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Great food and service. Lovely place to sit. We were having a moment of finding West Africa hard work and then had lunch here and everything was good again!! Really welcoming and reasonable price - French.

Chez Fanny 6.89213, 0.64070

Great spot. See Tmobile signal I got was 2 4G bars and 1 5G bar but nice views..closer and more mountains than La Posa Quartzsite..a reservoir

Imperial Dam- South Mesa, LTVA 32.89950, -114.50721

Fairly quiet night, traffic early in the morning. The parking lot is very small, room for 2 or 3 RVs, we were alone. Free toilets, closed at night.

Pemex 20.99422, -87.18725

Open, we fill our bottles 9L 15 pesos.......

Agua Pura 20.88223, -87.52837

Not free, 10 $ /h
Small parking, lots of cars, not easy to drive here!

Estacionamiento público a metros del zócalo 20.69076, -88.20135

lugar calmo, bastante areia, assista no video....

Camp by the Jetty -26.21862, -48.66797

We are on our way from Uganda to South Africa.

We paid Tshs 30,000 for the two of us. The rooms are okay. It could be a bad coincidence but there was a lot of noise from the TV in the main reception area.

You will occasionally hear heavy sounds of Boda Bodas (motorcycle taxis) from the roadside but gets quiet a little later into the night.

They let us park our car inside the gate without any charge. The parking area is well lit, and we felt safe to leave most of our Overland belongings there except the most valuable ofcourse.

Food: There is very little on the menu. We had chicken, rice and some bits of plantain. Tea (black)- Tshs. 1,000. Water (big bottle)- Tshs.1000.

Starlight Hotel -1.00223, 31.41598

Posto muy completo. Mucho movimiento. Ducha R$8 para 6 min.

Petrobras gas station -14.76659, -40.70692

Very nice mountain bike trails !
Loved it.

Mc Kenzie Ranch Mountain Bike Parking Lot 32.02260, -110.56980

ATM Dollars only at Mail Boxes guy says it's almost 10 percent charge

Mail Boxes 23.68657, -109.69796

Good level spot next to the road in between trees and with grass (= not to many dust). We didn’t dare to drive to the other spots because the road was not so great. But you can get to this spot with any car. Lovely view on the volcano.

View on villarrica volcano -39.35219, -71.97755

To clarify the last message, this beach is private property and the community and visitors are allowed to use it. They now do not allow overnight camping and this will be enforced by the community. The police technically have no say as the property is private. So the community has come together to make signs and advise all residents and visitors that it is now day use only. Removing signs on private property is illegal however and the police will get involved in that. As a visitor you need to respect community guidelines so everyone can enjoy it or you risk getting this beautiful beach closed permanently by the owners.

La Pastora 23.48670, -110.27275

I wanted to take the road from Foumban to Mount Oku. There are rebels in this area at the moment (06.01.23) and both roads I tried I spoke to people on the checkpoints who told me I could go but they can’t guarantee any safety. The rebels also blocked one road so only the one from Ngwenfon to Babessi is drivable but even there they told me to not continue because they dont know for sure if you dont fall into the arms of the gang. They have kidnapped and killed people before. Dont want to scare you but thats the stuff they told me

Dont drive up this road! Danger of rebels 5.92760, 10.65790
Oscar Todos Santos

Hello Oscar Moreno here from Todos Santos.
There seems to be som confusion regarding over night staying at La Pastora. I have been tasked with communicating to all the campers that over night use will no longer be tolerated at La Pastora. This is a community decision and I’m not going to go into why this decision has been made. Most are quite apparent. I am not acting alone but am representing my community. You are visitors in someone’s home please respect our decision. All are welcome to use it during the day but over night use will not be tolerated. Our community has the support of the local, state and federal authorities regarding this matter.
Have a wonderful day and I hope you all continue to enjoy the unspoiled beauty that Baja has to offer.

La Pastora 23.48670, -110.27275

had a clutch change done here very reasonable prices decent mechanics

oficina de Marco -25.50616, -54.58454

very easy to get drinkable water.

Good to park for any size of rig

automat changes bills

need your own garafon

price 20 ltr. 10 mex peso
5 ltr. 5mex. peso

Agua 20.52333, -87.19159

Nice place
Wi-Fi fast
Clean room
Air conditioning
Safe parking
Breakfast included
Good price 824,60 NAD

Uhland Hotel -22.55600, 17.08707

$300 pesos for a night, no services, but a good location for exploring the area. We'll report on food after lunch!

Restaurant La Selva 18.54120, -89.92336

The girl wanted 7/L at first - because it’s almost 9 for foreigners. Negotiated it down to 6 for 71 liters diesel

Ocotavi -17.66625, -67.04666
Apenas por Aí

Lino e equipe foram dedicados para soldar uma peça da suspensão do nosso caminhão em plena sexta-feira à tarde.
primeira travessa na rua de terra ao lado de uma sucata bem grande.

Lino and staff were dedicated to welding a piece of the suspension of our truck in the middle of Friday afternoon. first lane on the dirt street next to a very large scrap.

Lino Soldas em Jacobina BA -11.17964, -40.53848
Nick Fisher

Still boarded up as of now. There’s plenty of other options near by though.

Cocoleoco | Conception Bamba 16.01404, -95.40573

The price has changed.
1000 pesos pp and 400 pesos for the van. We payed at the front gate and get a ticket.

Camping Luz y Fuerza -26.08007, -65.97696
Kimball Stone

Was able to access it in my lifted, super high roof, Sprinter 170 extended (in total about 25' long).
Someone previously mentioned a palapa structure blocking access for high vehicles. This was not present during my visit.
Paid $135mxn for somewhere around 100 liters. Vendor offered me a hose, but it didn't want to thread into my receptacle, so we switched to mine with no issues.

Slow fill, though. Took like 20 minutes.

Aqua Purificada La Misión 26.89070, -111.98415

Excellent tour with wine degustation, ride to the hill with a small cable car, insight to Mapuche and Aymara culture and impressive collection of meteorits.
Delicious chilean wines.

Viña Santa Cruz with special attractions -34.70325, -71.56038

The guy in store says they are no longer have water to fill. Maybe worth trying again!

La Mision 28.94712, -113.55939
Kimball Stone

Stayed on a Thursday. Did not experience any noisy fishermen in the morning, but there were a few all night barking dogs nearby, and a good handful of locals cruising by with their music going on towards midnight.
The spot itself is not anything to write home about, but it's nice enough, with a restaurant and a taco stand right here, and it's convenient to town. Overall I am thankful that it's here and that it's free.
Would probably stay again for the convenience of the place, but it's Friday so I'll stay elsewhere that's less apt to be a local party spot.

Playa Mulegé 26.90346, -111.95567

Argentina -> Chile
there was a long line to enter on a Friday noon because of the holidays, 2,5h in total
the Argentinian and Chilean migration are done at the same window by the Chilean employee.
don't forget to cancel your Argentinian Tip, Argentinian aduana didn't have a window in our line so I had to go by foot to another window.
Don't forget to do it because the Chilean aduana didn't care and validated my TIP before I concealed the Argentinian one.

Argentina - Chile (only) Border Crossing -32.84271, -70.11900

saw this place on the way up to our overnight spot and visit to the termas rincon. we didnt sleep here but next to termas el rincón. we did have breakfast at this place.very nice views and clean water from the river

at riverside -39.51836, -71.91379

The best glamping of Mulegé Baja California Sur Mexico

Indie Park Mulege 26.88328, -112.01775

Good food mar y Tierra restaurant in Mulegé, Tacos fish $38 mx, beer $22 mx

Mar y tierra restaurante indie park 26.88325, -112.01778

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