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this is a trail head with tonnes of trails. the main parking lot gets full and people will park along the street or across the street in a small make shift gravel overflow parking lot. we ventured a little further out and camped near the bridge and dried up river bed for the night. Great views of the mountains and sunsets. This is the edge of town so it's just wide openness. Great place to park for a weekend if you want to do a bunch of hikes.

Bursera trail head overflow parking across street 33.30243, -112.10247

We stayed here on a Saturday night and thinking we might stay here for tonight too.
Pulled in about 4pm and have had no one bother us. Beautiful spot in front of the frozen lake!
Only issue was lots of noise from people enjoying their Saturday night, fireworks from one group and then loud music a few hours later from another.
The trains are loud but once you knew that’s what it was it wasn’t an issue!

Kinsmen Beach Invermere 50.49718, -116.02375

In our way from salento to toche we got ourself a Big rainy day. we had to find an emergency spot and the wildcamp next to the river was impossible to use.
In this restaurant there is rooms available. It's not recommanded unless it's an emergency. Small rooms not really clean with really really old bed. The ladies are nice but a bit rough.
Seems like there is a shower and internet but they didnt propose anything.
we payed 15000 COP/pp. probably possible to camp with a tent.
In case of emergency you will find a roof here !

Hostel/restaurant 4.53778, -75.47096

Price 800 pesos/person.
Toilets were clean although rudimentary.
The owners are lovely people and the place is so beautiful.
A must stop if you're going to the Hornocal.

La Carolina -23.20163, -65.34045

this is a gated parking lot near the center of Tequila. we fit through the gate we are 270 (i think it is 280)
they close the gate at 8 p.m. but you can call if you are still walking around in the village and would like to go back to your camper they have toilets, water and we think also electricity but we have not used that. we paid 200 for a day and a night.

parking near center Tequila 20.88376, -103.83929

those tolls in mexico are really out of line with the rest of the country . we have double wheels in the back which makes it even more expensive. we paid 296 pesos .

toll booth 21.12571, -104.46605

Water available, hose is now provided thus you can park and fill easily 👍

Aguirre Spring Campground 32.41063, -106.54824

think this may be closed no one answered

Hotel Casagrande -25.53242, -54.61020

Still possible to camp here. Peaceful spot by the lake. Quiet. Locals visit but not many. There is a restaurant. Site a bit rundown but u can camp just above the lake. Toilets and water available. It was $4 for one person for one night.

lajamaya 13.83475, -89.56648

Dump station available. No potable water.

Louisiana Welcome Center 30.97629, -90.51130

Si estás en Curitiba y quieres desayunar o comer bien y a buen precio, no tienes más que acudir a este restaurante.

Es un restaurante regentado por un unos chinos, donde los salgados que en cualquier sitio están por encima de los seis reales, aquí cuestan tres el más caro y dos y medio el más barato. El café cuesta 1,50 reales y si lo pides con leche, cuesta lo mismo.

Si llega el mediodía y quieres un almuerzo, aquí el almuerzo es buffet, comes lo que quieres por solo nueve reales si eliges pollo, 10 reales si ternera u 11 reales si pescado. Eso sí, no te sirvas demasiado, porque si dejas comida en el plato, te cobrarán dos reales en la cuenta por el desperdicio de la comida. Que ya me parece bien.

Increíbles, precios y buena calidad, para viajeros como yo que quieren comer comida tradicional a precios accesibles.
Ahora, si eres de los que viajan con la cartera abultada y tienes delirio por los restaurantes chic, este no es tu Restaurante ni tu tipo de comida. Vete a comer caviar y pasta italiana al centro de Curitiba por 70 reales el cubierto. Allá tú.

Restaurante dois dragões -25.43277, -49.26805

Decent place for a few days. More of a glamping and backpackers place, but there is room for a couple of rigs a bit away from most of the structures which was nice, and with a great view. We were there in a truck camper and had no issues getting there. Food was a great change from the typical Colombian fare, and Justin and Andrea are good hosts.  We paid 20k pp pn, during high season it goes up to 25k pp pn.

La Pacha Eco-Glamping 6.60088, -73.16887

Large grassy area where you can park, next to fishermen's kiosk. Safety and quiet place. You can get water asking to the fishermen's kiosk. There also a spot with power for free. Coconut and almond trees provide enjoyable shadow. Beach is very calm, warm and no waves, excellent for travelers with children.

Probably you’ll touch basis with others RVs, as this place is very known and really amazing for spending some days off.

Praia de Pirapueira -9.46354, -35.54207

only for night emergency.
with bathrooms, not energy, good place, noise place, near route and trucks stay at nigth.

control estadual de cargas -28.26590, -50.78834

200 pesos today because we have dual Tires

Toll plaza 21.58367, -104.99602

The Howler Monkey Sanctuary known as the Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS), it's a great place to visit if you'll like to see Howler Monkeys on their natural habit.
What makes this place special is that the Monkeys are not kept within a reserve or closed area, they are scattered around the jungle within several small villages.

Now the specifics:
Monkey Adventure 20bz/10usd, 30 to 60min
We did this one, our guide led us trough the jungle close by the Visitor Center, he told us some information about the fauna and flora around, don't be afraid of asking questions, as he is looking around and calling for the Monkeys he is not focused on other things. We walked for about 40min with no success but our guide did not give up, he took us back to a spot he thought they would be at, and there they were. He called them closer and we had the opportunity to get a great photo out of it, please keep in mind that they are wild animals and you should not get to close or touch them, your guide will let you observe them for a couple minutes and make sure you have a good shot and than ask you kindly to return.

Canoeing/Kayaking 60bz/30usd pp, 90-120min

Croc Night Adventure 110bz/55usd pp (min 2p), 120min

Night hike 40bz/20usd pp, 90min

Bird tour 60bz/30usd pp

The Kriol Experience from 300bz/150usd pp, 30-60min

Remember to take cash with, although they have a sign on the door saying that they accept cards, this is currently not available.

More information can be found on their website:

Community Baboon Sanctuary/Visitor Center 17.33218, -88.32057

pasamos una noche en esta calle para seguir viaje al día una calle ancha con mucho aparcamiento. al lado hay un hospital y enfrente el cuartel militar. tranquilo aunque con algo de tráfico.

calle ancha en Oruro -17.95664, -67.11321

Great Hotel, but a bit more expensive.
Great room, great bath/shower, great wifi, great breakfast and staff.
They have an internal parking.
Offer price was 12.500 peses. Negotiated it down to 11.250 for 2 people. Got a room with a big bed and a small bed. Could've put a 3rd person if needed.

Hotel Apart Austral -51.61536, -69.22394
Amar e viajar sm

Não ficamos aqui, ficamos em outro ponto pra trás, porém caminhando encontramos este ponto aqui. É um estacionamento grande que dá pra parar o motorhome e ficar. Próximo ao comércio, mercado, padaria e outros a 400 mts.
Sobre água e energia teria que ver, vi que tem uns cabos de energia que sai de uma tomada, porém tem que ver como funciona.
Vi que tem banheiro público

Estou abrindo este ponto pq pode ser mais uma opção de ficar aqui em São Miguel do gostoso.

Sinal da claro e Vivo pegam bem por aqui, não tivemos problemas. Eu uso um amplificador de sinal de celular rural, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

Espero que minha experiência que deixo aqui te ajude. já estamos a 1 ano morando no Motorhome

Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, sua experiência, poderá ajudar outros amigos viajantes também, como a gente usa o aplicativo que nos ajuda, vamos fazer boas descrições para outros viajantes, coloque suas experiências e detalhes.

Siga a gente nas redes sociais, irá saber mais sobre os lugares que ficamos.

Amar e viajar sm

Estacionamento da praia da Xepa -5.12162, -35.63410

As described by others; it's a stop not to be missed.

Russells Travel Center 35.17552, -103.10403

The only camping in Nyika NP but it's lovely. Expensive at $20pppn camping plus $10pppn park fees and $3 per day car fees. Road coming here is definitely not great especially if it's rained, but it's not terrible. Took us 2.5hrs from gate to campsite. The campsite has shelters and firepits which is nice, it's hard to find a level spot for your car though. The caretaker we had was Jimmy who was lovely and the ablutions were spotless with toilet paper and soap, and piping hot water from the donkey in the morning and evening as well as in the basins and for dishes outside which was a nice change! No electricity. Beautiful views over the plateau with some animals roaming around. You can do night or day game drives for $35pp or rent mountain bikes for $15per bike for 4 hours , plus guided bush walks. It gets really cold even in summer so bring warm clothes! A really cool place in a beautiful park, would recommend coming here for a couple nights!

Chelinda Campground -10.58496, 33.79923

We found the place closed and for sale. Doesn't look loke it will re-open soon

Casa Estrella Wellness Center 21.04120, -101.26038

water works, two spigots just on the other side of the sidewalk where the parking is.

eastbound I10 - rest area 33.61836, -114.45242
Tsavo Touring

Great spot with awesome hosts. Super clean and adding more and more amenities. When we stayed there were quite a few people coming in every day. I’d definitely recommend emailing them before you drive up the road (especially if you have a large vehicle or one that’s not great on unpaved roads).

Highlights: incredible setting, awesome hikes, great kitchen area, fire pit, clean bathroom (nice composting toilets w/ sinks outside to wash up), garden and fruit trees onsite.

Things to consider: if you have an RV or van that rattles a lot prepare yourself for a long drive on a fairly bumpy dirt road. It’s not a bad road but I imagine it could be loud… or difficult/tight in larger vehicle (like a class c rv, Expedition Vehicle, etc). There is probably room for 10-14 rigs. But if you’re in something like a 170” sprinter (7M -23’ long) spaces are limited.

They now have a IG account:

Prices: $200 one person, $300 per couple, under age 10 are free

Rancho San Dionisio 23.55896, -109.86529

Awesome food. Very clean and nice place. Menu del dia 18 soles per person.

Palermo Restaurant -16.42168, -73.11376

A fuel station safe to pass a night with a big parking.

Auto Posto Novo Pedagio -22.71945, -43.68780

Good basic hotel, hot water, no AC needed. Secure parking, good staff. I paid 7000 pesos.

Hotel Refugio -45.89239, -67.53425

ATM on Main Street. Turn left off the main road into town onto the road along the malecon. Was open on Sunday with many people even though Maps said bank was closed.

ATM in BBVA 31.02367, -114.83340

Accepted card. Bathrooms outside. Need to put 5 pesos in the slot for the turnstile to open and let you in to use it.

Arco 31.11665, -114.90125

Good and very helpful mecanic! Recommanded!

Garage ennakhil 30.08268, -6.87150

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