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This place is permanently closed.

Posto Shell -8.74312, -63.87872

I wasn't able to find this place.

Vinoy Park - parking 27.49674, -82.50161

passamos duas noites em nossa Doblo, vi que no estacionamento possuía ponto de energia e banheiro mediante a taxa ,5$ para utilizar, porém não utilizamos para saber se estava limpo, nós sentimos seguros e por ser um período de férias havia muito movimento e outros veículos motorhome no local.

Municipal Parking - Arraial d’Ajuda -16.48862, -39.07547

Camping muito bem localizado e familiar. Pagamos em 04/01/2023 - 1.500 por pessoa e 1.000 o carro por dia (não foi cobrado a barraca). No terceiro dia o carro não paga.
Água quente 24h. Wifi não funciona. Banheiros devem ser melhorados, pois havia apenas 2 sanitários disponíveis (tanto no feminino quanto no masculino).

Camping Amsa -50.33958, -72.25833

Really beautiful campsite. Everything's new with clean toilets, showers, dishwashing facilities, firewood place and even lockers. Price is 15 dollar per tent/RTT. You can only camp here when you have a negative covid rapid test and when you've paid the entrance fee for the park (which is sadly since the beginning of 2023 100 dollars, this includes a nature walk, excluding guide (15/25 half/full day).

Uwinka Campsite -2.47804, 29.19963

Lot of hippies around on a Thursday night. Hard 2 sleep. Hot showers. Camp sites not level. Water spigots at most sites. Not a bad spot but not great. Just more noisy than most state parks due to proximity to city.

Emma Long Metropolitan Park, Austin 30.32942, -97.84122
Pedal Eat Enjoy Repeat

This place is permanently closed.

Road construction road blocked from 1 pm to 5 pm -47.25598, -72.57074

door closed, noone there.

Camping El Establo -29.32775, -68.21953

at the coordinates there is a house, but noone there...

LA Cuesta Hostal & Camping -29.31867, -67.58752

This place is permanently closed.

Showers at coyote corner 34.13431, -116.31492

This is a really nice spot to stay when you’re visiting YT. No water, flushing toilets or cell so be prepared.

Belle campground In Joshua Tree 34.00196, -116.01797

Very nice staff inside, was able to take a shower here. We saw 5+ other vans here and we felt safe staying in the parking lot. Not too noisy either

Planet Fitness 26.33003, -81.76089
A sudden leap into boondocking

A very quiet walmart that allows overnight parking. Alot of left, right, left, right turns coming from the north to get here but should be no problem for any vehicles. thinking there must be a more direct route though. navigation took us through a historic business area and i could see it being a bit of trouble during more congested hours. thankful for another Tennessee walmart though.

Walmart 36.06121, -87.38088

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 33.49973, -115.86245

Pullouts along road 33.49973, -115.86245

Still operational.
Never stayed, but it is still there.
Tgere is also a free , small, campground in the town of Hillsboro close by.

Kingston Campground , free 32.91840, -107.70154

Small, free (donations) campground run by town.
Only 3 or 3 sites
Potable water
Picnic table, Bbq sites.
Max 3 day stay.

Hillsboro town campground 32.92089, -107.56699

i am excited to see the campground and explore the area !!!

Indian Island Campground 40.92753, -72.63226
F. Bettencourt

I am Ranger Bettencourt with California State Parks. Rangers, Highway Patrolmen, and Sheriff’s patrol Highway 1 on a daily basis. It is illegal to camp alongside Highway 1 between the Carmel River and the County line at any time per Monterey County Ordinance 14.18.020(a). It is also illegal to camp on state park property outside of a designated campground per California Code of Regulation 4451(a). If contacted at this location, you are subject citation.

Big Sur pull out 36.23876, -121.77267

Locals said me, this side of street has unlimited parking time. other side of street has paying parking lot :-) take a look on pictures to know which side I mean. Near to paying parking lot you have cold showers and bathrooms. directly on Clarke's Beach, a beautiful place. I got a place on street after 10 Minutes waiting

unlimited parking on street side near to beach -28.64318, 153.62535

Chatted to Walmart Security and they said it best to park by Planet fitness.

street parking in Henderson near park 36.03400, -114.97133

A nice place to stay for one night on a edge with a great view over a wide, colourful valley/wadi. There are possibilities to stand, closer or farer from the edge. Only ~300m from the street, the way leads across an area with hard sand and small rocks. 4x4 might be easier, but not nessesary.

On a plateau 18.10312, 56.34593

the advantage is the good location within the city. But its very noisy. you will park directly close to a big street eith a lot of traffic. in the night the street gettin more quiete, but there is also a railroad and every 20 minutes cross a train while its horns loudly. for us it was a really bad place.

Hotel Ghoomar Camping 26.29016, 73.03385

Beautiful place with 270 views across the valley. I didnt have the stomach for the final steep ascent, so I parked on the hill where the two access tracks meet. One is from the east, from the church, and the other from the south. The latter is a little better.

Mountain wild camp -34.02509, 19.53242

Coming down Katbakkies pass I noticed the spot before the last corner prior to Tankwa Karoo. Lots of trees and shelter from the wind behind the mountain. Sadly previous visitors left a mess, but still a quiet easily accessible wild campsite

The Spot -32.88186, 19.73815

On our way from Nairobi through Uganda to Southern Africa. The Mutukula border is a One stop. There is a Forex Bureau on the left entrance of the Tanzania Immigration Building- NMB. It has one counter which is also a payment counter for truck drivers. So, be ready to hang onto some patience.

Mutukula Border OSBP -1.00176, 31.41596

rest area on highway, nothing else, bathrooms, in the day, coffee shop

rest area, no camping, but overnight staying -28.49186, 153.52306

Breede Otter Camping

+27 64 616 9159
+27 82 773 9956
[email protected]

This was a great find next to the river. R150p/pn. There are 3 camping areas:
Main Camp - 20 stands (Hoofkamp)
Kolgans - 39 stands
Bush camp- 5 stands (boskamp)

They are all about 13 x 15 m

We stayed in the bush camping section - number 5 where there is no electricity and we got a spot on the river and it was nice and private. The main camping area and Kolgans has electricity. The ablution facilities are fantastic. There is a small kiosk where you can buy ice, wood etc.
Note that there is a code needed to enter the camping area - the owner will provide this upon arrival. There is also not clear signage at the turnoff next to the road (very small sign)

Breede Otter -33.78083, 19.58639

free cold showers, portable water, bathrooms, free parking unlimited, no camping

free cold showers on budds beach -27.99404, 153.42415

cold showers, we'll maintained bathrooms, beautiful beach, middle in city, unbelievable opportunity for overnight staying. I didn't find a sign about parking limitation

Directly on budds Beach -27.99413, 153.42413

If we had to be really picky about something to improve it would maybe be that the pool was murky (but clean) and ablutions are a little run down, although they were still very clean with hot water, great pressure, flushing loos and toilet paper so that's really being fussy! This place is exactly as described below, just amazing and we could've easily stayed longer. The setting is amazing right on the most beautiful quiet and peaceful beach. Electricity, braai stands, wood, taps and lovely shady grassy areas. Free wifi in the bar and free kayaks (although there's been a croc around so no swimming in the lake!) and pool. Bar and restaurant are lovely and yes some meals aren't the cheapest but a lot of them are super reasonable, as are the drinks. Trish and Dan are so lovely and helpful, they treat every one of their guests like VIPs and all the staff around the lodge/camp do the same - all remember you by name and will do anything to help. Best service we've had so far on our trip as campers. Trish and Dan picked some vegetables up from the market for us on their supply run and we got a huge bag for 4500mk, so great! Laundry service 5000mk for a huge bag.
John at the beach sells very reasonably priced curios and is refreshing to Chat to, he's the only one allowed to sell there and no hassling at all - he even took us into the local town to the ATM and got us local prices for a few things at the market. Lovely guy, also does tours around the area or hikes etc.
$10pppn , highly recommend.

Ngala Beach Lodge -12.35745, 34.06593

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