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fresh water coming from a plastic pipe that collects water from a little riverlet, cold and clean

spring -30.23213, -70.03615

Went for a one nighter. Clean sites and very quiet.

S-Tree NF Campground 37.38590, -84.07261

We stayed here 1night, very safe, few bars by the beach nice area! TIM and VIVO working perfectly!

Instagram: viagensdaste

Em frente ao Hotel Icaraí - Letreiro Itaparica -12.88045, -38.68552

Great spot! Grass, space, sheltered from the wind, the river nearby. Perfect ! 4G with entel but no network with Claro.

fishing spot, cross of two rivers -45.80670, -71.92354

When I pulled in there was a bus and RV park in the last row behind starbuck so I parked there but they left shortly after so I wasnt sure but I stay the night no problem. Quiet enough fo walmart😏 but there is a lot of litter everywhere so makes it hard to walk dogs that like to sniff and eat everything. Didn't see any signs for no overnight parking . Decent T Mobile signal.

Walmart lot 28.65120, -81.46849

Really nice and quiet spot with view of the beach and a little bay! I also enjoyed watching people collecting kelp in the early morning. Sleep with the wave sound and stars above you.

Now should be high season but there was no one at night. People left around sunset. Little sound from trucks on Pan but didn't bother me at all.
The friendly lady who works in restaurant said it's safe. A few of them live there. Seems like they get used to have campers.

Not smelly and not much trash. They now have bins for that. Didn't get down to the water though.

Now baño with toilet paper: S/2 (negotiated to S/1)
One bucket for shower: S/10
Half bucket for shower: S/5
Swimming pool: S/6
All clean. I didn't check with other two restaurants, maybe the price differ.

The parking lot is flat for me. Easy access for every kind of vehicles, motors and bicycles.
Little or no signal for Claro. There's a free but tricky wifi. Need a specific spot to connect and stay stable. Seems to be turned off at night

PLAYA PUYENCA ATICO -16.22205, -73.67675

ATM not working the 4th of january but it is inside the pharmacy

Scotiabank ATM -45.57282, -72.07135

A lovely mission that has been well-preserved. We enjoyed some local baked goods sold on the grounds and took advantage of a young man, Luis, who offered to take us to the olive tree. He also helped us find a hiking trail nearby to get an overview of the area.

San Javier (mission/town) 25.86141, -111.54381

Had a great stay here for 3 night. 290 pesos per night with full hookup. Large swimming pools with warm thermal water and fun slides included. 5 mins walking distance to grocerie stores and small reataurant. Full recommendation

Chimulco 20.41128, -103.67029

Ran out of propane near Mulegé, this was the only place we could fill our tank up (attached to van for fridge/stove), asked for the price and was told it was about $12 pesos per litre. Told them we only had $200 pesos in cash, and he filled it up no problem. Quick fill up and didn't have any issues as other users had reported.

Baja Gas Propane 26.01543, -111.35140

Lugar tranquilo, ótima recepção, prestativos e cordiais.

Camping Santa Hilaria -32.74765, -52.65334
sonny jadun

stayed here with friend. Great spot to park and stay here if you are using ferry to mainland. lot of local come here. it can get noisy, please be aware of that. You will have good cell signal. please beware of the tide, it can fluctuate at night. In high rainy season the area can get flooded. prefer parking south of the bridge.

Playa Solitaria 24.24074, -110.31034

No problem 2,55 cm
Safe travels!
^^ ^^ ^^

Road only for small vehicles 20.13453, -87.46431

At night, drive very slowly on the road coming in. As others have shared, there are many deer alongside the road. counted 12 not including the deceased. Safe travels

Fort Lancaster Scenic Overlook Pic Nic Area 30.67797, -101.67283

Great placer to stay overnight with car or motorhome. It has a public bathroom open from 08:00 to 22:00. Very safe place with good policing. We stayed 4 nights with a motorhome van. I imagine that setting up tents is not allowed.

Estacionamento Parque Central -32.87382, -68.84195

This is wrong. The place is much further down the road.
The second pin is only the park entry. The road is still bad. We made it further with our sprinter van. But it was harsh.

Site near FR 42, Pinery Canyon Road. 31.99745, -109.38915

We were looking for wifi to work a little bit. Found the library which was closed but the wifi was accessible.

Public library 31.69653, -109.68794

Stayed one night with no problems, little noisy but no issues

Walmart Supercenter 27.63751, -80.44301

nice camping. paid 10.000 pesos for 2 p with camper. we were the only ones untill late in the afternoon when a family arrived. the showers are cold, toilets are old and not that clean. the views are amazing from the side of the campground. no sound at night.

camping La Junta -38.85865, -71.81292

Stayed here for a night. 200 pesos to sleep in my 4runner. Restaurant looked nice. I went in to get food at 5:30p but the kitchen was closed for the evening. The road noise at night from the semis was a bit loud because the campground is down in a bowl from the highway.

Free wifi, although it worked then didn't.

Buenaventura Resort & Restaurant Bar 26.64306, -111.84417

great stop everyone was helpful and friendly. bathrooms and showers. 30 pessos each to get in. 50 pessos each to stay overnight. Dog got in free

Dunas de Bilbao 25.34858, -104.62547

Did not stay here but they let us fill up with water for $5, which was great as the Chevron no longer offered water fill up. Small store where you pay has salsa, jerky and honey but not much else. Lady inside was very nice and helpful.

Mountain View RV Park 32.33034, -109.50236

Beautiful and quiet place. Great view.
We paid 100.000 COP for a double room. Breakfast included. There’s also a restaurant.
People are very nice. Secure parking.

Finca Hotel Alto Bonito 4.65423, -75.67386

Right next to Pemex and Oxxo kind of hidden beside in the back. 11 litres at $10.14 pesos per litre

Propane (Gas San Rafael) 20.08066, -97.04126

Came here, nice drive up a mountain. Arrived so late they didn’t charge the 70 pesos entry. They ensured to mention we couldn’t sleep there overnight when they saw our RV haha (we did not plan on it). Drive up had some low hanging tree branches FYI. We walked around for 10 mins and left. Very significant place in Mexican history per last users report.

Quiahuiztlan - Zona Arqueologica 19.66968, -96.41526

We were headed further south but there was a traffic jam so this seemed like a good spot to avoid travelling at night. We tucked behind the dunes and underneath the cool bent trees and ended up spending 2 nights here since I got the flu and had to wait it out. Once I finally got to check it out day 3, I was sad to leave. Gorgeous beach! The guy seemed to come by on day 2, originally asked for 50 pesos then bumped up to 100 referencing dos. Not sure if he was speaking about the two of us (since he couldn’t see me and was speaking with my partner), or that we were staying two nights. My partner said he looked a little official with some kind of parks uniform. Either way we don’t mind $5 so we don’t get bothered more. There is a gated community right down the road, so not sure if it’s an unsafe area? There were local families enjoying the beach and palpas, and some guys with firecrackers celebrating something midday… was there Wednesday to Friday. Definitely got busier on Friday. Also some dune buggies on the beach throughout the day.

Trash and toilet paper everywhere. Picked up some to take out.

Playa El Farallon 19.64175, -96.39509

Fomos hoje lá de motorhome e além de ser pago não é permitido pernoitar, fecha as 23h. É preciso baixar o app "Praiou" pra usufruir do parque. Como não podia pernoitar fomos embora.

Balneario at Itaipulake -25.15360, -53.84722

Lugar super tranquilo, passamos 3 noites nesta pracinha sem perturbação alguma. Tem vaga grande para caminhão e van, e vagas para carro. A praia é muito próxima, ao final da rua. Na pracinha tem ponto de água, sinal de 4G não pega bem, mas conseguimos a senha do Restaurante da Luana e consumimos lá também, preço justo e comida deliciosa. Não tem muitos mercadinhos próximo, então vá abastecido 😉

Praia Barra de Jequiá -10.04523, -36.03067

Propane fill. Pay only the amount he fills. Good prices and friendly. Open M-F 8-4:30, S 8-12.

FuelPro 49.92968, -119.38857

I came from Mexico, it was okay to drive.

bad road 18.32336, -88.49363

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