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In Namibia we already heard speaking about this place. Great service and Perfect place for land rover owners.

Lowveld Landy Services -25.45397, 30.96027

Posto de bandeira BR, onde abasteci com gasolina aditivada, porém estava adulterado.

BR - Posto de Serviço Popular -23.62008, -46.64022

the whole street is full of repairshops, i used the garage with the 3333-red publicity-sign. They did perfect job in 24h from a collision with a truck i had in india, at the fraction of the money they would have done it in europe !! No english spoken !!

body-work and painting 11.57016, 104.91760

Campground is a field where you can park. It was busy and cars and tents are fairly close to each other. The washrooms were terrible and smelly. We couldn't leave this one quick enough, the next morning.

Congos Hostel & Camping, Playa Hermosa 10.57580, -85.67654

Interesting place to see. Come here in the morning to see the the dealing and loading & unloading of the camels. In the afternoon it’s calmer here.
There are also goats, sheep and some cows.

Al Ain camel souq 24.16259, 55.81542

Great safe spot in town, we walked to united center and came back to sleep there !

unrestricted street parking 41.87736, -87.66173

Safe place, and silent at night. In the morning, the bustle of the city begins with a lot of noise from the gendarmeria at the end of the street. But still, a good place to stay in Uyuni.
We left the car here, and went shopping at the Municipal Market, without difficulty.

Lugar seguro, e silencioso à noite. Pela manhã, começa a agitação da cidade é bastante barulho do quartel no final da rua. Mas ainda assim, um bom lugar para ficar em Uyuni. Deixamos o carro aqui, e fomos no Mercado Municipal fazer compras, sem dificuldade.

Outside Tonito Hotel, Uyuni -20.46520, -66.82488

Impressive waterfalls. We were able to camp for free right at the mouth of the waterfall. Also swimming possibility here. Camisola, the police officer, has been very helpful and made it his personal mission to keep everyone away from us. Not necessary but very friendly.

Road to here is a beautiful ride to see the more remote areas of Angola. Maybe difficult in rainy season though. Till Kuito the road is good. From Kuito to Cuemba is 4 hour drive. Ask in Cuanza village which road to take (depends on the rain which one is better).

Cuemba waterfalls -12.15770, 18.09737

Fim de tarde lindo na lagoa. Piscina bastante atrativa para crianças, mas nem chegamos a usar pois estávamos apenas de passagem (me pareceu que é paga a parte). Capriche no repelente ao anoitecer! Estrutura de banheiro bem precária, principalmente para tomar banho.

Camping Curuzú Jaime, Ramada Paso, Corrientes, Argentina -27.36301, -58.29531

Same day service, friendly, reasonable prices.

Lavanderia Meraz 17.99522, -92.92503

This is a service road entrance. You might be able to get away with it but you were taking your chances. Parking overnight at a non-designated camp spot is illegal in a national park

Paint Gap Pullout 29.38027, -103.29476
Afro Beach Eco Resort

Large green plot right on a big clean beach. Partly shaded by trees. Showers and toilets are available.
Next door is a small eco hotel and a beach restaurant

Afro Beach Eco Resort 4.82748, -1.90770
Avós Viageiros

Camping do Waldomiro em Morro Reuter, as margens de um córrego, com bastante sombra, locais para barraca e motorcasa. Muitas churrasqueiras, pias e banheiros com chuveiro quente. Brinquedos para as crianças e quadra de esportes. Tem um bar e restaurante. Dispõe também de cabanas para alugar. Tem uma trilha muito bonita dentro da propriedade, de fácil acesso. Pagamos R$25,00 por pessoa em janeiro 2023. Temos um vídeo do local no nosso canal do Youtube, Avós Viageiros:

Camping do Waldomiro -29.54540, -51.01215

Can confirm the place is still open, still lots of dogs. Place to sample and buy whiskey also. Unfortunately, we arrived the same time as 3 large tour buses so we decided to carry on, so unsure of current price.

Sled dogs! -54.71872, -68.02619

stayed here one night in the rv parking without issues. fairly quiet and close to the highway

Cabela’s 40.98690, -111.91092

Great place close to the beach, very well maintained, feels like entering another world of zen and relaxation. Lush garden, pool, some cabins, amazing food (didn't get the famous pizza but had bruschetta and real italian coffee for breakfast). Franco wasn't there but his brother Michele is also super welcoming, and let me put my hammock in the backyard without issue for one night. It probably gets busier in the weekends, tho, as does all of Kokrobite.

Kokrobite. Gardens 5.49686, -0.36652

Beautiful place on the top of mountain with a beautiful view 360' around. Place for 4-5 cars. Access only with off-roader.

Ishaia e Pradu 40.25609, 9.42614

We few bikers travelled from dubai to this location in Saudi Arabia , camped here enroute to north of ksa .weather was pleasant , need a 4*4 vehicle if traveling by 4 wheels , we are on adventure motorcycles so made it in the wadi without much stress.would recommend for cars and bikes , reach out if u need more info.

Monkey skull camping site 17.61665, 43.01548

Really nice guys, came here 2 times. The first time for some regular maintenance, and we found some more work that needs to be done. So they ordered the parts and I came back for the last work on the landcruiser. We did all kind of bushes, shock absorbers replacement and an inlet manifold gasket. I would really recommend these guys! Keep up the good work!

DMS4X4 46.77645, 23.60982

So, the deal is: the city is awesome and the place is just perfect, but every year, from early December until January 6th, there are Christmas festivities going on there, making it impossible to stay overnight. You gotta check out the party though, it's totally worth it! Just make sure to stay somewhere else during that time of the year. Have a great trip!
Pessoal, a cidade é linda e o lugar é ótimo, pessoas gentis, preços honestos, muito limpo! Mas todos os anos de 1/12 a 6/1, há uma lindíssima festa natalina. Então, VISITE, vale a pena. Mas não dá para pernoitar nesse período do ano.

Parking lot in the city center -29.58881, -51.08717

Dormimos 3 noches y 4 días! Todo perfecto, nadie nos molestó y dormimos Plácidamente.

Street Parking. Ruta 40 -40.16130, -71.35741

Al lado de la puerta de entrada. En la parte de afuera hay una llave y se puede obtener agua potable!

Terminal -40.16141, -71.35738

quiet park on a river. we parked near the boat ramp for one night and no one bothered us. close to the highway, but not too much road noise

City Landing 33.48018, -80.87358

As described, nice place next to the lake with a fire pit.

In front of the lake -46.93292, -72.78969

Incredibly peaceful spot. Worth the drive.

La Gran Reserva 25.27873, -100.92208

Great spot for fish tacos. Batter was light and airy. Meat tacos had good flavor and the toppings they provide are great as well! Would come back here again!

Mariscos vianey 23.58961, -109.58602

Great laundromat! The owners were very nice, and spoke great English. We had two very large bags and they charged us $300/MXN (plus a duvet cover)

Lavanderia Happy Machine 23.59225, -109.58609

RO Water. No spigot for hose, just jug fill. Cash only.

Tecopa 35.84322, -116.20206

slowest border crossing ever. it took Ecuador 45 min to stamp our passport and 4hrs! for the tip. even though all our papers were in order, we had the Health form ready and copies of everything. Our van wasn't searched. Everything was free.

Parking place to do paperwork for crossing from Ecuador to Colombia 9.22519, -74.35101
Wolfgang Kleinbach

Spent a nice and quiet night at this place.
No game around just a lot a birds in the big bush nearby, where they met for their nights rest.

Beside the Cliffs -20.37802, 13.84252

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