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Jamie Z

Note: this is *not* the Hotel Real Colonial which is across the street which looks more expensive.

I think the official name of this place is Hotel Clasico Colonial, but the sign says "Hotel Colonial."

Budget accomodations!

I booked this place through for US$8. Walk-in price starts at 280 pesos, so you'll want to book this online.

Rooms are small and basic, but clean, and there's hot water, a small desk and chair, and secure parking in the courtyard (large vehicles will not get in).

Wifi is not great, but it works enough to slowly back up photos and videos.

Hotel Colonial 16.25372, -92.13514

Price increased to 250 pp p night. The night we are on the train trip is not charged and we can leave the vehicle in their yard under camera surveillance .

Hotel Villa Mexicana 27.74147, -107.63663

Beautiful and shady place, wide and clean beach, friendly host family. Prices have risen a bit, $7 for fish with rice and salad, beer still $1 :-) The best place we found so far since Panama City. Toilet and shower, clean (as the whole lot seems well-cared for)

Restaurante Brisas del Mar 7.25041, -80.49735

Reasonably priced Laundromat, not 24 hours, open 7am to 9pm every day. Signs in the parking lot clearly state no overnight parking.

Lollies Laundry 38.58966, -121.52594

Fuel and they welcome you to stay overnight, as it is a trucker’s paradise.
No propane.
The Iron Skillet cafe has really good food.
Propane is available across the street.

Petro Travel Center with showers 32.81210, -111.66998

Looks very crowded
Decided just park outside near Starbucks really enjoy the open area also many restaurant around like Taco Bell Burger King
Even talked with a sheriff who came over for a coffee he said shouldn’t be a problem as long as you do not block anything

Happy Time RV Park 38.86420, -121.95210

Got inside and asked the manager
It’s ok to park overnight but have to leave early in the morning

Grants Pass - The Home Depot 42.43746, -123.31572
R.T. Van Go

Earlier descriptions are accurate. Easy access. Room for lots of rigs.

Raptor Lake (Holloman Lake entrance) 32.80922, -106.12232

Location is very wide and offers lot of space for all size of rigs. Toilet and cold showers are very basic, but clean. Price is negotiable, owner asked for 200 pesos, we agreed upon 150 peso/night.

Camping Sindicato de Azucareros 18.69444, -88.38664

We stayed here with our two young boys. It was very nice and simple hostel. Another facility was there with similar aged kids.
No breakfast, decent wifi, close to ATM and restaurants. Big backyard for kids to run. One of the workers spoke decent English. Very nice staff. They did laundry for 3500 per kilo, we thought that was a little expensive. My family is four had a private room for 55.000

13 lunas hostel -41.87109, -73.82638

Vert nice place owned by a lovely family.
Has a pool inside, sofas and hammock.
47 USD included breakfast, free coffee all day long, water filter tank... room with AC + fan, and hot shower.
Very pet friendly. Perfect place to keep bicycles safe.
Well situated to the centre.

Hotel Don Juan 12.43489, -86.88043

Good simple hostel. Nice family running the business. As cyclo-travellers we could park the bikes inside in front of the room. 20 USD a room with private bathroom and a fan.
Pet friendly.

Hotel Jeruzalen 12.26746, -86.56578

Incredible place and easy accessible. Camping isn't a problem as well, but swimming isn't allowed.
The water is so white/blueish, that we think, the sulfur could be a bit too much to swim there.
This place is not for bigger rigs, as turning might be a problem.

Ain Sahban Springs 24.18670, 56.31576

You are allowed to park here, but there was some people with an air horn driving around and they were really annoying. We moved to the welcome center.

Walmart 34.13234, -116.38564
A-Round About

The road from Barsaloi through Suyan to Baragoi Is not considered to be safe at today. before continuing your trip through this road check in with the police. High instability area and 25km of No Mans Land. Beautiful scenery, terrible road

Scenic Route to Baragoi from Maralal 1.09557, 36.70267

Her number is +501 600 45 38
The farm is at the end of the road, after "the pool".

oasis ranch 18.34138, -88.43814

Free potable water on side of building. Threaded faucet without hose. To the left of the air machine. Big rig friendly. Easy in, easy out. The water across the street at Marathon doesn’t work (staff can’t find the key).

Good 2 Go Gas Station 33.11525, -107.29409

Relatively quiet, no more free wifi at blue building.

Pemex/Akron 21.46741, -104.83796

llegamos a la noche y nos quedamos un día y medio: es decir dos noches (nos fuimos a la mañana del segundo día). se puede dormir sin problema dentro del vehículo de hecho saben que los viajeros les encontramos por la app de iOverlander! preguntamos el precio antes de pasar, directamente les dijimos que íbamos a quedarnos un día y medio y nos dijo 25bolivianos. el sitio es seguro y perfecto para recorrer el centro, está a menos de 5 minutos de la plaza principal. hay baños pero mejor no contar con ellos...son del auténtico terror...

Calle Lanza parking lot -19.59177, -65.75362

Works fine, only the nozzle isn’t there anymore

Water filling station 27.16909, 37.03444

Very nice family owned camp ground. For Maybe 15 campers. Friendly owner offered us delicate dates.
Just 2 Shower and 2 Toilets. 1 is a Turkish Toilet.
Close to the road on the way to Merzouga. Very quite. Beautiful surrounded by palm trees.
We paid 100 MAD 2 p 1 Van

Camping Tissirt 31.78458, -4.23224

Nice little place. Clean room with squat toilet and bucket shower but running water, double bed is fairly comfy. 10k for the night.

DJM lodge -7.59204, 31.26918

Absolutely stunning views here and plenty of spaces to choose your own spot. With some luck you will be high above the clouds and have beautiful views over the surrounding mountains. However: at 19.45 police stopped by and told us it is now forbidden to camp/sleep in our van here. Friendly guys, but negotiations were not possible.

Parking at 2900m 18.21875, 42.39673

Great place to camp while visiting Futaleufú. Basic small campsite with clean bathrooms and showers. The ground is a little bumpy, so it was a little difficult to find a good place for our tent, but not terrible. It’s only a short walk into town for groceries or rafting companies. We felt comfortable leaving our tent and our car here while we left for our kayak/rafting tours.
Also, they have wifi now! It seems to cover the entire camping area. Just ask for the password.
8,000 clp pp/pn, and they accept credit cards.

Amigo Patagon -43.18271, -71.86667

Nice garage run by Yoann and his father. Established here since more than 40 years.

We didn't do mechanics there (because we do everything by ourselves) BUT Yoann allowed us to use some of their tools for our own parts repair !

He was really helpful for many things (he helped us to sell our old - but still in good shape - tires) and gave us différents good contacts.

They can take care of all type of vehicles, and they have space ;)

Papi Garage 5.28193, -3.97528

Nice quiet spot (no cars because the road ends here) near a picknick area. Indeed not for big rigs. No facilities.

Wild camp by the river -34.59099, -59.18250

Safe place to sleep during a trip
No amenities .
Gas station has bathrooms

Posto Ipiranga -21.71705, -45.26274

It looks really nice and interesting, but we decided to leave, because we found the place overpriced. We arrived around 5pm, and the lady told us it was too late for any tour (they have 3 tours, 17 usd per people with no guide, or 27 usd per people with a guide). She proposed we sleep here in our campervan, for 12 usd per person (6 usd for kids). We are 5, and only one of the children was considered as kid. Total for one night and one tour would have been 139 usd. We found it to high, even if the fruits looks very appealing!

Happy Fruit Finca Agro Ecologica -3.56946, -80.04008

Well developed and very tidy and calm area. Toilet and fresh water is near.

Almenyal Beach Park 24.26243, 56.82188

Quiet nights stay, steps from the beach, felt secure + locals were nice. Easy to park our truck/camper, walked the beach with the dogs + enjoyed a good nights rest. No cost to park ~ bathrooms would likely cost you some pesos but we had our own.

Maracaibo Beach Parking 20.21467, -96.76129

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