$ for the car for transit even though a paper on the wall said SADC price is 15$.. when we asked the ranger about this he just said the price is standard 25$
Tip: check the kwacha dollar exchange rate before coming, he had it wrong and we were able to correct the price.

Entrance north Luangwa -11.60444, 32.02585

We drove from the Great north road through to Chifunda camp (which is worth the stay) but the transit definitely wasn’t great. We didnt see a single animal driving through here and paid the ridiculous rates just for transit.
We have been to plenty reserves in Africa and this is probably the most boring one.

It does however provide access to the pontoon and the other side of the river has beautiful reserves such as the Luambe and plenty beautiful local villages to drive through.. that made the price worth it for us

North Luangwa national park -11.85974, 32.43375

A local bar open Tuesday-Sunday from 12 noon to 3 am, run by a super friendly, welcoming couple who is more than happy to have people park overnight in the (flat) parking lot. Food served all day (also for takeout). Inexpensive drinks… so start a bar tab and enjoy the night. Quiet all night except for when the bar let out, but the noise lasted less than 5 minutes. Will be returning.

Moose head lounge 48.99452, -54.87825

Cool spot right off the road. Some road traffic, but not had at all. Has a fire pit and nice little stream for the dogs.

Site #17 ANF 41.77909, -78.95259

Great pullout off a road that is not busy — lots of privacy and beautiful scenery. Close to Stinson beach and Bolinas. Great hikes nearby are Alamere Falls and the Dipsea/Pantoll/Matt Davis trail

Pullout next to redwoods 37.94297, -122.68014

Here we are at the Gander Lake. It is 56 km long and several kilometers at its maximum width and is 274 meters deep.
We settle for the very beautiful little bay on the right.
Falling asleep to the sound of the waves is true happiness!

Little Harbour 48.94199, -54.72436

Gorgeous area! I just called the number provided, and they said I was good to go. The woman said there's another park about 20mins away called Rush River and one more called Clear Lake about an hour away. Lots of mosquitoes as previously mentioned, but beautiful area!

High Island Park 44.57866, -93.96126

Nous sommes en tente et l’emplacement (site 133) était parfait pour nous. Par contre plusieurs autres sites sont vraiment à découvert et vue de tous. 28$ avec un fire pit.

Broad Cove Campground 46.71123, -60.35597

Take caution - Large parking lot as described by others. When I pulled in there was one other van in the lot. It was around dusk. I must have fallen asleep around 9 and was awakened by pounding on the door at 10. Turned out to be the police. The officer said that he wasn’t kicking me out, but told me to be sure to keep my doors locked, as it was a known drug area. The officer got called away to something else. For my own peace of mind, I left and went to the Cabela’s a couple miles down the street.
(The other van was gone- not sure if they were approached by the officer or if they left before.)

State Game Lands 110 40.55187, -76.05464

Look for a solid metal gate and ring the bell. They will come to open a drive in gate for you. Charged $500 pesos per night. It was clean and flat, WiFi was decent the first night, and the pool was refreshing. The second day they had a child’s birthday party so we were not able to use the pool and the WiFi was slow. Women’s showers only 1 or the 3 worked. Washer $25 and dryer $35 pesos per load, but the dryer never heated up so we had to hang out clothes inside the van to dry.

San Fernando RV Park 23.25941, -106.45914

Nearly dry in September. Sign as you come in says private land open to the public courtesy of Baker Ranch Inc. Camping fair game!

Silver Creek Res 39.09919, -114.15146

The last 500 meters up there are quite steep, but the road becomes paved with irregular cobblestones. We finally made up there with slight difficulty with our sprinter 415 charged with ~3ton (rear axe drive). Going up there may be hard for larger vehicles, I'd recommend to use lower drives from the gate already. Once up there, the view is magnificent and you can see all the cities around (towards Porto Alegre). There is free wifi, electricity and water available (thanks to the public area). Contact is with Mr. Amaral (the person designed by the Rolante's municipality to handle the place since September 2021). You can spend many nights there for free in the designted areas. I would recommend to contact Mr. Amaral (WhatsApp +55 51 9623-4751) if you are subject to arrive there after 6PM or during the week since he might be absent for short periods of time (as he told me).

Morro Grande -29.58955, -50.53056

Not quite exactly hot showers but there is a place on the river in which the hot springs come together with the Snake River which allows one to soak in comfort. Next best thing to a hot shower. Highly recommend. Free no admission

Sunbeam hot springs 44.26760, -114.74916

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