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Não recomendo, muito barulho dos carros. E ainda bateram no meu motorhome e fugiram. Graças a Deus não estragou nada. Jovens vem com o som alto e ficam bebendo a madrugada toda

Waterfront Parking -53.16069, -70.88848

It's just a small paradise up here and it's hard to leave again. We spent 6 awesome days here.
The ranch is so nice inbetween trees, has an gorgeous garden to use while you are there and you can buy mangos from the trees of the ranch (you have to try these!!!) and drinks like beer,coke, choclatemilks...
The growing fruits & vegetables are free to use and enjoy.
Clarens&Isabella are so lovely hosts! Thanks for this great place you are sharing with us travellers.
Highly recommendand!! Give them a short information when you are coming, because they are well known by travellers already and so they can plan better (contact infos on google).

Rancho San Dionisio 23.55867, -109.86533

Guyana. We were allowed to stop our car with rooftent just in front of a cabin and camp.
Also allowed to use toilet and bath without any cost.
The staff was gentle and warned us not to swim in the river because of caymans.

Kurupikari - Iwokrama River Lodge 4.67104, -58.68487

Great spot! We also camped here with no problems. Windy!

Chulpa Pukara (polycromas) -18.62305, -68.96419
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Ordered take away after shopping at nearby supermarket. Good value. Good sushi. Nothing amazing. But a nice change.

Sushi Santo -51.62070, -69.22284

$2500 pesos per person in the camping
3 shops warehouses inside the camping, 2 by the lake, in 1 of them you can buy tortas fritas for breakfast. And the 3rd one inside the cabañas lot, that is the best one

SPA: $2500 pesos por persona, lo mismo que el otro camping, compren en la proveeduria que esta adentro de las cabañas, las otras 2 que estan mas cerca del lago son mas caras.

Camping Lolen -40.17471, -71.40395

We paid 3000 pesos for a night with a motorhome. We don’t felt very comfortable at a strange place close to the entrance. But there were some clean toilets.

Camping Pescazaike -51.62526, -69.61612

We couldn't find this office. I think that's easier to do it online. Look for for example.

Insurance for Chile -18.30197, -70.31520

Got Gabon Tourist Visa in a hour. Need passport, 2 passport photos, Visa application. Asked if have flight and hotel reserved but did not ask a copy. 3 categories tourist visa by staying length cost different, check the attached pic. Visa fee can be paid by XAF, EUR and USD.

Gabon Embassy 0.39751, 9.44646

Stayed here two times, nice place with pool, kitchen, bathrooms, all at european level. Paid 5000 pppn. The owners are a German/ Costarica couple. Stefany is very friendly and helpful. She can reserve any tour you wish to make out of Sierpe, she will even bring you to the starting point of the tour. We made the Corcovado tour, expensive but worth the money.

Hotel Cocodrilo 8.86876, -83.47108

All as described. we stay two night. pay R$ 40 pp.

Pousada do Peralta -21.11817, -56.50072

Lugar excelente para ficar! luz e água gratuitos, bem tranquilo e lindo! passamos a noite lá e foi muito agradável! recomendo demais!

Parque Malwee -26.55568, -49.13272

Super clean, heated bathrooms with no trashcans. Electricity on sites in B loop.

Watchman campground 37.19681, -112.98873

Only available for tents! It says in the climbing guide that it is forbidden for vehicles and there are rocks placed on the road to prevent access.

camping of the valle de los Cóndores climbing spot -35.96870, -70.56525

We stayed there for a night but left because of a lot sandflies .. If you have a big Van and can stay inside, its very nice - you have hot showers and toilets for a reasonable price ..

Old Belize Marina / Cucumber Beach 16.99320, -89.72024

tienda western union 9-13h/ 16h30-20h30 queue when we arrived at 10h30, slow

pago facil Westrn Union -24.18678, -65.31469

we will stay 2 days and price is 4400. 1000/day/motorhome, 600/pers/day

Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena -24.81287, -65.41924

museum of the mine
guided tour en spanish
very interessant, they show you inside the mine with explanations on how it works, now and before.
they have a facebook page
it's open from 7am to 1pm

museo minero -51.53754, -72.27369

it's a small brewery with artesanal beer
Maximilian is really friendly and can explain everything on the process of fabrication .
the beers are really nice !
Should be open from 20h to 00h00.
If you want to be sure you can ask him at this number: +54 9 2902 402581

Cervezeria Pionera -51.53782, -72.34366

mostly flat esplanade, used during the day by a driving school to learn to park trucks. Quiet at night, distant road noise but not much traffic. ok for a night out

flat ground 12.86900, -12.35175

ótima estrutura e preço diesel muito bom ($178, ARG litro). ducha, Internet, estacionamento amplo... ótima parada.

YPF Eloy Guerrero -33.12918, -68.31966

We stayed here few nights. Previous description is actual except for the price that now is 15 bz dollars with bathroom in a cabin. Since they are getting more and more camping travelers they are considering to build a specific bathroom area. Be aware that as you get close to the village the dirty road is very bumpy and muddy with heavy rains. There were works on going so maybe they were fixing it.

Beck’s Bed & Breakfast 17.77190, -88.54530



Street Parking. Ruta 40 -40.16142, -71.35755

site perfect for camping, or moto adventure, information
71089683 WhatsApp

Camping & Hospedaje La Bolivianita -18.18530, -63.73632

diesel is available here. not lot of petrol station around

near Badr 23.73695, 38.75245

diesel is available here. not lot of petrol station around

near Badr 23.73695, 38.75245

Very unfriendly police, looking for something to make money.

Pass and carnets and insurance check -2.92734, 11.89831

Very windy and far from the sea, no whales this time of year. From here we drove 2 km down to the little beach at Punta Choros, which is a great spot to swim, look at the birds and seals and just relax. One of the best spots we had on the coast of north Chile.

Punta Angamos -23.02783, -70.50911

very nice, quiet and relaxing campsite at the river. hot shower and free wifi at the evening. the staff made a campfire for the guests. paid 76 000 for two.

Bullbush River Camp -0.59865, 29.73450

So so pretty but like everyone mentioned, so full of trash. I made it there fine in a 2WD van, just had to drive slow. I pulled into a spot when the road started to get super bad but it was still past most of the campers. There are def people living there but I’m a solo female traveler and felt very safe here. Will definitely come back!!

Table Mesa Road - Multiple spots 33.98820, -112.17044

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